Chapter 1314: Quiet Forest’s Protectors

In the sky above the dark green forest, a lithe figure flitted through, leaving a series of ripples on top of the lush sea of trees. 

This creature that flew overtop the forest was a Cloud Bird.

Cloud Birds were extremely mainstream wing type soul pets. When they fought, they would gracefully flit around and were proficient at dodging. Many beast soul pets, even if they were stepping in the air, couldn’t do anything about Cloud Birds. 

The size of this Cloud Bird was about ten meters long. Its wings were as white as clouds that lightly beat. It wasn’t slow. 

There were two women on the back of this Cloud Bird. One of them looked mature and earnest while the other was young and elegant that radiated a special spiritual charm. 

“Big Sister Luo Yi, we’re about to arrive at Quiet Forest.” the elegant and beautiful young lady smiled. 

The closer they got to Quiet Forest, the more Ning Maner felt emotions in her heart. 

Quiet Forest was like a home to her. For ten years, she didn’t leave Quiet Forest for a single step. Both the weak soul pets and the powerful kings were her family. 

“Let’s rest when we get to the stronghold on the edge of Quiet Forest. After flying for so long, Young Lady Ning must be tired.” said a man called Wo Shan who was riding on a different soul pet.  

“No, I’m not going to Quiet Forest’s stronghold city.” Ning Maner immediately shook her head. 

Those people that had invaded Quiet Forest back then had advanced through the stronghold city. Although this city suffered a huge amount of soul pet attacks afterwards, Ning Maner still harbored deep loathing towards this city. She felt that Quiet Forest Stronghold’s army was the ringleader behind the destruction of Quiet Forest. 

“Young Lady Ning, we must pass through the stronghold city. There are numerous soul pets in Quiet Forest so we must prepare…” said Wo Shan. 

“There’s nothing to prepare. Since Young Lady Ning doesn’t wish to enter the stronghold, let’s not go. Clan Lord Ning instructed us to unhesitatingly bring you back.” said the mature and earnest woman, Luo Yi. 

“Alright.” Wo Shan nodded his head. 


Their path didn’t necessarily have to pass through the stronghold city. After flying through a considered calm part of the forest, the Cloud Bird began to fly into Quiet Forest. 

The ancient trees of Quiet Forest stretched up to the sky. Even many strands of grass and flowers would grow to the height of normal trees. 

Quiet Forest’s ancient trees were like dark green clouds that were floating in the clean blue sky, while the tree trunks were like pillars that stretched up to the sky. They towered, perfectly straight, and occasionally would connect together with trees that had many branches. When looking down at the tree trunks, branches, tree tops and tree vines complexly intertwined together, it formed a plant city that stretched in all directions. 

“Young Lady Ning, we’re about to land. There are numerous powerful jungle wing type creatures in this ancient forest. If we try and fly across their territories, we’ll encounter much trouble. However, Quiet Forest has an extremely complex topography; it’s like an enormous labyrinth. I’m afraid that we’ll lose our way if we land on the ground.” said Luo Yi. 

Even though the center of Quiet Forest had been destroyed, this was still a forbidden region for humans. Even immortal rank experts didn’t dare fly over the sky of Quiet Forest. 

“No worries. Big Sister Luo Yi can just fly straight into the depths of Quiet Forest. The outside wing type protectors won’t stop us.” faintly smiled Ning Maner. 

In fact, even if this wasn’t Quiet Forest, Ning Maner would still be able to fly above those territories. Those empires or dynasties wouldn’t make it hard for her. She could easily communicate with wild soul pets and even more easily obtain their friendship and trust. 

“I heard Senior Cang say that you lost your power. Will Quiet Forest’s soul pets still acknowledge you?” asked Wo Shan. 

“Yes. My power I inherited has no bearing on my ability to communicate with soul pets. They are still willing to follow me… look…” as she spoke, numerous small Colorful Sparrows suddenly flew over from an enormous green treetop. 

The sparrows let out pleasant melodies and orderly flew around Ning Maner. 

Colorful Sparrows would innately change colors continuously. When they flew around Ning Maner, they looked like a brightly colored rainbow beside Ning Maner. It accentuated Ning Maner in her light blue clothing, making her even more beautiful and enchanting. 

Colorful Sparrows didn’t have any special fighting strength. They were termed as forest guides. When they were flying next to powerful creatures, they would greatly speed up.Thus, even if they were flying next to a high ranking immortal rank, they would be easily able to guide the way for these powerful creatures.

With Colorful Sparrows leading the way, they would save a lot of time. Unknowingly, they had already entered the middle part of Quiet Forest. 

The true Quiet Forest didn’t have any soul pet empires or dynasties. Most were just rare species or powerful creatures. 

Once they reached the middle part of Quiet Forest, the surroundings became extremely familiar to Ning Maner.

Soon, a few peculiar wing type soul pets flew to the top of trees. They stuck out their heads and stared at Ning Maner on top of the Cloud Bird. 

It was like a signal. Wherever the Cloud Bird flew over, the surrounding creatures would climb up to the tree tops to look at Ning Maner. Sometimes they would follow Luo Yi’s Cloud Bird and fly along for a while. This was a scene that Luo Yi and Wo Shan had never seen before; they were extremely shocked. 

There would always exist a barrier between humans and soul pets. They would even view each other as enemies. Rarely could humans communicate with soul pets so well without a soul pact. 

Ning Maner was clearly an exception. She was like a soul pet world princess. No matter where she went, there would always be a group of soul pets gathered around her and welcoming her. 

A smile remained hanging on Ning Maner’s face. The faint melancholy between her brows gradually disappeared as these familiar soul pets appeared around her. 

If Quiet Forest was her home, then these soul pets were the villagers of her home. Their genuine and friendly nature made Ning Maner feel close and dear. 

Perhaps it was because she had lived too long in Quiet Forest, Ning Maner discovered that there was a barrier between her and other humans. It was rare for her to find someone she could confide in. Therefore, she had always felt depressed in the imperial palace… 

The further they went into Quiet Forest, the more the number of soul pets that appeared. Among them were many kings so powerful that Luo Yi and Wo Shan didn’t dare breathe. 

If they hadn’t personally witnessed it, they would never have imagined that savage beasts regarded as incomparably powerful by soul pet trainers would be so warm and friendly.  


A Three Eyed Wind Eagle spread its grey wings and flew alongside at the same height as the Cloud Bird. 

The Three Eyed Wind Eagle tilted its head and looked at Ning Maner. Its eyes contained the warmth most soul pets had when they looked at humans they had a soul pact with. In fact, this looked like an elder looking at one of his younger generation. 

“Uncle Wind Eagle.” when Ning Maner saw the Three Eyed Wind Eagle, her smile became even more resplendent. 

The Three Eyed Wind Eagle was Ning Maner’s genuine family in Quiet Forest.

When she was very young, she would often climb onto the Three Eyed Eagle’s head and then have it soar through the air above Quiet Forest. Moreover, given her mischievous nature, she could never sit still and would occasionally slide down the Three Eyed Wind Eagle’s head.   

Every time this happened, the Three Eyed Wind Eagle would swoop down in a panic and grab her by its beak. 

Ning Maner jumped off the Cloud Bird and onto the Three Eyed Eagle. The Three Eyed Wind Eagle’s fur was very soft and it felt very comfortable when she climbed onto it. 

The Three Eyed Wind Eagle’s wing strength was much stronger than the Cloud Bird’s. When it flew, it was extremely powerful. 

It brought Ning Maner and soared high up into the air before swooping down below the lush treetop. It kept alternating between the vast sky and the complex forest. The ultra flying skills made Luo Yi and Wo Shan feel far inferior. 

A familiar back and a familiar scene. But Ning Maner who should have been very satisfied had moist eyes for some reason. 

“Uncle Wind Eagle, is everyone still ok?” Ning Maner sat on the head of the Wind Eagle and faintly asked. 

“Yi” the Three Eyed Wind Eagle let out a soft cry. 

“Do you know where they all went?” Ning Maner continued. 

The Three Eyed Wind Eagle shook its head. 

After the humans had invaded, too many protectors had lost their lives in Quiet Forest, forever entering a quiet slumber. 

As for the protectors that didn’t die, it was unknown where they were even now. After so many years, more and more new faces had entered Quiet Forest. This meant that Quiet Forest, which was like a huge home, was gradually becoming a stranger’s home. 

“Take me to see grandfather. It definitely misses me.” softly said Ning Maner. 

The Three Eyed Eagle nodded its head and brought Ning Maner deep into Quiet Forest. 

Luo Yi and Wo Shan were in charge of protecting Ning Maner and naturally followed right behind. 

However, just as they were about to enter the depths of Quiet Forest with Ning Maner, numerous Wind Eagles appeared from the trees around them. These Wind Eagles were formed into aerial teams and like a black net, obstructed Luo Yi and Wo Shan outside the dark blue colored trees. 

These Wind Eagles were obviously hostile and weren’t going to let the two of them enter. 

“Big Sister Luo Yi, Big Brother Wo Shan, just wait for me at the stronghold on the edge of Quiet Forest. Quiet Forest is my home and everyone will protect me. Don’t worry.” Ning Maner turned to say to the two of them. 

Luo Yi and Wo Shan weren’t reassured and wanted to keep following her. But Ning Maner had already flown far away on the Three eyed Wind Eagle. In front of such a densely packed Wind Eagle army, they had no confidence in charging through. 

Wind Eagles were a rather old species of Quiet Forest. When Quiet Forest had declined, their species was one of the few that remained to protect QUiet Forest. The leader of this species was the Three Eyed Wind Eagle. 

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