Chapter 1312: Quiet Fort’s Ambush

Divine Sect High Official He Mo immediately didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

If they wanted to kill him, it was truly easy. Even though divine sect had absolute authority over the two continents, it was useless for him when the assaulter right before him was much stronger.

“This has to be a mistake, everyone has been frightened, so why not follow my disciples back to your new resting place?” Old Sect master quickly came to wrap things up.

Divine Sect He Mo naturally didn’t dare stay around anymore and followed the disciples back to the guest quarters.

“They attacked us in the middle of the night and we just let them go?” Xiao Xiao’s temper immediately flared.

Others may be scared of divine sect, but Xiao Xiao wasn’t. She couldn't swallow her pride here!

“Xiao Xiao, it’s fine, they also lost two soul pets.” Pang Yue persuaded.

This started because of Ye Wansheng’s poison powder, so neither side could be completely in the right. There was no point continuing the struggle.

Only when Divine Sect He Mo walked far away did he turn around and give everyone an evil stare, as if to memorize all their faces.

The divine sect people all walked a long way. Only when they reached their new resting place did Cai Yun and Wan Jun let out a great breath of relief.

The black nightmare’s aura was truly too terrifying. Even with its evil tendencies retracted, one still felt at the edge of death.

“Who is that Chu Mu? Why have I never heard of him before? Even old sect master wasn’t that evil soul pet’s match.” Wan Jun said.

He Mo was finally recovered from his terror and was again filled with anger.

Ye Wansheng’s preivous actions already caused him much anger, yet now he also lost a main soul pet trying to punish them!

Light’s Fury wasn’t a soul pet easily gained. He spent a long time to get his soul pet long ago.

“Anyone who has such a soul pet must be an evil person that threatens the world!” He Mo gritted his teeth.

Divine sect couldn’t technically use their authority to resolve personal grudges. However, divine sect members were still human. With people like He Mo that easily got angry, those that troubled him often don’t end up well off. So, to take revenge, he had to find a crime to accuse them of so he could go and deal with them righteously. 

Cai Yun and Wan Jun said nothing. They could tell that rage had completely filled High Official he’s heart.

Dealing with criminals was the duty of divine sect, but one still had to keep in mind the criminal’s strength.

With how powerful the black nightmare was, only a master official of divine sect might be able to defeat it. They were useless in this case, with the best case scenario being not losing their own lives.

“High official….. From what I see, let’s complete Boss Xu’s task first. We can deal with this in the future.”

“Yeah, since that Chu Mu has such a special soul pet, he’ll definitely show himself in the future again…..”

“If we do Boss Xu’s task well, he may intervene personally and could easily take down this evil man.” The group of subordinates all started quelling He Mo’s anger.

He Mo took deep breaths. The past few days were the greatest shame he ever experienced. Swallowing it and doing nothing was incredibly hard for him.

However, so what if he couldn’t swallow it? The opponent was powerful enough to easily kill him. The fellow didn't even seem to care about a divine sect master official, saying he would kill them as well!


Old sect master led the other five people to a nearby villa to rest.

Other than the destroyed purple mountain villa, the rest of beast palace was fine.

On the way, the old sect master was especially polite to Chu Mu and would often glance at Chu Mu’s Nightmare.

Old Sect master had personally fought it, so only he knew the black nightmare’s strength most clearly.

The entire way, the old sect master was wondering where this young man named Chu Mu came from. Since he could tame such an utmost evil creature, he must be famous on Wupan Continent already.

Old Sect Master couldn’t figure out where Chu Mu came from no matter what, yet asking directly could come off as probing. Finally, old sect master just left them to rest and went to divine sect’s side to try to alleviate any tension.

After Old Sect master left, the five people and the nightmare all sat down in the main hall. The servants put down some midnight snacks by them and quickly ran away.

Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao didn’t say anything. This incident was all caused by them, and almost caused them to lose their lives. They could both tell that the black nightmare had lost its consciousness and couldn't tell the difference between friend and foe.

“You go train to better control your energy.” Chu Mu glanced at the white nightmare emperor behind him and said.

White nightmare emperor had already recovered its silver devil flames, and could retract and release its aura with ease.

White nightmare emperor lowered its head and floated into a room.

“Chu Mu, is it your soul pet?” Xiao Xiao broke the silence and asked first.

“It’s my subordinate, not really a soul pet.” Chu Mu said.

“Subordinate? You got a wild soul pet as a subordinate? If you didn't’ sign a soul pact with it, how does it listen to you?” Xiao Xiao’s head was full of questions and was curious about Chu Mu’s mysterious background.

One had to know that Chu Mu‘s black nightmare had just beaten the old sect master of beast palace. Xiao Xiao had never heard of anyone their age able to reach those heights in strength!

“It’s complicated.” Chu Mu said.

“Heng, it’s fine if you don't’ want to say anything.” Xiao Xiao said grumpily.

“Chu Mu, what happened, why did your bodyguard suddenly…..” Pang Yue said with lingering fear.

Pang Yue had personally witnessed white nightmare emperor become black nightmare the moment it opened its eyes. Pang Yue even thought she already died in that instant.

“It’s in an unstable state between species mutations….” Chu Mu explained white three’s situation to them in case they caused any more trouble.

Chu Mu specially emphasized that his white three becoming black nightmare burned its life span. So, every time it does this incomplete transformation, it’s one step closer to death.

“Thankfully….it listens to you, or else a lot of people would have died.” Ye Wansheng let out a breath.

Chu Mu glared at him.

Ye Wansheng laughed dryly. He knew that he really went across the line this time. On one hand, he underestimated divine sect’s strength and on the other hand, he caused everyone to be terrified by the black nightmare.

“Speaking of which, divine sect lost two Light’s Furys, so our grudge is probably permanent. We may have trouble in the future.” Pang Yu said.

“Might as well.” Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of trouble. The moment Ye Wansheng threw poison powder on High Official He, Chu Mu knew that things would probably end up in this way in some form. Divine sect members weren’t all as morally righteous as Xu Daofeng and Lu Yuqin.

“Did you get anything at the Heaven Boundary Monument?” Pang Yue asked.

“Yes.” Chu Mu turned over to Xiao Xiao and asked, “Let me describe someone to you, and see if you recognize him.”

“I don’t.” Xiao Xiao replied immediately, pouting after she answered.

“......” Chu Mu laughed helplessly. Did she have to be this mad? He just kept some personal details secret, and she was this grumpy?

“He wears a black bandana on his head, but I don’t know if he wears it all the time. He has very pronounced cheek bones and a sharp chin. He’s middle aged but on the lower side. He has an immortal rank Poison Tooth Beast that’s full of poisonous markings…..” Chu Mu described the lead man of the pack chasing Ning Maner.

Though Xiao Xiao had her faced turned away, when she heard Chu Mu’s description, she immediately forgot that she was still trying to pout and blinked in surprise, blurting out, “That’s Kang Ruodong! My fellow apprentices say he has a very powerful poison tooth beast and many of his subordinates do too!”

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Kuang Ruodong was the leader of the people Xiao Xiao was chasing and had been gathering his people in the Quiet Forest Fort. And, from the monument tear memory, Chu Mu also knew that he was the main leader chasing Ning Maner back then!

“He’s gathering people in Quiet Forest….” Chu Mu was more worried now.

From his soul pact with Ning Maner, he could tell that she was on the move. Though Chu Mu wasn’t sure where Ning Maner was going before, he could tell now that she seemed to be heading towards Quiet Forest.

At this time, Kang Ruodong was also gathering people in Quiet Forest. Weren’t they just waiting for Ning Maner to fall back into their trap?

After this many years, Kang Ruodong never planned on giving up Ning Maner!

“I’m leaving tomorrow and heading towards Quiet Forest without pause.” Chu Mu said seriously to the four people.

The four of them could all feel Chu Mu’s face change and quickly asked, “What happened?”

“Kang Ruodong might be laying down an ambush for Ning Maner in Quiet Forest. I need to get there before her.” Chu mu said.

“Ning Maner? Who is that” Xiao Xiao asked confused.  

“Chu Mu, you mean the cute little girl that followed you around for a period of time?” Pang Yue said.

“Yes, her.”

“Why is she related to this? Kang Ruodong is looking for the Messiah Tree seed.”

“The only person in this world that may know where the seed is is her. Her powers come from the Messiah Tree.” Chu Mu said.

Pang Yue and Ye Wansheng had both seen the little girl around Chu Mu in the past. Yet, how was that little girl suddenly related to the messiah tree?

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