Chapter 1311: Immortal Rank Power


The Black Nightmare finally found a target it could have an enjoyable fight with. Its body began to float like a phantom. 

The old gate master refused to let the Heaven Sky Bird touch the Black Nightmare. Additionally, in order to safeguard the others, he lured the violent Black Nightmare into the sky. 

The sky was vast and it was where released immortal rank strength would have the highest likelihood of not reaching others. 

The Heaven Sky Bird beat its wings and flew up into the air. It transformed into a beam of light that broke through the densely dark sky. 

The evil Black Nightmare, however, followed right behind it. The surrounding torrential flames and thick darkness escorted this devil as it moved.

The scene of the Heaven Sky Bird and evil Black Nightmare flying into the sky was seen by all of Demon Beast Palace’s and Lin City’s experts. 

Countless people pointed with shock at the black and arrogant devil. It was a while before anyone said anything. 

None of them had ever seen such a haughty evil creature! 

On the Purple Peak, as the Black Nightmare was lured away by the old gate master, cold sweat instantly rolled down the backs of Ye Wansheng, Pang Yue, Xiao Xiao, and Chao Lengchuan’s necks. Their faces were so pale there was no trace of blood in them. 

The feeling they had just now was as if they were standing next to the god of death. If it wanted to take anyone away, it would depend entirely on its mood. It didn’t matter if their soul pets were high class or peak dominators; it was just like they didn’t exist.  

As for Divine Sect’s side, Upper Official He, Cai Yun, Wan Jun and the others all collapsed to the ground the instant the pressure disappeared. Especially Upper Official He who had just been targeted. His legs and hands were violently trembling, while the rest of his body was convulsing! 

“Heavens…. What on earth was that?!” a while later, Ye Wansheng suddenly spoke up in an incomparably terrified voice. 

“Chu Mu… that was Chu Mu’s bodyguard…” Pang Yue’s voice was also trembling and it took her a few tries before she was able to get her words out: “That was Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. I… I saw that the devil flames on its body had become black…” 

Xiao Xiao was kneeling on the ground. She was so frightened she couldn’t say anything. She had seen immortal rank creatures before, but this was the first time she had seen such an evil and resentful immortal rank creature. 

Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao were still palpitating from having a narrow escape from death. Divine Sect’s people were still the same. They no longer had any intentions to fight. 

They looked up at the thick black fire clouds, and saw the somewhat miserable old gate master and his Heaven Sky Celestial being continuously pursued. 

“Even the old gate master isn’t that fellow’s opponent… what are we going to do?!” said an enforcer with a serious expression. 

Only the old gate master had reached the immortal rank in Demon Beast Palace. All of the enforcers knew that in front of immortal ranks, peak dominator ranks would be instakilled. Therefore, even if there were over 100 experts here, none of them would dare rashly charge up into the sky. 

The black Nightmare was like a cat catching a mouse. Regardless of where the Heaven Sky BIrd flew, it would conjure a million layered wave of devil flames that would stop the old gate master whenever he got far away. 

In the dark night sky, the old gate master was dripping with sweat. 

He knew that his Heaven Sky Bird simply wasn’t this violent Black Nightmare’s opponent. Even he wasn’t sure how long he could last. 


Outside the city, a sleek black figure streaked across the expansive earth like a dark star. It flew straight towards Lin City, which was shrouded in black. 

“What happened?” Chu Mu creased his brows as he looked at the city ruled in darkness and evil. His expression turned serious. 

The darkness and evil was extremely familiar to Chu Mu. It came from the Nightmare species. 

However, the domineering and evil nature of this completely surpassed the scope of Silver Nightmares! 

“Could it be…” Chu Mu abruptly realized something. He hastily urged Night on: “Night, speed up!” 

Night’s speed continued to climb. As the darkness aura grew thicker, its speed was also greatly increased. 

An enormous city was passed through in the blink of an eye. The hazy lights from ten thousand homes was left behind them as Night stepped into the shroud of darkness towards Demon Beast Sect’s mountain. 

After arriving outside Purple Peak, Chu Mu saw that numerous experts from Demon Beast Palace had gathered here. They were currently receiving Ye Wansheng, Chao Lengchuan and the other Divine Sect people. 

“Are you okay?” hastily inquired the enforcer. 

Nobody had died from either side, but two Light’s Furys had miserably died under the Black Nightmare’s claws! 

Light type creatures would easily incite an evil creature’s anger. Although the two peak dominator rank Light Furys had perished, their masters, Cai Yun and Upper Official He, didn’t show any expressions of pain. Instead, they overcome more by fear than anything. Indeed, had the old gate master come even a bit slower, they would have also died under the claws of the Nightmare. 

“Chu Mu! You’ve finally returned!!” Ye Wansheng threw a glance at Chu Mu, and looked like a huge weight had come off his mind. 

“Chu Mu, your bodyguard… your bodyguard…” Pang Yue gaped with an open mouth for a long while before finally being able to speak.

The people from Divine Sect and Demon Beast Palace all looked at Chu Mu. When Divine Sect’s people saw Chu Mu, they all trembled. 

The Black Devil looked extremely similar to the man in front of them! 

“Didn’t I tell you guys not to provoke it?!” Chu Mu’s voice was as cold as steel. 

Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao shrivelled up. If Chu Mu was serious, he was as terrifying as that Nightmare, especially when he was ice-cold. 

“It was them. They suddenly charged into our mountain villa and attacked us.” Xiao Xiao pointed to the people from Divine Sect and began to angrily speak. 

Chu Mu’s eyes looked over Divine Sect’s members. 

Upper Official He, Cai Yun, Wan Jun and the others all had a fear of Chu Mu’s appearance, especially since Chu Mu innately radiated an evil nightmarish aura. All of their souls shivered and they refused to speak. 


Suddenly, a long, miserable cry rang out in the sky!

Immediately after, the Heaven Sky Bird was wrapped by the dense black flames. Like a meteor picking up flames as it shot through the sky, it flew straight towards the back of Demon Beast Palace’s mountains. 

As the Heaven Sky Bird fell through the air, the black Nightmare that made people tremble immediately followed behind. Everyone could see its black claws had grown in length. From high above, it launched a fatal strike at the Heaven Sky Bird! 

Everyone from Demon Beast Sect sucked in a breath of air while the experts from the city were full of shock. 

That was an immortal rank Heaven Sky Bird!

Yet, it wasn’t even the black, evil creature’s opponent. Was an immortal rank going to perish like that? 

Everyone’s heart was in suspense. 

“Third White, enough!!’ 

Suddenly, a cold shout reverberated through Demon Beast Palace’s mountain which had instantly gone quiet! 

This shout had been voiced with soul remembrance and everyone in Demon Beast Palace’s mountain and the surrounding city districts could clearly hear it. 

Then, a shocking scene occurred. 

The savage and fierce devil creature which was charging up a technique came to a sudden halt from the imposing halt! 

The Black Nightmare’s body stopped in midair and allowed the Heaven Sky Bird to fall. 

The evil and resentment aura covering its body instantly and suddenly vanished. Its pair of devilish eyes also began to gradually calm. 

The Black Nightmare turned its head and searched for the source of the voice. Finally, it saw Chu Mu’s figure standing on Demon Beast Palace’s Purple Peak’s bridge. It 

There were over 100 Demon Beast Palace members around Chu Mu. When they saw the Black Nightmare fly at them, they scattered like birds and fled far away. 

However, the Black Nightmare was terrifyingly fast. With a single Displacement Specter, it instantly, appeared behind Chu Mu from the sky several ten thousands of meters away. 


The Black Nightmare let out a low shout. Its eyes glanced over Divine Sect’s people. 

It was telling Chu Mu that these people wanted to harm Ye Wansheng and the others. Moreover, they had also summoned light type creatures, which it hated the most. 

Divine Sect’s people weren’t able to even flee in time. They just looked dumbstruck at Chu Mu. 

This terrifying Black Nightmare was this man’s soul pet! 

“Gate master…” 

“Gate master, are you okay?” 

The old gate master hadn’t smashed into the mountain. Instead, he had buffered himself and barely managed to regain balance. 

But when he considered how terrifying the Black Nightmare’s destructive power was, he didn’t dare hesitate and immediately rushed here to save the others. 

However, when he flew over, he discovered that the Black Nightmare had already lost the terrifying grievance aura from its body. It was currently standing very obediently behind the man Young Lady Xiao Xiao had brought. 

The old gate master was obviously able to discern something. His exhausted, pale face was filled with disbelief. 

“Young… Young Master Chu, is… is it your soul pet?” asked the old gate master. 

“It can be considered as so.” responded Chu Mu. 

If Chu Mu had denied it, this group of people probably would have gotten so afraid their souls would disappear. 

Third White took on Chu Mu’s appearance, and anyone who looked would know that it was this man’s soul pet. Moreover, the only person that could restrain such an evil and domineering creature was probably only the soul pet trainer that had signed a soul pact with it. 

“Old gate master, are you ok?” asked Chu Mu. 

“I’m fine. Enforcers, was anyone else injured?” asked the old gate master. 

“No. The disciples are being protected outside Purple Peak’s barrier. The flames also didn’t spread to the city.” said an enforcer. 

When he heard that not too many people had suffered casualties, Chu Mu felt much more relieved. Fortunately he had arrived in time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.  

“Who… who are you?! Why do you have such an evil soul pet?! I… happen to be an Upper Official from Divine Sect and my Light’s Fury died at the hands of your soul pet!” Upper Official He spoke with a trace of anger. 

Since it was someone else’s soul pet, Upper Official He obviously calmed down a bit and thought of his peak dominator rank Light’s FUry which had miserably died. 

Chu Mu glanced at Upper Official He and coldly said: “The fact nobody died is already lucky for you. The next time you find trouble for my friends, it doesn’t matter if you’re an Upper Official or Master Official from Divine Sect, I’ll still slaughter you!”  

Chu Mu wasn’t in a good mood. Not long ago he had seen Ning Maner’s fight, and his heart was resounding with ruthless tendencies! 

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