Chapter 1310: The Evil Aura that Enshrouded Lin City

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!”

Terrifying black devil flames evilly swept up while Pang Yue stood stunned in place. The explosive flames filled the space around her! 

White Nightmares were innately evil creatures. If one wasn’t used to their vicious and evil character, it was easy to be scared witless by their aura. 

As for Black Nightmares, they were an even higher bloodline Nightmare species. Its evil character was countless times stronger than the White Nightmare. When Pang Yue saw the Black Nightmare open its eyes, her mind went blank, and she felt as if her soul was instantly devoured! 

The black evil aura was like a storm that rippled through the entire purple peak and continued spreading into Demon Beast Palace’s mountains. 

Even during the night, Lin City was brightly lit and grand. However, for some reason, this border city had now been covered by a thick layer of darkness. All of the lights in the city weren’t able to illuminate more than ten meters and even the bright moon and stars had retreated! 

This was the rule of evil. All of the high remembrance spirit dominator experts in the city and above woke up from their sleep with a start. One after the other jumped up onto light sources and stared at the source of the evil aura.

“What happened?!” an elder appeared in the air and stared at Demon Beast Palace’s mountains. 

“I’m not sure. That’s a very dense darkness aura and powerful grievance aura!” responded a high remembrance spirit dominator rank. 

There were many high remembrance spirit dominator rank experts in this border city. They were currently gathered together, looking at the distant Demon Beast Palace Mountain. 

Everyone could feel that the enormous evil aura was coming from Demon Beast Palace Mountain, which had been completely swallowed by darkness. And on top of this beautiful mountain was a devil creature which hung over everyone’s heads like a shroud, making them tremble! 

Demon Beast Palace had no shortage of experts. Presently, about a hundred people were gathered off the purple bridge. They were staring with wide eyes and disbelief at the darkness devouring the purple mountain peak.  

There were a hundred high remembrance spirit dominator rank experts, but none of them dared take a step towards the terrifying darkness. 

“Gate master!” 

“Gate master!” 

“Gate master, we’ve already opened the defensive formations and sealed off purple peak. The black devil flames are too terrifying. If we didn’t stop it in time, all of the people on the mountain as well as the buildings will be destroyed.” said a Demon Beast Palace enforcer with a sunken face. 

The old gate master was full of shock. Why did such a powerful creature appear in his territory? Why did it take so long before he sensed it? 

“Young Lady Xiao Xiao and her friends are all inside.” said another enforcer in a low voice. 

“Gate master… Divine Sect’s Upper Official He is also missing. I think he’s also on purple mountain…” reported another disciple. 

The old gate master’s face went pale after he heard this. 

Both Young Lady Xiao Xiao and Divine Sect’s Upper Official He had a very high status. Moreover, their elders were experts that even he didn’t dare try and connect with. If both of them were to run into trouble there, how would he be able to explain himself to their elders. 

“I’ll go in to look. Continue guarding the barrier. Do not let any energy leak out at all.” s aid the old gate master. 

"Yes. Be careful gate master!” said the enforcer. 

It was fine if the black energy was contained within their Demon Beast Palace’s mountains. Indeed, these mountains were protected by a barrier. But if it leaked into the city, it would cause a mass of destruction. If any normal person were to touch a spark of the black devil flames, he or she would be instantly burned to ashes. Not even their soul would remain. 

The old gate master chanted an incantation, summoning his wing type soul pet. 

The old gate master was relying on an immortal rank Heaven Sky Bird. Probably only the old gate master dared charge into the source of the evil aura - purple peak. 

The old gate master rode on his Heaven Sky Bird through the barrier. Instantly, he was met by a wave of raging black flames that made his soul feel an intense cold! 

“What powerful devil flames!” said the old gate master in shock. 

Passing through the black devil flames roaring everywhere, the old sect master finally found the destroyed mountain villa. 

On the mountain villa, Xiao Xiao and her three friends were standing in the original courtyard. Divine Sect’s Upper Official He was also standing there. 

The terrifying planes were under their feet. At their rank, if they were completely swallowed up by the black devil flames, they would be dead for sure because these black devil flames were clearly of the immortal rank!

Regardless if it were Xiao Xiao’s group, of Divine Sect’s group, everyone was standing frozen in place with deep fear in their eyes.


A human-shaped Nightmare let out an explosive cry. 

All of these devil flames had been released by the human shape devil. Currently, this human-shape Nightmare was standing between Xiao Xiao’s group and Upper Official He’s group. Its eyes were savagely glaring at them and their soul pets!

When the old gate master saw that they were unscathed, he immediately let out a sigh of relief. 

However, from the black devil flame Nightmare’s violent actions, it would eventually attack them. 

In front of an immortal rank Black Nightmare, these people were fragile and weak. They would be easily burned to ashes! 

“Gate… gate master. Old gate master… save… save me…” Upper Official He stiffly turned his head. When he saw the old gate master appear, he resembled a man about to die and saw a chance at life. 

Upper Official He’s mind had practically come to a halt. He had been in Divine Sect for so many years, but had never seen such an evil and terrifying creature.

Moreover, just now, his Light’s Fury, which was stronger than normal peak dominators by a level, had been torn apart by a single claw from the black Nightmare - an instakill! 

It didn’t even use a technique and had instakilled Upper Official He’s main pet. Thus when he sensed the opponent’s killing intent surge upon him, why would he feel like he had a chance of surviving? 

The old gate master saw Upper Official He and could sense that the black Nightmare’s next target would be Upper Official He! 


The immortal rank Heaven Sky Bird let out an incomparably sharp cry following the old gate master’s orders! 

This cry was completely focused on the Black Nightmare. The old gate master was confident that extremely violent creatures like the Black Nightmare couldn’t stand being provoked. 

Indeed, the Black Nightmare abruptly turned its head, and its extremely evil and angry eyes glared at the Heaven Sky Bird. 

As it turned to glare, an enormous evil aura was swept over. The old gate master’s soul couldn’t help but tremble. This Black Nightmare was probably even stronger than his Heaven Sky Bird! 

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