Chapter 1309: Berserk, Black Nightmare Descends!

Ye Wansheng and Chao Lengchuan was already outside the room. At this time, the Divine Sect member Wan Jun and the other member rode their demons secretly to the front of the villa, wanting to capture the two evil men without anyone noticing.

However, just as they entered, Ye Wansheng and Chao Lengchuan stepped out, strutting casually.

“It’s….. It’s the two of them!” 

Wan Jun immediately yelled out! If enemies saw each other, they would immediately react

The people outside quickly knew that the two people failed their infiltration, so they just ran in. At least they had already set up a barrier. Beast Palace’s other members couldn’t possibly know what had happened.

Two demons stood in the courtyard, their mouths full of teeth wide open. A pair of forest green eyes stared at Ye Wansheng and Chao Lengchuan as if they saw a great enemy.

High Official He and Cai Yun were right behind them. Along with them were a few more Divine Sect members. They were well trained and quickly surrounded the place, not letting anyone escape.

“Yi, why are they covering their faces? They don’t dare to show their faces?'' Ye Wansheng immediately saw High Official He at the front, and asked even though he knew the answer.

“How would I know, but why do I feel some sort of odor coming from him?” Chao Lengchuan seamlessly added on.

Having spent so much time with Ye Wansheng, other than Chu Mu’s untainted spirit that could block everything out, no one would stay unaffected by his bad-mouthing habits.

Two short sentences instantly caused the situation to escalate!

High Official He’s cloth strips were stretched to their limits. Everything they did to him, he would give back a hundredfold!

“You two don’t even know when you’re facing death! Every divine sect official above middle official has the position of a territory master wherever they go. Any disrespect, harm, or threat can be punished as an irreverence crime. Your actions allow the divine sect to execute you on the spot!” The woman named Cai Yun said with righteous fury!

“Alright little girl, let’s “fight” a few rounds, if you win over me, I’ll let you do whatever you want with me on the spot.” Ye Wansheng teased.

Most divine sect members received first rate education and so they wouldn’t come in contact with the words and interactions of a city dweller. Ones like Cai Yun who never even had much experience in society were already bright red with a few sentences from Ye Wansheng.

Cai Yun remembered that in the past, a mention of divine sect instantly could cause scum like him to run away terrified, but why did these two today look so nonchalant? Did the divine sect hold no threat in their hearts?

“Catch them first, I want them alive.” High official He was taking deep breaths to ease the anger in his heart. However, seeing their unaffected faces, High Official He was even angrier. Having no remorse after committing such a crime was unforgivable!

The two divine sect members riding demons were the first to attack. The two demons jumped fourth with incredible speed, both of their eyes releasing terrorizing demon gazes!


Both demons cast a mental terrifying technique at the same time. This was a common technique of divine sect members. If they destroyed an opponent’s fighting intent at the beginning, the following battle would be very easy!

Mental fear came through. Prince Chao and Ye Wansheng used their soul remembrance as a mental barrier and quickly started an incantation.

Ye Wansheng summoned his multi colored devil tiger. Holding a certain amount of intimidation itself, the multi colored devil tiger wasn’t shocked. Under Ye Wansheng’s command, he jumped straight towards the demon!

Prince Chao summoned his Xuan Zhen Beetle. Xuan Zhen Beetle’s xuan items from low class to high class dominator rank were all provided by soul palace. All Prince Chao had to do after entering Wupan continent was to constantly let it battle!

With them both also being demon type soul pets, there was no counter. And since they were both high class dominator rank, divine sect’s two demons didn’t have much of an advantage. They quickly started fighting in the front yard!

This elegant villa naturally couldn't withstand the shockwaves of high class dominator rank organisms. The four soul pets clashed together, creating a huge tremor throughout the whole villa. Soon after, everything was shattered!

The servants sleeping in the villa all started screaming when the villa shattered, scattering everywhere as they fled in terror.

“Divine sect people, huh, don’t you know there are innocents in this villa? If we didn't put down defenses earlier, all these young servant girls would be killed.” Ye Wansheng immediately yelled otu in feigned anger.

The divine sect people had indeed forgotten the existence of the servant girls and turned red, “That’s because your crime was unforgivable!”

Such a large commotion obviously woke both Xiao Xiao and Pang Yue up. Both girls came out in fury.

“They’re part of the same team, capture them all.” High Official he had already had killing intent, so he didn’t care about these servants.

With his command, everyone else no longer hesitated and summoned their soul pets to start attacking Ye Wansheng and Chao Lengchuan.

Pang Yue and xiao Xiao couldn’t sit aside and just watch. They immediately chanted their incantations to summon their soul pets into battle, causing it to become even more chaotic.

“High Official He, they aren’t weak, they’re all high class dominator rank experts.” Wan Jun said seriously.

“Don’t waste time, we can’t deal with them easily if the old sect master comes.” High Official He said with a stern face.

Cai Yun and Wan Jun nodded, no longer conserving their strength and starting an incantation.

The two of them showed soul pact diagrams in front of them, revealing two soul pets far stronger than the previous two!

Light’s Fury and Fiery Desolate Bear!

Light’s Fury was divine sect’s typical light type soul pet. It’s species rank was pseudo dominator and is considered extremely high in the soul pet realm.

Fiery Desolate Bear is a fire elemental soul pet with a secondary type of beast type. It’s very sturdily built. When it stands up fully, even the highest building in the villa was only up to its hips!

“Top tier dominator rank!” Chao Lengchuan and Ye Wansheng were both stunned.

High Official He and the other two already had top tier dominator rank strength. They really underestimated these divine sect people!

They were both in a tough spot. Facing the powerful Light’s Fury and the Fiery Desolate Bear, they quickly cast incantations to summon their signature soul pets.

A piercing lightning fell from the night sky, stopping on the mountain. The massive Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake stood proudly in the ruins, staring down at the Fiery Desolate Bear.

Following that, a golden glow appeared beside the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake. A Thousand Wave beast also appeared, its body covering a large portion of the courtyard.

The Thousand Wave Beast went up against Light’s Fury while the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was battling the Fiery Desolate Bear!

The battle between top tier dominator ranks was a whole other scene. The barrier that the divine sect members set up was already severely shaken as it let out energy to the rest of the beast palace.

High Official He’s gaze was on the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake and Thousand Wave Beast. No wonder they dared to provoke divine sect; they were top tier dominator rank experts themselves.

With top tier dominator rank strength, as long as they didn’t intentionally trouble immortal rank members, they could move however they pleased!

However, them bumping into him was just bad luck!

As a High Official of Divine Sect, how could he go and punish or intimidate other factions without the corresponding strength?

Considering that the entire barrier would break at any point, High Official He who was hellbent on getting rid of these two people finally chanted an incantation to summon his main soul pet.

He also summoned a Light’s Fury. Its pure white glow and qilin like body was undoubtedly a show of identity, especially a top tier dominator rank one.

High Official He’s Light’s Fury was stronger than Cai Yun’s. A burning beam fell down without warning and immediately created a burning hole in Prince Chao’s Xuanzhen Beetle.

Thousands of white lights fell down. Prince Chao, Ye Wansheng, Pang Yue, Xiao Xiao, and a few other high class dominator rank soul pets were all burned by the glows.

A second beam fell down. Four high class soul pets’ eyes were all blinded by the light. After losing their vision, their reaction speeds were naturally lower.

The other divine sect members used this time to immediately start a fierce assault, forcing the four people to retract their high class dominator rank soul pets.

“Pang Yue, go wake up Chu Mu’s bodyguard!” Ye Wansheng finally realized that he may have gone too far this time and said to Pang Yue.

He had interacted with Xu Daofeng in the past so Ye Wansheng knew a high official of divine sect was usually between high class and top tier dominator rank. Ye Wansheng needed someone like that to train himself.

Yet, he didn’t expect High Official He’s companions Cai Yun and Wan Jun to be similar in power, while the High Official He himself was even more powerful. A single Light’s fury was enough to turn the situation around.

Their strength was completely out of their imagination. They realized that they may have gone too far and bumped into a real expert of Divine Sect!

Pang Yue saw the situation turning out of their favor and ran behind their villa.

Chu Mu’s room had a barrier set up that wasn’t broken. After forcing herself into the barrier, Pang Yue noticed Chu Mu’s bodyguard laying against a room corner, closing its eyes as if to meditate.

“Strange, why are its flames turning black?” Pang Yue looked at the white nightmare emperor with confusion.

“Pang Yue, quick!” Not far away, Ye Wansheng yelled panicked.

Pang Yue knew time was of essence and didn’t dare to think more, using her remembrance to wake up this strange white nightmare…..

Being disturbed from training, the white nightmare was clearly angry.

Suddenly, it opened its eyes!

The moment it opened its eyes, Pang Yue was shocked!

Pang Yue discovered that the nightmare in silver was slowly turning towards a more evil black!

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