Book 2 Chapter 130 - Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit

Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit

Chu Mu wasn’t a person who enjoyed coy actions. He bluntly opened his arms and, regardless of whether Chu Xian wanted to or not, embraced this lovely and moving sister into his arms before speaking.

A unique fragrance wafted off of Chu Xian’s body, especially her hair. When Chu Mu put her in his arms, he unintentionally took in a deep breath of her hair.

This intoxicating fragrance was something others found hard to resist. Chu Mu originally wanted to only give her a simple hug, but once he felt Chu Xian’s slender arms wrap around to his back, he hugged Chu Xian a bit tighter.

It was a soft, boneless body, smooth skin, and aside from the deep emotions of finally being reunited again, Chu Mu carelessly began to daydream...

Chu Mu was also a young and vigorous man. There were many times when he would conceive many ideas and fantasies towards females. For instance, the good feelings he had towards Ye Qingzi had, to a certain degree been, because of her beautiful face and elegant, moving body

Of course, Chu Mu also had his own principles, and wouldn’t touch girls he didn’t like.

Chu Xian could be considered to be the first girl Chu Mu liked. In the past, he would always interact with the relationship of older sister and younger brother. Since the relationship was when he was young, Chu Mu would always hide those feelings for her in his heart.

Yet, Chu Mu’s mind had already been changed. As he was tightly hugging this girl he liked back then, an intense possessing desire welled up inside Chu Mu, and when he looked at Chu Xian’s beautiful face, Chu Mu really wanted to tilt his head down and kiss her bright red lips.

A wonderful tactile sensation, a captivating scent, a delicate face, and scarlet red lips...

Chu Mu slightly lowered his head, and his faintly discernible lips slipped across Chu Xian’s sexy full lips, not actually kissing her.

Chu Xian seemed to have felt Chu Mu’s minute movement, and she was slightly shocked. She raised her head, and it coincidentally happened to brush across the corner of Chu Mu’s mouth...

Four eyes interlocked. The two people were both stunned. Chu Mu merely felt his heart undulate for a moment, while Chu Xian’s heart was as if it bumped into a small deer and couldn’t stop beating; even her cheeks were flushed red.

“Eh, Sister Xian Xian, we better have a talk of proper matters. What sort of trouble did you encounter here?” asked Chu Mu.

“Ah? Eh? That… it’s best if you talk about your experiences in the past few years first. Father’s letter only mentioned that you had safely returned, but didn’t explain anything in detail.” Chu Xian’s gaze evaded his slightly, and the arms wrapped around Chu Mu faintly loosened. She realized that she was currently face to face with a man whose body was pressed to hers. Her two glistening eyes flashed a slight bashful intent.

Chu Xian naturally knew that she and Chu Mu had no blood relation. With the present actions so intimate, it was a bit embarrassing no matter how she said it. Especially when the edge of their lips lightly brushed fervently just now. It was as if the flavor of his lips were still remaining on the corner of her lips.

Chu Mu also knew that he had to first resolve the embarrassment from earlier, and he proceeded to speak about his situation once through. Of course, Chu Mu could not tell the terrifying sections of Nightmare island and Prison Island to Chu Xian. He only said that he had been forcibly trained and continuously been elsewhere.

Chu Xian’s present emotions had yet to fully calm. After Chu Mu finished speaking, she spoke a few incoherent sentences of worry.

“What exactly happened?” Chu Mu currently was worrying about Chu Xian’s problem. Since Chu Xian had told her family of this matter and further expressed that it wasn’t something easy to solve, he had better clear up this matter now.

“Nothing, nothing. I can deal with it myself. You don’t have to be worried; you came from so far away and must be tired now. I’ll bring you to rest first.” said Chu Xian.

“That’s not important, first speak of your matter.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Xian raised her head and looked at Chu Mu. After hesitating a little bit, she finally said: “In my letter, I knew you had safely returned and had planned on packing up my things to return to Gangluo City. My teacher didn’t allow this, and when I tried to leave on my own initiative, I was discovered by him, and he wanted to punish me. At that moment, there happened to be someone who had previously had grievances with me who meddled in and made false accusations. This person said I had stealthily left that night not to return to my family, but instead to steal his spiritual items. If I didn’t return them, then they would take back my soul pet and expel me from this place…”

Listening to Chu Xian’s explanation, Chu Mu creased his eyebrows. Chu Xian had been by herself in this Great Chu Family, and she practically had no one to rely on. If she betrayed her teacher’s orders and left without permission, she definitely would anger her teacher. Afterwards, that nasty person made false accusations against her, forcing Chu Xian, who had no protection, onto a desperate path.

“Then how is the Great Chu Family presently planning on dealing with you?” Chu Mu’s face darkened slightly and he asked a question.

“My teacher also knew that I wouldn’t do something like this. However, the evidence was authentic and hard to refute… originally, I was planning on going to Great Broken Sting Valley to gain experience and complete the experience mission my teacher had given me. Then ,I would no longer have to remain in Great Chu Family. With the influence of this matter, my teacher raised the difficulty of my experience mission by a lot, wanting me to now retrieve the spiritual item, the Eternal Blood Fruit, that the fellow had lost. After returning back to him, my punishment would be more lenient.” said Chu Xian.

Speaking about this, Chu Xian was full of grievance. Only, having to rely on someone else to help her, there were many things that simply couldn’t be said explicitly despite being reasonable. As for the finding the Eternal Blood Fruit in Hundred Valley, this practically could not be done. Disregarding the various dangers in Hundred Valley Region and the difficulty of finding the Eternal Blood Fruit, merely the bug type soul groups guarding the Eternal Blood Fruit were not something Chu Xian could deal with.

“Old Li, what’s up with Hundred Valley?” Chu Mu immediately questioned Old Li, who had been thrown into his spatial ring.

“The Great Broken Valley is split into a few ranks. The first rank is the Ten Valley, which harbors only a few relatively low phase/stage and ranked soul pets. The amount of soul pets in each species group normally don’t surpass ten, and the majority of soul pet trainers will roam about in Ten Valley. Hundred Valley is an even more complex existence compared to Ten Valley. The phases and ranks of the soul pets that reside there are relatively higher, and due to its unique environment, there have grown various spiritual items. Soul pet trainers with strength will all be in Hundred Valley.

What’s worth mentioning is that the number of soul pets in a group inside Hundred Valley being over a hundred is but common. If one does not understand how to cautiously proceed, he or she will definitely be bitten by insects so much so that their remains are not even left. Without three commander rank soul pets above seventh phase, it would normally be very hard to enter. As for a group, it would identically probably have to assess the quality of the group. After all, there are times when more people doesn’t mean more safety.”

“Aside from Hundred Valley, in even deeper places in Wogu Mountain Range, there is still the Thousand Valley. With regards to the Thousand Valley, if one hasn’t reached the spirit master rank and does not have monarch rank soul pets, it’s best to dispel the idea of even stepping into the fringe. As for the Ten Thousand Valley, for a long time now, no one has been able to find Ten Thousand Valley; it’s primarily a legend. Ten Thousand Valley isn’t something that young master can involve himself with, so I won’t bother explaining in detail.”

Old Li had been very descriptive, saving Chu Mu a few troublesome enquiries.

“Let’s disregard these unpleasant matters for now. I’ll bring you to my place; it seems you’re tired so you should rest first. There’s still a bit of time; I’ll find a way of resolving it.” unwiped tears still hung on Chu Xian’s face as she let out a smile.

Seeing Chu Xian’s smile, Chu Mu’s heart warmed. The thing Chu Mu liked the most was that Chu Xian could infect people with her smile.

Chu Mu also knew that Chu Xian’s matter had to slowly be dealt with. Immediately, he heard Chu Xian’s suggestion and followed her into Chu Mountain’s main peak first.

Upon returning to her room, they heard the sounds of Ye Wansheng and the girl called Chu Xi arguing. Chu Xi was flushed with anger, while Ye Wansheng had a giddy and excited mannerism.

As for Ye Qingzi, she was still the same as before. Towards the matters of Ye Wansheng arguing with women, she had an ignoring attitude, and sat there alone, giving others a refined graceful feeling.

In this month, Chu Mu could be considered to have grown a bit of a friendship with this brother and sister pair. Chu Mu was also very curious as to how this blabbering delinquent andhot-tempered fellow of Ye Wansheng could have such a calm, wise and simply elegant younger sister.

“You guys have finally finished talking. Chu Chen, come here and tell this fellow how strong I am. Just like back then when we defeated the eighth phase Giant Centipede Tail Rock Devil, the primary contributor was me!” when Ye Wansheng saw Chu Mu walk over, he immediately pulled him over.

“Hmph, with you like this, you still want to defeat an eighth phase Giant Centipede Tail Rock Devil? Even a seventh phase strengthened Giant Centipede Tail Rock Devil would be a dangerous creature for you.” retorted Chu Xi.

Chu Mu glanced at the calm as water Ye Qingzi. He saw her expression to ignore that moronic fellow and he could only helplessly shake his head while saying: “Let it be, there’s no need to fight. We’ll go to the main peak first and discuss what to do next.”

Ye Wansheng’s character truly didn’t have the demeanor of an expert, and it caused others to feel like he was an unemployed young man who would talk big on the street.

“Chu Xi, don’t be like this. They are all my younger brother’s friends. They have come from the Xiling Region, they and must be tired from the journey. Let’s back down and let them rest.” Chu Xian also urged the talkative Chu Xi to stop.

“Hmph, I’ve never seen such a shameless person before.” as Chu Xi spoke, she turned around and walked to the front.

Chu Xian apologized and laughed, explaining: “My junior sister’s disposition is like that. You guys shouldn’t put it to mind.”

“We won’t, we won’t. I, Ye Wansheng, am nothing if not magnanimous. I won’t argue with this love struck by handsome men and this strong woman.” Ye Wansheng displayed a gentlemanly character, and he was a completely different person in front of Chu Xi and Chu Xian.

Chu Xian let out a faint laugh, and she intentionally glanced at the gorgeous and unordinarily temperamental sister of Ye Wansheng. She then amicably spoke a few words to her.



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