Book 2 Chapter 13 - Killing People, It’s Become Normal

Chapter 13: Killing People, It's Become Normal[1.I have been occasionally translating 冈罗城 as Wangluo City, when in reality it should be Gangluo City. The error stems from the similarity of 网 (wang) and 冈 (gang), and my occasional inability to distinguish the two late at night when I translate. In previous chapters if there were any confusions of whether Gangluo City was different than Wangluo City, they should actually be the same. Please forgive my befuddled mind… >.>]

“With the penetration of the frost poison, when the soul pet dies and causes a mental feedback on the soul pet trainer, the frost poison will forcibly join in the spirit feedback. If there isn’t enough time to use soul remembrance to resist, the spirit will be frozen and the body will become frozen flesh.” Lu Shanchi’s gaze indifferently stared at the frozen corpse on the battlefield as he slowly spoke.

Two people had walked onto the battlefield, but only Chu Mu and his Ice Air Fiary had walked out.

Now, different from before, everyone’s expression while looking at Chu Mu had completely changed. No longer were their gazes doubtful and pejorative; instead they held a bit of fear!

Feng Xiang creased her eyebrows. Although the terrifying killing methods of Chu Mu made her feel astonished, killing another Nightmare Palace youth was essentially making another enemy for Xia Guanghan.

“Heng Ocean’s Nightmare Prince! You have so much courage that you dare kill my disciple!!!” Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord’s face was full of indignance. Killing intent suddenly proliferated and his anger seemed to ignite the surroundings in fire!

“Lord Cyan, issues between the younger generation should be solved by themselves. You should control your emotions.” Lu Shanchi looked at the Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord who intended to kill Chu Mu and insipidly spoke.

A Nightmare Prince was the highest honor of a Nightmare Palace youth. In Nightmare Palace, aside from a few important figures of higher position, there was no one that could punish a Nightmare Prince, even if he or she committed a grave offence. Therefore, regardless of the Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord or Blue Nightmare Palace Lord, unless Chu Mu attacked them first, they could not do anything to Chu Mu.

“But that brat violated the challenge regulations! He’s made me lose one of my Cyan Nightmare Palace’s geniuses. Don’t tell me that I can’t punish him!” How could the Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord leave the matter as it was!

“Since he dared issue a challenge, he had to prepare to give up his own life.” Lu Shanchi indifferently said.

As the adjudicator for Nightmare Princes, Lu Shanchi had the qualifications to make rulings for Nightmare Princes. He didn’t plan on punishing Chu Mu so the Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord had no way of getting to Chu Mu.

Seeing that Lu Shanchi was helping Chu Mu keep this matter under control, Feng Xiang let out a small sigh of relief. Immediately, she sternly said to Chu Mu: Chu Mu, you cannot kill soul pet trainers in fights between younger generation. Don’t be overly rash.”

Chu Mu raised his eyelids and looked at Feng Xiang who was reprimanding him. He indifferently replied: “I’m merely used to it.”

Feng Xiang didn’t expect Chu Mu to neglect her warning like that. A cold frost instantly congealed on her face.

Chu Mu’s gaze swept over the remaining four challengers. His tone was cold as he said, “If you’re afraid that you will die after losing to me, then forsake the challenge. My method of battle isn’t an exchange of pointers between small children.”

The four challengers still hadn’t recovered from Guo Xian’s death. If Lu Shanchi hadn’t explained, they simply wouldn’t have had any idea as to how Guo Xian died. Right now, the way that this strange executioner was talking them caused their hair to stand on end.

“Nightmare Palace's regulations aren’t something that can be changed by just words. I… I don’t like the changed battle regulations.” Nightmare Prince Li Shan’s expression turned extremely rigid. His attitude had changed from his previous one of ‘I can easily defeat Chu Mu’. He would fake his attitude as much as he could.

“Nightmare Prince Li Shan, weren't you saying before how if he were the first to battle, everyone else would have wasted their time coming? Why are you now saying such things?” Lu Shanchi ruthlessly exposed Nightmare Prince Li Shan’s false bravado.

A flush of red immediately appeared on Nightmare Prince Li Shan’s face. He wanted to explain himself, but simply had no idea how of how to get himself off the stage.

Everyone’s gaze promptly turned contemptuous as they stared at the exceptionally vexed Nightmare Prince Li Shan. They began to whisper with each other. Evidently, after experiencing this, Nightmare Pince Li Shan would have a hard time raising his head in Nightmare Palace.

Then again, Nightmare Prince Li Shan himself didn’t feel that his momentary shift of attitude was the important thing.

A sixth phase Ice Air Fairy had performed the fifth rank technique, Ice Sword, to a seventh rank technique’s level. Furthermore, it had reached a terrifying degree of control. Even disregarding that it instantly killed a fifth phase Cyan Nightmare, it possessed an exceptionally terrifying poison penetration.

Not even factoring in its close combat abilities, it was still equivalent to a terrifying sixth phase commander rank ice type soul pet. Nightmare Prince Li Shan’s strongest soul pet was only a fifth phase fourth stage commander rank soul pet.

Nightmare Prince Li Shan didn’t believe that his strength was much stronger than Guo Xian. He didn’t want to have to give up his life because of his earlier hot headedness. In order to keep his life, if he had to lose face, he would resolutely lose face.

“What about you three?” Chu Mu’s gaze swept over the remaining three people as he asked them a question.

Chu Mu had no idea what the challenge regulations were, so he didn’t know if he could kill people.

Nonetheless, even with these regulations, Chu Mu felt that he would still kill people out of habit. After all, Guo Xian’s opening just now had been too obvious. Facing an ice type soul pet while his soul pet was on the verge of dying, he unexpectedly used soul remembrance to protect his own spirit. This sort of opening was simply asking for Chu Mu to use cold poison penetration.

“Eh… Nightmare Prince Li Shan was right. We feel that the changed regulations aren’t any good.” Two of the remaining challengers had embarrassed expressions as they decisively chose to renounce their challenges.

“So you don’t like this method of comparing pointers to fight? Perfect, I also like killing for fun. Your battle has sparked some interest in me.” Just at this moment, Tian Ji, who was standing behind the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord slowly walked in front of Chu Mu while speaking.

Dressed in a grey robe, Tian Ji’s words instantly set off an uproar.

“Tian Ji is about to fight!!”

“Even if he’s subdued the other four challengers, this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince doesn’t have the qualifications to be on the same level as Tian Ji. Why would Tian Ji take the initiative to fight?!”

Tian Ji appeared among the ranks of the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord. However, this time, Tian Ji had walked out himself without consulting the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord. In other words, this venerated and feared powerful young man was rather interested in Chu Mu’s tyranny.

Anyone could see that there was clearly too large of a disparity in the fight just now. One reason was because a hot tempered person was too impatient. The other reason was because everyone had underestimated the Prison Island King’s strength.

Right now, after learning of the Prison Island King’s true strength, this fight between Prison Island King and Tian Ji would perhaps be extremely marvelous. Soon, excitement appeared in people's gazes as they hoped for a big fight between these two powerful people.

“You can rest for two days to let your soul pet recover to its most optimal state.” said the grey garbed Tian Ji. After speaking, he turned and left, disregarding the rather discontented mood of the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord.

“There’s no need for that. I am going to leave tomorrow so if you want to fight, do it now.” said Chu Mu.

Tian Ji stopped in his tracks and turned around. His soulless eyes stared at Chu Mu and, after awhile, he said, “That’s fine. In any case, rest or no rest, you will still die.”

The fire of battle had been ignited between the rapidly rising in reputation Prisoner Island King and Tian Ji!

The eyes of everyone present lit up, especially the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord. There was nothing better than getting rid of Xia Guanghan’s subordinate right now, and to use this opportunity to suppress Xia Guanghan’s momentous spirit!!!

As for Su Yu, who had suddenly been neglected by everyone, he let out a smile. It seemed now that there wouldn’t be any need for Luo Region’s Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen to do it himself. Chu Mu was already in the face of imminent catastrophe!

When the burning battle flame had instantly ignited in the seats of the arena, no one seemed to notice four white clothed females escorting a veiled woman slowly walk in. Beside this noble woman was the man with the nickname “Grim Executioner”, Xia Guanghan.

“Princess Jin Rou!”

“This subordinate didn’t know that princess would come here, and did not have the time to pay respects. I’ve committed an offense, I’ve committed an offense.” Zhou Luleng was the first to react and after shouting loudly, he immediately kowtowed on the ground.

Zhou Luleng’s stunned voice exploded amidst the crowd, and everyone proceeded to cast their gaze at the noble and graceful woman. Immediately following suit, they panickedly kowtowed on the ground.

“Young Master Chu, quickly follow the actions of the other Nightmare Princes.” whispered Ting Yu in an extremely small voice. After speaking, she crouched down and bowed her head down; she didn’t dare confirm that the person high above was Nightmare Palace’s young princess.

Seeing the rather familiar beautiful figure appear in front of him, Chu Mu was shocked. A short moment later, he awoke from his stupor. He looked at the hypocritical Li Shan before gradually putting one knee on the ground and placing his right hand on his chest.

A Nightmare Prince was the highest honor for a young person. In front of the princess, there wasn’t a need to kowtow. Instead, a one knee half-kneel and a dropping of one’s head would suffice.

As for the Cyan Nightmare Palace Lord and Blue Nightmare Palace Lord, they both had to kowtow in respect. After all, they didn’t belong to the inner Nightmare Palace. Despite possessing control over two large nightmare palaces, their statuses were slightly lower.

“Stand.” The Young Princess Jin Rou indifferently spoke one word and strode in even steps towards the main seat.

After no longer having to bow, the others stood up and cautiously returned to their seats.

The eyes of the young people lit up because of the appearance of the noble Princess Jin Rou. They normally held admiration for this princess, and they naturally felt incomparably honored.

As for people like the Cyan and Blue Nightmare Palace Lords, although they held a reverent expression, they were silently guessing as to why the princess had come.

“Sister Jin Rouhas, how come you have time come here and spectate?” The Nightmare Prince Adjudicator, Lu Lishan, was the only person who didn’t pay his respects. Moreover, when the princess had arrived, he remained seated in his spot with a warm smile on his face as he spoke to the young princess.

Princess Jin Rou gracefully sat in the master’s seat next to Lu Lishan. She maintained a very steady and pleasant intonation as she said: “I happen to have something I want to discuss with big brother Lu.”

“I recall that Prison Island King should be your new retinue. If younger sister Jin Rou is interested, why don’t you take a look at your new retinue’s strength. It wouldn’t be impolite to determine someone else’s strength.” Lu Lishan unhurriedly said.

“That’s fine. Prior to this, I heard that the Prison Island King was fighting five people?” Princess Jin Rou’s gaze slowly fell onto Chu Mu. Her two bright eyes still held that elusive sadness in them.

Chu Mu’s gaze met hers, but the adjacent Feng Xiang immediately glared at Chu Mu, coldly reminded him that before Nightmare Princes obtained the privilege, they could not directly look at the princess.

“Haha, it’s actually a joke. After the first challenger was killed, the others didn’t dare to fight this slaughter king. Currently, Blue Nightmare Palace’s Tian Ji is about to fight him.” Lu Lishan laughed as he spoke.

Lu Lishan’s rendered the four challengers into a state where they didn’t dare show their faces. He had unexpectedly made them lose face in front of the princess whom they so dearly admired.

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