Chapter 1245: Battle Against the Navy Legion!

Zhao De smiled with a yellow grin. He waved his hand and immediately the hundred meter long Ghost Marking Large Snakes dashed up and down the cliff. Their long body flipped through and immediately surrounded the five of them.


The couple meter long snake spit its tongue out, and opened its mouth so its deep neck was visible.

Looking at the crisscrossed Ghost Marking Large Snakes, one could no longer tell where the head was and where the rest of its body was.

“Rip through them!!” The giant snake leader gave a command!

Immediately, hundreds of snakes pounced forth, their mouths full of teeth that could easily break even hundreds of layers of rocks!

Sang Ying saw the two hundred snakes pounce forth and their faces immediately started getting worried, swiftly chanting an incantation.

Chu Mu’s actions were slightly after than Sang Ying. With an incantation, the air around Princess Jin Rou, Sang Ying, Xia Zhixian, and Prince Chao became slightly rippled as an invisible space barrier appeared!

"Ga!!!!! Ga!!!!!!!!”


A bite from its teeth, but the next moment, the Ghost Marking Large Snakes seemed to have hit the hardest material in the world. After one bite, its teeth were broken!

All the Ghost Marking Large Snakes were smashed. Their hard teeth scattered everywhere. Sang Ying was shocked mid incantation and didn’t know what had happened.

“Don’t stand too far from me.” Chu Mu said to the other four.

Sang Ying just realized the Chu Mu casted a technique. He had heard before that the King Chu of New Moon Ground was a half human. Seeing the casual technique able to block the massive emperor rank snakes aside, a sliver of hope came up in his heart.

“Little hidden dragon, collect their souls.” Chu Mu said to little hidden dragon.

Little hidden dragon was eager to eat. It stepped forth and didn’t even bother casting a technique. With a claw, the emperor rank snakes that lost their fangs were defenceless and killed in a hit.

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!!!!”

The claws fell one by one, faster and faster. In a few seconds, the fifty or so Ghost Marking Large Snakes were rendered into mash. Their souls completely became little hidden dragon’s food, absorbed into its soul.

The high class dominator rank little hidden dragon against emperor ranks truly was no different from squishing ants.

“Attack together!” the giant snake team leader yelled.

With the command, the remaining hundred snakes were completely opened up. They either bit, wrangled, or slammed their bodies forward!

In the moment, all around Chu Mu were these giant snakes wreaking havoc around.

Little hidden dragon smiled wide, and looked at the beasts that were massive, but really no different from worms.

Ghosts surrounded little hidden dragon. It lifted up an energy filled dragon claw and slammed it towards the ground.

The entire ground suddenly went silent. The next moment, the rocky surface was washed over by a blue tide as a mist descended upon the suddenly appeared underworld river!

The ground became covered in ghostly blue river water. The water was ice cold but continued to bubble as if it were boiling.


In an instant, the ghostly cries and sharp voices immediately penetrated their ears and entered their minds, causing people to start being anxious.

As the underworld river started flowing, the writhing snakes suddenly became sluggish as if they were caught by something.

The controlled Ghost Marking Large Snakes didn’t even know what technique they were faced against but looking at the ghostly blue river, their hearts started shaking.

“What is this thing?” Giant snake leader said alarmed.

“Why is my Ghost Marking Large Snake not moving anymore!!” The navy soldier started staring at his Ghost Marking Large Snake.

“ Ghost claws, so many of them!!”

With this loud call, all the navy members realized that many ghost claws appeared to grab their snakes!

The stranger thing was these ghost claws weren’t really grabbing the snakes’ bodies. They seemed to be dragging something out of the snakes themselves.

“Soul Hooking Claw!!!” Ghost snake leader finally reacted and suddenly turned pale.

Chanting an incantation quickly, the leader tried to retract his pseudo dominator rank Ghost Marking Large Snake

However, the river in front of him interrupted the incantation. With many shrieks, countless soul hooking ghost claws extended from the river and forcefully dragged the snake back and into its body, pulling its soul out!!

There were over ten thousand hooking soul ghost claws. Almost every single snake was entangled by over a hundred claws. As these claws started ripping at them, the Ghost Marking Large Snake’s souls were ripped apart the moment they were dragged out!

The Soul Hooking claws had to grab a few souls before going back into the underworld, satisfied.

With the ten thousand Soul Hooking Claws, the Ghost Marking Large Snakes didn’t even have a chance to resist before having their souls stolen and dragged into the river.

The Ghost Marking Large Snake were all frozen as they saw their soul pets ripped apart from the ghost claw.

In the last moment, the ghost river recovered its silence. The ghostly blue dead water slowly sank back into the ground, and disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The ground returned to normal and the terrifying ghost river was just like an illusion.

However, the hundred or so emperor rank Ghost Marking Large Snakes were all icy corpses now. 


After the underground river passed with its Soul Hooking Claws, the hair raising scene left all the navy members pale faced.

A single technique killed over a hundred emperor rank organisms. How large of a skill difference was this!

After a long while, the navy members looked at the floor full of corpses, and no longer dared to send their soul pets forth.

“Why are you hesitating, go up. Elemental army blasted them!” Zhao De roared in anger!

The other members came back to their senses.

The five hundred different type elemental emperors started chanting.

The incantation started and filled the air with elements!

Blazing flames, cold storm, frenzied lightnings, roaring tides, biting winds, and rolling rocks…...

All the elemental technique dashed into the skies and caused the night to become a bright glow. However, under this color was terrifying destruction!

Five hundred elemental emperors casting together was a terrifying strength. Sang Ying, Xia Zhixian, and Prince Chao found it hard to even breath.

The hundred elemental emperors gathered together was no less than a high class dominator rank’s full powered hit.

Chu Mu lifted his head and took a deep breath, opening up his palms!

Chu Mu’s palm opened up and became hollow. The two black wind caves quickly rose up and made massive black holes beside the five of them!

The wind cave silently spun as if space were missing. Air constantly poured into the whirlpool.

The rain of techniques fell, creating elemental explosions that cause the space to shake with power.

However, the moment the energy fell on the black wind cave, it would get absorbed and disappear.

The Wind Cave spun and absorbed all the elemental techniques, expanding as it happened.

The spinning speed slowed down. Chu Mu knew that the moment the cave stopped spinning is when it can no longer absorb energy.

Wind cave only absorbed around two thirds when Chu Mu’s hands started grasping together.

Chu Mu glanced at Princess Jin Rou and she nodded, using her eyes to tell Chu Mu that the remaining energy could be blocked by her.

Princess Jin Rou closed her eyes and her hair started flowing upwards.

The powerful mental energy became an invisible protection that protected them all. The remainder of the energy hit her mental protection.

“Will it be hard?” Chu Mu asked worriedly.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head. This attack was much weaker than the tsunami last time, so this was something she could easily deal with.

The last flame fell, only burning the rocks beneath the five peoples’ feet.

One had to know that the five hundred elemental emperors’ destruction could rarely leave anything alive in a few hundred kilometer radius. Yet now, the only thing destroyed was a small patch of dirt under their feet.

“These…. These people are so powerful!!” Elemental army leader stared wide and spat out after a while.

The other elemental navy members were all staring at each other in shock as well. This attack did absolutely nothing.

Chu Mu glanced at the couple thousand navy members and smiled devilishly.

Energy constantly leaked from its fingers. Presumably, after the elemental energy was infected with darkness, it would be eager to destroy!

Chu Mu’s palms reopened. This time, the wind caves appeared again but reversed!

A dark elemental storm flew out of the wind cave, creating darkness flames, lightnings, hail, wind, and meteors…. These elemental techniques were mashed together and created a thick destructive energy tide towards the elemental emperors!!

Such a dark tide pushing forth caused Sang Ying to go wide eyed beside Chu Mu.

Sang Ying’s incantation was still at his lips because he suddenly realized that as long as Chu Mu was here, nothing else seemed to matter. This was especially true when he forcefully pushed the five hundred emperor rank elemental techniques…..

Just how powerful was he?

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