Chapter 1244: Chu Mu Alone is an Army!

“Report!” just as Zhao De thought he would be able to enjoy this beautiful woman, a navy member ran in. 

“What is there to report?!” impatiently said Zhao De. He didn’t plan on letting this investigation member continue.

“Sir… there’s someone outside the navy camp asking for a person. He says he’s here for Young Lady Xia.” said the investigation member.

“Still unwilling to give up?” Zhao De harrumphed.

Xia Zhixian immediately creased her brows and said to herself, it wouldn’t be Chao Lengchuan, that idiot, right?

If that man were to charge over and was captured, she could only do as Zhao De wanted. She was most afraid of Chao Lengchuan doing such a stupid thing. 

“Hmph, bring me to go look.” Zhao De’s face was wretched as he spoke. 

Xia Zhixian realized something and she hastily put on a smile: “It could be that my friends are worried about me. Sir Zhao, let me deal with it.”

“There’s no need.” Zhao De wasn’t stupid. He could see that Xia Zhixian had the intention of evading him. Since she was doing this, he could only use some lowly methods. 

When Xia Zhixian saw Zhao De show a cold smile, her heart sank.

“That idiot!” Xia Zhixian cursed to herself. 

Xia Zhixian quickly followed Zhao De. She didn’t want the situation to instantly reach a point of no return. 

Zhao De put on an overcoat and brought some trusted aides outside the camp. 

Once there, Zhao De saw three men and a spectral woman there. 

When Zhao De had stopped Xia Zhixian earlier, he was confused why they seemed to be lacking a person. Now, the other man had appeared, and there was another absolutely beautiful specter next to him.

Zhao De had seen human specters before but he had never seen such a flawless beauty of a specter. 

Unfortunately, specters couldn’t be touched or felt. Otherwise, with his lecherous character, he would do anything to take her. 

Xia Zhixian followed closely behind. When she saw Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou standing next to Prince Chao, she let out a slight sigh of relief. 

Now that Chu Mu had come, this matter would be resolved much easier. 

“Brat, have you come to give your life?” Zhao De tore off his fake smile and spoke with a dark tone. 

“I’ve come to take your life!” Prince Chao’s eyes were flying with sparks. 

“Hahaha, take my life. With your ability?” Zhao De immediately laughed out loudly. He even turned around and looked at the group of soldiers behind him. 

These soldiers followed him and laughed out loudly. 

These subordinates brought by him were trusted aides and many of them had secretly done evil things. 

As Zhao De laughed, his fat hand reached out to the side in attempt to grab Xia Zhixian’s waist. 

However, his hand grabbed air as Xia Zhixian’s body rapidly scattered into pieces, transforming into countless flower petals that landed on the ground. 

In the next instant, Xia Zhixian appeared near Chu Mu and the others. On her souldier was the shrunken Sky Butterfly Queen. 

“Stop her!” Zhao De’s eyes flashed with a trace of anger as he ordered his ten subordinates. 

These ten navy generals instantly chanted an incantation, summoning their soul pets. 

There were a total of ten dominators and they ferociously pounced at Xia Zhixian in an attempt to drag her back. 

Prince Chao obviously wouldn’t let these people harm her. The adjacent jungle suddenly split apart and a golden Thousand Wave Beast mightily jumped down from the air! 


One heavy step and a golden energy exploded. The ten low class dominators and pseudo dominator rank soul pets were all knocked flying. The nearby camp also began to violently shake. 

Seeing their soul pets knocked flying, the ocean generals faintly showed mad expressions. They immediately chanted incantations, summoning a group of even stronger soul pets. 

However, they were no longer as hasty as before. The middle class dominator rank Thousand Wave Beast was like an enormous mountain! 

During the initial clash, Xia Zhixian returned with her Sky Butterfly Queen to the other four. 

Prince Chao glanced at Xia Zhixian and showed a rather ashamed expression. He spoke to apologize: “I…” 

“It’s fine. Ever since that day I knew you were a troublesome person. I’ve prepared my heart already.” charmingly laughed Xia Zhixian. 

Prince Chao let out a silly laugh. 

“Prince Chao, there are things that have been stomped on by others. We’d best stomp on those people to retrieve those things.” Chu Mu smiled and spoke to Chao Lengchuan.  

“Of course!” Prince Chao proudly laughed. He would not endure that humiliation. Now that Xia Zhixian had returned, he wouldn’t stand being looked down on by others and let his honor as a man be stomped on by others. 

“Then I’ll leave Zhao De to you. I’ll deal with his subordinates.” Chu Mu patted his shoulder. 

“Ok!” Prince Chao nodded his head. 

Without other people interfering, Prince Chao had absolute confidence his full strength could beat Zhao De. 

“Truly interesting. I initially planned on letting you barely live. But since you want to challenge our Wupan Navy, I can only pity that even your corpses won’t remain!” Zhao De cracked a huge contemptuous smile. 

Challenging Wupan Navy? 

Zhao De still had a legion of 3000 under him and the weakest of these members was a spirit emperor. With this elite legion, Zhao De didn’t even need to take action to crush them. 

The appearance of the Thousand Wave Beast obviously startled the entire camp. 

The 3000 navy members gathered here in the shortest time possible and each one of them was accompanied by a soul pet. They were lined up in an orderly and trained manner behind Navy Commander Zhao De.

With the weakest of them being a spirit emperor, this was an enormous force to anyone from Wanxiang City. 

The aura from 3000 emperor rank soul pets surged towards them. Mere breaths from this group created a violent storm mixing with the damp oceanic atmosphere.

Emperor rank soul pets innately had imposing auras. Although there were 3000 of them, they were just as majestic. 

There were 200 Ghost Marking Large Snakes that when coiled around the mountain rampart’s rocks, the rampart was unable to fit their entire body. When looking down at them, all that could be seen were their malevolent bodies wriggling about - quite the intense sight.  

The average strength of these Ghost Marking Large Snakes was between the mid and high class emperor rank. Even a low class dominator may not have been able to defeat this many Ghost Marking Large Snakes.

On the edge of the lake and the spacious flat land, a group of colorful elemental emperors were orderly lined there like cannons. There were at least 500 of them. The aura created by these 500 elemental emperors was already tearing apart the surrounding space. 

In the mountain pass’s lake, enormous water beasts had their heads poking out. The water of the entire lake was tumultuously churning about. There were at least 500 of these water beasts. It was no wonder the lake water was overflowing and creating river-like streams that flowed down the mountain. Presumably, these water beasts had displaced most of the ocean’s water with their bodies. 

In the sky, black colored wings were flapping and rapidly interweaving. 

In the camp, plant warriors formed a dense small forest that stood in front of the elemental legion. 

Prince Chao had participated in Wanxiang City’s war. The soul pets then were in the millions and the scene was so magnificent it was hard to describe. 

Nonetheless, no matter how magnificent it was, compared to this 3000 emperor legion, it was like comparing a fully armed and powerful cavalry to a group of children that were just 100 times as many. They weren’t in the same league! 

"These… these are all of the the third legion’s elite troops!” Sang Ying’s face went white as he spoke. 

Prince Chao never expected Zhao De’s subordinates to be so strong. 

“Brat, today I’m going to teach you a lesson. It doesn’t matter how strong a single person is. In front of a genuine army, even the strongest expert is rendered insignificant.” Zhao De glanced at the orderly spirit emperor legion behind him and proudly laughed. 

Sang Ying’s face sank as he looked at the powerful ocean legion. 

Zhao De wasn’t wrong. There were many people in this world stronger than Zhao De. However, there weren’t many that could beat Zhao De’s legion of 3000 elite troops. If it were the entire Wupan Navy, there was no one in the world who could fight against the entire Wupan Navy. In front of this massive faction, everyone’s individual strength was truly insignificant! 

“These people have offended Wupan Navy’s commander and provoked the dignity of our Wupan Navy. Everyone listen to my order. Execute them on the spot!” Zhao De used his mental voice to cover everyone! 

The moment his voice faded, various soul pets let out angry roars and it was like a large mine had exploded beside one’s ear! 

A chaotic stream of breaths whipped through the surrounding forest and in an instant, the jungle was completely destroyed. Astonishing and turbid wind dragons emerged from this and soared above the heads of Chu Mu and the others. 

Prince Chao grit his teeth and turned around to glance at Xia Zhixian. 

Xia Zhixian didn’t say anything. She just calmly looked at the powerful army of Zhao De’s underlings. 

In terms of life experience, Chao Lengchuan was inferior to Xia Zhixian; however, he determinedly didn’t want Xia Zhixian to think of him as soft. More importantly, he refused to allow Zhao De, this lecherous man, to remain living in this world! 

Prince Chao took in a deep breath and dispelled the fear in his heart. He pushed forward his chest and faced Zhao De. 

At this moment, a hand placed itself on Prince Chao’s shoulder and heavily pressed down. 

Prince Chao turned around and looked at Chu Mu whose eyes were also incomparably calm. 

“Your only opponent is Zhao De. Don’t disappoint me.” Chu Mu seriously said to Prince Chao.

Prince Chao nodded his head and when he looked at Zhao De who was all smiles, the 3000 elite troops behind him were no longer there. 

He knew that since Chu Mu had agreed to personally leave Zhao De for him to deal with, Chu Mu would not let anyone disturb him! 

Prince Chao’s eyes gradually returned from fluster to calm. 

To Chao Lengchuan, with Chu Mu, alone, standing behind him, this was equivalent to an army!


Chu Mu remained very calm from beginning to end. He swept his eyes over the army and slowly chanted an incantation. 

Chu Mu summoned Little Hidden Dragon. 

So many high rank souls- they would become Little Hidden Dragon’s great feast! 

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