Chapter 1243: Encountering Ocean Commander Zhao De Again

“Chu Mu, Prince Chao and the others aren’t too far from us anymore.” said Princess Jinrou.

When Princess Jinrou followed Chu Mu, she left a mental imprint on Prince Chao. Due to the Demonic Burial Mound’s restriction barrier, Princess Jinrou was unable to feel it until Princes Chao and the others stepped onto the middle island. Now, she could feel their tracks. 

“Ok ,let’s go convene with them.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Princess Jinrou led the way and Chu Mu headed straight for Prince Chao and the others.

They were twenty thousand kilometers away from the others and if they flew, it wouldn’t take them long.

However, this place was the Demonic Burial Mound and not a normal area of land. Each territory was occupied by a powerful creature and passing straight through their territory wasn’t too realistic. 

About three days later, Chu Mu was also able to sense Prince Chao and Sang Ying.


In a forest next to a clear lake, Sang Ying sat there using the water to wash his wounds that were filled with filth. 

Prince Chao sat on the side, his face entirely gloomy. He looked abnormally strange. 

“Prince Chao, there’s no need to stay so strongly attached. There are women everywhere. When the day comes that you are able to control genuine power, there will be no women that can resist you.” Sang Ying turned around and spoke kind words. 

Prince Chao’s face was still extremely unsightly. Thinking of Xia Zhixian throwing herself into that fatty’s body and Zhao De’s evil smile, he felt like his mind was going to explode!

Moreover, the words Xia Zhixian had said were undoubtedly harder to swallow than killing him! 

“Let’s slaughter our way over!” Prince Chao grit his teeth. 

As a man, he was most unwilling to tolerate watching his woman being stolen away. Even though he hated that pragmatic woman, he wanted to stick out his chest and stamp on that hateful Zhao De until he was meat paste. Then he would point at Xia Zhixian and tell her he wasn’t that weak! 

“Prince Chao, calm down. Zhao De is stronger than any of us. He has two high class dominators. Your Thousand Wave Beast can reach the high class dominator rank through its special energy and my Water Whistle Devil is also barely a high class dominator. In other words, the two of us together can deal with Zhao De. But Zhao De still has 3000 people under him and there are a number of dominator ranks among them. The two of us probably won’t even be able to get near him before we’re exhausted by the others.” seriously said Sang Ying.

“But… But how can I swallow this!” Prince Chao’s eyes were bloodshot.

“You have to,” said Sang Ying.

Prince Chao’s chest heaved. Swallowing this humiliation because he had to was easier said than done. 

“Someone’s coming.” Sang Ying suddenly creased his brows. 

Sang Ying turned vigilant. Could Zhao De have chased them here to get rid of them? 

The two of them weren’t weak so Zhao De would have to pay a hefty price to kill them. Zhao De had already obtained the woman he wanted so there should have been no need to kill them.

“Chu… Chu Mu!!” Sang Ying saw the man and woman riding on the black war tiger and immediately showed an expression of happiness. 

Prince Chao raised his head. He saw Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou come over and his eyes finally showed some light. However, he quickly thought of something and lowered his head, so that he wouldn’t feel as ashamed. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu jumped off Zhan Ye and looked at Prince Chao who resembled a stray dog. 

Prince Chao just sat there, head lowered, not saying anything.

“Ai, it’s complicated.” Sang Ying sighed. His voice got slightly softer as he continued, “When you and Young Lady Bai left, we continued into the depths of the island and passed through the Demonic Burial Mound precipice and entered the middle island. We trained and collected xuan items there for a period of time before inadvertently encountering some wounded navy members who were left behind. Out of kindness, Xia Zhixian saved them. However, this quickly attracted Zhao De over.” 

“Oh, Zhao De?” Chu MU raised his eyebrows. 

Chu Mu remembered that when he stepped on the precipice, there were four to five thousand people underneath. Those people should have been from Wupan Navy. However, their composite strength was stronger than Zhao De’s legion. 

“Yes. That fellow relied on his numbers to…. to steal Young Lady Xia away. He said that their navy needed this kind of support soul pet trainer that could lessen their wounds. You should know his true intentions. Zhao De is lecherous but also needs to consider his face as a navy commander.” said Sang Ying. 

“Hmph, how was it Zhao De that stole her? She clearly ran into his arms. What a slut. I shouldn’t have trusted her!” Prince Chao stood up and righteously spoke. 

“This…” for a moment, Sang Ying didn’t know what to say. 

In reality, Xia Zhixian had indeed chosen to enter Zhao De’s faction when she saw the situation. She had even said hurtful words, otherwise Prince Chao wouldn’t be so upset over it. 

“Are you sure Xia Zhixian threw herself to Zhao De’s side?” asked Chu Mu.

Prince Chao said angrily: “How could this be false? Do you really want me to repeat those mocking words she said to me?” 

“Yes, repeat it.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

Prince Chao’s face was so angry his face flushed red. If he could beat Chu Mu, he would have bitten to death this man who was adding fuel to the fire right now! 

“Prince Chao, I think you could have misunderstood her.” said Princess Jinrou. 

“Misunderstood?! What was there to misunderstand?!!” Prince Chao was speechless. Were Chu Mu and Bai Jinrou this unconsoling? 

Seeing Prince Chao’s emotions in such a turbulent state, Princess Jinrou was rather helpless and she said: “Calm down first. When you emotions have calmed, I’ll explain it to you. You won’t listen to anything I say now.” 

Princess Jinrou floated back to Chu Mu’s side and she muttered to him: “I thought that you were the dense one. Turns out there’s someone even more dense than you.” 

Chu Mu rubbed his nose and felt puzzled. What did this have to do with him? 

In Chu Mu’s opinion, Yu Suo was innately snobbish so as her underling, it was normal for Xia Zhixian to be the same? 

Also, was he dense? 

Qingzi often said that he was a wolf dressed in sheep’s skin. His inner heart was incomparably evil. 


Mountain pass lake. 

In the wilderness, places with water were always particularly dangerous because all ranked creatures would have to go there to drink water. 

However, to the three thousand manned navy legion, this rule didn’t apply to them. The moment they set up camp here, there would definitely be no powerful creature in a dozen kilometer radius around them that dared wander about. 

When night came, the temperature turned cold. There were lights in the tents that brought a trace of warmth.

“Go, invite the Young Lady Xia over.” inside the big tent, Zhao De’s face was full of smiles. 

As a navy commander, when everyone was watching, Zhao De couldn’t do anything to Xia Zhixian. Indeed, the navy had rules and if someone reported him to big leader Xu Kuang, he would be in quite a bit of trouble.

However, when it was night time and everyone was resting, Zhao De could do whatever he wanted.

Normally, it was those two female servants that helped him warm the bed. Today, he wanted to try a new beautiful woman. Every time he thought of her charming and perky parts, he felt a rush of blood and impatience.. 

“Sir, Young Lady Xia is helping navy members with their wounds. There are a few members near death and if they aren’t healed…” a subordinate quickly reported. 

Zhao De creased his brows. What did it matter if a few people died? 

Although he was thinking this, Zhao De didn’t dare ignore the lives of his subordinates in front of them. He could only bear it. 

“Senior Ocean Commander, there’s no need to be like this. How about you let us sisters serve you first.” said the rather charming female servant with a smile. 

“Go go go, it has nothing to do with you.” Zhao De had no interest in these two women right now. His mind was filled with Xia Zhixian’s body. 


Inside the healing tent, Xia Zhixian was healing those navy members. 

When Zhao De sent the third person in, Xia Zhixian felt a headache. 

“This toad is truly annoying. I need to find someway to delay him and then find a time to slip away.” Xia Zhixian creased her brows and spoke. 

Healing members was something Xia Zhixian was proficient at. While she chanted an incantation, she began to worry. 

She was obviously worried about Chao Lengchuan. In her opinion, Prince Chao who was younger than her was like a stubborn younger brother. Even if they were lovers, she still felt a headache for him. 

In her opinion, Prince Chao would have flown into a fit of rage this time.

However, Xia Zhixian was confused why that fellow didn’t think about it from another perspective. If she hadn’t complied with Zhao De then, how could the three of them have faced Zhao De and his 3000 subordinates?

“Young Lady Xia, you should be tired, right? Why don’t you go rest.” suddenly, Zhao De’s voice drifted in.

“Oh, I’m not tired. There are a few members that are waiting for my healing…” Xia Zhixian saw the intentions behind Zhao De, but faked a warm smile. 

“That won’t do. If we tire your body, how will you be able to deal with even more injured members in the future?” said Zhao De with a straight face. 

Xia Zhixian could see Zhao De’s character, and thought to herself that he had decided to bring her to bed tonight. 

Xia Zhixian harrumphed to herself. Did this fellow really think he could obtain her body? 

“Since you want to obtain me so badly, let’s see if you have the life to enjoy it.” a trace of killing intent surfaced in Xia Zhixian’s heart. 

After following the Empress Concubine for so long, her body was no longer the same as most women. Even if the other party was stronger than her, without her permission to obtain her body, they would die.  

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