Chapter 1242: Advancement, Middle Remembrance Spirit Dominator

“How is that, aren’t I awesome?” Princess Jin Rou attractive lips curled into a smile.

Wood Demon King’s territory was observed by Chu Mu from the outside. The outer perimeter was similar to the wolf demons, making an army of high class emperor rank wood demons.

After around a hundred kilometers, there were dominator rank wood demons.

Dominator rank demons weren’t exactly short on numbers either. Pseudo dominator, low class, middle class, even high class dominators. Chu Mu originally tried to enter slowly but found that the entire territory would get in motion when one corner is disturbed. Chu Mu wasn’t sure whether he could clear out an entire wood demon king territory akin to an eighth level empire by himself.

This demon burial ground truly is full of treasures, but these treasures weren’t easily taken. At least this wood demon king territory wasn’t a place Chu Mu could enter at ease.

Thus, Chu Mu had to get rid of the ideas to take the fifth rank wood type xuan item.

Unexpectedly, however, the missing little princess came back full of smiles and handed over the wood type fifth rank xuan item right to Chu Mu!

“How did you get it?” Chu Mu was curious. The wood demon kings aren’t easy to mess with. Even if Princess Jin Rou is a spectral state, it’s hard to get such a heavily protected item.

“It doesn’t matter, I got it. Go strengthen your devil tree battle soldier.” Princess Jin Rou didn’t explain.

Chu Mu was still curious but Princess Jin Rou didn’t say, so he was helpless. It wasn’t like he could read minds.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s training was already 90%. Princess Jin Rou’s wood type xuan item had a very high quality too, of about 70%.

“If you fail, I’ll just go grab another.” Princess Jin Rou said full of smiles.

“......” Chu Mu laughed helplessly. A place he didn’t dare go to was somewhere Princess Jin Rou could enter freely.

Putting away the wood type xuan item, Chu Mu started looking at the combining amber.

There were seven pieces in total, one fifth rank while the other six are fourth rank.

Ghost Monarch King’s Xuan Item needed a fourth rank combining amber while Zhan Ye needed a fifth rank. The remaining five fourth rank combining amber will be used for Chu Mu to give out as gifts or as exchange for xuan items hwen he gets back to the city.


In the following two months, Chu Mu didn’t stop moving forward, constantly switching soul pets as they moved forward.

The main soul pets fighting were Ghost Monarch, Ning, Devil Tre Battle Soldier, Qin, Zhan Ye, and Dead Dream.

Dead Dream’s Xuan Items were nowhere to be found. Thankfully, Dead Dream had nothing to worry about.

Yet, Ghost Monarch, Ning, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Zhan Ye- these soul pets had their xuan items already. After experiencing two months of nearly ceaseless battle, their training were almost all at Chu Mu’s expectations.

Finding a safe place, Chu Mu planned on meditating and strengthening for half a month, boosting these four soul pets up a rank.

The reason there was half a month was because Chu Mu’s current low class remembrance rank needs to use a large amount of soul power every time he strengthened a soul pet. After strengthening one, he would also have to rest a few days to replenish his soul power.

Under normal situations, the soul remembrance replenishing probably needed a few months alone. Only with the Demon Burial Grounds Xuan Aura could their soul power replenish very quickly!

Chu Mu first strengthened Ghost Monarch.

Ghost Monarch’s training was already ninety percent. After the third rank rock type xuan item and second rank dark type soul crystal were combined with combining amber, an eighty percent quality low class dominator rank xuan item was made.

The success rate was very high. Adding on Chu Mu’s caution, Ghost Monarch entered low class dominator rank without fail.

Slowly opening his eyes, what came into view was the bored Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou hugged her little ice fox in her hands. Seeing Chu Mu open his eyes, she immediately smiled and asked, “Did you succeed?”

“En, Ghost Monarch was very successful, and is already low class dominator rank.” Chu Mu nodded.

Currently, of all his soul pets, Ghost Monarch was the weakest. In fact, for the longest time, it was always the weakest, but Chu Mu never found the chance to make it stronger until now.

“Congratulations.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“I’ll continue to meditate and strengthen Ning the moment its soul remembrance is full.” As Chu mu spoke, he added, “Won’t you get bored staying here with me?”

Princess Jin Rou shook his head.

Her little ice fox was already ninth phase, around high class emperor rank. When she was bored, Princess Jin Rou naturally told her Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox to go train as well. Or else, with how pampered it was, even if it got to dominator rank it wouldn’t actually be that strong.

Chu Mu checked on Ghost Monarch’s situation and continued to train.

His soul power replenished very quickly. After around three days, Chu Mu’s soul power was full again.

This time, Chu Mu was about to strengthen Ning.

Ning was already low class dominator rank and was eighty percent done training.

Chu Mu’s ice crystal from wind palace was a sixth rank xuan item. This xuan item when used as a fifth rank xuan item, its success rate is naturally near 100%

With an eighty percent rate of success, Chu Mu thought there was no way he could fail, right?

According to normal steps, one first has to check the energy within the xuan item and slowly extend your soul remembrance into it to bring it out and bring it to all parts of the soul pet’s body evenly…..

In the entire process, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance only had twenty percent left. Strengthening a middle class dominator rank as a low class spirit dominator truly took too much energy.

After finishing, Chu Mu’s attention fell on Ice Air Fairy’s body.

Ice Air Fairy’s body slowly changed in transparency. Some of the pure ice became Ning’s new skin…..

However, these changes didn’t mean the strengthening was a success. Chu mu was staring intently at his aura.

After a long while, a strand of icy aura came out from within Ice Air Fairy’s body.

“Success!” Chu Mu was happy as the aura changed. This was definitive proof that Ning succeeded in advancing!

He remembered back when he met Ning, and it was still just a warrior rank young soul pet, sitting at the bottom of the organism power pyramid.

Today, it was a middle class dominator rank, one truly fit to be called a king of ice type organisms!

This time, Chu Mu consumed quite a bit of energy and needed to train for six days before completely replenishing his soul remembrance.

After completing Ning’s advancement, Chu Mu continued to strengthen devil tree battle soldier.

However, lady luck no longer smiled upon Chu Mu when he got to devil tree battle soldier and he failed utterly.

Devil Tree Battle Solider’s training wasn’t complete, and the wood type xuan item was perfect quality either.

“What happened, you’re furrowing your brows, did you fail?” Princess Jin Rou came right before Chu Mu’s face and asked.

“En, devil tree battle soldier failed in strengthening.” Chu Mu said.

“Oh, then you just continue to meditate and recover your soul power, I’ll go to the wood demon kings again.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“Let me go with you.” Chu Mu was slightly worried for Princess Jin Rou. After all, those wood demon kings are hard to mess with.

“No need, they can’t catch Me.” As they spoke, Princess Jin Rou floated out of his rock cave and went towards Wood Demon King.

Chu Mu couldn’t even catch up so he could only sit back down and recover his soul power first.

After around two days, Princess Jin Rou decisively came back with another wood type spirit crystal.

Chu Mu was very curious as to how she got it.

Princess Jin Rou refused to speak.

“Then you should just take a bit more in case I fail again.” Chu Mu said.

“Don’t push it.” Princess Jin Rou said.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t dare to go for a third time anymore. The wood demon kings were absolutely outraged and started defending against her specfically.

This time, Princess Jin Rou’s wood type xuan item was even higher quality. The second time Chu Mu tried strengthening, his progress was much smoother.

This time, Chu Mu finally didn’t disappoint little princess and succeeded in entering middle class dominator rank.

When he entered middle class dominator rank, Chu Mu felt that his soul started wavering up and down.

Chu Mu immediately realized what was happening and quickly sat down to close his eyes.

The blue glow on his body started appearing and disappearing, surrounding Chu Mu.

Princess Jin Rou saw Chu Mu and also smiled with happiness, “You advanced!”

The glow went bright and dark occasionally, reflecting the movement in Chu Mu’s soul .

Suddenly, after one complete darkening, Chu Mu felt that his soul remembrance gathered enough energy and became a massive wave that pushed straight through the bottleneck, pushing him to fourth remembrance spirit dominator!

Middle remembrance spirit dominator!

Chu Mu originally thought he needed to wait for Zhan Ye to at least reach middle class dominator rank before breaking through, yet he got through this barrier right after strengthening devil tree battle soldier!

Middle class dominator rank was very important for Chu Mu.

First, Chu Mu’s half devil abilities would be at least high class dominator rank, possibly even stronger then that.

Similarly, the restriction on Mo Xie would be greatly weakened, and the power of hades would be more complete.

Little hidden dragon would also be able to eat souls to gain strength again with this increase in remembrance. If they had enough soul power, its strength may even reach top tier dominator rank!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Chu Mu’s power was immediately full. He immediately pulled out the combined fifth rank beast and bug type xuan item with a dark sub type and started strengthening Zhan Ye!

This status was ideal for strengthening soul pets. Even if Zhan Ye’s training wasn’t complete, Chu Mu dared to give it a try.

After middle remembrance spirit emperor, Chu Mu found controlling a fifth rank xuan item even more worth it, and the strengthening was extremely smooth!


After a while, Chu Mu finally opened his eyes, a gleam of confidence flashing in his eyes.

“You successfully strengthened Zhan Ye too?” Princess Jin Rou asked.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

This time, Chu Mu truly got much stronger!

In terms of power, he now had a low class dominator rank Ghost Monarch King and middle class dominator rank binding wind spirit, ice air fairy, dead dream, and devil tree battle soldier.

He also had things comparable to high class dominator rank like his half devil, little hidden dragon, Mo Xie, as well as the possibly even stronger Zhan Ye!

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