Chapter 1240: Xuan Items Everywhere, Treasure Island

Chu Mu bitterly shook his head. Seeing Princess Jinrou pout at him, he could only cup his own water and wash the blood off himself. 

The spring water was refreshing and after he washed the blood off, he cupped up some more water and drank a few mouthfuls. 

While drinking the spring water, Chu Mu saw from the corner of his eyes that the Wind Ear Demon Emperor was hiding behind a rock, staring at Chu Mu defiling the spring water. 

The spring water Chu Mu was using to wash himself wasn’t normal spring water. It contained a lot of xuan essence and if one spent a long time drinking the spring water, he would be nourished by xuan energy. 

The Wind Ear Demon Emperor normally couldn’t bear to drink it. Instead, it spent its time protecting the spring water, profoundly afraid that other creatures would come to steal it. 

Yet, ultimately, Chu Mu had come and used the spring water to wash his face. This made the Wind Ear Demon Emperor feel pained. If it weren’t for it being much weaker, it would have already pounced and Chu Mu and fought with its life on the line for it. 

“Little Leopard, hurry and leave. Somebody’s mood hasn’t been the greatest recently. He’ll take it out on you.” Princess Jinrou faintly said to the Wind Ear Demon Emperor.

A dominator rank demon was being called a little leopard. 

Speaking of which, although Princess Jinrou’s fighting strength wasn’t very high, the Devil Soul’s rank she possessed wasn’t low. Thus, calling the dominator rank demon a little leopard wasn’t humiliating it. 

The Wind Ear Demon Emperor threw another furtive few glances but finally left very helplessly.

Normally when a new demon invaded the middle island, it could bully them for a while. However, today, it had been completely bullied. 

“Let’s go.” Chu Mu said to the nearby Princess Jinrou. 

“Aren’t you going to rest a while?” said Princess Jinrou.

“It’s not going to make a difference.”

Chu Mu stood up and chanted an incantation, summoning Zhan Ye, Qin. and Dead Dream.

Zhan Ye was currently a low class dominator while Qin and the Dead Dream were both middle class dominators. 

In terms of strength, the Dead Dream was the strongest and it could probably contend with the Rock Wing Dragon from back then. 

If Zhan Ye’s strength was fully exhibited, it neared the Dead Dream.

Qin was a single attribute soul pet and after entering the middle class dominator rank, added on the effect of the Wind Ancient Willpower, it would be slightly stronger than a normal middle class dominator. 

These three soul pets all required training and on their path, Chu Mu provoked as much as he could to find them even more enemies. 

In any normal bewildering world, most of the time, one would encounter big groups of low rank soul pets first. Only by passing through a large amount of land could they encounter a dominator rank. Even Guangtong Bewildering World was like this. It was rare to be in a place like Demonic Burial Mound’s middle island where walking a small distance would enter one into a dominator rank creature’s territory. Chu Mu’s current rank was very suited for training in the middle island. 

Chu Mu had to raise his soul remembrance as fast as possible to the middle remembrance spirit dominator rank. 

Being a low remembrance spirit dominator severely restricted Mo Xie’s strength. Moreover, without reaching middle remembrance, the Little Hidden Dragon was incapable of continuing to absorb soul to raise his strength.

And in order to become a middle remembrance spirit dominator, his other soul pets needed to increase their ranks. 

As he walked through, Chu Mu basically charged straight through. He never looked for detours and just marched right through these dominator rank demon territories.

Moreover, when Chu Mu fought, Old Li would activate his extremely fast short legs and plunder the xuan items and xuan resources from this territory.

Chu Mu didn’t lack xuan resources. But even if he didn’t need them, he had an entire realm behind him that needed to develop. It took him a long time to find this treasure island, so how could he give up plundering these resources?  

Moreover, given how big the Demonic Burial Mound middle island was, Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to plunder all of the resources even after staying here a few hundred years.

Zhan Ye, Qin and the Dead Dream were much stronger than Ning, Ghost Monarch, and Devil Tree. Pseudo dominators and low class dominators didn’t pose a threat to them. Chu Mu would often just trample through these territories and incite the lords of these territories. THis would allow his three soul pets to obtain ample training.

“Young master, I said before that even the Demonic Burial Mound’s soil has xuan essence.” Old Li excitedly cupped up a huge pile of xuan items and spoke as his beard was raised.

“Have you found a main rock and sub ghost xuan item?” asked Chu Mu.

“I have a third rank rock type xuan item. I also have a ghost type xuan item. However, I don’t have any combinations…” said Old Li. 

“It would be best if Qingzi was here.” Chu Mu was helpless.

The Ghost King had a main rock attribute and sub ghost attribute. Its soul wasn’t split into two like the Little Hidden Dragon so he needed a combination xuan item in order to strengthen the Ghost King, otherwise the Ghost King’s ghost sub attribute would be weakened.

“Hehe” Old Li suddenly let out a strange laugh.

“If you have a method then just say it. Don’t act.” Chu Mu knew the innate character of this old bastard really well. He knew that he had a method the moment he let out a pleased laugh.

“When I was just investigating the terrain, I discovered a refining pool in front. Hehe, young master certainly doesn’t know what a refining pool is, right? I’m also not sure how a rifining pool appears, but the thing that comes from the refining pool makes soul pet trainers go crazy. This item is called a combining amber. With this combining amber, even if young master isn’t a xuan teacher, he will be able to combine two different attributed xuan items together.” said Old Li. 

“There exists such an amazing item?” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up.

Chu Mu also had the soul core from the Heaven Boundary Beast Soul. This soul core was capable of raising Zhan Ye to the peak dominator rank. But because Zhan ye still had the sub darkness attribute, Chu Mu who didn’t want to give up on the darkness attribute had to wait for Qingzi to help him combine a dark type attribute into the item. 

However, if the combining amber Old Li had told him about was effective, Chu Mu could combine the darkness attribute xuan item with the bug and beast type ancient soul core. The combination would create a fifth rank xuan item that could raise Zhan Ye to the middle class dominator rank! 

If Zhan Ye was able to enter the middle class dominator rank, through Brave Stinging Heart, Broken Limb Rebirth and Ancient Power Awakening, Zhan Ye would be able to easily defeat a high class dominator!!

“Zhan Ye’s training percentage is about 40% right now. This place has opponents for it and Zhan Ye has always fought those higher ranked than it. It should be able to reach 70% after two months of continuous fighting.” Chu Mu estimated to himself.

Thus it seemed that only by obtaining the refining pool’s combining amber, Zhan Ye’s strength would be able to instantly rise! 

“Old Li, what other xuan items do you have? Tell me.” said Chu Mu.

“I have about 5000 scattered xuan parts and xuan resources. I have 13 complete first rank xuan items, most of which are demon attributed. I have six second rank xuan items, three third rank xuan items, one fourth rank xuan items and one fifth rank xuan items.” 

“I have a third rank rock type xuan item and a second rank ghost type xuan item. If young master obtains a third rank combining amber, you will be able to create a third rank main rock and sub ghost xuan item to strengthen the Ghost King.”

“However, young master still needs to find a fourth rank darkness type xuan item. The fourth rank xuan item I have on me is a demon type.” said Old Li.

“What is the fifth rank xuan item’s attribute? Demon?” asked Chu Mu.


The Demonic Burial Mound had more demon type xuan items. 

The only demon Chu Mu had was Night, but Chu Mu wasn’t lacking in these xuan items. Thus, he would give these items when he returned to Liu Binglan after returning to Wanxiang City. With even more high ranking resources, Three Great Palaces would have a chance of expanding! 

“Can you find fourth rank darkness type xuan items here?” asked Chu Mu.

“There is a bit of difficulty.” Old Li’s nose had limits.

“I’ll help you.” said Princess Jinrou. 

Upon speaking, Princess Jinrou closed her eyes and expanded her powerful mental strength.

The perceptive range of a spirit dominator was very large, but it was very hard to sense xuan items. The Devil Souls’ innate perceptual abilities were the most sensitive of creatures. Princess Jinrou’s perceptive range even covered over ten thousand kilometers and could even find a few tiny objects.

Her beautiful hair slowly fluttered down, sticking to her curvy and beautiful body. She slowly opened her eyes and a beautiful smile appeared on her face: “There’s darkness type xuan energy about 3000 kilometers in front of us…” 

“Hmm, that’s good. Let’s get rid of the enemies here…” Chu Mu nodded his head. His strength greatly increasing was obviously a good thing.

“I still haven’t finished speaking.” Princess Jinrou criticized and said: “There’s also a wood type xuan item further north of the dark type xuan item. There are third rank to eighth rank xuan items there.” 

“Third rank to eighth rank??” Chu Mu was stunned.

Third rank xuan items were all low class dominator rank. As for eighth rank xuan items, they could strengthen a soul pet to the high class dominator rank!!

“Yes, but there are many strong creatures there. It will probably be very hard for you to pass through.” said Princess Jinrou.

“This Demonic Burial Mound is practically a cornucopia!” sighed Chu Mu.

In other places, xuan items were even harder to find than reaching the heavens. However, in Demonic Burial Mound, as long as his strength was enough, practically any xuan item could be obtained! 

“Let’s leave now?” Princess Jinrou saw Chu Mu crack a smile and her pink lips faintly rose.

“Hmm, there’s not challenge fighting these pseudo dominators and low class dominators.” 


Princess Jinrou’s perceptive abilities were extremely sharp and three thousand meters ahead, Chu Mu instantly smelled a dense darkness energy pervading the air. 

This was the black pool of an island. The fourth rank darkness type xuan item was being defended by three low class dominators and a middle class dominator rank Dark Devil Buddhist.

“Zhan Ye, get rid of them.” Chu Mu sent Zhan Ye to fight.

Like previous fights, Zhan Ye would always be bullied in the initial stages of the fight.

The strange steps and agile techniques of the four Dark Devil Buddhist were able to dodge Zhan ye’s various techniques. They also continuously mocked Zhan Ye.

However, when Zhan Ye completed his fourth Broken Limb Rebirth and Ancient Power Awakening, his strength reached the middle class dominator rank and the four Dark Devil Buddhist grew restless!

Zhan Ye didn’t even need a fifth Broken Limb Rebirth, and was able to completely get rid of the four Dark Devil Buddhist.

“With the dark sub attribute, we can go to the refining pool to find the combination amber!” 

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