Book 2 Chapter 124 - Ye Qingzi, Water Heart Healing Heart

Chapter 124: Ye Qingzi, Water Heart Healing Heart


The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil lifted its long snake head and irritatedly let out a huge roar!!

The roar shook the mountains, and the ground vibrated along with them. As they shook, from the uneven low ground suddenly ripped high spiking stalagmites!

The stalagmites were over twenty meters tall and, like a rocky forest, they scarily poked out from the ground, covering at least fifty meters in diameter!!

Seventh rank rock type technique - Death Rock Forest!

The seventh rank technique used by the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s high talent had achieved the might of an eighth rank. The low ground was only a three hundred meter wide basin, but this terrifying Death Rock Forest covered a big part of it!

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!”

Mountains cracked and the ground fissured. The instantly created rock forest fifty meters from them still spread cracks towards them. Because Ye Wansheng’s eighth phase Flametail, Chu Ning’s Thunder Fairy, and Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros stood too close, they were all affected by this frightening ability!

Ye Wansheng’s eighth phase Flametail’s defense wasn’t weak, and the Flametail was also very fast, so it was only hit by one airborne stalagmite, sustaining some damage on its stomach.

Chu Ning’s Thunder Fairy clearly had a large crack in its body. Luckily, it was an elemental world soul pet, or else any two consecutive stalagmites could directly kill this seventh phase first stage Thunder Fairy.

Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros was too close, completely getting trapped within the rock forest to become the nearest soul pet to the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil, falling into a very dangerous situation.

The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s speed was limited, so naturally it would attack the soul pet nearest to it. Very soon, its eyes looked onto this helpless Light Rhinoceros!

With its movement speed affected, the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil let out another roar and abruptly turned its massive body around, whipping out its long rock centipede tail!!

“Peng~~~Peng~~~~~ Peng~~~~~~~~”

The rock barricades near the Light Rhinoceros were instantly shattered, and the Light Rhinoceros who was cornered within the low ground couldn’t dodge either!

“Peng!!!!” The frightening tail heavily swept into the sixth phase ninth stage Light Rhinoceros’s body. Even with a near seventh rank defense, the Light Rhinoceros still couldn’t stop this hit. Its head armor and light horn were instantly cracked into pieces, and its skull even showed clear signs of bending!

The Light Rhinoceros was over three meters long, yet this hit sent it flying for ten meters, solidly embedding it into the rocky protective screen to the side!

Blood leaked out. The head was the most well defended part of the Light Rhinoceros already. However, once its defense was shattered, a heavy hit to the head would definitely be the most lethal damage.

Chu Xing’s face turned pale. With how terrifying the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s attacks were, it could completely kill all commander ranks under the seventh phase, and Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros hadn’t even undergone any strengthening.

Chu Xing had already felt the Light Rhinoceros’s weak life. It wouldn’t take long before his sixth phase ninth stage Light Rhinoceros would die, and his soul pact would immediately break!

“You guys attract the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s attention, my Water Moon can heal it.” Just when everyone’s expressions turned for the worse, Ye Qingzi yelled out.

Chu Mu stared blankly at Ye Qingzi, who was riding her Purple Robed Dream Beast. The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s attack almost instantly killed the Sixth Phase Ninth Stage Light Rhinoceros. Under this situation, unless she had a very powerful healing technique, nothing would allow the Light Rhinoceros to live past ten seconds.

“Quick, don’t let the Light Rhinoceros get hit again, or else even having a reviving technique wouldn’t be helpful.” Ye Qingzi yelled again.

“Let me!” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate, immediately jumping onto his Night Thunder Dream Beast, decisively retracting his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and summoning Mo Xie.

Ye Wansheng also realized that the Light Rhinoceros was in imminent peril and couldn’t take any more hits. Seeing Chu Mu ride ahead, he also jumped onto his eighth phase Flametail and rode this servant rank soul pet towards the eighth phase commander rank.

Ye Wansheng’s servant rank Flametail had clearly been strengthened multiple times. Not only did it have Demon Fire Evil Flame, a flame crystal only commander rank soul pets had, it also wasn’t any slower than normal commander ranks. Adding on its high phase of eight, its fighting strength could definitely match that of a seventh phase strengthened commander rank!

“I will bring the Light Rhinoceros out. The closer it is, the better the healing effects. You disrupt it.” Ye Wansheng chased tightly behind Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and used his remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded, immediately letting his Night Thunder Dream Beast cast Extreme Speed to pass through the ever present Death Rock Forest and dash towards the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was only at the seventh phase first stage. Even with strengthening, it could still get instantly killed when facing an eighth phase third stage commander rank that was strengthened. Under this situation, only the monarch rank worthy Mo Xie and White Nightmare could face it.

Mo Xie remained in her Pitiful Appearance. Though it would inhibit her strength, facing such a massive soul pet, the smaller she was, the better!

“Mo Xie, Phantom Royal Flamed Claw!”

Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast into the night to avoid the oncoming boulder flying at him and immediately commanded Mo Xie!

When Mo Xie sprinted, her speed was a lot faster than the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Her silver body was like a ray of moonlight, flashing by and splitting into four in the sky!!

The crimson demon fire evil flame and captivating red blood flame both flashed, and four royal flame claws ripped the dark night open, violently slamming into the body of the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil!!


Four deep claw marks immediately appeared on the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s cliff-like chest. The eighth rank attack forced the seemingly unbeatable cold pond hegemon back a few steps!

“Night, Death Ray!” Chu Mu waited for the right time and gave a command to his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Without needing Chu Mu to detail any further, Night’s attack immediately locked onto the rock under the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s feet. The Death Ray flew out and immediately blasted a large crater into the ground. When the massive creature took a step back, it immediately stepped onto nothing, and it tilted visibly.

“Ning, Ice Sword Formation!”

“Ling~~~~~~~~” The Ice Air Fairy had already made preparations, so when Chu Mu commanded, seventeen ice swords suddenly floated in the air.

The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s body was massive, so the Ice Air Fiary didn’t even need to Microcontrol, only needing to lock on for it to guarantee a hit!



Seventeen scary ice swords were still in flight when the Ice Air Fairy’s incantation rose again. Another seventeen cold lights flashed, and behind the seventeen ice swords in flight, seventeen more ice swords quickly formed!!

A total of thirty four nearly seventh rank ice swords magnificently flew through the skies and frantically attacked the unbalanced Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’!

“Hong hong hong hong~~~~~~~~~~~~”

Ice sword after ice sword blew up on the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s chest and shattered into pieces. Though these ice swords couldn’t really break the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s body, its knockback was enough to blast the ten meter tall being onto the ground, falling straight into the massive hole made by the Death Ray.

The moment the eighth phase commander rank fell over, everyone went dumb, watching in shock at Chu Mu, who had unfolded this series of grand yet vicious attacks!

Their four soul pets hadn’t stopped casting long range attacks, yet the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil’s defense was at the eighth rank. With its absolute defensive rock skin, all techniques could barely restrict the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil, but couldn’t damage it at all.

Yet, Chu Mu used three soul pets and a few techniques to forcibly push this hegemon onto the ground, allowing everyone to catch a breath from the death threat!

“Quickly heal, ice type soul pets quickly freeze, try not to let it get back up!” Chu Mu looked back at the dazed people and yelled at them.

Ye Wansheng was very efficient, and he had already brought the Light Rhinoceros out of danger. Getting yelled at by Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi mind came back to herself and, when her Water Moon started casting her healing spell, she also started chanting!

Soul Water Heart!

The Water Moon’s ability had been prepared already. Once the near dead Light Rhinoceros had been brought back, the Soul Water Heart instantly fell upon it.

Soul Water Heart, a seventh rank water type healing ability, able to wrap a soul pet’s nearly shattered soul in times of danger, stopping its life force from continuing to sap away and healing slightly. Such a status could last up to half a day.

Controlling life loss was naturally the most important to an endangered soul pet. Seeing Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon cast such an advanced healing technique, Chu Xing was elated. This way, as long as its soul didn’t shatter, the soul pet could live a bit longer.

“Wood Healing Heart!” Ye Qingzi’s soul technique quickly finished as well, and a green glow slowly rippled out from the Light Rhinoceros like water…...

As the Wood Healing Heart technique landed, the Light Rhinoceros’s blood leaking skull almost instantly sealed, and its completely shattered skull started mending at a noticeable rate…...

Another seventh rank healing technique shown! Chu Xing watched, amazed, at this girl as tidal waves welled up within his heart!

Once a seventh rank technique was cast, its base strength was seventh rank. A soul pet trainer’s strong remembrance could definitely also increase the effects. Ye Qingzi’s seventh rank healing technique could make the skull cracked Light Rhinoceros heal at a noticeable rate. With such a healing effect and the Water Moon’s Soul Water Heart, it was almost like a rebirth technique!

Indubitably, having a soul pet trainer with a rebirth technique within the team was crucial, and also very rare!

Soul healing and body healing were happening at the same time. Chu Xing originally thought his main soul pet was just going to die like that. Seeing it shortly able to open its eyes, Chu Xing’s heart became overjoyed, and he was momentarily unable to express his gratitude towards Ye Qingzi.

“The wounds have been controlled. Retract it first into your soul pet space, and with a period of nurturing it should be able to completely recover. Let’s concentrate on dealing with this Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil first.” Ye Qingzi saw that the Light Rhinoceros opened its eyes and smiled lightly, but she quickly realized that Chu Mu was dealing with the terrifying Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil alone, so she immediately told everyone.


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