Chapter 1239: Fresh Blood Precipice, Demonic Burial Mound’s Middle Island

“Puta Puta Puta Puta”

In the distant towering precipice, densely packed wings appeared in the vision of the navy members.

“That’s… that’s at least a few ten thousand of them. What demon is so terrifying that it can incite several ten thousand precipice defenders!” said the navy members walking along the jungle in incomparable shock.

Several ten thousand precipice defenders was a sight to behold!

“Big leader, the precipice in this direction doesn’t seem to be in a peaceful state.” the scouting navy member landed from the air on his Ardent Hawk.

These navy members knelt in front of a man wearing a blue ocean beast overcoat. This man was standing on a protruding rock, gnawing on a piece of weed. Although he was already in his middle ages, his face looked quite youthful. 

“Hmph, what ignorant demon decided to invade Demonic Burial Mound at this time? Even if it wants to invade, don’t cause such a disturbance for me!”  the big leader spat the gnawed piece of weed onto the ground and spoke unhappily. 

“Hehe, it’s just a few ten thousand outer Demonic Burial Mound defenders. Why do we need to worry about them?” laughed a young navy member to the side. 

“What do you understand?!” the big leader of the 3rd ship legion glared at the young navy member and said: “I, Xu Kuang, am not worried about those pieces of trash. However, I know that there are tens of millions of these defenders on this precipice of Demonic Burial Mound! And how many of us are there? Only a few ten thousand? Perhaps even ten million of those creatures will appear. Even if I annihilate a few ten thousand of them in a single breath, while I’m annihilating them, you pieces of trash will be chewed up so that only your bones remain. You guys will just end up being buried with the skeletons of those demons together!!” 

The young navy member immediately shrunk back after being reprimanded, and didn’t dare say anything more. 

Xu Kuang jumped off the rock and picked up another piece of weed off the ground and began to gnaw on it. 

As the ninth division’s third ship legion’s big leader, Xu Kuang had no problem charging through the Demonic Burial Mound. Moreover, his dominator subordinates just needed to be slightly more attentive and it would be very easy to pass through this place. 

However, aside from those dominator rank high ranking ocean generals, the navy members that were still at the emperor or monarch rank would have a lot of problems. 

This Demonic Burial Mound precipice was extremely special. If it was a single demon that was trying to charge through the precipice, there would only be a few thousand defenders that would appear.

If a group of demons tried to charge through, several tens of thousands of defenders would appear.

And if it was an entire ship legion that tried to charge through, perhaps millions of precipice defenders would appear!

With such a large number, even if Xu Kuang oversaw the 5000 navy members he led, it would be hard to avoid loss. Indeed, they weren’t strong enough to deal with ten million defenders. 

“Big…. Big Leader Xu, that only seems to be one soul pet trainer…” the scouting navy member brought back information not long after.

“Oh? There was someone who came here?” Big Leader Xu Kuang was a bit surprised. 

“Which ignorant fellow disturbed the entire precipice? There are definitely going to be more precipice defenders gathering there. If we charge there now, we’ll run into whole troupes of defenders.” said assistant leader Xing Feng. 

“Screw it. THe number of precipice defenders here is higher than I imagined. Let’s change locations. Let’s not lose too many people on this outer island precipice!” Big Leader Xu Kuang spat the weed in his mouth out again. He flung his ocean beast skin overcoat over his shoulder and began walking to another precipice in another area. 

When the others saw the big leader leaving, they gave up on this location and followed him to scout out easier precipices to charge through. 

After walking about a dozen kilometers, Big Leader Xu Kuang suddenly turned around and glanced at that black mass of precipices. 

“Who was it that scouted that area just now.” asked Xu Kuang as he nibbled on weeds.

“It’s the sixth team’s scouting captain Lu Yuqi.” said the military adviser. 

Lu Yuqii wasn’t far away and when he heard the military adviser and big leader mention his name, his face was instantly full of glory. 

He was but a small captain and if he were to obtain the recognition of th big leader of the military adviser, perhaps he could become a higher-ranking officer. Then he might be able to obtain a status that would provide him with dominator rank resources!

“Oh, kill him.” Big Leader Xu Kuang indifferently said. After speaking, he flung his coat on and continued forward. 

The military adviser was stunned: “Kill him? You want to kill the small captain Lu Yuqin? May I ask what his crime is…” 

“Failing at his job.” Big Leader Xu Kuang harrumphed. He walked and talked: “There were fifty thousand precipice defenders that gathered there within ten minutes. That idiot told us that this was the area with the least dense amount of defenders. If we listened to his suggestion, at least 500 of us would have died.” 

“Our legion doesn’t permit idiots like this…”

The small captain was left stunned in place when he heard the big leader’s words. 

However, before he could beg Big Leader Xu Kuang to be lenient, he had been dragged away by two navy soldiers. 

The surrounding thousands of navy members watched with fear as the small captain Lu Yuqin was dragged away like a dog. Nobody dared say anything. 

“Send people to investigate. If they can’t find an entrance to the middle island that I find satisfactory, I’ll chop off their hands and legs, seal their soul remembrance and drop them into the ocean to feed the fishes.”

The big leader’s words reverberated around the jungle in front of him. The investigation team’s navy members went ashen. 


As the morning sun rose into the sky, a light golden ray broke through the mist, illuminating the 5000 meter precipice. 

However, a gaudy red color suddenly came into view!

A blood red color!!

The entire precipice was flowing with gaudy blood. Even the white waterfall was flowing with blood red!

“Chu Mu, let’s keep going. We’ve already passed the precipice’s defenders. There’s no need to…” Princess Jinrou said in a very soft voice to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s eyes blankly looked up and watched the precipice full of bloody red under his feet. 

Around Chu Mu were many scattered and cowering precipice defenders that refused to go near. 

“I was intending on training.” Chu Mu looked at the bloody scene, and then looked at the golden sunlight illuminating this precipice of cruel slaughter. 

Chu Mu knew that Chu Mu still had evil contained in his heart and he needed to release his emotions. Unfortunately, the brunt of this reception was the precipice defenders. 

“Let’s find a place to rest first.” Princess Jinrou couldn’t bear to look at the corpses that littered the ground and softly spoke. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He was used to blood that littered his path and he didn’t feel anything about this scene.

He glanced at Ning, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ghost King which he had summoned later. He said: “You guys are tired too. Go back and rest.” 

This battle had persisted for a very long time. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Ghost King and Ning had all obtained a very thorough training session. Their training percentages had reached about 50%.

They would be able to obtain ample training in the path ahead of them. The precipice wouldn’t have any higher ranked defenders so continuing to slaughter was of no meaning here. 

The number of plants on the Demonic Burial Mound’s middle island was fewer. Everywhere one could see, all there was were a few bare rocks and mountain peaks. There were, however, a few towering and enormous plants. 

There was also a restriction on the middle island. When Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou entered the restriction, they felt that the xuan aura here was extremely dense! 

“This is a land of treasure. If soul pets with potential are able to concentrate on training here, perhaps they will be able to enter the dominator rank without xuan items.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu had no interest in finding xuan items right now, so he made his way straight for the depths of the island. 

He could clearly feel that the creatures around him that were moving about and spying on him were even stronger! 

The middle island didn’t mean every creature was a dominator rank. Indeed, Chu Mu saw many emperor ranks wandering around when he stepped onto the island. 

These emperors could only find a place to hide like a servant rank. They were slowly searching for an opportunity to soar on this land of treasure. 

As they expected, not far later, a dominator rank creature locked onto Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou. 

This was its territory, and how could it ignore invaders? 

This dominator stood at the very peak of a barren mountain and watched Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou from afar. 

Chu Mu raised his eyelids and looked back at the lord of this territory. In his eyes was hidden the coldness from the slaughter just now! 

The one on the mountain peak was a Wind Ear Demon Emperor. It had the body of a leopard with a long tail and pointed ears. 

The Wind Ear Demon Emperor felt Chu Mu’s icy cold eyes and its claws deeply buried in the rocks slowly relaxed. 

Danger! Bloodthirst! 

The Wind Ear Demon Emperor was one of the few demons that had a premonition for danger. When it thought of the precipice that was flowing with blood from not long ago, the Wind Ear Demon, with high intelligence, immediately realized that this invader was not someone it could provoke.  

The Wind Ear Demon Emperor was originally perched high above and looking down. But after being coldly stared at by Chu Mu, its body slowly crawled to the ground and it retreated off the mountain peak, not daring to show any intentions of obstruction. 

“Chu Mu, come here.” Princess Jinrou’s tip of her the foot left the ground and led the way for Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu followed and discovered a spring there. 

Princess Jinrou landed on the edge of the spring and she used her white hands to cup the spring water. 

Chu Mu squatted by the spring and glanced at Princess Jinrou. 

“Sit here. I’ll help you wash.” Princess Jinrou’s eyes transformed into curved moons. 

“I’ll do it myself.” Chu Mu cupped some water up to his face to wash.     

It was very strenuous for Princess Jinrou, who wasn’t able to touch physical objects, to cup spring water. She needed to use her mind to control the water and gather the water in her palms. 

However, the absent-minded Chu Mu didn’t realize this...

After Chu Mu splashed the cold spring water onto his face, he found the young princess pouting. She looked like a snubbed young girl and her bitter eyes looked at Chu Mu, making him feel awkward.  

“Ok, you can do it.” said Chu Mu.

“Hmph, you’ve lost your chance.” Princess Jinrou had thrown the water back and floated to the side. In a very soft mumble she said: “It was really hard for me to learn how to control water…” 

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