Chapter 1238: Demon Burial Ground Precipice, Demon Graveyard

“Young master, five thousand to ten thousand meters is a bottleneck. To the island, any place below ten thousand meters is outer island. Going from the five thousand meter elevation to ten thousand meters is much harder.” Old Li said.

In front of Chu Mu was a wall face that went straight upwards to a high ground. This high ground was at least five thousand meters away from Chu Mu’s current location and was nearly perpendicular to the ground. 

A waterfall flew down from the fogs above, slamming into the pool in the outer island. The water splashed around, creating brilliant rainbows that glimmered in the sun.

Standing at the precipice and gazing up to the unseeable middle island, the grandoise aura fell on Chu Mu’s shoulders.

Five thousand meters was nothing to emperor rank organisms.

However, it was this five thousand meter difference that split up the place emperor ranks and dominator ranks rested. Countless demons dared to climb it, but how many could actually continue to survive in the middle island after they make it?

“There’s…… there’s so many corpses here.” Princess Jin Rou said in a low voice.

When Chu Mu walked over, he slowly noticed a lot of bodies strewn randomly around.

These corpses were mostly emons and almost all emperor rank. If this were any other territory, emperor rank corpses were nearly impossible to find.

However, here, they were like the lowliest servant ranks. Their corpses were everywhere. On Chu Mu’s way over, Chu Mu saw over a thousand rotten or even still bleeding corpses.

The entire Demon Burial Ground’s outer and middle island’s circumference was something Chu Mu couldn’t estimate. He knew he was walking a very small portion of the road. However, if a single path had over a thousand corpses, one could imagine just how many lives has this five thousand meter precipice claimed!

This was the outer island’s demon burial ground!

“Demon Burial Ground, it truly lives up to its name!” chu Mu sighed.

“Speaking of which, why is this five thousand meter height something emperor rank organisms can’t reach?” Princess Jin Rou asked curiously.

“Watch for yourself.” Chu <u said.    

Princess Jin Rou was confused until a skinny demon with sharp, monkey-like paws appeared out of the forest.

“Blood Drinking demon?” Princess Jin Rou stared at this demon.

Princess Jin Rou could tell that this Blood Drinking Demon was already top tier emperor rank. It was definitely a hegemon of this outer island.

This Blood Drinking Demon’s bright red eyes glanced apathetically at Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou. After realizing that Chu Mu didn’t seem too easy to trouble, it continued in its steps towards the five thousand meter precipice.


A piece of bone snapped under the Blood Drinking demon’s foot. It looked up at the precipice and suddenly sped up and leaped directly to the thousand meter mark on the precipice.    

The Blood Drinking Demon laid on the precipice. Suddenly, its body opened up and started running quickly along the precipice!

The Blood Drinking Demon with this string of movements quickly leaped into the thick fog. When Chu Mua and Princess Jin Rou looked up, they could only see a fuzzy figure running quickly along the precipice.

“Zhizhizhi!! Zhizhi…… Sisisisi!!!!!!!!!” Sisisi….. Suddenly, commotion came from the precipice. Chu Mu looked over with soul remembrance and vaguely saw a dense amount of organisms crawl out from within the precipice and swiftly congregate around the blood drinking demon!

The fog was now getting stirred restlessly as piercing sounds came from above. Even without seeing it, one could imagine the Blood Drinking Demon was surrounded by tens of thosuands of precipice protectors…..

After a moment, the chaos in the fog above the precipice finally stopped. Chu Mu saw many sharp winged figures climb back into the precipice.

The fog seemed to slightly dissipate now. Chu Mu was shocked to find that, other than a five thousand meter cliff with a waterfall, there were many caves hidden under the dense foliage. The dense precipice protectors came from the cave. Presumably, anyone who wanted to climb this wall would alarm them!

“Pa…..” Chu Mu was just entranced when a white bony skeleton fell from the heights and fell on the rocks below!

The corpse was still stuck with blood. However, from this point on, it would be buried along with the other thousands of corpses in this Demon Burial Ground.

Seeing this scene, Princess Chu Mu’s eyes widened with fear.

“So….. so scary.” Princess Jin Rou said with lingering fear.

Just now, the top tier emperor rank Blood Drinking Demon was full of life. Yet, without even getting half way, it became a corpse. He never would have thought that one day an emperor rank organisms’ life would be that fragile!

Chu Mu nodded without thought. With the amount of protectors that appeared, even pseudo dominator ranks would have issues with getting through.

“That Blood Drinking Demon was too impulsive. Passing through this burial ground needs a very long time of trial and error to slowly establish a safe path. Or else, even pseudo dominator ranks could be eaten whole. Old Li said.

“There’s a path to be found?” Princess Jin Rou asked.

“Of course. Most of the dominator rank resources are up top. These outer island demons can at most create one dominator rank. Most emperor ranks can’t get this opportunity. If they have the courage, they can challenge this Demon Burial Mound Precipice. Only those that can step over have a higher chance of reaching dominator rank.” Old Li said.

If one went and forcefully climbed it, any non-pseudo dominator rank trying would be akin to giving away their life. Only through countless trying and establishing a step by step path could they find a pattern in the resting schedule of the protectors and some blind spots. Then, one can get up.”

Old Li’s words reminded Chu Mu of something as he furrowed his brows and looked at it.

Chu Mu still remembered that not long after getting dead dream, Night’s aura was still moving frequently up and down.

This feeling was very weak and Chu Mu didn’t know what it was. However, thinking back, could it be that Night was trying to climb this wall?

Night had the calm and patience. It would definitely not be as brash as that blood drinking demon…..

It must have gotten up this precipice after countless tries.

Night left Chu Mu just as it entered emperor rank. Unlike Chu Mu’s other soul pets, it couldn’t have gotten soul items, xuan items or others. It could only rely on itself. It was indeed a path full of death that could make it stronger!

Chu Mu looked again at the fog covered precipice and almost saw the black figure of Night trying again and again to go up the wall.

“At least it made it past this.” After a long while, Chu Mu uttered calmly.

He lifted his head and looked at the shrouded precipice.

Chu Mu didn’t fly right up to the high ground because he felt that he had to try the same path that Night took. Even though so long as passed, he had to walk it at least once…...

“Just let me see where did you get to!”

Chu Mu chanted an incantation to summon ice air fairy and devil tree battle soldier.

Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier both needed training. Chu Mu knew clearly that the precipice’s protectors weren’t weak. If they were gathered in teams, they definitely would be a threat to even dominator ranks.

Slowly flying up the precipice, Ning was beside Chu Mu. Its pair of spirited eyes glanced at all the holes in the wall.

Devil tree battle soldier could easily climb with its arms. Its arms were very long. In fact, it could get straight to the top. However, these protectors won’t be so willing to let devil tree battle soldier go.

Indeed, just as Chu Mu and his soul pet had started climbing, the densely packed precipice started showing commotion.

“Zhizhizhi….. Sisisi…..” just ten meters away from Chu Mu, a four winged flying snake appeared from the cave and stared angrily at Ning.

Soon after, twenty meters behind CHu Mu, a blade wing bat demon flew out, creating metal screeching sounds with its wings.

Another strange shout, and a third protector came into Chu Mu’s vision.

Four, five, ten…...

Pairs of knives and meat wings were like massive leaves outside the precipices. The pairs of eyes flooded the walls around Chu Mu.

A dozen of precipice protectors were only the start. As Chu Mu climbed, more and more protectors started appearing until the entire wall was filled with no empty space.

A thick stench filled the skies and pushed towards them.

Chu Mu stayed pinned against the precipice. Watching the tens of thousands of four winged bat demons fly towards him, he only felt dissatisfied.

Not enough, these protectors are far from enough. Either Ning or Devil Tree Battle Soldier could easily obliterate them!

“Devil Tree, smack their caves and get more guards congregated here!” Chu Mu said.

Ning and Devil Tree Battle Soldier were all low class dominator rank. Chu Mu had to strengthen them. Only then could his remembrance be raised to middle class spirit dominator. There were countless protectors that were enough to give them some training. However, a few thousand protectors weren’t nearly enough for the low class dominator rank Ning and Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

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