Chapter 1237: A Proud Burial Ground

 Prince Chao sat Chu Mu down, and let Chu Mu adjust himself.   

Chu Mu slowly recovered from his original shortness of breathing, but he still felt pangs of pain going through his heart.

He closed his eyes and entered a meditation state to look at his seventh soul in detail.

The thin line connecting their souls was broken already. Seeing the torn thread, Chu Mu felt even more upset.

Any soul pet fought continuously for their survival. Under nature's law, any life would be very fragile. If they don’t understand to avoid powerful organisms and disasters, they may risk losing their lives to nature.

However, what Chu Mu couldn't come to terms with was, how did Night also get eliminated by nature’s law?

Night came out of Prison Island with him and has followed him for over a decade. It was free, bold, unconstrained, yet also cool headed. As Chu Mu’s ride, it didn’t fight real battles as much as other soul pets, but that couldn’t wipe out the battle intent in his heart!

It had a running heart, a heart to become the best, as well as a loyal heart.

A creature like it that knew how to survive in a world of powerful beings, how could it get eliminated this easily?

Chu Mu’s heart was switching between calmness and rolling emotions…...

After a long while, Chu Mu’s heart finally calmed down completely.

He used his soul remembrance to enter the seventh soul pact. This soul pact has been empty for many years, but there was still the special scent of Night and its island forest.

Chu Mu no longer had the heart to look at the thread. However, even if Night was eliminated by nature, Chu Mu desperately wanted to know where it ended up.

Chu Mu collected his thoughts, and started to try to find Night’s final resting ground.

This sensing was actually extremely weak and consumed a lot of mental energy.

Chu Mu focused his mind and poured his soul remembrance into the broken soul thread…..


“Chu Mu, are you alright?” Princess Jin Rou went up to Chu Mu and asked softly.

Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes and his paleness recovered. His emotions weren’t much different from his usual expression, but one could tell he was slightly down.

“Much better, I found approximately where it was buried. I want to go see it.” Chu Mu said.

Prince Chao didn’t know what to say anymore. Losing a soul pet was like losing a relative, the sadness was truly hard to comfort.

"Then let’s come with you to see it.” Xia Zhixian said.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “Go look for the island stone, the path is quite far….. But, I won’t be for long. I’ll come back once I gather its bones.”

Chu Mu finished speaking and went towards a different forest.

Prince Chao was still very worried for Chu Mu. Seeing Chu Mu leave alone, he wanted to catch up.

At this time, Xia Zhixian pulled over Prince Chao and said in a low voice, “He just wants to stay silent, don’t bother him.”

Xia Zhixian looked at Chu Mu’s back image and vaguely remembered, back on the Wanxiang Plain, this man half kneeling on the ground to welcome the return of his black battle tiger.

At the time, Xia Zhixian was there. Even as an enemy, she still felt the truly sincere soul of this soul pet trainer. At this time, his back image was resolute and upright, but i missing piece was also truly evident for all to see…...


Many times, Chu Mu felt that, if there was no direction, the directionless feeling could cause him to go crazy because a person with nowhere to go is akin to being a lonely wanderer.

This time, Chu Mu knew where to go but the place to go still caused his emotions to become chaotic.

Passing through countless forests, the ever so similar island forests caused Chu Mu to fall deep into thought.

With the sun rise and fall, the fog dissipated. Without even realizing, Chu Mu was already at the center of the island.

The demon burial ground had clear elevation differences. The initial island was only slightly higher than the horizon and had a flat formation with occasional rivers connecting everything.

However, deep into the distance, formations would suddenly lift up one or two thousand meters. It looks like the land had a risen plateau. Though it continues to be flat after, it was one or two thousand meters high.

Chu Mu was now at this mark. Looking back down, he could see the vast green field and the endless ocean beyond it.

The sunset fell in front of Chu Mu. Rays of sunset penetrated the evening mist, laying down carpets of red down the island and into the ocean.

Chu Mu turned around, but instead saw a beautiful long haired girl in the sunset.

The radiant glow fell on her body, causing her white robe shawl to be even more bright colored. At this moment, Chu Mu seemed to see a tender face and smooth skin.

Chu Mu stared at her for a long time, entranced.

However, as the sunset slowly disappeared beyond the mountains, the glow disappeared from her and her figure went back to a half transparent blue, her shawl still as pale as ever.

“You’ve been following me?” Chu Mu smiled slightly with a hint of helplessness.

Princess Jin Rou was clearly slightly reserved. She lowered her head and clutched ehr sleeves, “I’m…. I’m worried about you.”

Chu Mu no longer remembered how long he walked alone. All this time, Chu Mu had never turned around to look. Only when the sunset fell did Chu Mu realize this woman had followed him for so long but didn’t dare to disturb him.

Seeing Princess Jin Rou nervous and uneasy, Chu Mu smiled and comforted, “Don’t worry, maybe it’s like what Old Li said, there’s something strange about this place.”

“En.” Princess Jin Rou nodded heavily.

“Let’s go.” Chu Mu told Princess Jin Rou to catch up.

“Ok.” Princess Jin Rou floated over to Chu Mu.

“You didn’t use mind read on me, did you?”

“No, why?”

“Oh, nothing.”


Continuing ahead, when he was around three thousand meters above sea level, Chu Mu slowly noticed there were more demons nearby.

These demons hid in trees, rocks, or forests and caves and nearby and watched the intruders Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou from afar.    

Their rank was around emperor rank and had nothing to Chu Mu.

“The resources on this island are very plentiful. Any organism that can step on this island was at least emperor rank. Even if they weren’t emperor rank, if they could live for a while, they could step into emperor rank.”  Old Li said, “Most importantly, this is the largest demon sacred ground. Normal demons could find many soul items and xuan items within this island. If one were a nomadic demon, it can get great benefits as long as it keeps progressing in stages.”

“What do you mean continue to fight through?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“Young master, when you entered the island, doesn’t the ground go up layer by layer?”

“En, I had that impression.” Chu Mu nodded.

“That’s right. Each layer represents a rank of demons. The outermost layer are the lowest rank emons on this island. They live near the sea level. Higher up, in the thousand to two thousand meter range, the demon aura was thicker. Even servant rank organisms that reach that height could eventually become emperor ranks. In the three to five thousand meter range above sea level, the area had even heavier demon aura. If Night entered at middle class dominator rank, he would be invincible emperor rank within half a year!”

Princess Jin Rou became thoughtful as she heard this from the side. Looking around, he said to Old Li, “We are nearing the three to five thousand meter range now, right?”

“Yes. Any demon habitat is a massive clan in one. This group needs the recognition of each other. Only then can you survive on this land and trian.”

“And to gain recognition, we have to show our strength! Young master is now dominato rrnak, so any demons in this area naturally respect you and won’t stop you at all. However, once young master steps into a region that doesn’t respect you, powerful demons will appear before you.

Chu Mu nodded. He gazed far into the rest of the island hidden in the fog.

Night was buried far deeper in the island. This means that, when it stepped into this land many years ago, it stepped up rank by rank upwards to look for the recognition of ever stronger demons as it got stronger. 

At first, it was an emperor rank. In other places, that was enough to be a hegemon but here in the Demon Burial Ground, it is the lowest level.

Chu Mu could imagine the scorn and distaste the other demons viewed Night with when Night first entered the Demon Burial Ground island.

However, Chu Mu could imagine that Night’s pupils must have been a deep, calm, and determined black. Or else, the place where it had fallen wouldn’t be so high above the three to five thousand height area.

With Night’s pride, even if it died, it would not allow itself to be buried at such a low level on the island!

Chu Mu even had a feeling that the place it had fallen was a place even him, in his current state, may not be able to step into easily because Chu Mu could sense it truly was much, much higher than where he currently was!

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