Chapter 1236: Seventh Soul Pact, Ruptured?

Zhao De was rather courteous to Chu Mu and the others. He even had people send them numerous delicacies to eat. 

However, within a few days, everyone discovered that he was hitting on Xia Zhixian. 

How could Prince Chao stand a lecherous fellow staring down his woman every time. 

Prince Chao knew as well that the team on the boat wasn’t easily provoked. In order not to incite trouble, after resting a while, Chu Mu and the others planned on leaving. 

Although Zhao De’s head was filled with thoughts, he couldn’t make people stay once they wanted to leave. He could only watch Chu Mu and the others leave with pity. 

“Senior, there’s no need to be so sad. We’re here to accompany you…” flirtatiously said the servant girl. 

“Go away, how could you two compare to her?” angrily scolded Zhao De. 

Zhao De wasn’t in a good mood. If they had stayed for a few more days, he had confidence he would have been able to have this woman. 

If he had known earlier they were in a rush to leave, he should have taken action earlier. Now that he had to just watch them leave, he was left with a bitter taste. 


Once they returned to the skies, Prince Chao began to loudly curse. 

“I really wish I could yank that thing’s eyes out!” 

Xia Zhixian giggled seeing Chao Lengchuan’s extreme anger. She intentionally provoked him: “Prince Chao, I’m someone who pursues fame and wealth. You need to be more lenient. If some day I fly away with someone stronger, don’t miss this older sister too much.” 

Xia Zhixian’s words turned Prince Chao’s face ashen with anger. He was like a child throwing a fit, and refused to say anything. 

Xia Zhixian realized she had gone overboard with her joke. She wanted to console him, but Prince Chao had already urged his Thousand Wave Beast to hastily fly in front of them. 

Xia Zhixian helpless said when she saw Chao Lenghuan like this: “He really can’t handle a joke, eh.” 

“Haha, don’t worry. He’ll be fine in a moment.” laughed Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu understood Prince Chao’s nature. Prince Chao wasn’t someone afraid that Xia Zhixian would really run off with someone else. Instead, it was her words that made him realize how weak he was… 

However, remembering the description of Wupan Navy by Sang Ying, Chu Mu felt great waves in his heart. 

“I ought to increase my training!” Chu Mu said to himself. 

Just as Prince Chao had said. Mo Xie, the Little Hidden Dragon and Zhan Ye all had huge potential. He had to raise their strengths as fast as he could. 

Of course, the most important was his own soul remembrance. 

Currently, he was a second remembrance spirit dominator. To a certain extent, this was holding back his high class dominator rank soul pets. 

However, Chu Mu believed that once he raised the strengths of the Ghost King, Qin, Ning, and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he would quickly reach the middle remembrance spirit dominator rank. 


“There’s a purple color mist in front of us. This should be near Demonic Burial Mound!” excitedly cried out Old Li when he saw the mist.

“This is the legendary Demonic Burial Mound?” Sang Ying looked at the purple mist in front of him with expectation. 

Chu Mu opened his eyes from silent cultivation. He looked ahead and faintly felt something. 

“Wu wu wu” the small Mo Xie used her nose to smell, and then gave a cry back at Chu Mu.

“You’re saying that Night came here?” excitedly said Chu Mu.

If Night came here, then once he entered the mist, he would be able to communicate mentally with Night. 

Chu Mu didn’t think more about this, and immediately had the Dead Dream enter the purple mist. 

The mist was extremely thick and even using soul remembrance, it was difficult to see objects over a kilometer away. After flying a long time, they could still only see mist. 

However, sometime later, a submerged reef gradually appeared in the ocean and Chu Mu was vaguely able to see an outline of an island. 

The edge of the island had cliffs and precipices that were extremely high up. The cliffs emitted violent smashing sounds every time turbulent ocean water surged against them. The sounds made people feel ill at ease. 

After passing a number of dangerous cliffs, in their hazy line of sight, they were finally able to see a bottleneck-shape gulf. The gulf then took the form of a canyon that slowly extended to the island.

The ocean water in the long and narrow gulf was much more calm than the water on the reef. Additionally, Chu Mu discovered several wreckages of boats that were filled with moss underneath the rocky cliffs. They were being pulled and pushed by the waves, forever unable to leave. 

“There are boats in the gulf!” Sang Ying looked astonishedly at the rows of boats stopped in front. 

The flags were faintly discernible in the purple mist. Sang Ying used his soul remembrance to check and found that they were Wupan Navy’s ninth division 3rd ship legion. Moreover, this group of boats was clearly larger in scale than what Zhao De was leading. 

These are likely the ships the 3rd legion’s big chief are leading. Surprisingly, they also want to enter Demonic Burial Mound.” said Sang Ying. 

“What have they come here for?” said Xia Zhixian. 

Chu Mu creased his brows. A human legion wanted to enter soul pet territory, and it was a big group of them. This definitely was not something good. 

“Let’s enter first.” said Chu Mu. 

After entering the island, flying wasn’t a wise choice. Even the navy hadn’t chosen to fly above the island. 

Chu Mu and the others entered the gulf and discovered that most of the ship members were no longer there. They only left a few members behind to watch the boats. 

Chu Mu used the mist to easily pass through these members and walked ashore onto the seemingly extremely large demonic ocean island. 

“That’s strange. I remember the first time I arrived on Demonic Burial Mound, there were many demons guarding the outer edges.” muttered Old Li. 

Chu Mu and the others didn’t see any other creature on the island. This was different from the paradise for wild creatures Old Li had described earlier. 

“This place seems to have been eradicated. There is still a stench of blood in the dirt.” said Chu Mu. 

“So this legion of ships has come here to loot soul pet resources?” said Princess Jinrou. 

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “The blood has been here for a few years now, while the legion of ships has only just landed not long ago.” 

“Chu Mu, can you feel your soul pet?” asked Prince Chao. 

They had two objectives at Demonic Burial Mound. One was to find Night and the other was to find the object hidden by the Heaven Boundary Monument beast soul in Demonic Burial Mound. 

Chu Mu was able to see in the hazy scene that the object was hidden underneath an enormous island rock. Chu Mu still remembered the shape of this island rock. 

Chu Mu figured that if he was able to sense Night, Night would probably know where the island rock was since it had stayed on Demonic Burial Mound for many years and was familiar. He would then be able to easily obtain the item left by the Heaven Boundary Monument beast soul. However, Chu Mu was now feeling even more uneasy since he was still unable to sense Night even after entering Demonic Burial Mound island. 

“The interior of Demonic Burial Mound island is still restricted. Once we pass this restriction. If Night is on Demonic Burial Mound island, young master will be able to sense it.” said Old LI. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He did as Old Li instructed. Once they passed through a complex jungle, they indeed found an identical purple mist restriction. 

This time, the mist restriction clearly possessed mental and spatial obstruction. Normal creatures didn’t even have the qualifications to enter. 

But with small Mo Xie here, the restriction was not too threatening. 

The small Mo Xie lightly waved her claws and ripped apart the restriction. 

Once they entered the restricted area, the entire atmosphere of the island mysteriously turned clear. The feeling was like suddenly stepping into an open and clear sunlit field after walking through an incomparably dark and murky world. A pure aura of nature drifted over, making them feel relaxed. 

Everyone sucked in a deep breath, enjoying it.

However, when Chu Mu sucked in his breath, he suddenly clutched his stomach and his body violently trembled! 

“What’s the matter? You sensed Night?” Princess Jinrou turned around and asked Chu Mu.

However, she immediately discovered that Chu Mu’s face was mysteriously pale white!!

Chu Mu’s face faintly trembled as he clutched his stomach. Cold sweat began to roll down his forehead. He looked extremely in pain. 

Princess Jinrou jumped from fright out of Chu Mu’s sudden transformation and hastily asked: “Chu Mu, what’s the matter?” 

Chu Mu clutched his stomach. He couldn’t even open his mouth to talk from the pain.

“This…” Prince Chao was instantly stunned by Chu Mu’s expression.

A soul pet trainer’s face going white and also writhing in pain. This was the sign of a soul pact rupture.

Could Chu Mu’s soul pact with a soul pet have ruptured?!

The four of them watched Chu Mu, while Chu Mu’s mind had gone blank from the sudden pain.

Soul pact rupture!

This was a soul pact rupture.

The seventh soul pact with Night had ruptured!!

The blow on the soul wasn’t capable of making Chu Mu feel his heart had been cut out. Instead, the real pain came from the rupture, because Chu Mu could feel that Night no longer had any signs of life. 

After a long period of time, the soul link between Chu Mu and Night had an invisible thread that connected them. This thread was extending into the unknown darkness, preventing Chu Mu from knowing of Night’s situation. 

However, when Chu Mu entered this unknown territory, he suddenly discovered that this thread had been severed! Moreover, the delayed blow to the soul had only now hit Chu Mu’s soul due to the restriction. Although it was delayed, it still made Chu Mu feel as though the pain had pierced his heart! 


It already died!!

Like a bolt from the blue, it struck Chu Mu’s mind, preventing him from even standing steadily.

Until now, Chu Mu believed that Night didn’t know he had awakened, and was striving to grow stronger. 

Perhaps the sliver of cold that came from afar made Chu Mu feel uneasy, but due to the soul pact remaining intact, Chu Mu didn’t think too badly of it. 

However, the moment they broke open Demonic Burial Mound’s restriction and the pain struck them, Chu Mu was unable to ward off this terrible news he was completely unprepared for. 

“How could this be…”

“How could this be!!!”

Chu Mu muttered to himself, heartbroken. 

“Chu Mu, are you ok?”

“Chu Mu…”

“Young master, calm down a bit first.” 

“Young master, if a soul pet truly died, the soul pact with instantly rupture. Even with a restriction, there cannot be a delay. There’s definitely something strange here…” 

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