Chapter 1235: Ocean Faction, Wupan Navy!!

Without a boat, they were stuck in a very vexing situation. Chu Mu and the others all needed to rest. Thus, they flew straight into the ocean towards those boats. 

While they were in the air, the boats they saw were but small specks. However, when they neared the ocean surface, Chu Mu discovered that these boats were far more luxurious built than White Ocean Beast Cry. They looked like enormous iron beasts tearing through the ocean.

In terms of speed, these luxurious boats were much faster as well than the White Ocean Beast Cry modified by Sang Ying.

However, there were a number of visible marks of damage on these boats. A few of the crew members were adeptly fixing the damaged parts, while a few capable soul pets were flying around the boats. 

On the spacious and clean deck, a man with a large stomach was seated on a chair made of an ocean beast’s skin. 

There were two women as slim as snakes next to the man. One was holding a fruit tray while the other was holding up cooked meat. Compared to them, the fat man was probably four or five times their size. 

The fat man grabbed the food from the tray and was eating without pause. If his hands got oily, he would just use the beautiful clothing worn by the female servants to wipe his hands. Whenever he wiped his hands, he would purposefully grab their erotic parts, causing these two servant girls to incessantly laugh and coyly cry out: “Senior Ocean Commander, don’t be like this…” 

Aside from this vulgar scene, there were twenty other people dignifiedly standing on the deck. These twenty people were wearing deep blue armor.

Although they were standing there without moving, the aura they emitted was like a tumultuous ocean, giving others an oppressive and repulsing feeling. 

“It’s rare that the weather isn’t bad. The storm from earlier completely turned me off.” the fat ocean commander gnawed on cooked meat and spoke while chewing. 

“Senior Ocean Commander, this area of the ocean has been so unsteady. You often come and go here so I’m sure you must have had many incredible encounters.” coquettishly said the woman wearing the cyan snaked scaled clothing. 

“Haha, of course. Not long ago, I followed Border Lord Zheng to find the legendary demon island. We slaughtered our way there and were invincible. On the demon island, we found a huge pile of treasure.” 

“Then this time you embarked onto the ocean to…” asked the female servant. 

“That demon island has a few strong creatures. After we annihilated their nest, they began a series of retaliative attacks on our border territory…” 

The ocean commander was about to continue when a patrolling ocean member came to make a report:

“Senior Ocean Commander, there are a few soul pets approaching us.” 

The ocean commander slowly stood up from his seat and walked out of the canopy on the deck. He looked up at the approaching figures. 

“Dark type phoenix?” the ocean commander was slightly surprised as he focused on the evil yet elegant phoenix approaching. 

Without needing the ocean commander’s orders, the twenty ocean soldiers dressed in the same armor stared with caution at these people. The moment something unexpected occured, they would immediately summon their soul pets. 

“They’re also soul pet trainers.” the ocean commander squinted his eyes, and discovered there were four people on the dark purple lightning phoenix. 

“Senior Ocean Commander, our boat was just destroyed by the huge wave earlier. Could you let us stay a few days with you?” politely said Sang Ying. 

“You adventurers are pretty strong. You even dared charge into this stormy ocean area.” laughed the fat ocean commander. He neither allowed them nor denied them. 

He eyes swept over the four people, and quickly focused on Xia Zhixian. 

“Since you have met with misfortune, how could we, Wupan Navy and the lords of Eternal Ocean, refuse you? Come onto our main boat. You will be our honored guests. If you have heard of my name, Zhao De, before, you will know that I have heartfelt respect for ocean adventurers, especially adventurers who are courageous and hot-blooded like you.” the ocean commander called Zhao De spoke with a gentle tone. 

“Eh, eh. So you are the navy commander Zhao De from Wupan Navy. It’s such an honor to meet you. I am a normal ocean adventurer, and I truly feel honored to see such a great figure like you who is the commander of an elite navy unit of 100 thousand.” Sang Ying immediately showed respect.  

“Haha, those who come are guests. Come, I have many extra rooms. You can choose any of them.” Zhao De laughed and let the four of them land. 

Chu Mu, Prince Chao, Xia Zhixian, and Sang Ying were very tired. Drifting atop the ocean without a boat was indeed a very tormenting thing. 

The four of them entered the cabins in the boat under Ocean Commander Zhao De’s arrangements. Regardless whether it was the space or decoration of this enormous boat, it was more luxurious and grand than White Ocean Beast Cry. Seeing that there were even baths that they could use to wash themselves, Xia Zhixian’s face was even more full of smiles. 

“Sang Ying, you know about Wupan Navy?” Chu Mu wasn’t in a rush to rest and began to question Sang Ying. 

“Of course, Wupan Navy is extremely famous in our Jia Border. They belong to Kun Border and control a huge area of Eternal Ocean. The total number of navy members is over ten million and the number of spirit emperor experts is no less than 100 thousand. As for dominator rank experts, they certainly are not few.”  

“An army of ten million!” Prince Chao sucked in a breath. 

After arriving in the outside world, Prince Chao learned that in order to enter an army, one’s strength had to reach at least the spirit teacher level. Yet, this army had over 100 thousand spirit emperors. That was crazy… 

Indeed, in the past ten years, Wanxiang Realm and Tianxia Realm probably only had about 1000 spirit emperors in total. Wupan Navy’s spirit emperors outnumbered Wanxiang Realm’s by 100, and this was merely the navy. How strong then, was Kun Border which Wupan Navy belonged to?! 

“I looked at the boat insignia just now. This fleet is Wupan Navy’s ninth division’s third ship legion. Their commander is the Ocean Commander Zhao De from just now.” 

“What is ninth division’s third ship legion?” Chu Mu had no knowledge of the navy system.

“Wupan Navy is divided into thirteen divisions. Each division was commanded by border lord rank people and above. Each division was further divided into ship legions 1 to 30. Each ship legion was commanded by a border commander or border warrior. The closer to 1 each ship legion is, the stronger it is. We are currently in the third ship legion of the ninth division, meaning the strength of this legion is ranked third. I don’t actually know of Zhao De, but as the leader of the navy division’s 3rd ship legion, he is definitely very strong!” earnestly said Sang Ying. 

“I truly could tell that this perverted fellow is also a border commander.” muttered Prince Chao.

“Chao Lengchuan, don’t speak like that. If he hears it… you should understand that any one of his twenty subordinates that were just next to him could annihilate you. We should be courteous on his boat. Those that offend people from Wupan Navy never have a good ending.” seriously said Sang Ying.

Sang Ying’s own strength was actually at the lowest standard for a border commander. However, his cautiousness proved that Wupan Navy truly wasn’t simple!  

“Do I look that weak?” Prince Chao forced a smile. 

“I’m not saying that you’re weak. It’s just that the navy is very strong. Border commanders are divided into three levels, lower, middle, and upper. Border Commander Wu Zhen, for example, who is stationed on the fringes of the borders is definitely a lower border commander. He probably only has a single high class dominator.” 

“As for Zhao De, as the small leader of the 3rd ship legion, he should also be a lower border commander. He’s very amazing. Perhaps Chu Mu can get rid of him, but if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, not far away in the ocean should be another large legion of ships. That ship definitely has the big leader of the 3rd ship legion.” 

“The big leader is definitely an upper border commander, which is on a completely different level than a lower border commander. Us people won’t even be able to beat one of his secondary pets. Even if Chu Mu uses his full strength, he can probably only barely beat one of his main pets.” 

Prince Chao sucked in a breath and looked dumbstruck at Sang Ying.

He never expected the big leader of a single ship legion of Wupan Navy to be so strong. Then how strong were the big leader that commanded the divisions and the head of Wupan Navy? 

Wupan Navy was essentially like an enormous mountain!!

Prince Chao’s face looked like a frozen eggplant. He had already obtained an enormous fortuitous encounter in the Holy Region that allowed his Thousand Wave Beast to near the high class dominator rank. Yet, in comparison to the navy legions that were so powerful, he was probably just an insignificant fellow in comparison. 

“Don’t be too sad. Wupan Navy is a peak tier faction in this world. The prestige of its chief leader is near the top ten ranked humans. Even our Jia Border in his eyes is a small place.” consoled Sang Ying. 

“Prestigious experts that rank top ten in humanity?” Chu Mu’s interest was piqued. 

As for how big the human world was or how many border territories there were, Chu Mu still had no idea. Nonetheless, if Wupan Navy’s chief leader was recognized as one of the ultra strong experts near the top ten in humanity, then his strength was standing proud at the pinnacle. Exactly what rank had this person reached?” Chu Mu felt somewhat pressed to know. 

“Chu Mu, all of a sudden I feel like there’s huge pressure now.” Prince Chao put on a forced smile and looked at Chu Mu’s whose expression hadn’t changed. 

Prince Chao had embarked to the ocean to understand how big the world was. 

“Haha, is there pressure?” said Chu Mu. 

Prince Chao felt even more depressed: “Of course there’s no pressure for you. Your Mo Xie is one of the five undying legends: the Hades Fox Noble. As for how strong she is, we don’t even know right now. I don’t even want to mention the Evil Good Queen. It hasn’t even reached the tenth phase yet. My god, technically speaking she’s still a child pet. Additionally, your spectral Hidden Dragon doesn’t require any xuan items now and can just swallow souls to advance ranks. How can other people endure this! Even your Warbeast Mo Ye has a peak dominator rank xuan item now…” 

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