Chapter 1233: Untamed Ocean, Seventh Level Dominator Wave

For some reason, Chu Mu felt a twinge of unease.

The unease came from the soul pact between him and Little Night.

If the soul pact connection with Night was like a line, then this line seemed to be extending deep into the unknown darkness. Chu Mu could only see the line enter the murky blackness but didn’t’ know where this line actually ended up, nor could Chu Mu even feel whether it had snapped or not.

The feeling was incredibly strange. Even after Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon left, Chu Mu had never felt this sensation.

What was this murky blackness and what was the slight coldness that was coming through?

Standing on the deck, Chu Mu watched from afar the starlight skies and ocean and gradually started getting weighed down with worry.


Little Mo Xie laid on Chu Mu’s shoulders and let out a small murmur, comforting Chu Mu.

Chu Mu rubbed little Mo Xie’s soft ears and said, “En, no matter where he is, we’ll find him!”


Moving by boat was rather boring. Chu Mu pulled out many books from his spatial ring, and started reading them one by one.

Most of his past has been spent on the land, so his knowledge of the ocean was very lacking. Now that he was on an oceanic voyage, he could spend the time to better his knowledge there. Furthermore, there was even a seemingly all-knowing Old Li with them taht was constantly passing ocean information to Chu Mu.

After traveling for around two months, the Ocean White Beast Ship truly entered the eternal ocean.

The map had it labeled that these regions’ organisms can be counted by the billions. Occasionally having dominator rank organisms come up is definitely not something that should surprise them.

“Huhuhuhu………” The ocean wind started getting more and more powerful, occasionally scattering binding wind spirit’s wind shield. It had to occasionally reinforce its defenses in case the fragile ship was shattered by the terrifying winds and waves.

Sang Ying also customized the boat’s outer skin. Its defenses were comparable to a low class beast type dominator rank. However, the powerful winds and waves posed the greatest threat to the boat, especially when the wind constantly eroded and the ocean vibrated. If this were the original Ocean White Beast Ship, it probably would already be a husk at the bottom of the ocean.

“Longlonglong…..” At the end of the frothing ocean was suddenly a sky like barrier, the tip of it foaming with waves!

This tide was too high to imagine. If this were near the coast, an entire city would probably get engulfed whole!

Such a wave was already superior to any water type dominator rank technique. Seeing the sky covering waves come forth, Sang Ying’s face turned gloomy.

“Our White Ocean Beast Boat’s defense is no longer enough to defend against such a wave. We have to think of a way to get through, or else we will be left stranded in the ocean, floating aimlessly.

Xia Zhixian didn’t speak much, and immediately summoned her Deep Ocean Spirit.

Deep Ocean Spirit chanted an incantation that caused the nearby waves to slowly calm down and float upwards mysteriously, creating many water screens.

The water screen constantly swirled around the White Ocean Beast Ship, creating a low class dominator rank shield capable of blocking one full powered strike of any low class dominator rank.

“Not good, it’s two waves, and the one behind is even taller!” Sang Ying’s voice came again.

Chu Mu immediately looked over, and found that indeed there was a larger wave behind it. That wave was truly sky covering. Even though it was still thousands of kilometers away, they could already feel the threatening spray of water on their faces.

Taking a deep breath, Prince Chao nearly choked on the salty spray. He lifted his head at the towering wave and his face went stiff.

In front of the massive tide, the White Ocean Beast was as tiny as dust!

The waves couldn’t be dispersed. Even with Chu Mu’s high class dominator rank powers, there was no stopping this wave. 

Sang Ying’s face wasn’t very pretty either. He had walked countless oceans, many of which were famous for being treacherous, each of which were hard to tame in terms of weather, conditions, and waves.

However, compared to the eternal ocean, those oceans were like child’s play!

Just think; what other ocean could house a two thousand kilometer tall wave. This clearly is many magnitudes more powerful than any tsunami!

“This first one is at least fifth level dominator rank and the second is a fifth level dominator tide, my god!” Sang Ying started shouting as the waves neared.

Seventh level dominator, this meant the wave was stronger than even high class dominator rank techniques!!

The ocean was getting nearer and nearer. When the first wave hit, the entire boat flew back. The seawater was like a massive beast’s maw, devouring the White Ocean Beast Ship in one. The boat was laughably not enough to even make a splash in this beast’s maw!


The White Ocean Beast Boat was floating in the ocean. Xia Zhixian’s water screen defense was already broken but the ocean’s push was still there. The boat was shaking violently and flew way up into the sky before slamming back into the ocean.   

“Pa…..” The hull of the boat seemed to instantly shatter. Chu Mu saw some of the wreckage scattered in the water.

Sang Ying saw this and his face became even darker.

This was just the first wave. When the second wave hit, wouldn't the boat be completely destroyed?

“Are we giving up the boat?” Chu Mu eyed the nearing second wave.

The second wave’s tip was already high above the white ocean beast. Just it crashing into them may take a few minutes.

“We have to, this boat can’t block it.” Ying Sang said decisively.

No one dared to hesitate and summoned their soul pets.

“I think it’s too late!” Sang Ying saw that the wave was about to clap down and turned pale.

A seventh level dominator rank tide meant the tide could devour even high class dominator rank organisms!!

“I’ll block it for a bit first, get out of its range.” At this time, Princess Jin Rou floated up and started heading towards the massive wave.

“No!!” Sang Ying knew the ocean very well.

The nature’s power was always dominating. Even water type high class dominator ranks could easily die with a slight misstep against such wave, let alone directly stop it!

“You guys escape first.” Chu Mu said seriously to Sang Ying.

Sang Ying knew that saying more was meaningless and immediately rode his water type soul pet to Xia Zhixian and Prince Chao in the opposite direction. As long as they were fast, they might escape.

Of course, Chu Mu couldn’t let Princess Jin Rou stop the wave himself. He burned up in silver flames and followed closely.

Princess Jin Rou glanced over. Even if she lifted her head, the only thing she could see was the wave.

Princess Jin Rou herself was just a normal soul pet trainer. Suddenly faced with this massive wave, she couldn't help but feel the massive wave.

She closed her eyes and chanted a devil spirit incantation.

However, the ocean was rumbling like a thunder. The waves buffeted her body and caused her to be unable to concentrate.

“Stay at ease, I’ll protect you.” At this time, Chu Mu already stood in front of Princess Jin Rou.

The upright figure caused Princess Jin Rou to momentarily lose focus. Even though his body was tiny in front of the wave, her heart quickly calmed down behind his figure.

Princess Jin Rou closed her eyes and quickly started murmuring an ancient devil spirit incantation.

Her wave-battered hair and dress slowly started settling and the mist around princess jin rou slowly stopped moving, becoming stationary water droplets that floated in the air.

“Yin…..” Princess Jin Rou let out a long and high pitched call!

A ghostly blue energy started spreading in front of Princess Jin Rou. The massive wave about to slam into her suddenly went still after this energy reached it!!

The unstoppable tide seemed to be frozen, no longer shedding even a single droplet.

At this time, Princess Jin Rou’s black hair lifted up and floated around her. Her ghostly blue dress outlined her figure perfectly. Standing before the massive wave, she looked like an ocean goddess, noble yet beautiful!

“The tide stopped!!” Far away, Sang Yin, Xia Zhixian, and Prince Chao turned to see this and was shocked!

The tide was immensely powerful. Even many high class dominator ranks together could only disperse it or scatter it. Yet, this tide was stopped in its tracks by a spectral woman!

“Move quickly, I can’t hold it for long!” Princess Jin Rou’s voice floated into their ears.

The three didn't dare to hesitate anymore and quickly left the area and went towards the skies.

Chu Mu turned around and looked at Princess Jin Rou turning more and more transparent.

A spectral body becoming white and transparent meant it was getting weaker.

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t just watch. He quickly cast a temporal slowdown to extend the time it took for the waves to fall.

“They’re in a safe place. Let’s leave.” Chu Mu said to Princess Jin Rou.

Princess Jin Rou nodded.

Her hair slowly fell back down and the water droplets started falling again, albeit slowly.

“Longlonglong….. The ocean went back to its wildness and went towards Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu protected Princess Jin Rou and went as fast as he could away from the tides’ range…..

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