Chapter 1232: Night, Where are you?

With the Dead Dream’s speed, passing through New Moon Land didn’t take long.

Soon, they all arrived at White Nightmare City.

After taking a brief rest there, all of them proceeded to enter the Eternal Ocean. 

Upon embarking, Prince Chao asked a question Chu Mu was curious about himself: why did they need to take a boat? 

If they could fly, why did they need to take a boat?

The speed of a boat was slow. Wouldn’t this take ages to find the Demonic Burial Mound in the boundless ocean?

“You guys don’t know much about this.” Sang Ying profoundly smiled and explained: “The ocean is much larger than the continent. On the continent, we are able to find places to rest anywhere. If one has powerful wilderness survival abilities, there basically is no area of danger for this person. However, the ocean is different. While there are islands, once we reach the true depths of the ocean, we could go a month without seeing an island. This is a long time and even a flying type creature would have to rest en route. Even if it can control the water, you can’t guarantee that there aren’t any large ocean beasts under the water. There are also many, many uncertain factors. If we don’t have a boat, it will be too exhausting for us.” 

Chu Mu and Prince Chao didn’t understand anything about the ocean, so when they heard Sang Ying’s explanation, they felt it made sense. 

The best boat White Nightmare City could provide was called the White Ocean Beast Cry. 

This boat was constructed out of the skin and skeleton of a peak emperor rank ocean beast. It was about 50 meters long, and had no problems holding over twenty people. 

Sang Ying wasn’t too satisfied with this boat. He felt that they needed at least a dominator rank boat to traverse the Eternal Ocean. Otherwise, if they were struck by a powerful wave, the boat would be smashed to pieces. 

However, this was still better than not having one, so Sang Ying could only make provisional improvements to the boat as he planned on making modifications to the boat as they travelled. 

Chu Mu never expected Sang Ying to also be able to modify boats. It seemed that he was the right choice for this trip. 

The boat built by White Nightmare Palace definitely could not be moved by manpower. Instead, White Ocean Beast Cry was mobilized by a water type array mechanism. Numerous water type energy stones were embedded into the water type array, which would provide it with an endless amount of mobile force. 

Water type arrays were normally the simplest water pillar technique. Once the water pillar technique was used, it created a jet effect that would allow the boat to fly across the ocean. 

Only luxurious boats in New Moon Land were equipped with these kinds of water type arrays. The White Ocean Beast Cry had a total of ten of these water type arrays so its propulsion speed was rather fast. It wasn’t any slower than a peak emperor running on land. 

Of course, a peak emperor’s speed wasn’t satisfactory for Chu Mu and the others who were all dominators. Sang Ying didn’t have anything in his spatial ring except for a huge pile of boat materials. When Chu Mu and Prince Chao saw this fellow dump the huge pile of objects on deck, they all jumped in fright. They began to suspect whether this fellow had broken up a whole boat and placed it in his spatial ring.

Subsequently, Sang Ying began his great reconstruction project. He transformed all of the propelling water type crystals into xuan type water type crystals. This would make the movement speed of the boat no inferior to a dominator rank creature. 

The ocean was a dark blue color and the White Ocean Beast Cry was just a small white speck in the ocean. 

The ocean water was beautifully sliced apart as waves that were several tens of meters high were sprayed to the side when the agile White OCean Beast Cry flitted through. Along the serene ocean, it left a long trace. 


During the night when it was peaceful and cloudless, the night curtain and ocean were connected together. It was impossible to ascertain which was the starry sky and which was the ocean reflecting a myriad of stars. 

The Binding Wind Spirit erected a wind barrier around the White Ocean Beast Cry. Although they were moving very fast, the wind that blew against them was much softer. 

When night time had arrived, Prince Chao, Xia Zhixian and Sang Ying had retired to their rooms to silently cultivate or sleep. 

After traveling on the ocean for over a month, everyone had realized the importance of a boat. 

While they could ride on a wind type soul pet to rest since they were of the dominator rank, they wouldn’t be able to obtain a proper and peaceful rest for a long time. This would take a toll on the mind. Instead, with a room, a bed and a boat that could move at will, this would keep mental strength ample at all times. This would also not require one to constantly switch wing type soul pets and exhaust their physical strength. 

The spare parts on deck had already been cleaned up by Sang Ying. Rather, a snow white small fox was now adorably chasing its own tail on the clean deck.

This small fox was the Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox, and it was presently at the seventh or eighth phase. It looked like a small child pet still. 

The ice fox was unable to catch its own tail and stopped chasing. With a few light hops, it jumped from the deck into the embrace of a beautiful specter and let out a murmuring sound. 

Princess Jinrou was only able to touch the small ice fox’s body. She looked down and glanced at this adorable small fellow and a sliver of a peaceful smile appeared on her face. She used her hand to lightly stroke the small ice fox’s fur. 

Chu Mu was currently standing on the other side of the deck, and he glanced at the slender and elegant Princess Jinrou. A scene from long ago appeared in his mind. 

He remembered the young woman from back then that wore a trace of melancholy as she faced the ocean wind. Chu Mu would always subconsciously remember this. 

However, as he got to know Ye Qingzi more and more, Princess Jinrou’s figure would slowly fade. 

Princess Jinrou knew that Chu Mu was beside her, and looked at him as she came back to her senses. 

With her mind reading abilities, she naturally knew that Chu Mu was remembering certain things from the past. 

“I remember back then you were bitterly chanting incantations on the deck.” Princess Jinrou’s voice drifted over like a singing voice. It carried quite a charming tone.  

Chu Mu embarrassedly shook his head. So she remembered. He thought she had forgotten. 

“I remember in Jia City when you seized me, you bastard. And when you shamelessly said those things in the Great Chu Family.” Princess Jinrou laughed. 

Today, she had the intention of teasing Chu Mu. 

“Eh…” Chu Mu’s face went red. 

In Jia City, Chu Mu had been afraid that the small Mo Xie’s mutation would be exposed so he had decided to seize her. 

Not long after that, Chu Mu had met her again in the Great Chu Family.

Chu Mu and Princess JInrou had faced off then, and Chu Mu had even expressed that he liked her. 

Ye Qingzi had been present then. Although his relationship with Ye Qingzi hadn’t reached that point yet back then, afterwards Ye Qingzi had interrogated Chu Mu countless times as to what he had said to Princess Jinrou. 

“I was too young back then.” Chu Mu’s skin was thick, and he pushed the problem onto the fact he was young. 

“You speak as if you’re very old now.” Princess Jinrou’s lips faintly pouted. Clearly, she wasn’t satisfied with Chu Mu’s half-hearted response. 

Chu Mu chuckled and treated it as if nothing happened. 

In truth, Chu Mu knew in his heart that he had missed the opportunity. 

Princess Jinrou looked at Chu Mu and said in a soft voice: “At the beginning I thought that being able to understand other peoples’ thoughts was perhaps a very interesting thing. But, gradually I discovered that when I read too much, it would be very cruel…” 

“Then don’t read. You would be better off if you didn’t know certain things that would needlessly make you worried.” said Chu Mu.  

“Do you know what Qingyi thinks in her heart?” softly asked Princess Jinrou.

Chu Mu shook his head. 

How could he know what Mu Qingyi thought in her heart.

“Then if you don’t know, I can tell you.” Princess Jinrou floated up to Chu Mu and put on a mysterious smile. 

“Eh, what does it have to do with?” Chu Mu wasn’t a gossipy person. 

“Of course it has to do with you.” 

“Then forget it.” said Chu Mu. 

“You actually know, don’t you?” 

“This…” Chu Mu shook his head again and changed the topic: “Taking a look at other people’s thoughts is rude.” 

“Ok. Then I won’t read other people’s thoughts anymore.” said Princess Jinrou.

“But, I’m actually interested in knowing what you’re thinking.” Chu Mu faintly smiled. Being constantly teased by the princess wasn’t good so he launched a counterattack. 

“Me?” Princess Jinrou’s gaze evaded his. It was like she was afraid Chu Mu would be able to see her thoughts. 

When she finally saw that Chu Mu’s smile was slightly mischievous, Princess Jinrou immediately realized he was intentionally teasing her. She stuck out her tongue and said: “I’m not telling you.” 

After speaking, Princess Jinrou’s body gracefully floated back to her room on the boat.    

A moment later, Princess Jinrou hastily flew back to the deck like a startled deer.

Chu Mu saw that her face was red as she flew back and confusedly asked: “What’s the matter?” 

Princess Jinrou’s face became even more red. If she wasn’t in her spectral form, she would certainly look exceptionally enchanting. 

“The two of them are in the same room.” after becoming a specter, Princess Jinrou got in the habit of passing through solid objects. Just now, she had accidentally passed through Xia Zhixian’s room and saw something she shouldn’t have seen. Thus, her face was now red. 

Chu Mu was someone experienced and quickly came to an understanding. His lips couldn’t help but curve into an understanding smile. 

The two of them were indeed sleeping together! 

“Scoundrel! You aren’t allowed to imagine it!” Princess Jinrou’s face went even more red and she angrily glared at Chu Mu.

“Eh…” Chu Mu forgot that Princess Jinrou could read thoughts. Just now, any normal man would have had naughty thoughts. 

Princess Jinrou refused to return to her room, but if she stayed next to Chu Mu, she constantly found that this naughty man would let his imagination run wild. Thus, she angrily left to the back of the boat.  

Chu Mu didn’t pay attention to Princess Jinrou’s reserved and decent nature. His gaze returned to the ocean. As the starlight reflected from the ocean onto his black pupils, his eyes seemed even more strange and exceptional. 

Chu Mu’s thoughts were constantly drifting. They would occasionally drift back to his experience on Nightmare Island and Prison Island while occasionally drifting to where the wandering and nomadic Night could be.

“Night, where on earth are you? Why can’t I sense you at all?” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

The connection between souls could sometimes not be felt due to distance. 

However, for some reason, his soul connection with Night seemed to be isolated from one another, preventing Chu Mu from feeling its mental fluctuations. The feeling was like the connection had been severed. 

Chu Mu still remembered the scene when he first encountered the Night Thunder Dream Beast on Prison Island: it had pridefully raised its head and its black, spirited and merciless eyes had stared at him and Mo Xie. 

It had run through the jungle alone through the night, its black body melding into the darkness. Only its white feathered tail that extended from its back could be seen agilely and freely flitting past… 

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TL: Like a speed/motor boat.

TL: Bit tricky to translate. Chu Mu’s line is more indifferent than the way I translated it. Probably closer to “what does it matter”. Nonetheless, the author wanted the response to his line to be a play on the words 有关, used by both Chu Mu and Jinrou, which is why I chose to use “to do with” instead of “matter”.