Chapter 1231: Ocean Adventurer, Sang Ying

After leaving Wind Palace, Chu Mu returned once more to Heaven Boundary Monument.

There were directions on the monument, informing Chu Mu of where that ancient beast soul had once gone to. 

Chu Mu saw the ancient beast soul in the memory drawing placing the item on an enormous island. He vaguely described the appearance of the island to Old Li. 

“Demonic Burial Mound! It’s definitely the Demonic Burial Mound!” immediately shouted Old Li.

Old Li had been to Demonic Burial Mound before. Chu Mu’s description of it 

“Old Li, you probably remember how to get to Demonic Burial Mound, right?” asked Chu Mu.

The directions Old Li had given Night were to Demonic Burial Mound. As a nomadic demon, the Demonic Burial Mound was Night’s holy land. Chu Mu was certain that after so many years, Night had found Demonic Burial Mound. 

It was about time to reconvene with Night. Chu Mu thought of Night a lot. It didn’t matter if he had to find the item that was capable of subduing the ancient snake person, Chu Mu had to make a trip to Eternal Ocean regardless. 

Chu Mu was very frank when he did things. Having made his decision, he made slight preparations before leaving. 

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou returned first to Wanxiang City to tell Liu Binglan about what they encountered in Wind Palace.  

This shocked Liu Binglan and the senior elders. They never expected that New Moon Land had such a long and powerful past. 

After informing them, Chu Mu planned on immediately heading to Eternal Ocean. 

However, Eternal Ocean was a troublesome place, because Chu Mu didn’t have a water type soul pet. 

Chu Mu could fly through the air, but there was no land under him. This was a vast ocean and if he were accidentally dragged down to the ocean, his fighting strength would be greatly reduced. 

Moreover, Chu Mu’s half devil form and Mo Xie were both of the fire attribute. If they encountered a creature of the same rank in Eternal Ocean, they would be countered. 

He needed to go with a water type soul pet trainer. 

Recently, many soul pet trainers from outside their realm had been attracted here. Among them, many wanted to obtain xuan items in the holy regions. There were also many middle class dominator rank experts who were very interested in New Moon Land’s resources and planned on staying here long-term. 

With Cloud Gate’s old man overseeing Wanxiang City, Chu Mu didn’t need to worry about these foreign experts causing a rebellion. Even if they did, the dominator rank experts that were slowly begin to emerge from Wanxiang City and the emperor rank army weren’t just there for display. 

Through Liu Binglan’s recommendation he found a free soul pet trainer called Sang Ying who was a water type expert and was planning on wandering to Eternal Ocean. 

Sang Ying was from He Border from a young age, liked the ocean and water type soul pets. He had traversed oceans countless times. 

This time, Sang Ying had come to New Moon Land not for the holy regions, but instead for Eternal Ocean. 

Traveling by oneself was extremely boring. Although Sang Ying, who spent most of his time proud and aloof, was used to this, he still found it better if someone else was travelling with him.

Of course, Sang Ying had extremely high requirements for a team member. If they would drag him down, he would rather travel by himself. 

When Sang Ying arrived in New Moon Land, Liu Binglan had made him a temporary guest under her goodwill. Before Sang Ying came, he had heard that this Female Supreme from New Moon Land was quite remarkable. When he actually got the chance to see her, she was indeed incomparably beautiful and had an outstanding temperament. 

However, he didn’t expect Liu Binglan to suddenly recommend him to travel with her son in Eternal Ocean. 

When Sang Ying learned Liu Binglan was a mother, his mood greatly dropped. Nonetheless, he wasn’t someone overly attached to women. His true target was Eternal Ocean. 

Sang Ying also didn’t think that the person Liu Binglan recommended to him would be to his satisfaction. Perhaps he was just an inexperienced brat. 

“Hello, I am Sang Ying.” out of courtesy, Sang Ying politely examined Chu Mu and then amicably extended his hand. 

Chu Mu shook his hand and said: “Have you been to Eternal Ocean before?” 

Sang Ying shook his head and said: “I’ve been to the other oceans many times.” 

“Ok, as long as you’re familiar with oceans.” said Chu Mu. 

“Oh? It can’t be that you’ve never been to the ocean before, right?” Sang Ying raised his brows. 

“I haven’t.” Chu Mu didn’t think that his time on Nightmare Island counted as going to the ocean before. The ocean was unimaginably vast. 

Sang Ying forced a smile and glanced at Liu Binglan. As expected, Liu Binglan wanted him to bring a mere brat to train. 

“Once we go out to the ocean, you must listen to everything I say. The danger of the ocean far surpasses dry land…” Sang Ying was helpless, but he could see Chu Mu was a spirit dominator. If he wasn’t a spirit dominator, Sang Ying would have refused to bring him.

Chu Mu had zero understanding of the ocean. In front of a specialist, he would naturally listen. 

“I also have three friends I want to bring.” said Chu Mu.

“Three. How strong are they?” asked Sang Ying.

“They are all spirit dominators.” 


After getting to know one another, Chu Mu did as Sang Ying wanted, and brought a few pieces of equipment required for the ocean. Then, they planned on embarking. 

When they all convened in Wanxiang City’s large plaza, Chu Mu introduced the other three to Sang Ying. 

“This is Chao Lengchuan, the Palace’s crown prince.” Chu Mu pointed at Chao Lengchuan. 

Chao Lengchuan had just come out of Thousand Wave Holy Region, and his power had greatly risen. When Chu Mu asked him what rank he was at, this fellow had gone so far as to hide it from him and keep him in suspense. 

After bitterly training for nearly a year, Chao Lengchuan’s main pets had probably gotten much stronger. He had probably also obtained great benefits in Thousand Wave Holy Region. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be all full of smiles. 

“This is Xia Zhixian. A support soul pet trainer.” Chu Mu pointed at the mature and beautiful woman with an incredibly elegant bearing standing next to Prince Chao. 

Xia Zhixian’s appearance had surprised Chu Mu. It wasn’t until recently that Chu Mu found out that Prince Chao had gone with Xia Zhixian to Thousand Wave Holy Region. With her help, he had managed to charge into the depths of Thousand Wave Holy Region. Xia Zhixian’s help was indispensable to obtaining the benefits. 

The initial punishment for Xia Zhixian had been house arrest in Xianrong City for three years and to serve the city. It was a rather light punishment. After careful consideration, Liu Binglan had pardoned her and let her serve the Palaces. 

Xia Zhixian was loyal to Yu Suo, and now that Yu Suo had been submitted by Chu Mu, Xi Zhixian obviously needed to be tactful. 

However, Xia Zhixian and Prince Chao seemed really close to each other now. If they had some secrets that they weren’t telling others, he would have to find spare time to grill Prince Chao about it. 

Yu Suo’s rise in strength meant that Xia Zhixian had also obtained benefits. As a support soul pet trainer, Xia Zhixian had very strong supportive abilities. Moreover, she had a water type soul pet which lessened Chu Mu’s lack of water traversing problems.   

“Didn’t you say there were three people? Where’s the last one?” asked Sang Ying. 

“When many people are present she won’t appear. Just wait and you’ll see.” said Chu Mu. 


Chu Mu summoned the Dead Dream. Everyone jumped on its back, and they flew out of Wanxiang City. 

The dark purple lightning phoenix was basically the trademark of Chu Mu’s identity. WhenDead Dream that Chu Mu was riding on took to the skies, the ten thousand people in the plaza all looked up and let out cries of exclamation. 

“It’s King Chu’s Phoenix!!!” 

“The person on top is definitely King Chu!’ 

“I knew that person felt familiar just now. If I knew it was him…” said a few people in remorse. 

Chu Mu was always elusive in Wanxiang City. It was difficult for even the higher-ups in the Palaces to see Chu Mu, let alone normal people. Therefore, when Chu Mu took to the skies from the plaza, this caused no small commotion. 

Sang Ying looked down and saw the zealous citizens in the plaza. A while later, he finally looked back with shock at Chu Mu.

“You’re the King Chu - Chu Mu that made New Moon Land He Border’s only independent territory?” Sang Ying abruptly realized this and cried out in shock. 

“I thought you already knew…” Chu Mu forced a smile. 

“Eh… it was my disrespect.” Chu Mu wiped away the trace of dissatisfaction in his heart. 

Sang Ying really hadn’t realized the young man in front of him was New Moon Land’s King! 

This was a legendary man that was able to beat all of a seventh rank realm’s experts and also became a topic of conversation in all of He Border for his achievements. Sang Ying had to restrain his arrogance no matter how proud he was. Indeed, compared to this man who had astounded the entire border territory, as someone who had just traversed the oceans, he was nothing. 

Chu Mu actually didn’t know how far his name had spread. 

Dead Dream had already reached the middle class dominator rank, and its flying speed was quite fast. 

The reason the Dead Dream reached the middle class dominator rank was thanks to the recruitment Liu Binglan did of those dominator rank experts. 

Phoenix xuan items were not easy to find and when Liu Binglan learned that one of the foreigners had a phoenix xuan item, she immediately spent 3000 xuan to purchase it. She then gave it to Chu Mu who was finally able to raise the Dead Dream to the middle class dominator rank. 

The Holy Regions were being continuously excavated right now, and Three Great Palaces were gradually obtaining control over many resources. Their xuan items had also stocked up a bit. 

Currently, there were 20 dominator rank experts from Wanxiang City while there were about 30 from outside the realm. 

Perhaps 50 dominator rank experts wasn’t a lot, but being the result of only one year, this was already very rare. In a few years, there would probably be many more dominator rank experts from Wanxiang City. 

Besides a phoenix species middle class dominator rank xuan item, Liu Binglan had also collected a third rank ice type xuan item and a third rank rock type sub-ghost type xuan item for Chu Mu. 

These two xuan items had resolved Chu Mu’s low class dominator rank problems for the Ice Air Fairy and Ghost King. 

In the time before Chu Mu set off for Eternal Ocean, he raised the Ice Air Fairy and Ghost King to the low class dominator rank. 

Chu Mu still had the fifth rank wing type xuan item, fifth rank ice type xuan item, and fifth rank dark type xuan item from Wind Palace. 

Binding Wind Spirit’s training percentage had reached 100 percent so Chu Mu just had to pick a good time to strengthen it and it would reach the middle class dominator rank. 

Ning’s training percentage was still zero. But he probably would need the Ice Air Fairy for many of the fights in Eternal Ocean. Thus, it would probably reach the middle class dominator rank soon. 

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