Book 2 Chapter 123 - 2 - Hegemon, Centipede Tail Boulder Devil

Chapter 123: Hegemon, Centipede Tail Boulder Devil[1]

Yang Ling saw Ye Wansheng getting dragged away, and thinking it was her opportunity to escape, immediately using the last of her soul power to give herself the effects of Wind Ride, wanting to jump right up to the high ground to escape.

However, Yang Ling was too naive. Although Ye Qingzi didn’t allow her brother to humiliate females, it didn’t mean that she would easily let her opponents go.

Just as Yang Ling flew up, roots immediately appeared under Yang Ling’s feet that quickly bundled up her legs and dragged her, like Ye Wansheng, in front of them.

“Having a sister sure is a bother, or else these two women, with us four guys……” Ye Wansheng rubbed his butt as he stood up. He was just going to grumble a bit more, but he felt roots suddenly appear beneath his feet again, so he decisively shut his mouth.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s smiles were all very awkward, especially looking at Ye Qingzi again, careful not to show any approval towards Ye Wansheng’s perverted actions. One, Chu Xing and Chu Ning wouldn’t have done these things themselves, and two, they thought that in front of a great beauty like Ye Qingzi, it was better to put up a gentlemanly act in case the beauty felt disdain towards them.

Yang Ling had been dragged along the ground for over a hundred meters. Her hair and clothes were all a mess, and she no longer had a noble lady’s arrogance or delicateness, showing instead a pitiful look.

“Alright, If I can’t rob your looks, I’ll rob your goods instead. Little girl Yang, give me everything you have that’s worth money, or else……” Ye Wansheng rubbed his chin and smiled evilly.

How could Yang Ling still disobey? She quickly gave her own spatial ring up.

Yang Qing beside didn’t dare to be much slower, giving up her ring as well.

Chu Mu was also very experienced in such shady business. The spatial ring of Yang Dan and Yang Xue had already fallen into his hands. In fact, he had already taken inventory of everything inside them.

“Then how do we deal with these two girls, is it to first rape then kill? Or to first kill than rape? Ye Wansheng looked over at the three Chu Clan brothers.

“Suit yourself.” Chu Mu didn’t really mind what Ye Wansheng was going to do, so he said that lightly, yet he looked over towards the high ground as if he sensed something.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s expressions were still strange. This Ye Wansheng truly was blunt with his speech. After all, his own little sister was still beside him.

“Chu Xing, Chu Ning, I can tell that you two are both kind and honest people. You two won’t do such things. From what I see, though, brother Chu Cheng seems to have some interest in such business, hehe!” Ye Wansheng said as he was restless.

“Heng, don’t think everyone is like you!” Ye Qingzi let out a cold “humph”, her beautiful pupils flickering with a dangerous coldness. The moment Ye Wansheng stepped past his bounds in dealing with the two women, she would definitely…...

“Brother Chu Cheng, you sure can act, even confusing my sister. From the first time I saw you, I knew we were of the same kind, and well-versed in our path too…….” Ye Wansheng looked at Chu Mu, who had his back facing Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu didn’t care about Ye Wansheng’s words, his gaze was always watching the high ground in the dark night.

“Brother Chu Cheng?” Ye Wansheng walked up, feeling that Chu Mu’s actions were slightly strange.

The reason Ye Wansheng felt Chu Mu was the same kind of person he was was understandable. Chu Mu’s actions were clearly habits that arose from often killing people, and of the four soul pet trainers, two were killed by Chu Mu, so Ye Wansheng deduced that Chu Mu definitely wasn’t some normal teenager and was very likely someone like he was- killing, robbing, and taking advantage of people to gain limited resources.

“Do you hear any sounds?” Chu Mu looked at the high ground darkness and slowly said.

“Sound, is there?” Ye Qingzi also lifted her head, eyes watching the position Chu Mu was staring at.


Suddenly, a few quakes pushed into Ye Qingzi’s mental world, the sound feeling very heavy.

“Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!”

Slowly, they felt the ground start to vibrate, and this vibrating became increasingly obvious.

The ground on the high ground started shaking, and some unstable rocks were loosened onto the floor by the continuous shaking.

The five people had by now all felt this strange vibrating noise and had all started watching the high ground…...


Suddenly, a massive being jumped out from the dark night. Its two massive boulder legs stepped heavily on the edges of the high ground, causing the high ground to sink a few inches as well as show signs of fracture!


Two emerald like eyes looked down from two hundred meters above them. Its huge snake head suddenly opened its bloody maw and let out a high pitched hiss!!

“It’s the hegemon that protects the sixth level cold pond!” Chu Mu was alarmed as he watched the eighth phase third stage - commander rank - Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

This low ground wasn’t too far from the sixth level cold pond. This battle had clearly bothered the eighth phase commander rank soul pet!

Centipede Tail Boulder Devil, covered from head to toe in a dark brown rock armor, its body was near ten meters tall. It was completely a snake-headed, centipede-tailed giant in a suit of rock armor!

Its angered roars still echoed through the night. The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s massive green eyes completely locked onto the five people. With a leap, it actually jumped down straight from the high ground. Its centipede tail was like a terrifying chain, forcefully slamming into the rocky ground, causing the ground itself to fracture!

“Night, Death Ray!” Chu Mu immediately gave the command to his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Dark light started gathering within the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mouth and quickly formed into a light ray, spewing out and exploding on the body of the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!


The Death Ray explosion hit the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s chest, yet the seventh rank Death Ray didn’t even leave a mark on the powerful defense of this soul pet.

“Everyone, back off first and spread out!” Chu Mu immediately jumped onto his Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back. Looking at the other four and seeing that they had already all jumped onto their mounts and retreated, he immediately ordered his Ice Air Fairy to cast its technique!!


Walls of ice were quickly erected. These ice walls almost instantly reached a height of twenty meters, standing in front of the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil to block its steps!

“Beng~~~ Beng~~~~~~”

Yet, the weak ice walls couldn’t obstruct it, easily shattered by its powerful body!

“Root Net!”

“Root Net!”

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Wood Tray Spirit almost simultaneously casted the same ability. The two nets came in quick succession. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s demon wood roots knitted a massive net of roots and covered the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body first.

Soon after, the Wood Tray Spirit’s green wood roots also created a root net spanning twenty meters!


The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body slightly bent down, but when it suddenly stretched its arms out, both the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Wood Tray Spirit’s green wood roots were burst open!

“Hong!!!!!!!!!!!” After freeing itself from the Root Nets, the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil abruptly accelerated. A dark glow emanated from its body, and its body morphed into a huge rolling boulder, flipping towards the five people!

The rolling boulder was thirty meters wide. Chu Mu’s group had already rode their soul pets and backed off, but Yang Ling and Yang Qing both didn’t have soul pets. When the five people spread out, no one cared about them. They were scared stiff on the ground, their eyes watching terrifyingly as the massive boulder came rolling!


The two people didn’t even have time to let out a scream. Even though they raised a weak Ice Armor defense, they still couldn’t defend against this eighth phase commander rank’s attacks. When the massive rock rolled by, the two women immediately splattered everywhere!

Two living people being crushed was a very frightening scene, giving both Chu Xing and Chu Ning a shiver. In the moment, they had no clue how to command their soul pets against this soul pet that had both defense and strength.

“Keep distance from it. If you have ice or ground type soul pets, immediately summon them to restrict its speed.” Facing a powerful soul pet, Ye Wansheng no longer dared to be casual, immediately telling everyone.

As he spoke, Ye Wansheng retracted his bug type soul pet Sword Beetle and summoned a pure white special soul pet.

This unknown soul pet was clearly of the ice type. When it was summoned, it immediately casted the ice type slowing ability!

Black Crystal ice crystals slowly appeared. With a long cry from the snow white soul pet, they immediately formed into a gust of cold air that swept towards the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

Black Crystal ice crystal’s cooling effect was much stronger than normal ice crystals. Once the slowing ice went by, the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s two legs were immediately infiltrated with a frost that was hard to shatter!

The Slowing Ice Frost was different from freezing ice. Once freezing ice was shattered, it would no longer have any effect on the body. However, this Slowing Ice Frost could seep into a soul pet’s skin, blood, muscles, and even bones, causing its speed to lower drastically.

Ye Wansheng’s special soul pet’s Slowing Ice Frost’s effects were very evident. The terrifying Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s speed immediately lowered a considerable amount, and its leaping power also wasn’t as terrifying now!

“Well done.” Chu Mu gave Ye Wansheng a word of praise, and he immediately told his Ice Air Fairy to cast Ice Pause, adding onto the slowing effect.

Ice Pause was a lot lower rank than Slowing Ice Frost, and the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type controlling powers seemed inferior to Ye Wansheng’s special ice type soul pet as well.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both retracted their short range soul pets. Other than riding their fastest soul pets, they both summoned elemental soul pets, starting long ranged attacks on the soul pet that had an overpowering close range combat capabilities.

Chu Xing summoned a sixth phase first stage warrior rank Rock Meteor Fairy while Chu Ning summoned a seventh phase eighth stage servant rank Ice Fairy. These two soul pets’ ranks and phases both weren’t high, so it couldn’t truly damage the eighth phase commander rank, but they could be somewhat restrictive.


  1. The author at some point screwed up and numbered two chapters 123, so to distinguish we named this one 123-2

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