Book 2 Chapter 123 - Pervert Ye Wansheng

Chapter 123: Pervert Ye Wansheng

Ye Wansheng’s seventh phase Sword Beetle had clearly been bug-type strengthened. When its two sword arms casted Shadow Strike, it directly and heavily wounded the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast that came to assist Yang Ling. Shortly following that, the Sword Beetle completely ignored the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s Bloodlight Rupture ability, and it bloodily tore the seventh phase Rare Blood Beast into a dozen pieces!

Two of Chu Xing’s soul pets were up against the male Yang Clan member, Yang Dan. None of Chu Xing’s soul pets had been strengthened, so their power was distinctly weaker than Yan Dan’s two soul pets. However, Ye Qingzi’s eighth phase Water Moon was definitely not just for decoration!

Water Screen Armor descended, and Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros’s defense immediately rose by fifty percent! Water Screen Armor was a rather advanced water type technique. The flexibility of the water could cushion any opponent’s powerful attack, strengthen the soul pet’s defense, and, at the same time, it wouldn’t impede the soul pet’s movement at all. This was completely equal to adding a fifth rank soul armor to the soul pet.

The Water Screen Armor had wrapped up Chu Xing in it together. Chu Xing wore a fourth rank soul armor, so after this Water Screen Armor’s effect was added on, his own defense would become very strong, meaning that he no longer needed to intentionally avoid some soul pet’s upfront attacks and could directly ride his Light Rhinoceros and command his Dire Wolf and Mo Ye in battle.

Chu Ning’s two soul pets weren’t aided by Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon, but with the Wood Tray Spirit and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, even if Chu Ning went deep into enemy territory, he had no concern that he would get injured.

Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit was a commander rank perfect soul pet. Even if it was just at the fifth phase sixth stage, its control of wood type wasn’t inferior to Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Whenever the opposing soul pets’ Blood Rending Claw and Bloodlight Rupture was about to hit Chu Ning, there were always sturdy roots that wrapped around Chu Ning and his soul pets, rendering all their attacks null.

Chu Ning knew that he wasn’t powerful enough. Facing the core members of Yang Clan, his fight would definitely be very cumbersome. However, this fight was abnormally delightful, because there were two powerful soul pet trainers controlling their agile wood type soul pets in the battle, completely altering the situation!!

“Get rid of those two long range soul pet trainers!” Yang Xue naturally noticed that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s six supporting soul pets were far too overpowering, causing their unstrengthened normal commander ranks to fall into complete disarray.

With this yell of Yang Xue, Yan Dan bit hit teeth and rode his seventh phase warrior rank Odd Boulder Bird into the skies!

With an incantation, Yang Dan quickly retracted his two soul pets that were still being preoccupied by Chu Xing and went directly towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

A hundred meters wasn’t too long for the Odd Boulder Bird. In a few seconds, he reached them. Yan Dan decisively casted Dual Summon and summoned two battle soul pets, flying down towards Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu from above.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both rode dream beasts, and these dream beast owners also had a special synergy, completely ignoring the naive Yang Dan, as they continued to control their soul pets to help Chu Xing and Chu Ning in battle.

Ye Wansheng’s fighting strength was very high, and this guy was utterly just teasing the voluptous Yang Ling in the chaos of the battle. Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s soul pets were weaker, so Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s attention were primarily on them.

“You dare to ignore me, I’ll let you both die!!” Yang Dan laughed coldly in the air, directly commanding his two battle soul pets to leap towards Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi!

“Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

Two claws flashed past, cutting open Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s body, causing crimson blood to spray out!!

The two bodies slowly fell down. Seeing these soul pet trainers killed this easily, Yan Dan’s expression because somewhat strange, clearly feeling the two people were too easily killed.

In this fight, both were playing support roles, but their control of their soul pets was abnormally strong- they were clearly two teen experts. Yan Dan’s main goal was to interfere with their supporting, yet he didn’t think he would accidentally kill them both.

Seeing the two corpses in pools of blood, though Yan Dan felt it was abnormal, the reality was in front of him, and he couldn’t help but smile and think that this time, the team could escape danger was completely because of this assault of his. Surely the busty Yang Ling would finally take notice of him…...


Just as Yang Dan was still immersed in self satisfaction, three almost simultaneous large thunders sounded out. Pale lightning flashed through the dark night sky and fell on Yang Dan’s three soul pets!!

The numbness of the thunders went through his body, and Yang Dan suddenly woke up from the dreamland. Within the chaotic lighting arcs, he looked in shock as his two battle soul pets had been blasted to smithereens, and the two soul pet trainers were completely unharmed and still standing, having not even moved a centimeter!

“Night, Death Ray!” Chu Mu, from beginning to end, didn’t even look at Yang Dan, who rode his rock type soul pet in the sky, apathetically commanding his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dark type powers were also strengthened, so the Death Ray it casted was much stronger than Zhan ye’s Death Ray!


The Death Ray blew up on the Odd Boulder Bird and shattered it, along with Yang Dan riding it!

Yang Dan’s awareness was truly too weak. In front of two seventh phase Dream Beasts, he actually didn’t summon any mentally powerful soul pet to see through the two dream beast’s dreamlands. Instead, he chose to summon two battle soul pets, which were also lower in phase and rank than the dream beasts. In front of these two controlling soul pets, it didn’t matter how powerful they were.

Yang Xue saw Yang Dan shatter, and he immediately paled. Looking at the two women whose souls had already been continuously wounded, he clenched his teeth and made his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast block off Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy while he jumped onto his Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil and decided to make his getaway

Chu Mu often killed people, so when a person wanted to escape, he could tell with a glance. Seeing Yang Xue jump onto his Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil, Chu Mu immediately sent a command to his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Piercing Branch!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier whipped its arm around and immediately, it extended without bound, like two chains, intertwining and quickly wrapping around the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil!

“Let me help you.” Ye Qingzi immediately commanded her Wood Tray Spirit. The Wood Tray Spirit’s arms went into the ground and, after a few seconds, entangling roots grew under the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil. Just as the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil was about to break free of the piercing branch, the roots bundled up the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil’s feet.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s follow up technique for Piercing Branch was immediately casted. The two chain-like piercing branches quickly grew into countless thin branches. These branches were very flexible, and they were like a myriad of thin chains, interlocking and violently grasping the entire body of the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil, forcing its wings down!

Yang Xue was just about to cast a spell, but this guy’s mental fortitude clearly wasn’t that strong. In this crucial moment, he even said his incantation wrong, rendering him unable to cast any soul technique. With this pause, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s flourishing thin branches completely devoured him, even growing into his throat!

The branches entered Yang Xue’s body, going straight to his inner organs, piercing them, and finally poking out from inside…...

From inside the layers of the green thin branches oozed out fresh blood. Drip by drip, they fell stickily from up high onto the ground…...

“Sila~~~~~~~~~~” The Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil’s wings couldn’t open up, ripped into two by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s piercing branches and the Wood Tray Spirit’s roots, becoming a large pool of pus and blood that scattered everywhere in the air!!

Seeing the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil become pus and blood, Chu Mu specially looked at Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi was very calm when facing the blood. Seeing Chu Mu looking at her, she opened her mouth to explain, “My Wood Tray Spirit has a Decaying Poison Crystal. This Decaying Poison is very harmful towards Ghost Type soul pets, and it can directly melt their bodies while also not being affected by Ghost Type ghost poison.

As she spoke, Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon slowly started an incantation to form a Water Healing Light Screen that shrouded Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier casted Piercing Branch to kill the Ghost Winged White Bone Blood Devil, it had also contracted the ghost poison. Water Moon’s technique immediately cured it, saving Chu Mu from having to use a ghost poison resisting medicine.

After Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi got rid of Yang Dan and Yang Xue, Chu Xing and Chu Ning also killed off Yang Qing’s three soul pets. However, the two didn’t kill her, only forcing their Dire Wolf to push her in front of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

“Hahah, Little Girl Yang, these female soul pets of yours are all too fragile, unable to withstand the playing from my soul pets. You have any more soul pets? If not, then it’ll be my turn to play with you.” Ye Wansheng’s perverted laughter echoed throughout the low ground, causing the two female soul pet trainers who were still alive to feel a wave of terror.

The main reason the two female soul pet trainers were still alive was because Chu Mu didn’t fight. If Chu Mu fought, it was usually irrespective of gender, and killing when killing was needed. As for Chu Ning, Chu Xing, and Ye Wansheng with his face of pervertedness, they wouldn’t easily kill a woman who had already lost all fighting power.

Yang Ling was already pale in her small face. Especially after witnessing Yang Dan and Yang Xue’s death and having all her soul pets killed by Ye Wansheng, she was defenseless, only able to watch as the evilly laughing guy gradually stepped closer along with his three cruel soul pets.

Ye Wansheng had long since craved Yang Ling’s breasts. As he watched without restriction, he even extended his hands for a grope…...

Yang Ling already had tears flowing out, but she didn’t dare to resist, and was only able to allow Ye Wansheng to do as he pleased with her.

Ye Wansheng seemed to feel that being separated by a layer of clothes wasn’t satisfying enough and he was about to go further, but before he could lift up Yang Ling’s clothes, a root suddenly appeared under his feet!


Ye Wansheng’s lascivious laughter went rigid. Letting out a scream, he fell over and was dragged away by the root.

“Good sister, quick, let go of big brother, brother was only teasing the girl…… Yan, save me…...ah…...Ah…...Ah…..” The unevenness of the ground caused Ye Wansheng to continuously let out screams.

The eighth phase Flametail opened its mouth and wanted to send out flames, but after a bit of hesitation, it decided to not care about its owner who was getting dragged away by roots, looking instead fearfully at the cold-faced Ye Qingzi.


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