Chapter 1229: If I Sleep, The World Sleeps!

Chu Mu turned around. From his position, he could see the back of the throne perfectly, with the large half of its body on the ground.

“It is sealed, and doesn’t seem to be able to move, don’t worry.” Chu Mu comforted Princess jin Rou.

Chu Mu had been in illusions before. If they were really realistic, even if you knew it was an illusion, you could still be charged with emotions. Princess Jin Rou clearly entered an illusion just now where the organism on the throne was unsealed. From that, one could tell that the organism known as the strongest species, the dragon person, was probably a very powerful being.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head, her body still slightly shaking. She said in a very small voice, “It….. it isn’t sealed.”

“Not sealed? It’s alive?” Chu Mu paused and stared in shock at the organism.


Chu Mu’s heart shivered. If this thing was alive…...

Even the top tier species rank organisms had to become servants for it. This already showed the dragon people’s strengths. If it was still alive, maybe a single move of a finger could cause him to become ashes!

Chu Mu no longer dared to move. A human’s mind was like that; when one was ignorant, Chu Mu dared to speak out loud in front of the dragon person. However, knowing that it was alive, Chu Mu felt that even walking had an immense pressure.

“It says here that this organism….” Princess JIn Rou was just about to speak more, when a strange noise appeared in the main hall.

Princess Jin Rou opened her mouth, but had to swallow it halfway through as she started staring wide-eyed in fear around.

Chu Mu’s heart similarly tightened and he quickly hid his own aura. Slowly walking to a shadowed area near the door, he used his peripheral vision to sweep the room.

Chu Mu’s vision was blocked by the throne. Chu Mu could only see what was happening in the main hall through a reflective crystal surface.

In the center of the hall, two or three statues started to shake, their bodies slowly going from a petrified state to blood and flesh.

One of those statues was a dark death king. When the dark death king opened its eyes, it turned its head slightly and looked around, dazed, as it surveyed the surroundings…..

The dark death king and the two other organisms all recovered movement, but their body didn’t seem to be able to move yet. Chu Mu could only see their heads moving from the reflection.

Suddenly, the dark death king’s eyes turned to the crystal!

Chu Mu saw the dark death king through the reflection, meaning the dark death king could also see the darkness Chu Mu was in through the crystal!

Most importantly, the dark death king was an expert in dark type. Chu Mu hiding in the darkness was no different from him being directly exposed!

The dark death king’s pupils were quickly turning as a pair of eyes looked at Chu Mu without emotion!

He noticed! Chu Mu quickly realized he had been discovered!!

Chu Mu’s heart tightened. This dark death king’s strength was definitely much more powerful than he aws. If it attacked him, he would be hard pressed to run. Let alone, there were some organisms around the dark death king too.



Stranger sounds appeared from in the hall. Chu Mu subconsciously turned to look at the crystals on the other side and noticed even more organisms awaking!

“They…. They’re all awakening!”

Chu Mu’s heart sank. All the organisms in the courtyard were beings he couldn’t even take on one by one. With them all awakening at once, there wasn’t even a chance they could resist it!

“Chu…. Chu Mu…..” Princess jin Rou was shaking as her finger pointed towards the throne.


Suddenly, the throne organism’s upper half started moving!!

Chu Mu’s heart was even more seized up, as cold sweat dripped from his neck.

The Dragon Person awakened!!!

The organism able to make countless species offer their allegiance!!

Chu Mu stared blankly, and saw the lower half of its body and tail lightly wave. He felt his breathing stop.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou were both stock still, unable to say a word or even communicate. They stared wide eyed at the throne, scared that the dragon person would suddenly turn around and stare at them.

Princess Jin Rou hadn‘t forgotten the dragon person’s scary eyes yet.

The entire courtyard was in commotion as more organisms were awakening.

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou felt it was so silent they could hear their heartbeats.

The status lasted a few seconds. The waving of its tail got slower until it stopped moving and switched positions.

At that moment, the commotion in the courtyard slowly disappeared too…...

Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou held their breaths. When they realized that the courtyard recovered its original silence, they still didn’t dare to relax.

After a while, Chu Mu specially glanced at the crystal at the side to notice that it was completely still now.

The dark death king indeed noticed Chu Mu, and was about to speak as if to say something.

However, it was again no longer moving. It kept its mouth open as if to convey something, but it wasn’t quick enough.

The dark death king was now back to being a statue. The organisms near it were also a statue now.

Chu Mu’s gaze was on the other crystal, and he noticed that the scene was also silent.

The previously moving organisms all turned back to statues!

This process only took a few seconds, but the heart pounding experience made Chu Mu feel as if he just escaped a near death experience!

There were thirty or so statues in the hall, each able to easily destroy Chu Mu’s current state. Even if he faced a single one of them, he would be in grave danger, let alone thirty more. If they started an attack, there would be no chance of victory!

Of course, even scarier is the ancient dragon person!

When it waved its tail, Chu Mu felt his breathing nearly stop. Even without releasing any aura at all, Chu Mu could smell the extreme danger!!

After everything went calm, Chu Mu’s heart went even faster. This feeling of anxiety was something he had never experienced!

After a countless amount of time, Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou slowly calmed down.

“That was terrifying.” Princess Jin Rou said in a small voice.

“En. Almost lost my life there.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

If he died here for no apparent reason, Chu Mu truly didn’t know how to justify it to his loved ones.

This wind palace clearly wasn’t something he could wander around in his current rank. Chu Mu wanted to leave this place first. As for whatever Immortal Item, he would wait until he had the power to take it first.

“Let’s leave here first.” chu Mu said.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head and floated back to the wall painting before and said to Chu Mu, “We should be fine now.”

Chu Mu looked at Princess Jin Rou who suddenly had interest in reading the ancient words again, and became speechless.

Women were truly strange creatures. Just now, she was too scared to even speak, yet now she seemed to have forgotten all danger and now had the courage to stand around.

“Chu Mu, come to me.” Princess Jin Rou waved for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu walked over without a choice. Looking at the texts, he said, “I don’t understand them.”

“I feel safer with you here. You are my personal bodyguard, after all.” Princess Jin Rou smiled slyly.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. That was something from forever ago.

Princess Jin Rou was focused on the words above, but Chu Mu started reminiscing of past events.

At the time, Chu Mu felt that Princess Jin Rou was untouchable. Yet now, she truly was. Looking at her beautiful but half transparent spectral form, Chu Mu didn’t feel great either.

“En, that dragon person probably was stirring in its sleep, but its slumber isn’t finished.” Princess Jin Rou spoke to herself as well as to Chu Mu.

After a while, Princess Jin Rou seemed to have deciphered everything and turned to look at Chu Mu, “This last sentence is the exact same as the heavenly monument.”

“Those who receive blessings, please also bestow them on me?” Chu Mu asked.

“En.” Princess Jin Rou nodded.

“What does the large part at the top say?”

Princess Jin Rou gave a brief run down of the past of New Moon Ground to Chu Mu and told him that the species within here all lived in new Moon Ground at one point.

“So in the past, New Moon Ground was a treasured land?” Chu Mu sighed.

Since there would be powerful organisms, it meant that the land must have been very plentiful in resources!

“Afterwards, because of its appearance, the land weakened.” Princess Jin Rou pointed at the throne and said.

“Is it not their king?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head, “More accurately, it is their greatest disaster.”

“The gist of things is the ancient dragon person appeared and took a large amount of resources, making many existing species extinct and causing the remaining powerful ones all subservient to them.”

“This fellow for some reason was born powerful. All these powerful species were like slaves in front of their emperors when faced against him. It’s far beyond a simple disparity.”

“It was like a god, where all organisms in this world had to listen to its control.” 

“It loves to sleep, and often sleeps for thousands of years……”

“When it closes its eyes to sleep, the world sleeps with it!”

Princess Jin Rou said the description to Chu Mu.

After hearing this last sentence, Chu Mu felt his soul grow cold and suddenly turned around to look at the coiled up tail on the throne again!

“When it sleeps, the world sleeps…..”

“Does that mean that, since it keeps its eyes closed for sleeping, all these other organisms are forced to sleep with it?” Chu Mu was bewildered.

Princess Jin Rou nodded and was palpitating, “Just now, hopefully it was just stirring in its sleep…..”

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