Chapter 1228: New Moon Land’s Migration

Snow City was close to the second Heaven Boundary Monument, so Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou rushed there.

There were no plants growing around the Heaven Boundary Monument and on the vast and level ground, everything was barren and infertile. 

Specks of yellow sand danced through the air in a haze, preventing people from seeing the path in front of them clearly. The only thing that could be seen was a lofty and towering Heaven Boundary Monument that quietly stood proud. It was unknown how many years it had been there for. 

Seeing the Heaven Boundary Monument, Chu Mu’s heart felt slightly touched. If it wasn’t for its existence, he would probably still be lost in the world of slaughter, unable to recognize who he was. 

Chu Mu looked up at the Heaven Boundary Monument. For some reason when he stood under it, he felt that he had to stay grounded. If he tried to fly up above the monument, he would be committing heresy. 

“The wind palace wrote that we would be able to read the Heaven Boundary Monument… I don’t understand what that meant. Does it mean that only certain people will be able to see it?” Princess Jinrou’s words softly entered Chu Mu’s ears. 

After speaking, Princess Jinrou flew about the heaven monument and looked down from above to see if there were any words that could be deciphered. 

She looked very carefully and would occasionally place her finger by her lips in ponderance…  

Chu Mu stood there just watching her, waiting for her to find the answer. 

“Chu Mu, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this.” Princess Jinrou’s words floated down from above. 

“What words?” Chu Mu didn’t understand. 

“To those that have received favor, please repay the favor.” read out Princess Jinrou. 

Chu Mu was stunned. He had obtained a drop of Monument Tears from the Heaven Boundary Monument before and it was precisely because of the Monument Tears that he was able to return to his current state from being a half devil. Therefore, he was a person who had received Heaven Boundary Monument’s favor. 

But, what did “to those that have received favor, please repay the favor” mean? 

Could Heaven Boundary Monument want him to help with something? But what did this have to do with the words inside Wind Palace?

Chu Mu flew up to the words on the monument Princess Jinrou was pointing at. 

“Touch it to try.” said Bai Jinrou. 

Chu Mu slowly extended his hand and placed it on the words. 

An ice-cold feeling rapidly passed through his fingers and arms into his heart. It almost subconsciously made Chu Mu want to pull back. 

However, Chu Mu faintly felt something transmitting. It seemed to be the fragment of a memory or some ancient language that mysteriously winded around Chu Mu’s heart.

“This should be the key to Wind Palace.” said Princess Jinrou. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed and said: “I’ve gone back and forth so many times now. If there’s any important information, try and remember it. That way, we won’t have to come back again.” 

Princess Jinrou laughed too and said: “We won’t have to because we’ve made a grave mistake.” 

“What mistake?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Actually, Wind Palace is right under Heaven Boundary Monument. There’s a spatial incantation on the monument and if we read the incantation, we will be able to instantly enter Wind Palace.” said Jinrou. 

“Oh, really?” 

“Yes. It won’t be wrong. The world is divided into multiple planes of existence and the spatial nodes between individual planes will occasionally correspond. Are you prepared?” said Princess Jinrou. 

“Prepared for what?” before Chu Mu had responded, he saw that Princess Jinrou had already begun chanting a string of incomprehensible incantations. 

Simultaneously, a row of flashing words lip up at the very top of Heaven Boundary Monument. The row of words mysteriously floated down from the monument and rapidly formed a spatial vortex right at the very top of Heaven Boundary Monument. 

At the same time the vortex appeared, the entire world became incomparably dusky. It was as if all the light was being sucked away. If one stretched out his hands, it would be impossible to see five fingers. The only thing that could be seen was the strange spatial vortex hanging above their heads. 

Chu Mu still hadn’t understood what the relation between Wind Palace and Heaven Boundary Monument was when a force of power suddenly forcibly dragged him into the spatial vortex. 

“Hurry up. Perhaps we will be able to uncover some enormous secret.” Princess Jinrou let out a pleasant laugh, as she was the first to fly into the spatial vortex. 

Chu Mu naturally followed because Princess Jinrou had said there was an immortal item in Wind Palace. He was aiming for this. Even if there was no spatial pathway to Wind Palace, Chu Mu would still be willing to make a few trips back and forth there. 

The spatial pathway was a bit long. It seemed that there was a slight miscalculation with the direct plane the princes had just spoken of. However, it was still much more time saving that running to Snow City to enter the Universe Ice Gates, the icy mirror world and the caves. 

Princess Jinrou looked excited, resembling a girl who had found a new toy to play with. When she passed through the pathway, she didn’t stop making various guesses… 

As they chatted, a fire light appeared in front of them. 

The fire light was very familiar. It was the light from the hidden room. Passing through the spatial pathway allowed Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou to directly arrive on an ancient slab in the hidden room. 

“In the past few months, I’ve passed through countless spatial pathways…” Chu Mu muttered to himself. 

How could normal people have the luxury like Chu Mu of passing through spaces and staying out of the normal world. 

“The key. Hurry.” said Princess Jinrou. 

Chu Mu walked up to the wall that was hiding the words and slowly stretched out his hands. In his hands, he remembered the words “to those that have received favor, please repay the favor”.

“What does it mean? Could it be assigning some mission to me?” thought Chu Mu. 

As he was thinking, Chu Mu suddenly felt the cold feeling that had entered his heart separate and rapidly transmitted to the wall without any words. 

At this moment, closely packed and complex symbols appeared on the wall that Chu Mu still didn’t understand. 

A beautiful smile emerged on the Spectral Jinrou’s face. Chu Mu rarely ever saw her smile so simply. Normally, between her eyes and eyebrows would be a sliver of apprehension… 

"Let’s translate it.” Chu Mu helplessly looked at the large mass of dazzling words. 

“I’ll look first. I’ll tell you after.” Princess Jinrou charmingly focused her attention on the words recorded. 

Princess Jinrou could understand the ancient language, but her comprehension of them was not as fast as the modern language. There were several phrases that she had to mull along time over before understanding them. 

Chu Mu didn’t know when she would be able to fully comprehend the words. So out of boredom, he continued to walk around the hidden room and see if he could find any other objects. 

After finding nothing, Chu Mu returned to the hall, wanting to see if there were any objects left behind there. 

Princess Jinrou didn’t realize Chu Mu had left as she was earnestly focused on the words on the wall. 

“So Dark Sky Ocean and Eternal Ocean are actually linked together…” 

“That means that even further south of the small southern forbidden region south of Tianxia Realm is the ocean.” Princess Jinrou conjectured herself. 

“Oh? The northern wild forbidden region is also an ocean too…” 

“Eastern Wild Forest is as well?” 

“Could New Moon Land have been a peninsula a long time ago? Three of its sides were surrounded by ocean? 

“Dark Sky Ocean World is a small ocean while Eternal Ocean is a boundless ocean. In other words, New Moon Land is the most peripheral border between the continent and Eternal Ocean. It’s pretty much at the edge of the horizon and the corner of the ocean…” 

Princess Jinrou connected her findings with the world maps she had recently seen, and felt that this was the most suitable answer. 

“What are the Heaven Boundary Monuments? Could they have been a landmark some ancient person left here? But I don’t think it’s that simple.” 

“So the creatures in the hall were all creatures that used to habituate New Moon Land. Probably a long time ago. New Moon Land should be an extremely special territory, otherwise why would it attract so many peak species? However, as times changed or perhaps due to species, this place became barren. It wasn’t until 3000 years ago that humans gradually began to reside here and reproduce to create a human subspecies.” 

“But why did New Moon Land that once was the gathering place of so many powerful creatures deteriorate so quickly? Yes, there’s an explanation here… and here I thought they were intentionally keeping it suspenseful.” the corners of Princess Jinrou’s mouth faintly raised. 

Princess Jinrou slowly read and gradually her small mouth opened in shock… 

A moment later, the strong interest on her face gradually turned serious, before she finally revealed a slightly alarmed expression! 

Princess Jinrou’s body faintly trembled. Her entire being seemed to be enshrouded with fear. 

“Chu… Chu Mu…” Princess Jinrou panic-strickenly called out for Chu Mu. 

However, when she turned around ,she discovered that Chu Mu was no longer in the hidden room. 

“Chu Mu, where are you?!” Princess Jinrou was worried and anxiously searched for Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu who was sifting through items in the hall heard Princess Jinrou’s voice thought she encountered some danger and hastily used Displacement Specter to teleport to Princess Jinrou. 

Princess Jinrou saw the silver devil flames burn in front of her before Chu Mu’s body quickly appeared after. She calmed down a bit.

“What’s the matter?” asked Chu Mu. 

Princess Jinrou floated up to Chu Mu and hid behind him. She no longer dared to continue deciphering the words on the wall. 

Chu Mu looked at her scared appearance, and a trace of compassion surfaced in his heart. He wanted to open his arms and console her, but his arms passed through her shoulders without touching anything. 

Specter… Chu Mu had forgotten about Princess Jinrou’s current state. 

Chu Mu and Princess Jinrou spoke a few sentences before her emotions slowly began to calm. 

“What did you see?” asked Chu Mu. 

“I saw a pair of very terrifying eyes. I keep feeling that I’ve seen these eyes somewhere before.” quietly said Princess Jinrou. 

“Weren’t you deciphering words? Why did you see eyes? Was there something on the wall?” asked Chu Mu.

Princess Jinrou shook her head: “It’s an illusion incantation. As I read, I saw a few illusions. These illusions record the reason for the changes to New Moon Land. In the illusions, I saw a pair of eyes. The pair of eyes belonged to the main cause of the disaster. It is truly very scary. Extremely scary…” 

“The feeling I got when I looked in its eyes was like I would never wake up again. My body and soul were all controlled by it.” said Princess Jinou. 

“What did it look like?” asked Chu Mu.

“It’s half human… it’s lower half is somewhat flood dragon, somewhat snake and somewhat fish…. Oh! It’s the thing that was lying on the throne!!!” abruptly cried out Princess Jinrou in alarm.

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