Chapter 1227: Double Monument Land, New Moon Land?

“Old Li, what creature is this?” asked Chu Mu. 

The interior of the wind palace had been turned to stone. The sealed statues were pretty much all the strongest creatures from an ancient era. They were all standing like subjects in the hall and were all facing the enormous throne. Their expressions all wore reverence and fear towards the creature on the throne. 

Thus, the creature on the throne was definitely unordinary, and could likely be an existence from an era that was so inconceivably strong. Otherwise, why would so many of the limited powerful species even recognized as such in today’s world become its subordinates? 

“I don’t know… I’ve never seen this creature before.” Old Li shook his head and forced a smile. 

“There’s a line of words under the throne. Can you understand it?” asked Chu Mu.

Old Li shook his head again and said: “It’s too ancient, and I’ve never studied this language.” 

Although he couldn’t understand why things were the way they were in the wind palace, Chu Mu discovered a set of doors behind the throne. 

The outer frame of the doorway was a flood dragon and the interior of the flood dragon contained various complex words and symbols. Chu Mu felt dazzled just looking at it.  

Chu Mu attempted to use his hands to push the door open, but found that when he exerted strength, the words would sparkle, forming a restriction that pushed Chu Mu back. 

“Young Master, you must undo the incantation on top in order to open it.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He had seen the entire wind palace already. All there was were these statues. But behind them were a set of doors. If he couldn’t open the doors, wouldn’t he be unable to obtain any benefits? 

Chu Mu dithered for a long while. Since there was nothing to be obtained so far, the true treasure was most likely behind the incantation doors. This made Chu Mu even more impatient to see what was behind the doors. 

“Young master, since this place is the Universe Ice Gates, returning to Wanxiang City won’t require as much effort as returning through the Binding Wind Holy Region exit. Moreover, you know the path. How about you return to Wanxiang City and bring the young princess with you here. She has a deeper understanding of the ancient language and adding on some knowledge and memories from her dominator Devil Soul, I’m sure we’ll be able to find an answer.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu knew that just staring would be of no use. Thus, he had no choice but to return to Wanxiang City. 


When Chu Mu returned to the icy mirror world, Chu Mu inevitably felt he was going to go crazy from the atmosphere and walking alone. Fortunately, he could directly enter cultivation and relax his mind. With Mo Xie’s speed, he could probably reach the Universe Ice Gates in a few days. 

Upon exiting the Universe Ice Gates, Chu Mu took a brief rest in Snow City before having Soul Palace use a spatial talisman, so he could send word to Wanxiang City for the young princess to come to Snow City. 

Princess Jinrou had nothing to do normally and occasionally would go to Nightmare Holy Region to look at the state of the Devil Souls. Most of her time, she spent in the palaces reading. 

Everybody had things to do while she was a specter that just floated around. She constantly felt bored. 

When Chu Mu informed her that he had found an ancient site and required her to solve a problem, her eyes lit up. Without even thinking, she immediately flew to Snow City. 

Princess Jinrou had the strength of a dominator Devil Soul, so her flying speed was fast. Before long, she met up with Chu Mu in Snow City. 

“Weren’t you in Binding Wind Holy Region?” when Princess Jinrou saw Chu Mu, she immediately asked this question out of curiosity. 

Presently, Soul Palace’s Seven Great Holy Region’s Holy Palaces had been transported from Tianxia City to Wanxiang City. Princess Jinrou was curious though because he had entered Binding Wind Holy Region but had then run off to some far off place without telling everyone. 

“It’s a long story.” Chu Mu forced a smile. 

Princess Jinrou looked in Chu Mu’s eyes. Her crescent and limpid eyes flashed with a sliver of a light blue lustre. 

Subsequently, she let out a faint laugh and said: “So that’s how it was.” 

 Chu Mu was planning on explaining, but forgot Princess Jinrou could read minds. She could figure out mostly what he was thinking. 

Chu Mu was still thinking about the objects behind the doors so didn’t stay long in Snow City before heading back to the Universe Ice Gates. 

The icy mirror world was still beautiful and quiet like usual. Only this time, an awkward situation like what happened with Mu Qingyi wouldn’t happen again. 

Quickly, the two of them managed to reach the wind palace. 

The interior of the wind palace was the same as before. Princess Jinrou’s white tight-fitting dress floated back and forth in the hall as she attempted to comprehend the language. 

Chu Mu was impatient to learn what was behind the doors so the first thing he had her do was try to see if she could open the doors. 

Princess Jinrou spent a bit of time trying to understand the language. A while later, she said to Chu Mu: “Try again and see if you can push it open?” 

Chu Mu placed his hands on the two doors and used his hands to push.    

A crack instantly appeared between the two doors. The crack kept growing larger from which a ray of fire light seeped through. 

The door was opened. The structure of the interior room was an ancient hidden chamber. There were hovering balls of flames on the walls. These flames had probably burned for several thousands of years without extinguishing. 

The firelight managed to illuminate the entire hidden room. Chu Mu examined the room, and searched for treasures that flashed with light that others could not see.

Indeed, in a corner, Chu Mu spotted a special coagulating cyclone. The cyclone was thick and its strength was contained. This was definitely a wind type xuan item. 

“The wind energy outside the wind palace is very thick. There is an array here that has spent a long period of time absorbing the wind energy before finally transforming into a wind pearl. This wind pearl has probably been nurtured for a thousand years.” said Old Li. 

“Mhm. What rank is it?” asked Chu Mu. 

Currently, with the objects Chu Mu had access to, he probably didn’t value a thousand year object. However, this just showed that a dominator rank xuan item wasn’t easy to find. The world was so big, but the number of places that could quietly nurture a thousand year object weren’t many. 

“I’m not sure. Since it’s a wing xuan item, young master can just use it to strengthen Qin. In my opinion, its rank won’t be low.” said Old LI. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. He calmly put the xuan item into his pack. 

There were three elements outside the wind palace: wind, dark and ice. 

Chu Mu figured that since the wind had nurtured an array, there were probably also dark and ice type objects. 

Indeed, a moment later, Chu Mu found a dark pearl, and an ice pearl in two respective corners. The xuan aura of these two xuan items was rather dense. According to Old Li’s deductions, they were at least of the fifth rank. 

“Is there anything else? There’s a group of peak rank creatures outside so there can’t just be these few dominator rank treasures, right? Are there any that surpass the dominator rank?” muttered Chu Mu to himself. 

To the side, Old Li rolled his eyes and said: “Young master, you’re too imaginative. Xuan items that surpass the dominator rank are not called xuan items. They are called immortal items! Since it’s worthy of carrying “immortal” in its name, do you think that these objects can be found wherever?” 

“I was just speaking off the top of my head. There’s no need to get so aggravated.” said Chu Mu. 

As he spoke, Chu Mu turned to Princess Jinrou who was hovering against a wall. She was focused on the words on the wall. 

"To the side, Old Li’s face was filled with contempt. He maintained: That’s impossible. How could immortal items appear in New Moon Land?” 

Princess Jinrou ignored Old Li’s retort. Instead, she “pulled” Chu Mu next to her and then used her fair and translucent finger to point at the words on the wall. She said: “The wall records a few ancient things about New Moon Land. It’s so ancient that it probably precedes humanity.” 

“Precedes humanity?” Chu Mu quickly grew interested. 

“Yes. Human history in New Moon Land is only about 3000 years. This is a long time for us humans who only live for about 100 years. However, before humans occupied this piece of land, there were other creatures habituating New Moon Land. The creatures that habituated New Moon Land are likely the petrified creatures in the hall outside and their descendants.” explained Princess Jinrou

“That’s not likely, eh? Any one of those creatures has a dominator rank species rank. Why would those creatures habituate the infertile New Moon Land? New Moon Land’s resources should be incapable of providing for them, right?” said Old Li. 

“I don’t understand this part either. However, I once read in a history book that our New Moon Land has another name…” said Princess Jinrou. 

“What name?”

“Double Monument Land!” 

Double Monument Land. For some reason when he heard this name, Chu Mu’s body faintly trembled. Two solitary and enormous monuments that towered up to the horizon subconsciously surfaced in his mind.

“Heaven Boundary Monument… our New Moon Land indeed has two Heaven Boundary Monuments. 

As she spoke, Princess Jinrou once again “pulled” Chu Mu closer. She pointed to the last row of words on the wall and said to Chu Mu: “The part in front of you is a record about the Heaven Boundary Monuments. The meaning of the words is that you need to go to the Heaven Boundary Monuments and that if you can see them, then the deciphered text of the next row of words will appear on the opposite wall. I believe that the true secret of New Moon Land should be written on another wall. However, the key seems to be on the Heaven Boundary Monuments.” 

“So we need to make a trip to the Heaven Boundary Monuments?” said Chu Mu. 

Princess Jinrou nodded her head. 

“Ok. Let’s go look. Perhaps we’ll accidentally uncover a ten thousand year old puzzle.” Chu Mu’s attitude was optimistic. 

The truth was that Chu Mu was extremely curious himself. Moreover, this matter concerned the Heaven Boundary Monuments. Chu Mu had some indescribable fate tied with the Heaven Boundary Monuments so he didn’t have a reason not to pursue this matter. 

Before leaving, Chu Mu swept through the wind palace once more, but ultimately didn't find anything and left disappointed. 

But Chu Mu was actually very satisfied with three xuan items. Moreover, Old Li was being rather conservative with his estimates. The xuan items were probably not as simple as fifth rank xuan items. Perhaps he would be able to raise another soul pet to the high class dominator rank. He had truly made a huge profit on his long and arduous journey. 

Finally, Princess Jinrou had also said that there may even be an immortal item here! 

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