Chapter 1225: The Sacred Realm Wind Tunnel that Lead Towards Universe Ice Gate


Speaking of which, Chu Mu had entered the binding wind sacred region for about half of a year.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wanted to train for so long; he simply accidentally stepped into a directionless chaotic wind belt and couldn’t find the way back anymore.

Since he couldn't get out, Chu Mu decided to just train there. However, after a while Chu Mu slowly noticed that all the hegemons and overlords of the region seemed to recognize him. The moment they saw Qin and him, they would run their fastest to get away away, not giving Chu Mu and Qin a chance to train at all.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly. Was he really that scary?

Of course, this also proved another thing. He has been in the same wind belt for this entire time, entering a wind maze.

“Let’s catch one and ask them.”

Finally, Chu Mu put in quite a bit of effort, and caught a great leader of this wind belt.

The wind type great leader was utterly depressed. He had always tried hiding from this demon that entered his territory, yet he still ended up in his hands.

After Chu Mu asked for the directions, he let the wind type great leader go.

The sacred region needed a certain balance in ranks. Chu Mu won’t kill them excessively, causing the wind type great leader to be scared stiff for no reason!

If it knew the demon of a human was simply lost in his territory, it would  have just jumped out and led the way a while back. He and his other leaders didn’t have to suffer through the terrifying game of hide and seek.

Of course, the wind type great leader actually had sly intentions when he showed Chu Mu the way. He didn’t lead Chu Mu towards the path back but instead pointed Chu Mu towards the even scarier dead wind belt.

The dead wind belt was somewhere the wind type commander didn’t even dare enter. Legend says there were wind tunnels there that can easily transport people to strange locations.

Wind tunnels were a terrifying natural phenomenon to wind type dominator ranks in this realm. The wind tunnels didn’t have powerful energy that could instantly rip up one’s life, but it had a strange spatial distortion effect. One misstep and you would be thrown to a place outside of the sacred realm. To them, those places must be either Hell or some End of the World location…..    

Chu Mu naturally didn’t expect a damned wild soul pet to point him in the wrong direction like a crafty human.

After walking out of the chaotic wind belt, he slowly entered the dead wind belt. Chu Mu sensed the wind aura here was stronger than before. This, to a certain degree, meant the soul pets here were stronger.

Chu Mu had the intent on continuing his training so he stepped in gratefully.

Accidentally, Chu Mu lost all concept of time. He only knew that with the right xuan items, Binding Wind Spirit could reach middle class dominator rank.

Xuan items were a problem left for Qingzi. Chu Mu also trained Ning and ghost monarch king who were both dominator rank. With the right xuan items, they could reach low class dominator rank too.

“En? The wind ahead seems turbulent.” Chu Mu stood in place and felt the wind blow over from ahead.

In truth, the wind in the dead wind belt had never been calm or normal. If Chu Mu pointed it out as turbulent, it meant it truly was exceptionally aberrant.


Binding Wind Spirit flew around Chu Mu, its eyes glancing curiously ahead.

With a slight swipe of a finger, it created a spiral wind that pushed open the turbulent wind ahead as if opening a door.

Chu Mu was daring and adventurous, so he did not even hesitate to step into the strange wind current.

With Qin creating a windshield around him, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry about the wind hurting him. Walking along, Chu Mu vaguely started noticing something.

“Strange, the space here doesn’t seem very stable.” Chu Mu said to himself.

Chu Mu controlled space, and was naturally very sensitive to any spatial phenomenons.

After another while, Chu Mu slowly realized that this dead wind belt was very similar to a spatial whirlpool!

“Does this lead to another world?” Chu Mu was somewhat pleasantly surprised as he stared at the focal point of the spatial whirlpool.

Spatial whirlpools had a powerful spatial ripping force. Normal people would probably be ripped into pieces before even nearing the center of the spatial whirlpool.

However, Chu Mu had other type techniques, and was also nearly high class dominator rank. Such a whirlpool couldn’t threaten Chu Mu’s life.

Chu Mu didn’t care too much. After burning up with silver devil flames, he flew right into the wind tunnel.

The wind tunnel was like a spatial gate. Chu Mu was really curious where the spatial door in binding wind sacred realm lead to.


The roaring winds whistled by Chu Mu as his silver devil flames were nearly extinguished.

When he finally reached the wind tunnel, Chu Mu looked at his body slowly light back up with silver devil flames and forced a smile. He still underestimated this spatial whirlpool’s power. If not for Qin’s ability to stop wind, he would definitely be heavily wounded by now.

Can’t be brash, can’t be brash. Chu Mu reminded himself in his heart.

After reaching the wind tunnel, all the wind power disappeared. Chu Mu followed the spatial tunnel towards the other world.

The spatial tunnel was long. Chu Mu couldn’t even keep track of how long he had spent walking. It even brought back memories of having to go through the damned underground tunnel with Mu Qingyi.

Finally, Chu Mu felt ripples of energy ahead. Clearly, there was another wind tunnel up ahead!

Walking out of the spatial tunnel, Chu Mu immediately faced the damage of spatial storms. With some experience and being stronger now, Chu Mu was no longer as hard-pressed as the first time he went into chaotic space.

He unhurriedly dodged a few powerful spatial storms and reached the wind tunnel.

Going through, there was another powerful wind whirlpool. Chu Mu of course had to get out of this spatial whirlpool now.

The whirlpool’s power all pulled towards the center so entering a whirlpool was rather easy. Getting out was many times harder.

This time, Chu Mu didn’t enter brashly. He told little Mo XIe and little hidden dragon to escort him in case he got pulled back in.

“What? This place seems familiar.” Chu Mu looked up to see an abyss-like well.

Following that, he noticed the abyss had two caves extending out from the side!

Wasn’t this the abyss that Mu Qingyi and he had entered within the ice palace?   

Chu Mu remembered clearly that under the glacier that Mu Qingyi and he was in, there was a massive abyss that had a terrifying wind cave at the bottom.

At the time, Chu Mu remembered that 100 meters from the bottom was a cave that lead to the ice palace. Twenty meters away from the bottom was another cave. With their previous strength, neither of them could reach this cave because if they got any closer, they would both get sucked into the spatial tunnel at the end.

This time, Chu Mu had come out of the wind cave. The hundred meter cave was not far above him while the 20 meter wave was almost right beside him.

“Why is binding wind sacred realm and Universe Ice Gate connected?” Chu Mu’s mind was filled with questions.

“Young master, this isn’t really a strange phenomenon.” Hiding within the soul capture ring, Old Li spoke.

“En, please explain well.” Chu mu wasn’t in a hurry to go to the cave.

“Young master, I mentioned before but the world is split into many layers. Between these layers are chaotic spaces that organisms cannot live in. Let us assume that this binding wind sacred realm is one level below the normal world. This Universe Ice Gate is also one level below our normal space then. This means that if young master walks in the right direction, you will eventually go from binding wind sacred region to Universe Ice Gate.

“Young master has to remember one thing, though. Other than our normal world, every other world is incomplete.”

“Living spaces are like land while chaotic spaces are like the ocean. Our normal world is like a completely interconnected land mass. All other worlds are like islands in a vast ocean. So, as long as you could swim through the vast ocean and reach another island, you can go between these independent spaces.”

This explanation of Old Li’s was well described. This meant that the wind tunnel that he found in binding wind sacred region was like a bridge that didn't’ transcend dimensions but simply brought him from one island to the next.

Old Li also said to Chu Mu that similar dimension independent spaces could be connected by wind caves or spatial gates, but most of them were still independent. This bridge between binding wind sacred realm and Universe Ice Gate must have something special about it.

Chu Mu was a curious person. After understanding the situation, Chu Mu decisively dove into the 20 meter cave.

When he wasn’t strong enough, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi didn’t even dare near the 20 meter cave. Now that Chu Mu had two high class dominator ranks escorting him, the wind no longer posed a threat to Chu mu.

Many times, being able to do things he couldn’t do before caused him to be exceptionally happy. Chu Mu was currently experiencing this.

When he first entered the ice palace, Chu Mu had gotten a lot of good things. Presumably, the second cave would have even more special things!

Special opportunities were found only when one goes to places no one has ever been to, trekking regions no one dares to enter!

Of course, whether or not it was a special opportunity was still up in the air. Chu Mu just liked to daydream for a bit while he was happy.

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