Chapter 1224: Unending Trouble Part 2

During her two days of rest, Ye Qingzi discovered that the xuan atmosphere was extremely thick. Even a soul pet with normal aptitude wouldn’t weaken after staying a long time here.

Yu Suo also enjoyed this place. The most important reason was because she could absorb the good type energy here.

This divine and sanctified place was the embodiment of good. Yu Suo wanted one to two years to fully remove the old sec master’s cure because she planned on cultivating here for that long and raise her own phase and stage. 

After resting for about two days, Xiao Chan suddenly hastily ran in, requesting Ye Qingzi to come. 

When Ye Qingzi and Yu Suo reached the recuperating soul palace, Xiao Xueang stood there. Just like when Ye Qingzi had first seen him, he was expressionless but seemed slightly more depressed. 

Ye Qingzi was confused. The old man’s condition should have taken a turn for the better. It shouldn’t be like this. 

Besides Xiao Xueang, there were three golden armored guards standing next to the old man’s bed with solemn and cold expressions. When Ye Qignzi walked in, they all looked at her with coldness.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Qingzi asked. 

“His conditions has worsened.” Xiao Xueang creased his brows. 

Ye Qingzi was stunned and quickly walked up to the old man, planning on using soul remembrance to search. 

However, the six golden guards simultaneously used soul remembrance to suppress Ye Qingzi, preventing her from using soul remembrance to search. 

Ye Qingzi recalled her soul remembrance and looked confusedly at Xiao Xueang, Lu Yuqina nd Gate Master Han. 

Xiao Xueang waved his hands, indicating that the golden guards should retreat. He remained courteous and said: “Young Lady Ye, please take a look.”

Ye Qingzi realized something wasn’t right, but still used her soul remembrance to check. 

The moment she checked the old man’s soul, she furrowed her brows and examined everyone around her. 

“After me, was there anyone else who treated the old man?” asked Ye Qingzi. 

Xiao Xueang shook his head. Lu Yuqin shook her head as well. Gate Master Han hesitated, but ultimately shook his head too. 

“The old man’s condition worsened…” Gate Master Han reminded Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi felt everyone’s suspicious gaze and felt uncomfortable. She said: “After me there was definitely someone who used a curse on the old man; otherwise, it is impossible for this to happen.” 

“But after you, there was no one who treated the old sect master.” Gate Master Han felt a bit guilty, but still spoke righteously. 

Gate Master Han had a reason for doing so. 

On that day when Lu Fengnan had done something to the old man, Gate Master Han who was guarding outside kept feeling that something wasn’t right. Thus, he secretly broke open the barrier in an attempt to see what Lu Fengnan was doing. 

He discovered that Lu Fengnan was visibly using a technique similar to a poisonous curse. This had greatly frightened Gate Master Han who immediately wanted to arrest him.

Lu Fengnan knew that in order for his lie to work, he had to have Gate Master Han’s cooperation so told him about his plan. 

Lu Fengnan couldn’t stop half way so he dragged Gate Master Han with him, telling him that he already performed the curse. If something happened to the old man, Gate Master Han wouldn’t be able to absolve himself of implication. 

Moreover, Lu Fengnan knew that if the old sect master were to survive, Gate Master Han would be promoted. 

“Gate Master Han, I accidentally came to know from others that the reason the old sect master was ambushed by Darkness Sect has a lot to do with you…” 

Lu Fengnan’s words had since lingered in Gate Master Han’s ears. In an attempt to prevent himself from losing his reputation and to protect himself, Gate Master Han made a choice. 


Ye Qingzi knew for certain that someone had done something here. This person likely had authority in Divine Sect that was capable of hiding the truth of poisoning. 

Ye Qingzi was very meticulous herself, and knew that trying to figure out whether someone after her had done something to the old man was of no use. This was not her territory and she wouldn’t be able to find out.  

“There are a few xuan methods that can extract a person’s soul and temporarily cause a person’s life force to take a turn for the better. However, this situation will only last for a week. After a week, the life force will reach its end…” the leader of the golden guards said with a suspicious face. 

“Yes, Lu Fengnan also spoke of this xuan method.” said Gate Master Han, very timely. 

Ye Qingzi’s expression sank. 

Obviously, someone wanted to frame her. Ye Qingzi could pretty much determine who was doing this. 

Ye Qingzi ignored the questioning of those two people. She turned to Magistrate Xiao and said:

“Magistrate Xiao, only a week remains for the old man’s life force.”

Xiao Xuehan’s expression didn’t change as he nodded his head. 

“Let’s assume I had the intentions of poisoning the old man. This may be a bit unpleasant to hear, but the truth is it wouldn’t matter if I tried to save him or not since the old man is very difficult to save anyways. There would be no need for me to come here at all.” despite everyone’s suspicion of her, Ye Qingzi felt disdain towards this. 

“Perhaps you intentionally infiltrated our Divine Sect in an attempt to gain our trust…” said the leader of the golden guards. 

Ye Qingzi threw a glance at this man and determined that this guard was a problem. 

She ignored him, turning to Xiao Xuehan and asking: “Then in your opinion, do you agree with what they’re saying?” 

Xiao Xueang shook his head and said: “I trust Young Lady Ye.” 

Ye Qingzi nodded her head. If Xiao Xueang had the same view as others, Ye Qingzi would just ignore this matter. The old man’s life or death had nothing to do with her and there was no need to be schemed against by others. 

“I will continue to save the old man. I hope you all understand that this is the second time I will be saving the old man’s life. Because the second curse, if I’m correct, came from the hands of an excellent xuan teacher, could Magistrate Xiao please appoint a few trustworthy people to guard the old man?” Ye Qingzi word a trace of cold anger as she spoke. 

Since Magistrate Xiao chose to believe Ye Qingzi, he naturally agreed to her saving him and ordered everyone to leave. 


Ye Qingzi and Yu Suo remained in the room. Ye Qingzi’s heart still carried a trace of anger. 

This was the first time she had come to Divine Sect, yet she had nearly been set up by some bastard. The feeling of being questioned by others was very uncomfortable. 

“Hmph, I can’t believe there’s someone who tried to scheme against me!” Yu Suo was the first to speak with a cold voice. 

“It should have been the doing of the head disciple, Lu Fengnan. I knew from first glance that he wasn’t some broad-minded person.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“I don’t know how to undo the second curse he used. Do you?” asked Yu Suo. 

“I can’t fully undo it. I can only delay the outbreak of the poison curse. I have to reach the middle remembrance spirit dominator in order to undo it.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“Then delay it for a year for now. That Lu Fengnan isn’t an idiot. He knew first to make connections with people and make a good first impression. If I’m correct, Lu Fengnan will hide the thing he did and continuously cause trouble for you. He could even link you with people from Darkness Sect because if he paints you as a chess piece that Darkness Sect placed in Divine Sect, he can explain why you were willing to save the old man.” said Yu Suo. 

Ye Qingzi rubbed her temples. How did she end up in such a troublesome situation after just getting here. If she had known about this, she wouldn’t have come, and just peacefully stayed in Wanxiang City to cultivate. 

“But it’s perfect. You also need to raise your strength. Once you reach the middle remembrance spirit dominator rank, you will be able to clear up this situation. Just focus on cultivating and try and defend against Lu Fengnan’s various methods of dealing with you.” said Yu Suo. 

“Lu Fengnan is the head disciple of Xuan Gate, and his status isn’t much lower than Magistrate Xiao’s. Chu Mu, that bastard, imprisoned me for so many years so the plans I had originally deployed in Cloud Realm, He Border, and Great Border Kingdom have been thrown into disorder by him. I practically have nothing now so I naturally can’t deal with him. What I need to do now is slowly build back up my influence. If I clash with these types of people too early, it will bring huge trouble to me. However, you don’t need to worry either. When I have enough power, I will easily be able to crush Lu Fengnan to death!” said Yu Suo.

Ye Qingzi forced a smile. She couldn’t complete undo the second curse and probably before she undid it, she would have to stay inside Divine Sect and guarantee the old sect master’s life. 

Indeed, in order to hide his evildoing, Lu Fengnan would think of all kinds of methods to set her up. Only by maintaining the old sect master’s life could Ye Qingzi remain out of trouble. 

Ye Qingzi expended even more soul power this time. She had no choice but to admit that lu Fengnan’s xuan methods were above her’s. Moreover, they were much stronger. With her current strength, getting rid of the poison curse would require a lot of effort. 

After two hours of treatment, the old master’s condition gradually recovered to the state before Ye Qingzi had done any treating. His life force would be able to last for one or two months. 


“Hmph, has anything even changed?” the leader of the golden guards coldly harrumphed. 

“A week to live and half a month to live. Isn’t this a good change?” Ye Qingzi didn’t like the leader of the golden guard’s questioning gaze. 

Xiao Xueang saw that the situation was more optimistic than before and was slightly more relieved. 

The truth was that he had more belief that someone had secretly harmed the old man. 

He walked up to Ye Qingzi and said in a mental voice: “Young Lady Ye, unfortunately I’ll have to ask you to stay in our Divine Sect for a while longer. Whether or not you are able to heal the old man, we will treat you as an honored guest.”  

Xiao Xueang’s words were quite comforting and Ye Qingzi didn’t say anything further. 

“I’ll start a third treatment in three days that will be able to prolong the old man’s life to three months. In order to treat the root, I will have to use continuous treatments.” Ye Qingzi said to Xiao Xueang. 

“Mm, many thanks.” Xiao Xueang nodded his head. He turned to Xiao Chan and said: “Bring Young Lady Ye back to rest then go to the pavillion to retrieve a few xuan items for Young Lady Ye to recover with.” 

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