Chapter 1224: The Dangerous Lu Fengnan Part 1

Inside the guest palace, Xuan Gate’s head disciple, Lu Fengnan, was leisurely enjoying a cup of tea. Beside him was a Divine Sect female official attending to him. This female official looked very flirtatious. 

Although Lu Fengnang seemed to be ignoring her, while he drank his tea, he would occasionally throw a glance at the female official’s curvy body. 

“Master Lu, sect master… is sect master’s condition taking a turn for the better? Just, now when I came over, I heard a few female servants saying that the old sect master’s condition took a turn for the better.” inquired the female official

Xuan Gate’s head disciple, Lu Fengnan calmly replied: “I’ve looked over the old sect matter’s condition several times. How could it be possible for him to take a turn for the better, and I not know about it?” 

“Master Lu, it seems like you aren’t really hoping for the old sect master to recover.” at this moment, a cold voice rang out from outside. 

Lu Fengnan was stunned, and saw the simple yet elegant and beautiful Lu Yuqin walk in. The arrogance on his face faintly changed. 

However, he was ultimately quite prideful and continued to speak in a sanctimonious tone: “Us xuan teachers have seen life and eath countless times. If someone manages to survive in our hands, we won’t be gratified, nor will we be elated because this is the practice we have learned. As for those that die, we have no need to feel bad or pity…” 

Lu Fengnan’s words definitely had a second meaning. Lu Yuqin knew for certain that this man was one of those people that would save a sick person and then smile with joy and be immensely pleased with himself. 

“The old sect master’s condition actually did take a turn for the better. If you don’t believe it, you can go look yourself.” Lu Yuqin had no good will towards Lu Yuqin. Added on the fact this man hadn’t done anything to help the old sect master, she spared no politeness towards him. 

“I’ve already examined him several times…” 

Before Lu Fengnan had finished speaking, he saw a few others walk in. One of them happened to be the female xuan teacher he had scorned earlier.

It seemed that this xuan teacher was fine. Moreover, Lu Fengnan was astonished because Magistrate Xiao that normally didn’t give anyone face was treating her as an honored guest. Magistrate Xiao looked extremely grateful. 

Indeed, when Magistrate Xiao faced Lu Fengnan, he was never this genuinely polite. 

Every xuan teacher wished to obtain respect, especially those like Lu Fengnan. When he saw the power and authoritative magistrate Xiao treat this young female xuan teacher who came from an unknown place so respectfully, Lu Fengnan felt uncomfortable.

“Xiao Chan, the guest is a bit tired. Bring her to rest. In the future, you will follow alongside Young Lady Ye. If she has any requests, do as she says.” Magistrate Xiao glanced at the female official next to Lu Fengnan and spoke. 

Xiao Chan was Magistrate Xiao’s half adopted daughter. Her status was not very high, nor was it low. However, the first time Lu Fengnan came, he took a liking to her figure.   

Lu Fengnan was planning on using the remainder of his time here to make a move on her. He never expected Magistrate Xiao to immediately give Xiao Chan to the insignificant female xuan teacher. 

Lu Fengnan felt humiliated. He had painstakingly come here to help the old sect master prolong his life. He had expended much of his soul remembrance. It was fine that Divine Sect hadn’t given him a huge gift as thanks, yet they had gone so far as to send away the girl he had taken a liking to. Lu Fengnan wasn’t some Jianghu doctor that they could just send away whenever they pleased! 

“Magistrate Xiao, Xiao Chan is the person accompanying me. Moreover, she is a Middle Official in Divine Sect at the end of the day. How can you make her the attendant of some country bumpkin xuan teacher?” said Lu Fengnan. 

“Master Lu, please be more respectful with your words. This Young Lady Ye is my benefactor. Any words of ridicule towards her are words of ridicult towards me.” Xiao Xueang’s tone turned sharp and his eyes were ice-cold like snow! 

Xiao Xueang’s change practically caused a layer of frost to freeze over in the guest palace. Lu Fengnan was so frightened that he didn’t dare say anything. He just looked stupefied at Xiao Xueang. 

The atmosphere had instantly become strange. Under Xiao Xueang’s aura, even Lu Yuqin didn’t dare say anything. 

“Xiao Chan, did you not hear my words?” finally, Xiao Xueang coldly harrumphed and dispelled his frozen aura. 

“Yes, adoptive father.” Xiao Chan hastily nodded her head and ran over to Ye Qingzi. 

Xiao Chan was smart, and from the tone of voice and anger of her adoptive father, this Young Lady Ye could have really changed the fortunes of the old sect master’s illness! 

Therefore, saying that Young Lady Ye was Xiao Xueang’s benefactor was not excessive because Xiao Chan knew for certain that the person Xiao Xueang most respected was his father! 

“Young Lady Ye, please follow me.” Xiao Chan said in a low voice and extremely respectfully. 

Ye Qingzi really was a bit tired right now. Healing the soul expended a lot of soul force. Thus, she ignored that head disciple of Xuan Gate and followed Xiao Chan towards a mountain villa where various plants and flowers grew. 

Xiao Xueang still had things to do. Thus, he didn’t linger and turned around and walked to another immortal palace. 

As for Lu Yuqin and Xu Daofeng, they didn’t spare more attention on Lu Fengnan and walked in the direction Ye Qingzi had gone. In truth, they still couldn’t really believe in Ye Qingzi’s miraculous abilities.

“Gate Master Han, although your Divine Sect is powerful and you can see our small Xuan Gate as insignificant, but due to the words Magistrate Xiao just said to me, if something happens in the future, then there’s no need for Gate Master Han to come request doctoral assistance from our Xuan Gate. At least I, Lu Fengnan, will not come!” after Xiao Xueang left, Lu Fengnan finally spoke in anger and humiliation. 

Gate Master Han forced a smile. Seeing that Lu Fengnan was going to turn around and leave in a huff, he hastily grabbed him and said: “Master Lu, there’s something you don’t know. That Young Lady Ye truly did make the old sect master’s illness take a turn for the better!” 

“You also don’t know about Xiao Xueang’s temper. For those that save his father’s life, the favor he owes them is as big as Mount Tai! How could Xiao Xueang tolerate you debasing Young Lady Ye?”  

“Im… Impossible! How could she possibly cure an illness that our Xuan Sect is helpless in front of?!” Lu Fengnan stubbornly refused to believe this. He then came to a sudden understanding and said: “I know. She must have used some dark xuan method and extracted the old man’s final two months of life to today. For the next few days, the old man will look much better, and his condition will be very good, but in a week, the old man will have reached the end of the tunnel!” 

“This… this doesn’t seem likely. How about you go and look yourself.” said Gate Master Han.

As he spoke, Gate Master Han brought Lu Fengnan to the old man’s resting room. 

Pulling back the pearl curtain, Gate Master Han indicated for the guards and servant girls to retreat, letting Lu Fengnan examine himself. 

“Hmph, that woman definitely is not a good person. Watch me expose her!” said Lu Fengnan. 

Lu Fengnan glanced at the comfortably sleeping old man, and discovered that his complexion had actually taken a turn for the better. Most importantly, his soul had slightly recovered. Although it wasn’t much, it visibly hadn’t worsened.

Lu Fengnan furrowed his brows and immediately used soul remembrance to peer into the old man’s body. 

Before his soul remembrance entered, Lu Fengnan’s face was still full of anger, contempt and conceit. However, once he finished fully examining the old man’s soul and body, his expression froze. A moment later, it slowly turned to disbelief! 

“It… it truly took a turn for the better…” Lu Fengnan’s heart was in turmoil and for a while, he was stunned in place! 

How was this possible? 

Lu Fengnan refused to believe this and after his bout of shock, he checked and checked again. 

However, the truth was in front of his eyes, and it was no longer tolerant of Lu Fengnan’s disbelief. 

A random xuan teacher, moreover such a young woman, had managed to heal an illness that countless xuan teacher experts had been helpless towards!! 

If others were to find out about this, how would those reputable and famous old xuan teachers still have any face left? 

“This cannot happen. I cannot let her heal the old sect master!” 

Lu Fengnan gritted his teeth! 

The jealous, angry, and unwilling Lu Fengnan couldn’t care any less because he had to stop this! 

A no-name young woman was really able to heal the old sect master. This would definitely astound the xuan teacher world. The only person who should be able to do this had to be him, Lu Fengnan. How could it be a woman who came from god knows where?! 

“What’s the matter Master Lu?” the adjacent Gate Master Han saw that Lu Fengnan’s expression was dark and he couldn’t help but ask. 

Lu Fengnan returned to his senses and hastily hid his expression. He then feigned incomparable anger and said: “What turn for the better? It’s just as I said. The old man has a week at most to live!” 

“Huh? Then… then weren’t we just tricked by that girl?!” Gate Master Han had some friendly relations with Lu Fengnan and believed in his words. 

“Hurry and keep watch outside. Don’t let others enter and disturb me. I’m going to try and help the old man recover as best as I can!” Lu Fengnan said with a grave expression. 

“This… Magistrate Xiao instructed that nobody was permitted to touch the old man… it’s best if I inform Magistrate Xiao first.” said Gate Master Han. 

“By the time you inform him, the old man won’t have his life left!” said Lu Fengnan, very gravely. 

For a moment, Gate Master Han didn’t know what to do. But after thinking carefully, Lu Fengnan was ultimately the head disciple of Xuan Gate. He wouldn’t have the guts to lie. 

Thus, Gate Master Han nodded his head and went outside to guard the place. 

After Gate Master Han left, Lu Fengnan intentionally walked to the door and implemented a barrier, sealing him off. 

This barrier was necessary because if what Lu Fengnan was about to do were to be discovered by anyone, he would meet a tragic end. 

In truth, Lu Fengnan was feeling slightly regretful right now. 

He was about to take action on a vice sect master of Divine Sect! Moreover, from the ice-cold aura that Xiao Xueang had just exuded, Lu Fengnan could be 10,000% certain that the moment he was exposed, he would be caught even if he fled to the end of earth and would suffer the most terrifying punishment.

At this moment, his hands couldn’t help but tremble. 

Only, it would be hard to retract the words he spoke out of anger just now. 

“Hmph, the methods I use definitely will not be seen by anyone else. Even if they are seen… there’s still one place I can go!” 

Gritting his teeth, Lu Fengnan began to chant an incantation… 

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TL: Xiao Chan is literally translated as Little Chan. Not the same Xiao as in Magistrate Xiao

TL: Just for clarification, the Lu in Lu Fengnan is different than the Lu in Lu Yuqin. A more apt romanization/pinyin of the Lu in Lu Fengnan is “Lv” which should be pronounced Lew. But of course Lv doesn’t really work in English.