Chapter 122: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (2)

Chapter 122: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (2)

The two people that the Luo Region’s Yang Shi had sent out had been secretly disposed of by Chu Mu. If those fellows were slow reactors, perhaps they simply wouldn’t even feel an abnormality. Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast could use its Dream technique and sneak attack those Luo Region Yang Shi people.

The Luo Region Yang Shi people were also hidden in a shallow cave. When Chu Mu approached it, they seemed to realize that those two people had been gone for too long of a period of time and had begun to collectively mobilize. It would probably be very hard to sneak attack them.

Following behind Chu Mu was Ye Qingzi riding the Purple Robe Dream beast. Her Dream Beast could also hide in the black night, but was not able to completely blend into the dark night like the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Therefore, she was slightly slower than Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi walked in front of Chu Mu and from high land, her two beautiful pupils looked down at the four people approximately two hundred meters away.

“That’s odd, why are there only four? Where are the other two?” Ye Qingzi counted the people and began to ask Chu Mu.

It was a method for teams to normally keep their numbers at five people. Under special circumstances, six people would appear. There were also four people scenarios, but Ye Qingzi felt that they probably did not only have four. Moreover, it was very clear that the two people riding the Terror Wolf and Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil weren’t amongst the four.

“Those two disturbed other soul pets and are preoccupied with them. This happens to be perfect, lessening pressure on us.” explained Chu Mu.

While he spoke, the other three people caught up to them. Ye Wansheng swept his eyes over the four people, but he was even too lazy to examine the enemy soul pet formation. He promptly said the sentence “I will be the vanguard”, and immediately rode on his sixth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger, jumping off from the twenty meter high land!

Ye Wansheng had already begun killing, but the main fighters of Chu Xing and Chu Ning weren’t slow either. Both of them rode on their Light Rhinoceros and sped down from the highland, making their way towards the four Luo Region Yang Shi people.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi glanced at each other, and waited for the three of them to advance a certain distance before riding on their Dream Beasts and jumping off, following closely behind the three.

“Young girls of the Yang Family, your grand daddy has come to surmount you!” Ye Wansheng, who was riding on the Multi Colored Devil Tiger, let out a loud shout and adopted the attitude of a rapist!

The charging speed of the Multi Colored Devil Tiger was extremely fast. It was even much faster than Chu Xing’s sixth phase ninth stage Light Rhinoceros.

Chanting an incantation, while charging, Ye Wansheng separated his two hands and clenched in each of his fists were respectively two different colored rays of light.

The fire colored radiance flashed and quickly transformed into a red colored array. A black and brown colored radiance condensed and, as his fists opened, it also transformed into an accompanying summoning pattern.

Double summon, double patterns. One on the left, and one on the right. They respectively appeared beside Ye Wansheng and as his incantation was completed, an eighth phase Flame Tail and seventh phase Sword Beetle simultaneously ran out of the summoning pattern. Under Ye Wansheng’s orders, they charged towards the woman that Ye Wansheng was arguing with, Yang Ling.

Yang LIng saw that the fellow who had yelled at her inside the city had charged out of the dark night and was stunned. She abruptly realized the opponent’s intent, and instantly chanted an incantation, summoning her two other soul pets.

“Prepare for battle!!”

The Luo Region Yang Shi leader, Yang Xue, immediately gave a shout, making everyone summon their soul pets.

The four people of the Luo Region’s Yang Shi identically had only summoned one soul pet. Yang Xue’s shout caused the three people to slightly flusteredly chant an incantation, summoning their other battle pets.

The Luo Region’s Yang Shi were famous for their blood beasts. Of the four people, half of them had a different blood beast. The team leader, Yang Xue, further possessed a seventh phase Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil. As he summoned, the surrounding atmosphere was pervaded by a dense bloody mist.

Very soon, eight soul pets with different ranks and phases/stages appeared on this spacious low ground. A dense, bloody and wild aura promptly permeated the environment, creating a forceful bloody demonic gale that launched towards Ye Wansheng’s three soul pets.

Ye Wansheng was really brave and fierce. He was completely unfearful of the dense aura and under the escort of two soul pets, immediately charged into the opponent’s twelve soul pets and four people.

“Big brother, third brother, you guys can charge in with ease. I’ll act as your escort.” Chu Mu immediately said to Chu Xing and Chu Ning.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were not yet very adept at this kind of direct hand-to-hand fights. They both hesitated when summoning their other two soul pets, but Chu Mu’s words caused them to have even less hesitation. Under the leadership of Ye Wansheng, their battle pets charged towards the enemy’s camp.

Chu Ning’s Thunder Fairy wasn’t classified as a battle pet, so he naturally decided to have it enter its attack range and stop. He himself led his Light Rhinoceros and Mo Ye into the fight.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s three soul pets were practically all long range support pets, magic pets, and control pets. Moreover, the attack range of the two people’s soul pets were both more expansive than Chu Ning’s seventh phase first stage Thunder Fairy. The two of them stopped thirty meters behind the Thunder Fairy and quickly summoned their other four soul pets. Promptly, techniques were used and cast into the fight.

“Night, Death Ray!”

“Ning, Ice Sword Array!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was the first to be summoned, and its technique use was also the fastest. A dark light fermented in its mouth before it spat it directly at the team leader Yang Xue’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast a hundred meters away!


It had been a long time since the Ice Air Fairy had fought. Seeing that the opponents had around twenty or so soul pets, it immediately let out an excited noise. The more people there were, the more the ice type techniques were able to reach the highest degree of damage.

A plethora of ice crystals congealed above the Ice Air Fairy, and  itquickly formed seventeen terrifying ice swords with blades near seven meters long!!

The seventeen seven meter bladed ice swords floated in the air, making the spectacle seem spectacular. The adjacent Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu’s sixth phase third stage Ice Air Fairy had such shocking control ability, and her eyes flashed a rather astonished expression.

A sixth phase warrior rank soul pet was only equivalent to a fifth phase commander. At the beginning, Ye Qingzi was baffled as to why Chu Mu would summon a sixth phase warrior rank soul pet. She didn’t expect for this Ice Air Fairy’s ice type talent to be much more formidable than many commander ranks.


The Ice Air Fairy let out a long cry and suddenly, the seventeen large bladed ice swords flew up and flitted more than a hundred meters up in the air. They extremely accurately flew towards the seventh phase Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!

The team leader Yang Xue was planning on attacking Chu Xing and Chu Ning. He wanted to use his seventh phase commander to immediately dispose of them, but the terrifying Death Ray and shocking Ice Sword Array appeared, forcing him to dispel that idea.

The seventeen large bladed ice swords violently bursted forth. More terrifying was the fact that these ice swords were able to change trajectory mid flight. The tips of the swords, from beginning to end, were always pointed accurately at the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil!

The Death Ray exploded, forcing the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast back a bit.

The seventeen ice swords wantonly descended. The Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil used its wings to cut down thirteen ice swords, while the last four ice swords landed on its body, causing it to smash into the ground, covered in shattered ice dregs.

Yang Xue grit his teeth and lifted his gaze. He astonishingly discovered the Ice Air Fairy and Chu Mu controlling the Ice Air Fairy a hundred meters away.

“A hundred meter control!!” The female, Yang Qing, beside Yang Xue, was incomparably shocked, as she looked at Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy.

With a distance of a hundred meters, it was ostensibly very hard to accurately strike the opponent. However, this Ice Air Fairy had fully been a hundred meters away when it launched the technique, and even more terrifyingly, the seventeen ice swords had all struck the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil. This sixth phase third stage commander soul pet had unexpectedly knocked a seventh phase commander from the air onto the ground!

“Everyone summon their main pet. The opponents’ strength is extremely strong!” Yang Xue naturally realized that the opponent’s Ice Air Fairy’s control level was exceptionally high. Immediately, he didn’t hesitate to switch out the mount soul pet he was riding on!

“Hong hong hong~~~~~~~”

Yang Xue’s voice had just faded when three consecutive bolts of lightning abruptly broke across the sky. The magnificent purple colored lightning bolts vertically descended, and they ferociously bombarded the three soul pets that Yang Xue had summoned!

Yang Xue instantly chanted an incantation, covering his body in a lightning thunder shield. He protected the eighth phase Bloodthirsty Beast, but his Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil and Blood Winged Trioptic Beast which had just recovered their positions were knocked back to the ground.

“Another hundred meter control!” the flesh on Yang Xue’s face was twitching and his gaze fixated on Ye Qingzi and the Purple Robe Dream Beast that she was controlling a hundred meters away.

Three bolts of lightning, a hundred meter distance. Yet, they respectively struck the Bloodthirsty Beast, the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and the Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil. How was such a terrifying control ability not fear rendering?

“Haha, little Yang girl, when in the city, what kind of fun is there in french kissing? Right now we’ve taken off our clothes and are fighting flesh to flesh. Let’s see how many rounds of this grandfather’s assault you can resist.” Ye Wansheng was full of *** as he spoke and, without restraint, displayed his obscene and deceitful character.

A wave of cyan followed by a wave of white flashed across Yang Ling’s face. When Ye Wansheng had charged over, he had completely ignored everyone else and directly forced her to one side. Three soul pets were all targeting her, and she had just summoned a soul pet, not having time to complete the correspondence revision with her teammates when Ye Wansheng directly cut her off.

“Flame, first ignite for that little Yang girl a hot fervor.” Ye Wansheng used soul remembrance to tell his soul pet.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~” a scarlet red colored flame ignited on the eight phase Flame Tail’s body. It quickly formed a Molten Fury that suddenly exploded across the seventh phase seventh stage Fresh Blood Beast’s body!

The scarlet colored flame happened to be the Demon Fire Evil Flame that possessed double damage!! Although it was only at the servant rank, an eighth rank further equipped with Demon Fire Evil Flame meant its fighting strength was equally extremely terrifying!

The sixth rank Molten Fury, under this eighth phase Flame tail’s fire control ability, reached the seventh rank. Further adding on the Demon Fire Evil Flame's doubling effect, its might had become even more astonishing. The seventh phase seventh stage Fresh Blood Beast had yet to use a technique when it was knocked flying. Its body was full of burn wounds, as it crashed into a large rock.

Yang Ling never would have imagined this hooligan’s strength would be so formidable. She didn’t dare fight with him one on one, and she rode on her Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, wanting to rise into the air.

“It’s only been two rounds and you can’t even handle it. Don’t leave so hastily. This granddaddy’s soul pets are still full of power. Why don’t you have your female soul pets satisfy them before you leave.” Ye Wansheng let out a slew of trash talk while fighting. However, this trash talk angered Yang Ling so much that her entire face flushed red. Yet, she was unable to divert her attention to curse back.


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