Chapter 1218: Fire Wave, Destroying the Glaciers!

Fox Shadow split into nine, each clone not any weaker than a middle class dominator rank!

Mo Xie’s clones didn’t have many of Mo Xie’s techniques, but their sharp claws were enough to rip an enemy into shreds.

The foxes dashed around swiftly between the angry flames. Li Xu could no longer tell which was the real fox supreme. Under such a situation, Li Xu could no longer tell which was real and which was fake. Such a situation, Li Xu could only tell Sword Light Beast to take on a defensive state.

The Sword Light Beast was an armored beast, so its defense was one of the stronger ones. Or else, if it were any other high class dominator rank, it would have been heavily wounded under this assault!

The sword lights criss crossed, and the light tightly wrapped around the Sword Light Beast’s body. The moment Mo Xie’s clone came, the Sword Light Beast’s body. Once a clone of Mo Xie comes, the Sword Light Beast’s body would create a rack of swords that stopped the attacks.

The fox figures had nine shadows that attacked, each from a different angle. Li Xu was highly focused in case he made a slight error in judgement.

After the seventh fox figure attack, Li Xu slightly let out a breath. The swords’ defense still had a third, enough to block the last two fox hits!


When the eighth fox shadow appeared, it came from the side of the Sword Light Beast.

Li Xi immediately commanded Sword Light Beast to put up a sword on the side. Yet, when the fox shadow neared, Li Xu suddenly felt an extremely strong energy come at them!

“This….. This one isn’t a clone!” Li Xu yelled out.

The remaining third of the defense was enough to block the two figures’ attacks, but when the real hades purple emperor was before it, the defenses were meager.

When Li Xu told the Sword Light Beast to dodge aside, it was a little too late.

The purple claws flew through the sky like a comet, landing sharply on the Sword Light Beast.

The claws slashed aside the Sword Light Beast, the thick armor finally shattering in this moment. Blood spewed out like crazy!

In the cold glacial ground, five massive ravines appeared!

The Sword Light Beast fell into these ravines while it still bled, constantly leaking blood into the ice hole.

Standing up shakily, the Sword Light Beast clawed its way out of the cracks and stared furiously at the purple fox emperor in the sky.


The Sword Light Beast roared and a glow shot outwards, lighting up the surroundings like daylight.

Suddenly, the Sword Light Beast’s glow again gathered within itself, and became a beam that shot straight into the demon clouds above.


The light blew up in the demon clouds, expelling all the demon clouds and creating a dazzling gleam in the air!

Within the light, one could vaguely see a massive light sword fly over in a spiral!


With another roar, the light in the massive light sword tilted and whistled down in the night!

Mo Xie looked at the light sword. When it neared her, she simply slightly shifted her body to dodge the blade. The missed blade stabbed into the messy mountain, its height comparable to a mountain!

“Hu!! Hu!!! Hu!!!!”

Following that one, many more light swords whistled down.

Many organisms had techniques that rained down from the sky densely: Fire rain, icicle showers, rock rain…… however, those were nothing compared to the light blades because each of these light blades were the size of mountains. Even from far away, they seemed shocking in size.

The light swords flew through the sky, and were too dense and large to allow Mo Xie to continue dodging.

She lifted her legs up and, every time she swept them, it created a powerful shattering force that rendered the light swords into scattered light.

However, the light blades were indeed plentiful. Defending against it would only waste more time and stamina.

Wasting this time naturally gave Sword Light Beast some chance to breathe!

Mo Xie, of course, couldn’t let Sword Light Beast have his way.

“Wuwuwu~~~~” Mo Xie let out a long roar. The nine tails became massive mountain-sized dragons as they came over, starting to churn frenziedly.

As the churning got faster, the space surrounding the tails became more and more unstable, threatening to collapse.

Very quick, the nine tails created a powerful shattering force that was swung outwards with a flick, creating a shattering whirlpool towards the light swords’ source.

Wherever the shattering whirlpool passed, the falling light swords became scattered light. At last, even the light collection wasn’t spared, and the light scattered into streams of energy under the tearing force, falling from the sky and disappearing.

Li Xu looked upwards and glanced slightly dejectedly at the scattered light.

Li Xu told Sword Light Beast to cast the sword light cloud not to do a lot of damage to them, but instead to waste time so Sword Light Beast could make some adjustments. After all, after the series of attacks, the Sword Light Beast had many wounds already.

He never expected the sword light cloud to be shattered so quickly. Seeing the powerful fox supreme again launch itself over, Li Xu was angry, but had to admit that it was indeed powerful!

Mo Xie’s figure was still hard to catch. Before the Sword Light Beast could put up any defenses, it was struck again by a claw!

The Hades Fox supreme purple emperor’s claw wasn’t a normal ripping claw. This claw also had a shattering energy that got rid of the meager amounts of armor on its body and also shattered the glacial ground in a ten kilometer radius!

The glacier became ice dust that instantly pervaded the skies, as if a blizzard had struck them.

Powdered snow drifted towards further locations, buffeting the spectators’ faces, just as sharp as ever.

The powdered snow completely covered everyone’s vision. Higher remembrance people could vaguely see that deep within the flying snow, an angry purple flame started burning!

The light was fuzzy and unclear but one could vaguely tell it was a fire type diagram.

When everyone lifted their heads, they noticed that in the sky, another inverse flame totem was matching the one on the ground!


Suddenly, in between the dark sky and silent glacier, a heart trembling call pierced through the mist!


Shattering and rumbling soon followed the cry. Everyone stared wide eyed to notice that, on the angry purple flame totem in the sky, a creature large enough to cover nearly half the sky appeared!

This organism was completely made from angry purple flames, creating the shape of the fox supreme’s powerful and lithe body!

The fire fox supreme jumped out from the bottom of the sky diagram. Everyone saw it run upside down along the diagram that connected the heavens to the earth.

The heavens and earth should’ve been hundreds of thousands of miles apart, yet the fox supreme seemed to near the ground in a few mere steps!    

Suddenly, the fox slammed into the ground without pause, using its flaming body to cause the ground diagram to be even brighter!!

The purple flame energy exploded over the ground. People from afar could see a tsunami of flames ripple outwards from the center of the diagram!

The flames’ power could even stretch a few thousand meters back. This was something that was meaningless to dodge even if they jumped into the skies.

The brilliant flames pushed against the horizon towards the heavenly mountain range, seeming about to destroy the entire mountain range.

The flames imprinted on everyone’s faces. They stared in shock, fear, and dumbfoundness as they saw the flames devour the ice plains and mountains…..

Yet, they didn’t stop there. The powerful flames were at the feet of the mountains and were about to reach the main peak without pause. Feeling the heat on their faces, the spectators suddenly realized that the flames were about to devour them all!

“Barrier!! Everyone create a barrier together!!” The Spring Realm realm master yelled in fear!

“Summon defensive soul pets!!!”

“Ah!!!” It spread incredibly fast. Some people already let out screams from being unable to handle the heat.

The hundreds of thousands of people instantly fell into chaos. Compared to the flames, these people were just a few black dots in the unstoppable tide, easily being devoured.

Lu Yuqin, as the main judge, was at the center of the battle, and was too far to come back to save them from the flames.

The spectators were all soul pet trainers. In reality, if they all summoned their soul pets, they could easily block the edges of this flame technique. Yet, because there were a few hundred thousand of them, there were always a few weak ones that would instantly evaporate from the slightest touch of the flames because they were weaker. Adding on spreading chaos within the crowd, the situation only got worse.

When the flames came, it was like a disaster. Many people could feel death near them!

“Heng! Can’t believe you're making old me help!”

Just as the flames were climbing the feet of the mountain, the cloud gate old man suddenly humphed. His old body suddenly seemed taller as he flew towards the massive flame wave alone.

The old mans’ body was like a grain of sand in front of a tsunami, yet when the flames neared the old man, an ice beast suddenly appeared beside him!

The ice beast let out a roar and sent a ripple of coldness outwards!

The temperature suddenly fell as the ice sealing power turned on the flames!

The flames rolled forward slightly more due to momentum but the rampant aura was stopped and ice slowly froze it over!

The shocking purple was swiftly covered over by ice, and the temperature nearby finally fell a few degrees…..

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