Chapter 1215: Final Battle

“Lost…..lost again??”

The realm masters were numb at this point.

At this point, the Three Form Wind Envoy was full of wounds. Its once mighty mane was now tattered. Adding on its broken tail, it no longer was the dominating wind controller a few moments ago.

The Three Form Wind Envoy was breathing heavily. Guan Zhangming glanced at the Sunset Emperor Roc and noticed that it was weak under the devil flames of the half devil as well. Guan Zhangming’s expression was unbelievably dark.

He had put down the word in front of all the spectators, yet he was now in such a pathetic state. Guan Zhangming’s arrogance from his border city was nowhere to be seen.

“You’re just lucky you had ghost type. If you didn’t perfectly counter me, how could you beat me?” Guan Zhangming was ashamed and finally managed to utter some words.

“Losing is losing, why do you have so many excuses!” Chu Mu humphed.

Guan Zhangming gritted his teeth. With Chu Mu provoking him like that, he considered continuing fighting.

Thankfully, Lu Yuqin appeared quickly and announced the end of the battle to save Guan Zhangming. If they continued fighting, Guan Zhangming’s Three Form Wind Envoy was definitely going to become a soul within little hidden dragon’s body!

“Cloud Realm, lost!”

Lu Yuqin announced the end of this battle with an emotionless face.

Though Lu Yuqin had no expression on her face, her heart wasn’t completely calm. After all, the strength that Chu Mu displayed completely surpassed all expectations!

Cloud Realm again was defeated, which was expected by many of them at this point.

Wind type against ghost type already meant this battle was pretty much lost. However, before they knew it, New Moon Ground who no one favored had won six matches already!

This meant that with one more battle, New Moon Ground will permanently be independent from Cloud Realm and become the first territory in the past centuries to ever go independent!!!

There was no large gap to overcome between the two anymore. In fact, the controllers of Cloud Realm already feel Chu Mu nearing their necks with a cut throat blade, giving them huge feelings of danger!!

“It’s the last battle, if New Moon Ground wins, New Moon Ground will become independent from Cloud Realm and be protected by Divine Sect.” Lu Yuqin specially emphasized.

This emphasis created pressure for many of the Cloud Realm rulers!

“Realm Master Li has to fight now, right!”

“In the battle, though the Ghost Hidden Dragon defeated Three Form Wind Envoy, Ghost Hidden Dragon doesn’t have much strength left. Realm Master Li should be able to handle things quickly if he fights.”

“En, Realm master Li isn’t any weaker than Border Commander Wu Zhen or General Guan. Though New Moon Ground had such an expert appear, independence still isn't’ easy.”

“Realm master Li won’t lose!” Someone from Cloud Realm yelled.

Someone yelling this was already indicative of their unease.

At least, in the previous battles, no one even thought of the question of whether he would lose or not because everyone knew that New Moon Ground couldn’t possibly defeat a seventh rank realm master.

However, after the battles, the Cloud Realm people’s hearts were panicking. The two others that weren’t much weaker than Realm Master Li, Wu Zhen and Guan Zhangming, had already lost. This meant that if Li Xu went first, he would have been defeated already!

“Hehe, these people truly have the face to say that. From how I see it, even if Li Xu won, Cloud Realm had already lost all its face. They sent nearly the seven strongest person in their entire realm, yet they barely won. If this news got out, countless people would fall to the floor in laughter!” People in other realms started speaking too.

One could say that, up until now, the situation was getting more and more out of control. In fact, many outer realm people were subconsciously supporting New Moon Ground now, hoping it could find independence!

“Li Xu, is the last fight going to be you?” Lu Yuqin eyed Li Xu and asked.

Li Xu was already full of worry. Though others may think Chu Mu’s fighting strength was nearly finished, he would easily win for one more person.

But, Li Xu heard from Wu Zhen that there was a purple flame soul pet he owned that was also powerful!

However, if Chu Mu used Ghost Hidden Dragon to waste some of his strength and then summoned the purple flame soul pet, there was a very good chance he would lose!

“Looks like I should use some soul pets to waste his energy!” Li Xu made the decision.

Li Xu looked at Lu Yuqin respectfully and chanted an incantation to summon a wing type soul pet into the battle.

Li Xu never stopped chanting once he entered the battlefield. He summoned three middle class dominator rank soul pets at once!

The three middle class dominator ranks were wing type White Crowned Four Eyed Bird, Aerial listening Demon, and Fierce Bone Beast, all beast type.

Li Xu didn’t summon his strongest soul pet at once, causing everyone to understand his plans.

“This Li Xu really isn’t ashamed, and wants to wear away at Chu Mu.” General Mu already started swearing.

Border Commander Wu Zhen, Guan Zhangming, two high class dominator rank experts had gone before him, yet as a seventh rank realm master he didn’t directly attack and instead summoned other soul pets to waste away at his stamina. Such actions were truly shameful. General Mu was confused at how such a coward ended up being a realm master.

“Grandfather, don’t get worked up, Chu Mu should have a good chance.” Mu Qingyi saw Mu Zuoli starting to swear a little too loud and called him back.

“Have a good chance? That Ghost Hidden Dragon doesn’t have much power left. With three middle class dominator ranks wasting its stamina, it definitely won’t be able to fight anymore. What else can Chu Mu use to fight against the high class dominator rank of Li Xu?” General Mu said.

General Mu was very adamant and stood completely on New Moon Ground’s side. If not for Li Xu using near illegal tactics to switch realm masters around, they may really have won with their own strength. General Mu had already been seeing Chu Mu in a brand new light, so naturally he got worked up!

“Mr. Mu, Chu Mu hasn’t even summoned his strongest soul pet, don’t act as if we’re going to lose for sure!” Ye Wansheng said.

Mu Zuoli immediately stared wide eyed and in shock!

That powerful Ghost Hidden Dragon wasn’t even his strongest soul pet! This kid, just how many near high class dominator rank soul pets did he have?

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