Chapter 1214: The Absolutely Frustrating Ghost Type

Guan Zhangming was green with anger. Already getting hit close up in the first exchange was a humiliation to his wind type Three Form Wind Envoy.

The three form Wind Envoy got up from the snow. Its wind rune scorpion tail started waving around. The entire snow mountain’s tunnels and valleys started filling with tumultuous storms. The storms caused the snow and valley’s ice to get lifted up. Some weaker mountains were even blown apart and shattered in the wind!

“En, another white wind?” Chu Mu teased.

The angry wind came at LIttle Hidden Dragon filled with rocks, glaciers, and snow. LIttle Hidden Dragon responded by opening up its cyan wings!

The wings shifted forward to create a powerful meat wing shield, blocking all the winds outside.

“Heng, is the Three Form Wind Envoy’s techniques really that easy to stop?” Guan Zhangming humphed.

The storm roared and blew continuously at the LIttle Hidden Dragon’s wing shield. At first, all the wind dissipated when it hit the LIttle Hidden Dragon’s body. However, as the wind continued to blow, LIttle Hidden Dragon’s body started showing signs of decay.

Corroding wind!

The wind did not corrode LIttle Hidden Dragon’s muscles and bones yet, but was affecting its skin!

The corrosion was getting worse and worse. If the corroding wind never ended, LIttle Hidden Dragon’s skin and armor would be gone. Following that, the muscles, blood, and bones would all disappear as well, leaving nothing but rotten bits behind!

“Enjoy this. My Three Form Wind Envoy could last an hour doing this. In an hour, you won’t even have the chance to collect the corpse of your dragon!” Guan Zhangming laughed arrogantly.

Chu Mu met quite some opponents in his life, many that were arrogant and self-centered.

However, this Guan Zhangming was not only arrogant, but also egotistical to the point of madness!

“Your Corroding wind, can it even corrode souls?” Chu Mu said.

“Souls? Of course not, but once your dragon’s body disappears, what use is the soul?” Guan Zhangming said.

“Oh.” Chu Mu nodded satisfied.

This Guan Zhangming really was straightforward.

Since it can’t corrode the soul, why was this gust any threat?

“LIttle Hidden Dragon, ghost fade!” Chu Mu gave the command.

LIttle Hidden Dragon’s body immediately glowed with a blue that was contained within its body.

Under the blue ghostly light, LIttle Hidden Dragon’s skin slowly became clear as if it were a shallow reflection in water. One could see the LIttle Hidden Dragon, but also see the bottom of the water.

After becoming ghost state, the powerful corrosive wind just started going right through LIttle Hidden Dragon adn no longer posed a threat to LIttle Hidden Dragon.

The corrosive wind’s most terrifying property was its ability to corrode physical things. Now that LIttle Hidden Dragon had no real state, why did it matter how powerful the wind was?

“This…..this…. Your dragon!” Guan Zhangming saw LIttle Hidden Dragon’s change, and was dumbfounded.

Why did the empyrean cyan hidden dragon have a ghost type technique!

“If you thought Chu Mu’s dragon was just a normal hidden dragon, then you are very mistaken.” Prince Chao mimicked Guan Zhangming’s tone as he said that.

Everyone else nodded.

Guan Zhangming’s face slowly turned green. Remembering that there were ghostly winds before, he finally understood that this dragon had ghost type!!

The corroding winds couldn’t corrode souls. In ghost state, this dragon was completely immune to Three Form Wind Envoy!


Ghost state LIttle Hidden Dragon let out a roar!

Its body passed through the wild corrosive wind, its claw gathering hundred thousand souls along with a powerful dragon light that combined to create a darkening ghost blade that caused the entire world to darken.


The ghost blade flashed through with a hard angle. Three Form Wind Envoy dodged hurriedly, its long scorpion tail was still hit by the blade.

The Scorpion blade and the Three Form Wind Envoy’s lion bottom snapped off. Very quickly, a bunch of violent ghosts came and devoured the tailbone.

Breaking the tail caused the Three Form Wind Envoy to be slightly unbalanced. The three winds surrounding it suddenly lost one shade, and its body started being shaky!

Seeing the black wind disappear, Chu Mu rubbed his chin and said, “So that's how it works. The scorpion tail did the corrosive winds. That means the lion body probably created the red winds, while the lamb head creates the yellow binding winds?

Indeed, the wind envoy opened its mouth and the yellow binding wind suddenly became stronger!

“Break a tail of my soul pet, I’ll get rid of all your soul pets!” Guan Zhangming roared in shame.

The yellow binding wind could affect the soul. Guan Zhangming was angry, and was forcefully strengthening the binding winds now!

The binding winds were like ribbons that surrounded LIttle Hidden Dragon. The wind’s softness was something hard to struggle free of. Chu Mu simply told LIttle Hidden Dragon to remain as a ghost and use its spirituality to avoid the winds.

Dragon species usually didn’t have much nimbleness but the ghost type perfectly alleviated that.

The ghost dragon’s flight path was incredibly uneven. Sometimes the wings seemed like they were flapping forward yet the LIttle Hidden Dragon would fly backwards. Many times, even without flapping its wings, LIttle Hidden Dragon could move at extreme speeds in unpredictable fashions!

The yellow binding winds became denser, pushing LIttle Hidden Dragon to the bottom of the glacier.

Guan Zhangming laughed at this point, “Let’s see where you can escape. Are you going to escape by breaking through the hundreds of kilometers of ice?”

The binding wind was coming from all directions. At this point, LIttle Hidden Dragon couldn’t escape no matter how good its flight technique was.

The next moment, the deep yellow binding wind came over and LIttle Hidden Dragon, seemingly unable to escape, let out a whimper.

However, when the binding winds were about to catch LIttle Hidden Dragon, it suddenly turned around and darted back into the ice!

Darting into the ice didn’t mean smashing into it. The ice had a mirror-like effect making it LIttle Hidden Dragon's safest haven. Ghost type organisms could enter such mirror-like spaces without any problem.


The binding wind’s destruction wasn’t that strong. All of it landed on the thick glacier, and lost direction because its target had disappeared into the glacier!

“Ghost image!” Guan Zhangming’s face turned green as he bit down. How could he forget that ability of ghost organisms!

Unless Guan Zhangming shattered all the glaciers, there was no way the binding wind could touch LIttle Hidden Dragon!

LIttle Hidden Dragon’s ghost type was causing Guan Zhangming to go crazy. Spectators also felt the frustration of a wind type organism against a ghost type organism!

“Rip it apart!!!”

Guan Zhangming had lost his mind to anger, and simply started casting the most powerful red ripping winds!

The red lion mane started dancing, as visible gusts of red wind became cruel devil claws!

Red slashes flew through the sky, raking through the ground and creating countless deep gouges. The wind were like red devils that extended their powerful claws to rip everything in sight into pieces!!


The winds flew through and the glacial plains ripped open. A thirty meter long tear appeared in the glaciers.

“Hua!!! Hua!!!! Hua!!!!!”

Soon following, many more red ripping winds dived in and the glaciers were shattered. The frightening scene caused even the far away spectators to jump in fear!

Guan Zhangming was crazy. His Three Form Wind Envoy’s red ripping winds had no attack direction and seemed to be devoted purely to destruction!

Anywhere that a mirror could appear was visited by the winds.

Yet, this was a glacial world. Flat surfaces were everywhere. Since all the glaciers were interconnected, it was like an underwater world that LIttle Hidden Dragon could easily traverse at ease!

The battle went from heavenly mountain down to the other mountain ranges, to the glacial plains, and more. The near thousand kilometers of battle wreckage caused everyone to understand the true destructive force of wind type techniques at a high level.

At this time, near half of the glaciers in a thousand kilometer stretch was shattered.

Yet outside the thousand kilometer range, soul pet trainers’ visions were no longer clear enough to see the battle. People could only see that LIttle Hidden Dragon was finally forced out of the mirror world and was fighting the Envoy in the air. Occasionally, the red winds ravaged the land, but other times ghostly figures covered the skies!

The mountains shook and the sky changed. After a while, the two powerful high class dominator rank organisms pulled closer again.

“Hey, they’re slowly fighting their way back!” A spectator noticed.

The winds and ghostly light constantly bumped. Even now, no one knew what the battle was like. After all, the three form wind envoy had a beast’s body, and so its close combat wasn’t weak!

As they got closer, people could already see their battle form.

This was because the battle wasn’t unconsciously being brought back. Clearly, the Three Form Wind Envoy was stumbling around and getting hit back by LIttle Hidden Dragon one technique after another!

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