Chapter 1213: Little Hidden Dragon, Dragon Roar Heavenly Mountain!

 The Sunset Emperor Roc opened its wings, and its golden yellow feathers faintly trembled. Even without beating its wings, it was still able to remain stably in the air. There was no hint of trembling. 

Standing on top, Guan Zhangming glanced at the Evil Good Demon Concubine before looking at Chu Mu.

He saw that Chu Mu was looking calm and couldn’t help but squint his eyes. The corners of his mouth rose into a strange smile and he said: “Do you think that my Sunset Emperor Rock is my strongest soul pet? You’re gravely mistaken!”

Chu Mu was a bit confused when he heard this. The Sunset Emperor Rock was probably about as strong as Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon. In his opinion, since this man whose face was written with “I’m very strong” was placed behind Wu Zhen, he was definitely stronger than Wu Zhen. Why would he think the Sunset Emperor Rock was his strongest soul pet?

Chu Mu was muttering to himself that this man had issues when Guan Zhangming chanted an incantation.

Chu Mu wasn’t worried and didn’t immediately attack. From how Guan Zhangming presented himself, he probably had a powerful soul pet that was deserving of his arrogance. Thus, he grew serious himself.  

As the chanting imprints twined around, wind marks appeared next to Guan Zhangming and began to rotate.

The wind marks gradually transformed into fragmented pieces of a wind body under the soul pact halo. The fragmented pieces began to take the form of a creature with a scorpion’s tail, a lion’s body and a ram’s head!

Its body was an indigo color and its skin was imprinted with strange wind charms. It looked both domineering and mysterious. Imperceptibly, small wind vortexes would appear and disappear around its body!

When this wind type creature’s full body took shape, the airflow from the ten thousand mountains, heavenly mountain and vast snowy mountains all suddenly disappeared. There was no longer any wind in the world!

Before people managed to feel the lack of wind, the wind charms on the wind creature’s body lit up and tornado after tornado appeared around it.

Although these tornadoes were small, they contained the entire airflow from the icy world!

In an instant, a violent wind bitingly swept through the sky, filling the air with snow!!

The world instantly was flipped from serenity to restlessness, filling the air in these ten thousand kilometers with a murky atmosphere!!    

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The fierce wind roared in Chu Mu’s ears, causing the silver devil flames on Chu Mu’s body to dance in the wind. If the wind power were to blow on a lower ranked dominator rank creature, its body would probably be torn apart!

“This probably is a Three Form Wind Envoy, right?” Chu Mu looked at the elemental creature formed by three different creatures, and muttered to himself.

Three Form Wind Envoy had never been seen in New Moon Land and Chu Mu only knew of its existence after arriving in Cloud realm.

The wind the Three Form Wind Envoy controlled had three colors. One was a dark black color. This wind passed through the skin and entered the bones, infecting both the skeletal system and innards. Strong defense was incapable of stopping it.

One was a yellow color that pervaded the horizon. This wind contained binding and shackling energy. When this omnipresent yellow colored wind appeared, it meant that the entire sky and earth was under the control of the Three form Wind Envoy. Stronger soul pets would be incapable of escaping its absolute domain.

The last was a blood red wind. It could instantly destroy a creature’s body and shatter its life force. The wind would turn an even darker red color after this because, in all senses of the phrase, there would be a rain of blood!

“Brat, come and fight me. If I’m satisfied with the fight, perhaps I’ll leave you alive!” laughed Guan Zhangming.

His laughter darkened the sky. The blue sky that had just returned to a calm state was once more covered by thick black clouds that swallowed numerous of the towering mountain peaks.    

As the corroding wind swept through, the whimpering sounds were like countless malicious spirits weeping and howling. Those that heard this felt their blood run cold. 

Chu Mu could feel the onslaught of the corroding wind. He glanced at the Evil Good Demon Concubine. He didn’t have intentions of letting her continue fighting.

He chanted an incantation and recalled both the Evil Good Demon Concubine and Yu Suo hidden inside the flower throne to the soul pet space. Then, he once more chanted an incantation.

Inside the soul pact space, Little Hidden Dragon could no longer hold back the fighting spirit in his heart. Before Chu Mu’s incantation had even completed, he used a spectral technique to fly out.

The corroding wind’s effect on the Little Hidden Dragon’s sturdy body was like a squall of wind striking a rock wall. There was no effect.

Chu Mu knew the Little Hidden Dragon was eager to fight and warned it: “Don’t let the corroding wind enter your skin.” 

The Little Hidden Dragon nodded its head. The scales on its body flashed with a cyan dragon light. The dragon light seemed to congeal, forming a cyan armor that protected its body.

With the dragon light armor defense, the corroding wind genuinely had no effect on the Little Hidden Dragon.

“Why is it not the purple flame soul pet?” Guan Zhangming creased his brows, and looked at Little Hidden Dragon. 

Not only was Guan Zhangming surprised, but Li Xu, Wu Zhen and the others were extremely shocked!

Against the high class dominator rank Three Form Wind Envoy and the Sunset Emperor Roc with strength no less than the Rock Wing Dragon, he only summoned a middle class dominator rank Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon? 

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s species bloodline may be tyrannical, but Three Form Wind Envoy’s species rank was not low either. Moreover, with strength lacking by a class, did they really need to fight this round out?

”He probably wants to summon a few middle class dominator creatures to exhaust Guan Zhangming first.” said Wan Meng.

“Yes, that could be possible. However, this brat truly has many high ranking soul pets!” said Wu Zhen.

Not just anyone in Cloud Realm had a middle class dominator. The strength Chu Mu had displayed was enough to put him unquestionably at the top of experts.

“That’s strange. Why is Chu Mu letting the Little Hidden Dragon fight?” Mu Qingyi’s eyes were full of confusion.

Mu Qingyi was certain Chu Mu could only have Mo Xie fight in this circumstance. Mo Xie’s strength still was uncertain at this point and as night approached, Mo Xie would still have a chance of defeating the remaining two people. 

However, to her surprise, Chu Mu had summoned the Little Hidden Dragon!

“Eh… what is Chu Mu up to? Is he playing with his opponents?” Prince Chao forced a smile.

Just now, General Mu had actually believed Chu Mu was going to summon an even stronger soul pet. Yet, he ended up only summoning a middle class dominator. It was possible to instantly see which side was stronger and weaker.


Guan Zhangming thought the same as Wan Meng. Chu Mu wanted to use his soul pet to exhaust him and then delay until the final fight. 

Guan Zhangming silently sneered. This brat had definitely underestimated his Three Form Wind Envoy’s explosive strength.

Guan Zhangming wouldn’t give his opponent the opportunity to exhaust him. He would instantly kill this Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

“Blood Wind! Rip it apart!!” ordered Guan Zhangming.

In the dark wind, a bloody wind suddenly appeared and began to rip about. Each stream of wind resembled a bloody several kilometer long blade in the hands of an executioner. 

When these countless bloody blades began to dance in front of everyone’s eyes, these spectators subconsciously began to search for safe places to hide. Despite being several ten thousand kilometers away, they were afraid they would still be struck by these terrifying bloody windstreams. 

The bloody blades struck closely one after the other. This technique was capable of instakilling a middle class dominator; Guan Zhangming evidently had no intentions of showing mercy.

The Little Hidden Dragon stood in place, and as the three or four bloody blades hacked at it, it suddenly opened its mouth that was filled with fierce teeth. In one bite, it bit these invisibly bloody wind blades!


The three or four bloody wind blades fell apart with a single bite!!

Immediately after, a cyan and spectral blue light congealed on the Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon claw. It smashed into the bloody wind blades and a huge number of the bloody wind blades were rendered into harmless red breezes that blew in between the Little Hidden Dragon’s claws and by its arms.

As even more bloody wind blades attacked, the Little Hidden Dragon opened its large mouth again and a Dead Soul Dragon Cry roared out from deep in its throat!!

“Ao hou!!!!!!!!”

In the Dead Soul Dragon Cry, countless dead souls transformed into a magnificent army that galloped forth!

Wherever the dead soul tide passed, the blood colored wind blades would all dissipate!

The blood red windy sky was instantly turned into a fiendish chilly wind. What was ripped apart wasn’t the Little Hidden Dragon’s body, but rather the Three Form Wind Envoy’s blood red wind technique!

The Little Hidden Dragon’s roar contained the force of three attributes, completely revealing its aura and strength. Its imposing majesty shook the heaven and earth, causing a number of the spectators to pass out!!

“This… this dragon… this dragon is a high class dominator!!” Li Ziran involuntarily cried out!

Li Xu, Wu Zhen, Wan Meng, and the other realm lords were all dumbstruck. Their ears were still ringing from the Little Hidden Dragon’s roar!

A high class dominator rank dragon!!!

Their guesses earlier had been instantly proved wrong. However, how could these Cloud Realm experts believe that this man, who came from New Moon Land, would have such powerful soul pets!

Indeed, only Wu Zhen, Mu Zuoli, Li Xu and Guan Zhangming from Cloud Realm had high class dominators!

Yet, this man had defeated Wu Zhen, summoned a high class dominator and most importantly, still had a mysterious purple flame soul pet.This meant that at least two of the four Cloud Realm experts had to be mobilized in order to fight against this man. Such strength was above everyone in Cloud Realm!

Did this soul pet trainer truly come from New Moon Land, a third rank realm??

“Ao hou!!!!!!!!!”

 Little Hidden Dragon gave a second dragon cry, stunning the crowd.

At this moment, Li Xu and the others came back to their senses and saw that the dragon had used a strange movement to approach the Three Form Wind Envoy and use a claw to smack it into the boundless icy snow ground!

A single confrontation, and they were already at a disadvantage. The experts from Cloud Realm were ashen-faced. It was no longer possible to describe their emotions.

“My god! Chu Mu is too heaven-defying! Six months ago, the Little Hidden Dragon was only between the low class dominator and middle class dominator rank. How did it suddenly become a high class dominator in the blink of an eye?!” Ye Wansheng couldn’t help but cry out.

Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, Xu Daofeng, and even Ye Qingzi were stunned.

From the low class dominator rank to the high class dominator rank in six months. Was there any strength increase speed faster than this??

Moreover, this wasn’t at the warrior rank or commander rank. This was at the dominator rank!!

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