Chapter 1212: Border Territory Expert!

The battle had ended for a long while, but he was still looking at shock at the sky. 

The Cloud Gate old man’s turbid eyes flickered with a strange color. He stared at the evil good demon concubine and seemed to remember something. Yet, he didn’t say it out loud.

“Is that really the Evil Good Primogenitor’s direct descendent?” muttered the Cloud Gate old man.

The Cloud Gate old man was very certain Chu Mu came from New Moon Land. But he didn’t understand why such a powerful flower type creature would appear there!

Lu Yuqin was looking with shock at Chu Mu. Initially, she was like the Cloud Gate old man and thought that the flower type creature with two different auras was the direct descendent of the Evil Good Flower Primogenitor. 

However, after the fight ended, she began to question this because, there ostensibly were no Evil Good Flower species this tyrannical among the Evil Good Flower’s direct descendants. 

“Even… even Border Commander Wu Zhen lost…”

“Border Commander Lost. Who on earth is this Chu Mu? Even Border Commander Wu Zhen couldn’t beat him!” Those from outside the realm began to discuss amongst each other.

In this territory, those who were able to reach the middle class dominator rank were famous people. Yet, they had never heard of this person that was able to defeat Border Commander Wu Zhen!

“Did you see? Did you see? It’s as I said, hahaha. He really did beat the Border Commander!!” Liao Yu excitedly shouted. 

As for those youngsters who had said with certainty New Moon Land’s people would lose to Border Commander Wu Zhen, they were also in shock. In their hearts, the Border Commander was already the strongest person. How would they have expected him to lose when fighting a mere third rank realm?


When Lu Yuqin uttered these words, Li Xu and the other Cloud Realm realm lords faces were deathly ashen.

Border Commander Wu Zhen’s strength was at the pinnacle of Cloud Realm. Li Xu and Mu Zuoli represented the highest positions in Cloud Realm, but even if they were slightly stronger than Border Commander Wu Zhen, it would not be by much.

The strength Chu Mu exhibited was enough to defeat Wu Zhen. This meant that if they were to fight one on one, Chu Mu was capable of defeating any one of them here!

This amount of power was truly capable of threatening them!!

Li Xu, Wu Zhen, and Wan Meng had always believed the so-called King Chu of New Moon Land was just a man with strength that slightly surpassed his own realm, yet dared to act so brashly in Cloud Realm. They never expected the outcome to be like this!!

“Where on earth did this brat come from!” the defeated Wu Zhen grit his teeth. As the great commander of a million man army, he had unexpectedly lost to a no-name brat. How would his reputation be able to survive this? 

“Did… did you or did you not investigate his background!!” Li Xu fiercely glared at his subordinates and angrily yelled at them.

“This… this little one did investigate. He really did come from New Moon Land. However, it’s said that the original ruler, Ling Chan, was also defeated by him…”

“Ling Chan? That man whose eye was dug out?” Li Xu thought of something. He seemed to remember Ling Chan finding him many years ago in hopes that he could recommend him to Border City.

Back then, Li Xu had no interest in New Moon Land, and didn’t understand this piece of territory. As for Ling Chan who had come from New Moon Land, Li Xu saw that he hadn’t even broken through to the spirit dominator rank and his composite strength was only near the middle class dominator rank. Ling Chan was already old so he couldn’t be of much use. Thus, recommending him to Border City’s Li Clan was not too realistic so he found an excuse not to.

“That’s right. This subordinate gave this area a search. He was expelled to New Moon Land 100 years ago and was only some insignificant fellow. However, he ended up obtaining numerous benefits in New Moon Land and reached the dominator rank. Nonetheless, he was killed a few years ago by Chu Mu, Chao Lengchuan, Mu Qingyi, Liu Binglan and Bai Yu… When that happened, Chu Mu’s strength was near Ling Chan’s. However, it’s said that he still has a purple flame soul pet which has heavenly strength. There have been people who have seen a single one of its tails knocking over ten dominator creatures flying…” hastily explained Li Xu’s subordinate.

All this information was obtained from the mouths of New Moon Land’s people so it wasn’t complete since there were no rumors about the Evil Good Queen in New Moon Land.

“Purple flame???” When the wounded Border Commander Wu Zhen heard this, his face turned extremely unsightly.

“Shouldn’t it be silver devil flames?” Li Xu looked at the silver devil flames on Chu Mu.

“Li Xu, didn’t I tell you not long ago about the purple flame creature in Wen City that defeated my Rock Wing Dragon?” Border Commander Wu Zhen’s face sank.

“Yes.” Li Xu nodded his head and said: “It’s that creature which rank you are still uncertain of, right?”

The moment he said this, Li Xu abruptly realized something, and he looked with shock at the hovering Chu Mu!

“Wu Zhen… you… you’re saying that when this brat fought against you in Wen City, he didn’t use his devil or devil flower concubine?” Li Xu cried out involuntarily.

Wu Zhen nodded his head and the flesh on his face twitched. He said: “When he ran amok in Wen City, he fought me with another soul pet. It was the one with purple flames!” 

This man had another even stronger soul pet!!

When they fought in Wen City, the Rock Wing Dragon hadn’t been its opponent and Wu Zhen hadn’t even been able to clearly see what the soul pet looked like, nor what species it was!

“He… he still hasn’t taken out his full strength and managed to beat you?” blurted out Wan Meng who had trembled as he listened.

Wu Zhen fiercely glared at this fatty. He cursed to himself: would this fatty die if he didn’t say those words?? 

All of the realm lords heard Wan Meng. This included Li Ziran, Yong Guang, Li Changning, and even 46th City’s City madam who was still cursing and swearing she would get revenge on Liu BInglan. They were all now looking at Chu Mu, somewhat doubtful that this young man from New Moon Land could have such terrifying strength.

“It seems that we’ve truly underestimated our opponent.” a while later, Li Ziran softly sighed.

When he was in Wang City, Li Ziran didn’t think the man he employed to find Devil Souls would be this strong!

“Hmph! There are still two fights. Even if he has another stronger soul pet he hasn’t summoned yet, what does it matter? Don’t tell me that the two of us cannot get rid of this brat!!” Just then, the tall and sturdily built man next to Li Xu coldly harrumphed.

“I didn’t say we couldn’t get rid of him. It’s only that this brat truly is a bit…” Li Xu coughed.

Underestimated their opponent. This time, they had truly done just this. Perhaps if they had fought properly and honestly, this independence fight wouldn’t be so close. Li Xu was secretly rejoicing over his despicability.

“Wu Zhen, your two soul pets rely on erupting with power. Against a flower type soul pet, they are obviously helpless. Of course, a high class dominator being defeated by a middle class dominator, moreover in a one against two, is truly a bit embarrassing.” mocked the tall man next to Li Xu.

Border Commander Wu Zhen was normally not polite towards anyone. Nonetheless, when this man spoke to him, Wu Zhen could only restrain his flushed face. He didn’t dare retort.

It wasn’t that his strength was vastly inferior to this tall man. Instead, he was very afraid of his status.

“Li Xu, if you had to personally take action as a mighty seventh rank realm lord to deal with a third rank realm, you would become a laughing stock. I’ll get rid of him!” the tall man stepped forward, walking to the edge of the glacier.

He first glanced at Lu Yuqin, and politely bowed before summoning a wing type soul pet to fly to the battlefield.

The wing type soul pet the man summoned was a Sunset Emperor Roc, a middle class dominator.

The aura of its strength was slightly weaker than Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon, but it was much more agile than the Rock Wing Dragon.

The Sunset Emperor Roc opened its wings. It just happened to be approaching sunset and when the light from the sunset illuminated the glacier, the entire glacier world was dyed a golden yellow color. Its accentuated the Sunset Emperor Roc’s majesty as it flew through the air. As for the man dressed in the yellow robe, riding on its back, the haughtiness he displayed was in full effect!!

This arrogant act was unrestrained. His dazzling light-blue eyes with a light purple luster carried the contempt of an elitist. Whether he was looking at enemies or his own people, including Realm Lord Li Xu, his eyes inevitably contained contempt!

“Who is this person? Why does it look like he’s looking down on everyone here except for Lu Yuqin?” Ye Wansheng immediately asked the adjacent Mu General, Mu Zuoli.

“It’s not that it seems like it. He genuinely is looking down on everyone. This fellow has never looked another person eye to eye, at least when it comes to outside Border City.” said General Mu.

“Oh, he comes from Border City?”

A seventh rank realm, eighth rank realm, ninth rank realm, tenth rank realm, and then came Border Territory. 

The number of experts in the seventh rank Cloud Realm were already like clouds let alone Border Territory that was four ranks higher than Cloud Realm!

Indeed, when one mentioned Border Territory and Border City, many people couldn’t help but subconsciously feel veneration. 

“Cloud Realm belongs to Border Territory. Within Border Territory, a few of the larger families and powerful factions will delegate experts that they put much effort into cultivating to various large realms. After completing a few meritorious contributions, these experts will then be called back and be able to justifiably assume an important position.These people pretty much all have limitless futures in Border Territory and will easily achieve great success. Coming to the realms is similar to a brief tempering period of them, or in other words, a formality.” said general Mu.

“No wonder this fellow acts like he’s number one under the heavens. Hmph, wait until Chu Mu beats him so badly he’ll have to look for his teeth on the ground. We’ll see if he still acts arrogantly then.” said Ye Wansheng.

General Mu, however, forced a smile and said: “Guan Zhangming’s strength is definitely above Wu Zhen. If Chu Mu doesn’t have another stronger soul pet, this fight could actually end here.”

“Hehe, how are you certain that Chu Mu doesn’t have another soul pet?” laughed Ye Wansheng.

General Mu was stunned and looked astonishedly at Mu Qingyi who was next to him. He said: “Don’t tell me he has an even stronger soul pet?” 

Mu Qingyi faintly smiled, but didn’t say anything.

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