Chapter 1211: The Dominant Flower Ancestor(2)

The flower maze slowly started shaking as the war beast and rock wing dragon started casting beast type techniques like crazy, leaving the dangerous yet beautiful maze in a mess.

Yet, while they were destroying the maze, their bodies were also slashed, poisoned, weakened, hypnotized, and bloodied…….

None of the negative effects had much of an effect on the two of them alone, but when they were all stacked together, it cut 20% off their power directly.

After getting out of the maze, Border Commander Wu Zhen was already very irritated.

Wu Zhen was a war monger. He had a special passion for pure and powerful soul pets. From what he saw, power was what could defeat all. That’s why his soul pets were all beast type soul pets!

In this battle, yet, Wu Zhen felt as if all his soul pets couldn’t use all of their strength. Random techniques here and there always made his soul pets’ attacks feel like they were attacking an ocean. Though a lot of splash happens, the sea returns to its original state afterwards.

Plant world organisms had an advantage over beast type organisms in their restrictive abilities. Yu Suo controlling Evil Good Flower Queen was showing Chu Mu how to perfectly occupy the enemy, and cause their advantages to disappear while she wasted away at their strength through mental distraction, flower diagrams, restrictions, softening, poison, and more.

Chu Mu’s soul pets were mostly going the power and force route as well. Even Evil Good Flower Queen was something Chu Mu felt was a very forceful soul pet.  

With this battle, Yu Suo used many small techniques to reduce the rank gap and weaken her opponents. This caused Chu Mu to learn a lot.

Chu Mu was going to remain on his own power and force route, but at least Chu Mu knew that if he ever went against a plant world soul pet expert, he would at least be ready, and not be defenseless like Wu Zhen’s poor soul pets.

“I’ll step you into the ground!!!!!!”

Wu Zhen was getting increasingly impatient and roared.

At this time, Evil Good Immortal Concubine’s blue lips curled into a smile!

An attractive but slightly cold laugh came. This time, the laugh was no longer charming and arousing, but instead full of mockery!

A bunch of blood red lotuses opened up in the sky, each flower beautiful and inviting to the eye.

However, at the center of all these flowers were poisonous teeth!

Devouring Flower!

War Beast relied on its steel armor and stampeded right through this sea of devouring flowers, trying to go towards the Evil good Immortal Concubine. The gust surrounding it became a forceful storm as it sped over swiftly. Wherever it went, the devouring flowers were ripped to shreds.

Evil Good Immortal Concubine’s smile was still there. Her elegant vine arms lifted up and activated the entire devouring flower ocean, becoming a bunch of biting flower mouths!

The poisonous teeth were all exposed. Chu Mu looked at the glinting devouring flower mouths. He vaguely remembered that these poison teeth were the same as Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spikes, being able to ignore defenses!

Wu Zhen was relying on the War Beast’s powerful defense, yet these devouring flowers’ teeth could easily bite through the armor. Before the War Besat could make it far, the storm near it was dispersed by the flowers, and its body was covered in countless flower mouths!!


With the first bite, its iron skin was marred with deep gouges!

Following the first, the other devouring flowers started biting and tearing. The War Beast was already weakened and tired from before, so its defenses weren’t as good as they were. Almost every bite of the devouring flowers could deal substantial damage to the War Beast.

The devouring flowers were beautiful as lilies, yet who would have expected that they gathered together to be this terrifying, able to bite the war beast bloody and expose even some of its bones!!


War Beast’s roar shattered all the devouring flowers but its body was already bloody like a few layers got taken off its body. It was a gruesome sight.

“Every bite of the devouring flower takes away a hundredth of the enemy’s life force no matter how high your rank is. He lost around 20% of his life force. Adding on previous efforts, its battle strength isn’t even half of its peak.” Yu Suo said.

After War Beast’s strength was weakened this much, Evil Good Queen didn’t have to worry about its direct assault. After all, Evil Demon Concubine was also very violent!

The vine arm became two bloody red and poisonous whips. The whips danced in the air at high frequencies. Frighteningly, a casual whip from the devil whips on the ground was enough to leave a valley-like mark!


The devil whip landed heavily on the rock wing dragon’s body. Even the dragon’s rock skin was whipped apart and its heavy body knocked back.


Another hit came, the long devil whips like a dragon’s tail whip. This hit caused the Rock Wing Dragon’s chest armor to all come loose, revealing its rib cage!

With two whips, the rock wing dragon was already shaking, its eyes full of anger quickly becoming filled with newfound terror!!

Though they were both middle class dominator rank, the rock wing dragon was like a child in front of the Evil Good Flower, unable to even fight back amongst the whipping!

The high class dominator rank war beast wasn’t faring much better than the Rock Wing Dragon. Its iron-like skin was already gone because of the devouring flowers. Though Evil Good Flower Queen’s vine whips weren't quite high class dominator rank strength, it wasn’t too far off!


The whip landed on the war beast this time, causing the war beast’s back to split open with a bloody wound, frightening to all spectators!

“B-..... bite its devil whip!” Wu Zhen was red with frustration, nearly coming afire from anger.

The war beast was a high class dominator rank after all. Even while it was bloody and lost so much fighting strength, it could still turn around and bite the evil good flower queen’s devil whip!

The war beast didn’t snap it, but instead pulled at it and forcefully brought the Evil Good Immortal Concubine over! 

Leaving the flower base, the Evil Good Immortal Concubine’s Flower Demon King form was shown in front of everyone.

The sacred blue and red intercrossing skin, the vine-like long hair that gathered before her chest, the blue waist that ended with what looked like a robe but instead was countless vines gathered in a robe-like stem that obscured any form of legs.

Many people still enchanted by the immortal and concubine hallucinations were jolted awake. Seeing the half human being, no one had devious thoughts about it anymore, but they all went cold.

Who would have thought that the perfect woman they were imagining would suddenly become like this? If not for the war beast pulling it out, they may still be lost in the hallucinations.

Evil Good Demon Concubine flew through the sky and, when nearing war beast, its whips quickly fell to create two women-like arms.

However, at the palms of these arms were poisonous snake fangs!

Chu Mu fought with Evil Good Flower Queen before, and knew clearly that it was similar to his half devil form; it had the ability to fight up close well. With its defenses destroyed, the war beast pulling the evil good immortal concubine over was like pulling a bundle of thorns towards itself!

Indeed, the poisonous snake fangs bit deeply into the war beast’s body before it could even launch its own attack!


The war beast roared painfully, and spurted out blood.


The fangs went even deeper and started tearing against the sides of the wounds, going straight for the war beast’s innards!!

Wu Zhen briefly was stunned before quickly realizing this attack was likely to end War Beast’s life!


At this time, the rock wing dragon appeared in time, and pushed the Evil Good Flower Queen off with a wing slap

The Evil Good Demon Concubine flew outwards, as the Evil Good Flower Base floated over to catch her.

She extended a demon arm and extended her snake=like tongue. Licking the blood off its claws seductively, another smile came onto her crimson lips.

Yet, this laugh was no longer charming the world. Instead, it raised the hackles on every spectator as their souls felt a strange coldness.

With blood continuously pouring out, War Beast was beyond bloodied and battered.

And feeling War Beast’s life force swiftly deteriorating, Wu Zhen had to stomach all his anger and unwillingness and bring his soul pets back to cloud realm territory to get healed.

After Wu Zhen left, the only thing remaining in the sky was the flower petals of the Evil Good Demon Concubine. Her demonic, seductive, yet powerful aura caused all the onlookers to be shocked and couldn’t calm down.

Everyone there, including Lu Yuqin and Cloud Gate old man, had never seen such a powerful yet strange flower type soul pet!

Flower type soul pets were split in two types, one type supportive and healing while the other devouring and poisonous. Though there are battle oriented flower type organisms, many soul pet trainers still regarded them as weak in real combat.

However, from this never seen flower type organism, they saw an astounding battle where it defeated two stronger organisms by itself!

It was hard to imagine this world had such a powerful flower type species!

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