Chapter 1210: The Dominant Flower Ancestor (1)

Evil Good Queen’s mental petrification wasn’t very useful against the War Beast. Wu Zhen realized the strangeness of the flower type organism, but he just gave up and started launching forceful assaults on the evil good flower queen.

The advantage in rank meant that he knew Evil Good Queen couldn’t block too many attacks from his soul pets.

The War Beast stamped through the air, the unstoppable aura like a massive iron mountain pushing forth.

The evil good queen was in a disadvantage due to its rank. One had to say that Wu Zhen’s straight forward strategy was working. After a few Iron Charges, Evil Good Flower Queen was pushed back multiple times. Even with techniques, it was getting forced back.

War Beast pushed forth and forced Chu Mu to fly by the Evil Good Flower Queen to help her stop the War Beast’s attacks.

However, at this time, Chu Mu suddenly felt a mental ripple from his first soul.

Chu Mu slightly furrowed his brows and was just about to investigate it when the War Beast hit him with an iron assault, causing Chu Mu to fly out and become nearly paralyzed with the aftershock.

“Heng, let’s see how you help the flower demon now!” Wu Zhen humphed and commanded the rock wing dragon to occupy Chu Mu.

Evil Good Flower Queen’s defenses weren’t weak. Chu Mu wasn’t afraid that the War Beast could break through their defense so quickly.

Chu Mu stopped in the sky, and stared at Evil Good Queen.

At this time, Evil Good Flower Queen’s petals were spreading and created a flower screen in the sky to cover up Evil Good Flower Queen.

At the same time, Evil Good Queen’s eyes suddenly blossomed with an evil and gentle glow split between the left and right eye.

Evil Good Flower Queen’s skin changed, and the petals changed color to become crystalline and pale.

The sacred blue petals covered the Evil Good Flower Queen’s face, creating a sacred blue mask that covered her slowly humanizing face.

The head of vines slowly became blood red and started floating with the gust. Sacred blue and blood red was no longer mixing, instead becoming a pure crimson over the entire person.

Now, if they saw the Evil Good Flower Queen, they could no longer see the flower angel’s appearance. Only the arrogant queen remained atop a frozen mountain shrouded with flowers, her duo colored pupils staring down at everyone.

Evil Good Queen!

Chu Mu looked at Yu Suo who combined with Evil Good Queen and furrowed her brows.

Evil Good Flower Queen was the secondary soul of the queen. The main soul was Yu Suo. Yu Suo combining souls wasn’t something that needed Chu Mu’s permission.

However, she was becoming Evil Good Queen by herself. However, Chu Mu wasn’t sure if she was trying to escape right now.

Looking at her Chu Mu was going to cast an incantation immediately the moment she tried to escape, closing her in a soul pet space.

“Want to escape?” Chu Mu said with her mental voice.

“You don’t know how to use Evil Good Queen’s techniques.” Evil Good queen looked at Chu Mu with disdain.

Chu Mu laughed coldly. Though he didn’t know why the woman suddenly wanted to fight, since she wanted to display Evil Good Queen’s true skill, he would let her command it.

Chu Mu indeed didn’t know Evil Good Flower Queen well. Chu Mu knew that in Wanxiang City, Evil Good Queen was middle class dominator rank and could easily defeat the middle class dominator rank Slaughter Beast. This meant that Evil Good Flower Queen had the ability to defeat ranks above itself.

It was this reason that Chu Mu summoned Evil Good Queen alone to fight the high class dominator rank war beast. Sadly, Chu Mu discovered that the Evil Good Flower was indeed stronger than the same rank Rock Wing Dragon but could not defeat the War Beast.

“I don’t need Evil Good Flower Queen’s power to defeat it.” Yu Suo was still arrogant, wanting to prove to Chu Mu just how poor his ability to lead was.

As she spoke, the crimson allure slowly disappeared and the Evil Good Flower Queen’s appearance.

Evil Good Flower Queen and Evil Good Queen had a fundamental difference. Evil Good Flower was on a massive flower base, which Evil Good Queen’s main body, evil good demon, also called Evil Good Immortal Concubine.

Evil Good Immortal Concubine was only similar to humans in terms of figure. Its skin, hair, pupils, and arm were all flower demon status. Adding on the hallucinatory effects, it caused people to see the flower immortal and flower concubine.

After becoming an Evil Good Queen, the figure was actually just Yu Suo herself, except more attractive.

Yu Suo didn’t want to expose herself in front of everyone so, before the flower screen disappeared, she immediately hid her human appearance within the Evil Good Flower Queen and used only its powers.

“Hengheng, just some techniques to trick the eye. Watch me step right through it!” Wu Zhen yelled.

War Beast again started a wild charge towards the Evil Good Flower.

Without Chu Mu even giving a command, the flower demon on top the flower already released a string of charming laughs.

The laugh floated into Wu Zhen’s ear, and caused Wu Zhen to momentarily lose focus, going from telling War Beasts most powerful War Slaughter Technique to strangely change because of this laugh.

The War Slaughter became a normal charge. The Evil Good Flower’s blue and red flowers seemed to go back to being a bud that was ready to blossom again.

War Charge was the technique War Beast was most adept at. This powerful slam was enough to shatter Chu Mu’s bones.

However, when this charge landed on the soft Evil Good Flower, it seemed to lose all its power, as if a soft wind caressing the flower.

This was the softening effect of flower type techniques, the perfect counter to direct assaults. It was this softness that dissolved the energy of the charge layer by layer. This was the same effect as when Chu Mu told Evil Good Flower to cast Fan Shaped Flower.

However, Yu Suo had a more complete understanding of Evil Good Queen. Not only could she completely alleviate the war beast’s charge, she even absorbed the energy into the stems of the flower. After the charge ended, the flowers clearly were more colorful!

“This is absorption similar to my wind cave?” Chu Mu said with his mind.

Before Yu Suo died, Chu Mu had to make sure he understood evil good flower queen’s techniques better.

“This energy absorption can increase my strength briefly. As long as they constantly attack while charmed, the energy will be absorbed. This is the perfect attack for organisms stronger than it.” Yu Suo said.

“Attack while charmed?” Chu Mu wasn’t too sure what it meant. Attacks were attacks, what did it mean to attack while charmed?

Just as Chu Mu was questioning it, Evil Good Flower Concubine again let out a string of laughers.

When the laughter got to Wu Zhen and War Beast, Chu Mu found that Wu Zhen’s original command to cast shattering teeth became another charge.

Though the war beast’s war charge seemed unstoppable still, it would always get softened and the energy absorbed, causing evil good flower concubine to become even more brightly colored and demonic!

“That’s why.” The second attack, Chu Mu understood.

“When there’s a gap in rank, the mental techniques won’t have much of an effect on higher rank organisms. Using mental petrify is not realistic but one can use mental suggestions to slightly change their attack patterns. These charging and shockwave beast type techniques was useless against Evil Good Queen and can even get absorbed.” Yu Suo explained calmly.

Chu Mu nodded, and saw that Evil Good Queen was beast type organisms’ counters.

However, thinking back, if Mo Xie simply had beast type energy, he might have lost against this flower type ancestor back in wanxiang City.

Three consecutive times- Wu Zhen’s War Beast started a pure assault that became the Evil Good Flower Queen’s power.

At this time, Evil Good Flower Concubine’s vines were very long now. These flower vines weaved together to create a flower maze in the sky!

Flower Maze!

The flower vine created a maze charged by the evil good flower’s energy swiftly made the sky into their flower type realm.

The flower type territory was similar to the web of the spider flower ghost, but anyone could tell that this flower maze was far more dominant than it. One could also see vague symbols created within the flower vines that hid a certain power, causing one to feel like escape was impossible.

“This is the flower type diagram, blindness, confusion, disturbance, and entrapment. It's perfect to deal with these brainless beings.” Yu Suo said.

Yu Suo’s cold voice was filled with disdain for the war beast. Of course, Chu Mu still could hear some unwillingness. Clearly, she didn’t want to tell Chu Mu that but had to say for some reason.

The blue sky was already covered in the complicated maze, trapping Wu Zhen’s rock wing dragon and war beast. People could only hear two beasts roaring and struggling.

“The diagram has poisonous flowers, weakening flowers, sleeping powder, blood sucking stems…… The longer they stay in there, the more they get weakened. If he stays for a whole minute, his strength will at least drop by 20%.” Yu Suo continued.

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