Chapter 1209: Flower Immortal, Flower Progenitor? Evil Good Flower Queen!

Wu Zhen was stunned. In his opinion, this brat being able to fight against the Rock Wing Dragon was the limit of his strength. He didn’t expect he would have an even stronger soul pet.

Chu Mu glanced at the War Beast, and slowly chanted an incantation. 

From the chanted soul pact, blood red and deep blue flower petals gradually appeared. These flower petals were like dainty dancing fairies that interweaved in front of Chu Mu. They spiritedly and quickly formed a holy blue and captivating red flower petaled evil good flower. 

The evil good flower aloofly stood in the middle of the air, like a empress’s throne that emanated a dignified aura.

The evil good flower’s petals slowly blossomed and a gentle and alluring fragrance wafted into the noses of the spectators. 

There were two fragrances mixed in. One was a good kind which was tame and captivating. It was like a tender and quiet woman standing next to a person; subconsciously, it would make this person relax and appreciate the fragrance. 

The other fragrance was an evil kind. It was a strong fragrance that would stimulate the desires in one’s heart. It was like an attractive woman showing off her figure in front of a person. The seduction was hard to resist and subconsciously, one’s heart would be controlled. 

The two fragrances could not be simultaneously smelled. If one’s heart was filled with grievances, anger, jealousy, cruelty or arrogance, the fragrance they smelled would be the seductive one. On the other hand, if their heart was pure, their character honest, upright or generous, they would smell the tender fragrance… 

The wonderful fragrance wafted into every person’s nose, leaving them either infatuated or dopey. In an instant, everyone seemed like devils staring at the evil good flower that was blossoming, petal by petal.

As for those that couldn’t smell the fragrance, they also saw different versions of the Evil Good Queen. Some would see an irreproachable and unblemished flower fairy while others would see a curvy and exposed demoness. 

Right now everyone was looking at the Evil Good Queen. Even Border Commander Wu Zhen was somewhat stunned.

Most of the people present hadn’t seen this flower type soul pet before! 

“Is… Is this a flower fairy? It’s too beautiful!” a few people with upstanding characters muttered. 

The flower fairy they saw was elegant yet breathtaking. This was a beauty people could not bear to blemish. The only thing they wanted to do was protect it to the best of their abilities.

“What flower fairy? It’s clearly a flower concubine!” the person that said this naturally saw an extremely alluring evil type flower. 

The evil type flower was also so beautiful it could make one’s heart ache. The enticement of its naked body was capable of causing the evil thoughts in one’s head to rapidly expand. Yet, this flower concubine was arrogant and aloof. Even though it was within reach, it gave these people a feeling of unapproachability. But this only further added to their heartache.  

Whether it was a flower fairy or flower concubine, the spectators were deeply divided and there were even a few whose faces were flushed with anger while arguing. 

When Lu Yuqin discovered the strange phenomenon occurring, she seemed to have thought of something and her face was gradually filled with a shocked expression. She muttered: “Could this be the direct descendant of the flower primogenitor?” 

The flower primogenitor was the Evil Good Queen, but it should have already vanished from this world. Even if it did still exist, it could not become the soul pet of a human. Thus, Lu Yuqin thought that this was the direct descendant of the flower type primogenitor. 

“I thought that Chu Mu had summoned the Evil Good Queen. Yet, he merely summoned the Evil Good flower…” spat out Prince Chao. 

Next to him, Ye Wansheng stared fixedly at the Evil Good Flower. His saliva was about to drip to the ground as he said: “Prince Chao, do you see a fairy or a…”

“Obviously a fairy!” said Prince Chao, but his face quickly turned red!

At the same moment, Prince Chao suddenly smelled a similar fragrance that gradually grew closer and closer, causing his heart to ripple.

Turning around, Prince Chao saw Yu Suo, wearing a golden mask and with purple and red hair down to her butt, walk over. 

She stood at the edge of the battlefield and stared at the Evil Good Flower Queen in the sky.

The surrounding Liu Binglan, Mu Qingyi, Prince Chao, Ye Wansheng and the others that knew about the Evil Good Queen, were all stunned. This was the first time they had seen Chu Mu summon Yu Suo and the Evil Good Flower Queen separately. Comparing the two of them, the fairy/concubine on the Evil Good Flower Queen was very similar to Yu Suo.

Yu Suo lightly bit her lips. Since Chu Mu had only summoned the Evil Good Flower to fight, to a certain extent this meant that Chu Mu planned on eliminating her soul and then taming the Evil Good Flower Queen! 


“What is this!” Wu Zhen fiercely shook his head and woke himself up from the allure. 

He wasn’t stupid, and knew that he had definitely just been affected by the flower type creature’s mental charm. After awakening, he immediately went to protect his mind. 

However, the Evil Good Flower Queen was innately pure beauty and charm. Even without using techniques, its effects would still exist. It didn’t matter if one protected his mind or not. One couldn’t help but always fall into an intoxicated state. 

Why would Chu Mu explain this to him? Although the Evil Good Flower Queen hadn’t reached the high class dominator rank, the abilities it possessed weren’t so simple! 

Wu Zhen discovered that even after protecting his soul his mind would still run amok. Nonetheless, he ordered his War Beast to just kill the strange demonic flower. Once it was killed, it would not be able to bewitch his mind! 

The high class dominator War Beast erupted with an extremely terrifying power. Divine Sect’s members warned the spectators that they should combine forces to create a barrier. Otherwise, they would likely be struck by the shockwaves from the War Beast’s technique. 

Indeed, the War Beast took a powerful trample forwards. The boundless snow mountains seemed like they were all going to collapse. The energy continued to proliferate until it reached an area they couldn’t see. 

The center of the trample force was directed to the Evil Good Flower Queen. The throne of the Evil Good Flower Queen transformed into a grand dress and the purple stamen transformed into elegant hair. 

The Evil Good Flower Queen quickly morphed into something similar to Yu Suo. The only difference was that its skin was not composed of human skin, but rather flower petals. 

When the trample force shattered the air and launched over, the Evil Good Flower Queen threw open its flower petal dress. The dress transformed into a two-colored fan. 

When the firm and fierce force smashed into the soft flower petal fan, it was continuously bounced back. Gradually, it lost its aura of smashing everything to pieces and this force that could originally level mountains, was ultimately reduced to a gale that blew past the Evil Good Flower Queen. 

“What technique is this!” Wu Zhen furrowed his brows. 

The high class dominator War Beast was known for its power and fierceness. Its techniques were like violent tsunamis: they were unstoppable. Yet, against a large fan of flower petals, it was reduced to a calm stream of wind that had no effect. 

Border Commander Wu Zhen had experienced many fights, but he was genuinely left at a loss against this primogenitor flower type creature. 

“Rock Wing Dragon, petrify it!” ordered Wu Zhen.

The Rock Wing Dragon’s eyes instantly turned grey and a petrifying force shot through the air towards the Evil Good Flower Queen.

The petrifying force turned the petals winding around the Evil Good Flower Queen into stone petals. Each one of them dropped off the Evil Good Queen. 

The Evil Good Flower Queen stretched out its slender arm and lightly tapped the air with its finger. A holy blue flower bud instantly appeared in the air. Layer upon layer began to shed off the flower bud and the blue flower petals that separated from the flower were twinkling and sparkling. When they dissolved into the air, they purified the tyrannical petrifying ability. 

Perhaps the War Beast’s techniques were somewhat threatening to the Evil Good Flower Queen that had yet to reach the high class dominator rank. Yet, even if the Rock Wing Dragon was the same rank as the Evil Good Flower Queen, their strength levels were not on the same level. 

Chu Mu could clearly feel that the Evil Good Flower Queen was much stronger than the Rock Wing Dragon. Seeing that the Evil Good Flower Queen had nullified the petrification ability, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile and give it an order. 

“Petrify it!” 

The petrification ability was not something only the Rock Wing Dragon had! 

The Evil Good Flower Queen quickly chanted an incantation. The moment its eyes opened, a grey evil good flower was instantly imprinted on its pupils. 

Simultaneously, underneath the Rock Wing Dragon’s feet, a grey evil good flower rapidly blossomed!

The Rock Wing Dragon’s body was quickly turned into a grey color. Its body was innately composed of rock, but when its mind was turned to rock, it would be rendered into a statue without any life force! 

“What technique is this!” anger was faintly creeping on Border Commander Wu Zhen’s face.

After the Rock Wing Dragon’s mind was petrified, it stopped moving. Even its eyes lost all glimmer of light. All that was needed was a slightly strong technique to hit the Rock Wing Dragon and its body would probably explode like a statue.

Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with the Evil Good Queen’s ability. Against the Rock Wing Dragon that was the same rank as it, the Evil Good Queen could easily nullify its techniques. Concurrently, the Rock Wing Dragon was unable to withstand the Evil Good Queen’s mental petrification! 

Spatial Explosion! 

Chu Mu took advantage of the opportunity. A spatial force congealed in his palm before he threw it at the petrified Rock Wing Dragon. 

Under normal circumstances, Spatial Explosion would have only been able to leave a few ruptured wounds at most on the Rock Wing Dragon. However, while mentally petrified, this technique would definitely explode it into several pieces!  

Border Commander Wu Zhen also realized this. He hastily had the War Beast leap in front of the Rock Wing Dragon, using its steel body to block Chu Mu’s technique. 

The War Beast’s defensive powers were rather astonishing. When Chu Mu’s Spatial explosion exploded on its body, it didn’t even leave a mark on its steel body.

“Hmph, if you haven’t reached the high class dominator, it’s impossible for you to fight against me. I’d like to see how many of my War Beast’s attacks your flower type soul pet can nullify!” coldly sneered Border Commander Wu Zhen.

The War Beast’s steel body suddenly sped up and charged at a rapid speed towards Chu Mu.

The enormous force of impact shattered the devil flame shield condensed in front of Chu Mu and caused his body to slide back several kilometers. 

Over half of the devil flames on his chest were instantly extinguished. This high class dominator rank War Beast indeed had terrifying strength. It forced Chu Mu to be extra careful when facing it.

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