Chapter 1207: Second half Devil!

On the other side, Star River Bird’s stamina was at its limits. Though Lady Chen was fearful, she didn’t want to accept defeat. Gritting her teeth, she decided to use Star River Bird as a threat.

Liu Binglan noticed ahead of time, and told Star Sky Dust Spirit to cast a protective technique. After Star River Bird blocked a hit from the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede, she retracted Star River Bird decisively.

Without a chance to threaten her, Lady Chen immediately turned pale.

She only had two choices now. Either she could tell her millipede to continue to fight the Star Sky Dust Spirit, or she could immediately surrender and tell the woman to release her Spider Floewr Ghost.

“I…… I give up!” Finally, Lady Chen bit down and said begrudgingly.

Lu Yuqin quickly came out to stop the battle. At this time, Lady Chen saw Liu Binglan still hadn’t released her soul pet from the Other dimension and roared, “Let go of my soul pet!”

Liu Binglan stared coldly at Lady Chen but ignored her roar. She floated away and back to New Moon Ground’s side. As she left, Liu Binglan said lightly, “It’s too late.”

Spider Flower Ghost’s luck wasn’t that great. Adding on its lack of specialty in space techniques, it was torn apart right after the weak winds passed and moderate gusts came.

Liu Binglan saw Lady Chen was still hopeful, so she told Star Sky Dust Spirit to chant an incantation.

Star Sky Dust Spirit’s eyes blinked and a spatial tear opened up. From the crack came black and torn flower petals. In the center of the petals was an absolutely torn corpse. Only from its color could one vaguely tell it was the spider flower ghost.

Lady Chen stood there blankly, the pain of the soul pact breaking making her face pale as a sheet. Her eyes were wide and bloodshot.

“You….. I’m going to kill you!” Lady Chen almost went crazy and rode his Ten Thousand Feet Millipede towards Liu Binglan.

Lu Yuqin furrowed her brows. The battle was over, yet Lady Chen attacked. This was clearly against the rules.

Lu Yuqin was just about to attack when Liu Binglan seemed to preemptively guess this vicious woman’s moves.

The Star Sky Dust Spirit beside her had already completed a star diagram, radiating countless beam of starlight outwards.

Every beam had energy. Just as Lady Chen’s Ten Thousand Feet Millipede neared, they were hit by the beams of energy and thrown back


Lady Chen and Ten Thousand Foot Millipede collapsed a snow peak before getting buried under the rocks.

Seeing the pathetic Lady Chen, cloud realm people all stared in disbelief.

One had to know that lady Chen was already at the top five in cloud realm. Such a character was undoubtedly undefeated in cloud realm peoples’ eyes.

Yet, she lost, losing to the female realm master of New Moon Ground!

Everyone’s eyes were no longer on the defeated Lady Chen, but instead on the undeniably powerful female realm master.

The world was a large place; there was always going to be many beautiful women. However, women with good appearances couldn’t truly enter soul pet trainers’ eyes. Power and ability were also measures of how outstanding a woman was!

Liu Binglan’s victory caused New Moon Ground’s countless people to feel even more respect and admiration for the female supreme.

In the long time before this, everyone thought that female supreme was around the same strength as the original hero chief. Yet, no one expected her true strength to be so much beyond that when faced against an even stronger opponent.

Being this powerful while remaining so low profile, it was truly rare to see such a thing in the soul pet world. In the moment, everyone started shouting “ Female Supreme” in waves of cheering, and the outer realm people also started remembering this title.

Outer realms also had very outstanding women, and naturally created some female soul pet trainer ranks. Presumably, after this fight, female supreme Liu BInglan’s name would appear on all the realms’ rankings.


The hidden power Liu Binglan had gave Chu Mu a great surprise.

Chu Mu didn’t want to let Liu Binglan continue fighting. The three people he was set to face now were definitely the strongest people within all of the cloud realm. Liu Binglan didn’t have much fighting strength left. If she went in with the attitude of wasting stamina, she could accidentally get killed.

Bai Yu and Liu Binglan helped him defeat four opponents together. That was enough!

“Be careful.” Liu Binglan said to Chu Mu.

Though Chu Mu had many hidden cards, Chu Mu had to face the three strongest people in Cloud Realm so Liu Binglan naturally was worried.

Chu Mu nodded and went just like Bai Yu to the mountain.

New Moon Ground’s last realm master was battling. At once, everyone’s eyes fell on Chu Mu.

Bai Yu and Liu Binglan’s strengths brought tidal waves to all the spectators’ hearts. They all wanted to know how good the third realm master was!

“Why is this realm master so young?” Spring Realm’s female realm master looked curiously at Chu Mu.

“Lady Shao, I heard from everyone that you were new moon ground’s King Chu, the real realm master and the strongest of them all!”

Spring Realm’s Lady Shao immediately changed and looked back at Chu Mu carefully.

Liu Binglan and Bai Yu was already very exceptional. If this young men was above them…...

One has to know that the peak of most realms’ young generation members were low class dominator rank. Occasionally, a few genius members could step into middle class dominator rank, but still could only reach middle class dominator rank.

However, from New Moon Ground’s two sub realm masters’ power, the white clothed man was definitely beyond middle calss dominator rank.

“Quick, quick…… that was the Chu Mu that I was talking about. He’s very powerful. Our cloud realm’s youngest generation top expert is nothing compared to him.” Liao Yu saw Chu Mu come out and started yelling excited.

“He look familiar…… is he really as powerful as you say so?” The girl said.

“I don’t believe you, however powerful he is, can he really be more powerful than Border Commander Wu Zhen. His following enemy is probably Border Commander Wu Zhen.”

At this time, everyone started guessing who the first opponent of New Moon Ground was.

When they saw the black armored man riding an angry Rock Wing Dragon into the battlefield, everyone was excited, “It’s Border Commander Wu Zhen!!”

Border Commander represented a position from the border territory and not one governed by the realm. Hoewver, Border Commanders had the duty of protecting thier own border territory, so every independence had to go past the border commander!

Border Commander Wu Zhen’s name was well known in all of cloud realm and even the nearby ones. Anyone who mentioned the name would show respect and admiration!

The Rock Wing Dragon was brutal. Though its size wasn’t as large as the Ten Thousand Feet Millipede, when it floated in the sky, it sitll gave off pressure as if it were a mountain.

“Kid, last time we didn’t finish fighting, this time we can finally see an end to this!” Border Commander Wu Zhen smiled.

Chu Mu glanced at the rock wing dragon and simply laughed, “Your Rock Wing Dragon seems just as fierce as usual, but why does it seem scared of me?”

“Nonsense!” Wu Zhen shouted and continued, “This time, I’ll smear all of you into meat sauce!”


Rock Wing Dragon opened its mouth and roared terrifyingly, creating a dusty mist.

Chu Mu didn’t summon any soul pets. Not even little Mo Xie on his shoulder wanted to move.

Chu Mu looked at the rolling storms and smiled, instantly going from cold to demonic. Following the smile were silver devil flames that caused the smile to become permanent on Chu Mu’s face.


The silver devil falmes quickly burned over their body, the devilish aura causing all the rocks to be expelled outside.

Its lower body was like silver, the rampant devil flames dancing. The permanent smile raised hackles on peoples’ backs as Chu Mu became a half devil under everyones’ eyes!!

“Another….. Another half devil! This guy is also a half human!!!”

A second half devil appeared, causing everyone watching to be thrown into chaos.

Half human species were always an extremely special case in the natural world. Bai Yu becoming half devil already shocked many of them. Yet, who knew that New Moon Ground had two half devils. More terrifying was, this second half devil seemed even stronger than the first!

Lu Yuqin stared unmovingly at Chu Mu. No wonder she always felt that this man was somewhat inscrutable. He was the other half devil!

Li Xu stared sullen at Chu Mu. In reality, Li Xu had heard about the two half devils in new Moon Ground from his research, yet Li Xu never expected them to be this powerful!

“That’s….. That’s so cool! I never expected that Brother Chu could also turn half devil, that’s too cool!!” Liao Yu saw Chu Mu turn into the evil devil and started shaking with excitement.

 Along with him, a bunch of other younger men were all staring wide eyed!

“You demon, you should never have existed on this world!” Wu Zhen humphed.

Chu Mu casually waved his and and dismissed the remaining flying dust and rocks.

His silver eyes were fixed on Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing dragon. After stepping into spirit dominator rank and raising white devil’s strength, he hadn’t truly used half devil’s power yet.

This was perfect. He could use Wu Zhen’s soul pets to test just how powerful his half devil was right now!!

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