Chapter 1206: Star Sky Dust Spirit, Control the Stars

Six Dawn Masters. The soul pet that Liu Binglan summoned was the powerful Six Dawn Masters that had opened up Liu BInglan’s personal training space. Now, Six Dawn Masters had signed a soul pact with Liu Binglan and became her soul pet!!

Beforehand, Chu Mu heard Liu Binglan. She was going to continue to train in Six Dawn Space for a while. At first, Chu Mu thought that was just an excuse for Liu Binglan to continue to protect three palaces. After all, other than going deeper in the sacred realms, new moon ground’s resources were no longer enough for Liu Binglan to continue training.

What surprised Chu Mu was, in a few short years, she had already gotten this much stronger, and even signed a soul pact with the extremely powerful and special entity Six Dawn Master, making it her soul pet!

“Six Dawn Master, the real title is probably Star Sky Dust Spirit, right?” Old Li hopped out in time and said in a slow and exaggerated tone.

“Don’t flip through the encyclopedia, how would such an organism be on it.” Old Li glanced indignantly at the curious Pang Yue.

“The Star Sky Dust spirit is an organism from the third layer of the sky. The Six Star Space is also a small world in this third layer. Female supreme being able to get the recognition of it means that she has some unknown fate with this special Star Sky Dust Spirit as well as that Star River Bird Bird…..”

At the same time Old Li was explaining third level sky creatures, Divine Sect master official Lu Yuqin was staring at Liu Binglan’s summoning diagram. The surprise on her face was hard to hide!

Third level sky was something even top tier dominator ranks had trouble reaching. The Star Sky Dust Spirit was an organism that Lu Yuqin had seen on the divine sect murals before. She thought such an ancient and rare creature couldn’t possibly exist on this world anymore, yet this woman had it as a soul pet!

Now, Lu Yuqin had to reevaluate this forgotten New Moon Ground!

Star Sky Dust Spirit and Star River Bird Bird were both glowing with gentle starlight, beautiful, and luring people into infinite dreams of the light.

With these two special soul pets aside her, Liu Binglan seemed even more beautiful, noble, and special, as if a beauty straight out of a painting.

Not long ago, Liu Binglan was wondering- if they succeeded in being independent, how was she going to spread the word of three palaces to other realms?

Presumably, Liu Binglan didn’t know, but the moment she summoned her starlight soul pets, her untaintable figure was seared into all spectators’ minds. She probably would become famous very quickly.

“Beautiful but useless!! Hengheng, they aren’t nearly as delicate and beautiful as my soul pets!” Lady Chen was jealous of pretty things, and was getting even more vicious.

She didn’t care whether the Star Sky Dust Spirit was rare. It was just two Other type soul pets.

They would ultimately become food for her favorite soul pets. As for this show off woman, Lady Chen was going to put some even prettier graffiti on her face, maybe with the color of blood. With a command, on the sky spider web, Ten Thousand Feet Millipede wriggled forth, moving its sharp legs towards Liu Binglan’s Star River Bird bird!

Star River Bird’s dodging abilities are very strong. As the millipede moved around, Star River Bird quickly moved and left trails of stars in its wake.

Ten Thousand Feet Millipede was massive and could move anywhere in the air due to the sky web, but it lacked mobility. Many times, its massive attacks were easily and deftly avoided by Star River Bird.

Star River Bird had just participated in a great battle, and didn’t have much power left. It wasn’t directly attacking the millipede, instead constantly dodging and prolonging the battle.

Lady Cheng knew that Star River Bird was in a weak state, yet all her techniques were still dodged by it.

She glanced over at her Spider Flower Ghost, whose black eyes suddenly blinked blood red. Following that, the poisonous branches on the web extended outwards. Wherever the Star River Bird Bird flew, vines swiftly followed to obstruct her available space.

After restricting its flying ability, the millipede’s power finally had its use. With a twist of its body, its steely tails slammed over from afar and landed on Star River Bird.

Star River Bird let out a roar and flew outwards, slamming onto the spider web.

The spider web was naturally extremely adhesive. Adding on the thin branches that would entangle any prey, Star River Bird Bird’s body was immediately bound tighter and tighter despite its struggles!

Rows upon rows of white lines were put up in the sky. The millipede followed it and became a black blur that swiftly darted towards the Star River Bird bird, wanting to eat it whole.

Yet, just as the millipede neared Star River Bird, a wave of starlight suddenly washed over Star River Bird.

The slow expansion of the light created ripples. Not only did they tangle the poisonous web, it also caused the nearby space to become nothing.

The sky seemed to be missing a piece. The blue background showed a deep darkness where Star River Bird silently floated in. The glow on its body made it seem like a star.


Standing by Liu Binglan, Star Sky Dust Spirit let out a call, its slender arms slowly opening along with the blue-black hole.

In the darkness, the Spider Flower Ghost’s poison web territory couldn’t remain. As people looked up, they slowly realized that the web was slowly being devoured by the pure blackness of the starlit sky territory.

Starry Sky Territory!

Starry Sky Territory even changed day to night, causing the massive starry sky to appear over heavenly mountain preemptively.

Under the glow of the starlight, the flower vines the spider flower ghost created all disintegrated.

In the starry skies, Star River Bird Bird’s recovery greatly increased along with its strength. This was similar to Mo Xie’s Moon Essence technique.

After recovering some stamina, Star River Bird flapped upwards and flew easily through the skies. The slowly wriggling millipede couldn’t even touch a feather of it.

When Star River Bird again started fighting the millipede, the Star Sky Dust Spirit used its special pupils to control the formation of the stars far away!

Star Sky Dust Spirit’s territory reflected the real starry sky. The sky everyone was looking at was the real third layer of sky.

Star Sky Dust Spirit was controlling the real stars, putting them into different orientations. Every single time it finished a constellation, it would create restrictive, explosive, or ripping effects.

Lady Chen had never gone against such a strange opponent. Facing these other type techniques flying in from infinite distances away, Lady Chen couldn’t find any effective method to deal with it, and could only grit her teeth.

Though her Spider Flower Ghost was cruel and vicious, it could do nothing about these unpredictable Other type soul pets. Especially the powerful Six Dawn Master Star Sky Dust Spirit, whose star formation attacks were impossible to defend against.

If they were facing familiar soul pets, she could at least tell from its glow and movement what it was going to cast next. Yet, these constellations were hard to read and would always disrupt her Spider Flower Ghost every time it attempted to attack!

“Star Constellation!”

Liu Binglan spat out a name of a technique.   

Star Sky Dust Spirit didn’t need to chant an incantation, and only needed to arrange the stars.

Liu Binglan’s command caused a few darker stars in the sky to start moving, creating a pyramid with the projected lights.

The lights fell upon the Spider Flower ghost’s body. The pyramid light made it fall into a prison that couldn’t be escaped from.

“Spatial Rip!” Liu Binglan gave another command.

The star sky dust spirit no longer controlled the stars this time. Instead, the region of the pyramid immediately cracked open with a massive rip!

The power to rip space was something Chu Mu and Bai Yu had as well. The Spatial Rip that Star Sky Dust Spirit casted here was similar to half devil’s spatial storm technique. They were using the space’s layers to bring in Other dimension storms to attack their opponents.

What was different was Star Sky Dust Spirit wasn’t being brought into the normal space. Instead, it was forcefully sucking enemies into the spatial rip, into the chaotic, messy, and terrifying Other dimension to suffer endless storms!

“What… what did you do to my soul pet!!!” Lady Chen roared.

The Spider Flower Ghost had already disappeared in the pyramid as if it was exported to another world. Lady Chen no longer felt her mental connection with it.

Such a sudden change caused Lady Chen to lose her mind. Even now, she didn't know what this Star Sky Dust Spirit’s other type technique did.

“I only threw it into the Other dimension full of storms. In the other dimension, even the most ordinary gust is like a dominator rank storm. The strength and weakness of the storms are patternless. Your flower ghost might be laying in easy winds right now, or could be facing a storm even top tier dominator ranks can’t handle.” Liu Binglan looked emotionlessly at Lady Chen.

However, these emotionless words of Liu Binglan caused Lady Chen to shiver, as a sense of fear crept into her mind for the first time!!!

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