Chapter 1205: Starry Sky Summon, Six Dawn Master

Liu Binglan’s cultivation level was innately much higher than normal people. Indeed, she possessed a bloodline of a higher rank than normal people. In the past, Alliance Master Ling Chan had imposed a soul restriction upon her for a long period of time, causing her cultivation to grow at an abnormally slow rate. Moreover, it would occasionally backlash and harm her soul. 

The restriction Ling Chan imposed didn’t completely seal off her cultivation. It merely inhibited it. 

While she was inhibited, Liu Binglan didn’t stop cultivating, making it seem like a dam was constructed onto her cultivation path. When this dam was removed, her cultivation surged forth like a flood and even she was unable to control it. 

Now, Liu Binglan was a fourth remembrance spirit dominator, her remembrance increasing by one remembrance each year. Simultaneously, her soul pets had obtained numerous benefits and grown alongside her soul remembrance, all achieving breakthroughs. 

While Chu Mu was bitterly training, Liu Binglan also didn’t leave her Six Dawn Space. Today was the day she was showing the fruits of her labor. 

After Li Ziran was defeated, Li Xu’s expression was no longer as relaxed as before.

He had originally believed that by the sixth rank realm lord, Yong Guang, the third rank realm would have been on the brink of defeat. Yet, by the time Li Ziran was mobilized, both of the opponent’s two vice realm lords had not been defeated yet. If others heard about this, they would be the laughing stock of the people.

“I’ll deal with her. City Lord Li, you know that I hate these people the most.” a tapered voice rang out.

Li Xu and Wu Zhen looked at the mature woman who spoke and they revealed a strange expression.

Li Xu hastily nodded his head and said: “Then I’ll have to trouble 46th City’s City Madam. However, I hope that you don’t overdo it. Master Official Lu is here…” 

“Hahaha, City Lord Li, have you taken a liking to this female realm lord?” the tapered voice teasingly laughed.

Li Xu wore a serious expression: “I just don’t want Master Official Lu to be displeased. She probably doesn’t like those kinds of scenes.” 

However, Wu Zhen laughed. He very frankly indicated he had taken a liking to that female realm lord. If new Moon Land became an enslaved nation, he would definitely find a way to take her away.


“Who is that woman with a fat waist and small butt? Is she also a sixth rank realm lord?” Ye Wansheng stared at the mature woman flying to the battlefield. 

Ye Wansheng’s description was rather apt. This woman was rather fat, but with slim legs. This made her butt proportionally small. A normal woman would have a slim waist and a larger butt. This woman was the opposite.  

Moreover, it was impossible to deny that this woman was genuinely ugly. But it wasn’t just ugly. Her eyes were vicious and imposing. When younger women looked at her, they would feel uncomfortable as this woman’s eyes were filled with simmering anger and jealousy! 

“She isn’t a realm lord. Instead, she is the City Madam of Cloud City’s 46th City. The “City Madam” is an honorable title for outstanding female soul pet trainers; they are powerful female soul pet trainers. I’ve met this woman before. Her temperament is just as sharp and unkind as her appearance. What’s terrifying is that I’ve heard she extremely loathes beautiful women.” said General Mu.

“That’s normal. Ugly women will always be jealous of beautiful women. Compared to Big Sister Female Supreme, she’s like a mud ball compared to a pearl.” said Ye Wansheng. 

The city general shook his head and said: “She doesn’t only ordinarily loathe them. Instead, she loathes them to a morbidly sick extent. The number of beautiful women in Cloud City who have had their appearances ruined by her are not few. I think I remember that she was normal looking in the past. I don’t know why she became so ugly looking…”

“It doesn’t matter if she’s ugly or not, nor if she has a morbidly sick heart of jealousy. I’m curious why Li Xu let this woman fight even though we’re already at the last two realm lords. Why isn’t it Wu Zhen or Li Xu himself fighting?” asked Chu Mu.

General Mu and the others all looked at Chu Mu while Chu Mu looked at them, confused. Did he say something wrong?

“Chu Mu, don’t you know we need to fight seven enemies?” Ye Wansheng spoke first.

“Seven? Isn’t it five?” Chu Mu’s eyes were full of confusion. 

A third rank realm lord, a fourth rank realm lord, a fifth rank realm lord, a sixth rank realm lord and a seven rank realm lord. Wasn’t that five?

“It’s not that simple. Besides the five realm lords, you also must defeat a Border Commander and a great general who protects the realm. The general who protects the realm is me, but unfortunately I’ve been temporarily been fired from my job. This job will probably go to someone I’m very familiar with.” said Mu Zuoli.

Chu Mu creased his brows. This fight was too unfair, right? If it were any other territory, how would it be able to self-determine itself? Even a higher ranking person would lose from having to fight so many rounds.

That being said, self-declaring a territory wasn’t something permitted. Instead, it had to be forced. Therefore, the conditions had to be practically impossible; Divine Sect’s arrangements were thus considered fair because without these limitations, Cloud Realm would just crush them with their army. What need then would there be for them to fight them on Heavenly Mountain?

“What’s the strength of the 46th City Madam?” Chu Mu didn’t expect five opponents to become seven. However, considering the circumstances, that wasn’t too horrible. At least Chu Mu felt that his mother hadn’t shown all her cards yet.

“She is ranked fourth in Cloud City and is slightly stronger than Li Ziran. I remember her having a soul pet near the high class dominator rank and two other middle class dominators.” said General Mu.

Ye Wansheng sucked in a breath. This ugly woman was surprisingly so terrifying! 

As they were speaking, this City Madam chanted an incantation. 

A series of dark colored leaves appeared under her feet. These leaves were also imbued with black flower petals. When the leaves flew through the air, it was possible to see a black flower ghost with long arms appear in the center of the interweaving black leaves. 

White colored stamens blossom from the black flower ghost and compactly weave through the air...

In an instant, a large part of the blue sky was covered by the compact white stamens, forming an enormous white spiderweb above everyone! 

The stamen spider web was still expanding and on it were also black piercing flower branches. With them added on, it gave the enormous flower spider web in the sky a terrifying and ghastly feeling!!

 In the enormous stamen web, the black flower ghost was like a Blackwidow Spider. It bared its terrifying teeth and lay in its spiderweb! 

The countless spectators all looked up with trepidation at the terrifying stamen spiderweb because they could feel that this spider flower ghost ostensibly viewed all creatures underneath its heavenly spider web as its prey!!

“What is that?!” Ye Wansheng was so shocked his mouth hung agape.

He had seen innumerable soul pets before, but this was the first time he had seen this demon that was a flower demon yet not a flower demon and also a spider yet not a spider. It gave off an extremely dangerous feeling!

“The Devil Spider Flower Ghost. It’s that woman’s favorite pet. Its strength is extremely close to the high class dominator rank. This monster is savage, terrifying and its entire body as well as the web is wrought with extreme poison. It is exceptionally difficult to deal with!’ said General Mu.

Liu Binglan had also never seen this monster before. and couldn’t help but crease her brows.

Liu Binglan’s Star River, after defeating Li Ziran’s soul pets, didn’t have much fighting strength remaining. However, this Spider Flower Demon was evidently a level stronger than Star River. Under these circumstances, there would probably be some difficulty in defeating this woman.

“Don’t look so miserable yet. I haven’t even finished summoning.” Cloud City’s City Madam mocked Liu Binglan. Her eyes did not hide her hostility and envy towards this cold beauty.

Chanting another incantation, the ugly City Madam summoned her second soul pet!

The soul pet pattern appeared under the City Madam’s feet and from the pattern, an enormous centipede with scarlet red eyes and a malevolent head crawled out!

Its rows of curved blade-like legs filled with poison appeared. They were so sharp they flickered with a terrifying cold light underneath the sun. They resembled rows of movable blades that would chop any creature that neared into meat paste. 

Its enormous and long body crawled up onto the heavenly poison web. The shadow it cast underneath exuded enormous pressure on the countless spectators! 

Imagine. An enormous ten thousand legged centipede lying above one’s head. Each piece of black armor was the size of a grown man and there were over a thousand pieces of armor on it!!

A single spider flower ghost lying on the heavenly web that covered the sky was already capable of making people shiver in fear. With the appearance of the ten thousand legged centipede, people felt their blood run cold and numerous people didn’t even have the courage to look up.

The ten thousand legged centipede moved its legs at a rapid pace. The ten thousand legged centipede which was only able to move as it pleased underground could not freely move in the air due to the spider flower ghost’s enormous web. It was the same now as an ugly and sinister flying dragon!

The ten thousand legged centipede’s aura was slightly weaker than the spider flower ghost, but if Star River were to fight it one on one, Liu Binglan didn’t think Star River would win. 

Against such a strong opponent, Liu Binglan knew she had to use her full strength. 

Promptly, Liu Binglan chanted an incantation.

In direct visual contrast to the City Madam’s ghastly terror, Liu Binglan’s summons were gentle and gorgeous.  Her noble and graceful figure gave others a visually pleasant sight. 

Quickly completing her incantation, Liu Bnglan suddenly opened her eyes, and looked at the sky with her eyes emanating purple glossy stars. 

The sky was currently covered by the white spiderwebs, but it was impossible to block the light from the stars.

It was a blue sky and dark blue colored starlight. Liu Binglan’s hair fluttered in the air and the starlight shined down on her body while various ancient patterns and marks appeared around her.

It was like a starlit stage with countless small life forms of starlight that danced around her. Liu Binglan used her intentions to gather the small creatures of starlight, creating a beautiful star summoning array under the shining starlight! 

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up when he saw the starlight summoning array because when he had summoned the Saint Kings, it seemed to have been with this array.

However, from the gorgeous starlight emanating from the summoning array, the summons this time wouldn’t be the Seven Diagram Saint Kings. Instead, it was the Six Dawn Masters that Chu Mu had only heard of!!

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