Chapter 1204: Star Supreme, Liu Binglan

Yu Suo gritted her teeth, but didn’t dare say anything. She just looked with resentment at Princess Jinrou who was behind Chu Mu.

Chu Mu could indeed make an approximate guess of her inner world through the soul pact. However, the spiritual perception between her and Chu Mu would only allow him to understand what her emotions were. It could not reveal what she was thinking. 

In fact, the only person who could guess her inner thoughts was the spectral Jinrou because she possessed the Devil Soul’s mind reading ability. It was definitely her that had used her mind reading ability when she accompanied Bai Yu over just now. Yu Suo’s attempt to capture Ye Qingzi had thus been exposed. 

Chu Mu was going to chant an incantation to recall Yu Suo into his soul pet space. 

The thing Chu Mu absolutely could not tolerate was harm to Ye Qingzi. He raised the temperature of his devil flames to their highest point. This time, the suffering Yu Suo would receive would be much more than in the past. 

However, Ye Qingzi ultimately persuaded Chu Mu not to. She still needed Yu Suo’s ability to help Bai Yu quell the evil thoughts in Bai Yu’s mind. Chu Mu coldly harrumphed and ignored Yu Suo. He walked outside of the tent. 

The anger in Chu Mu’s heart slowly calmed. Yu Suo wanted to escape. This was normal. Chu Mu was certain she had thought of a way to escape, and he had even loosened his supervision of her. If she had the ability to escape, Chu Mu wouldn’t think anything of it. 

However, this woman had focused her plans onto Ye Qingzi, wanting Wan Chong to capture Ye Qingzi. This was something Chu Mu could not tolerate. If not for the fact he was about to fight an important battle, Chu Mu would have immediately severed their soul pact and eliminated this woman. Indeed, Chu Mu just now did have an intention to kill. 

Princess Jinrou could see what Chu Mu was thinking and softly said: “She actually wasn’t really going to harm Qingzi. She just wanted to use her to escape from you.” 

Ye Qingzi often used Yu Suo’s flower progenitor’s nurturing abilities to concoct xuan items. Thus, while Chu Mu would normally lock Yu Suo in his soul pet space, Ye Qingzi would occasionally have him summon her. This would prevent her from being tortured by the devil flames. Chu Mu knew that Ye Qingzi felt pity for Yu Suo and didn’t wish for the hatred between the two of them to keep growing. 

Chu Mu didn’t care, however, if she intended harm. Chu Mu absolutely would not forgive her, and began thinking of when he should get rid of her so that something like this in the future would not happen. 

Princess Jinrou knew that Chu Mu had made up his mind and sighed. 


After Chu Mu left, Yu Suo looked at Ye Qingzi and arrogantly said: “I don’t need you to plead for my leniency!” 

Since Chu Mu could sense Yu Suo’s emotions, Yu Suo could also sense Chu Mu’s emotions. When she had been suppressed by Chu Mu’s aura just now, her face had gone pale because she had sensed his killing intent! 

Chu Mu was going to kill her!  

Yu Suo knew that it would likely occur after the independence fight happened. Her soul would be burned to a crisp in his soul pet space. 

There was a sliver of fear in her heart. Yet, she pridefully refused to show this fear, nor did she need Ye Qingzi to plead for her behalf! 

Ye Qingzi indifferently said: “You’re looking too much into it. I really do need your mental technique to quell the disordered aura in Bai Yu’s mind. I won’t be merciful to people who try and harm myself or him.” 

“Hmph, living like this is full of humiliation anyways.” despite the unresignedness in Yu Suo’s heart, she refused to bow her head to Chu Mu. 

“You seem to have many things you have not done yet…” said Ye Qingzi.

Yu Suo bit her lip until blood was about to spill out. 

“Take this. When he calms down he probably won’t kill you.” Ye Qingzi gave a small crystal bottle to Yu Suo. 

“I want to be free. The water type medicine you’ve given me over the past few years has allowed me to alleviate the pain from the soul devil flames. However, please understand that as long as I am enslaved, suffering from more devil flames or suffering from less devil flames is of no difference.” said Yu Suo. 

Ye Qingzi saw that Yu Suo wouldn’t take the crystal bottle. She could see that Yu Suo’s patience of being enslaved had reached the limit.     

A smear of blood seeped out of the corner of her lip. Yu Suo had completely bitten through her lip as if she had finally come to a conclusion. 

She looked at Ye Qingzi. There was no longer her innate arrogance in her eyes. Instead, she said in a very sincere manner: “He’s willing to listen to you the most, right? I really have something important to do now. I can’t delay it. If I miss it, it will be the same thing as death. Have him release me. When I finish this task, I can give anything you want to you. Also, I can swear that I absolutely will not harm you or him!” 

This was the first time Ye Qingzi seeing Yu Suo pleading with her so earnestly. There was no trace of deception or lies in her eyes. 

Seeing blood flow out of Yu Suo’s lips, Ye Qingzi believed that her words were real. However, the matter of Chu Mu letting Yu Suo go was probably outside of Ye Qingzi’s scope of ability. 

The hatred between the two of them existed even before Ye Qingzi knew Chu Mu. Moreover, it was a deep-seeded hatred. Ye Qingzi didn’t think she would be able to convince him. 

“I probably can’t change his decision. You should know how big of an effect your defecting back then had on him. This effect on him is something that will continuously build as he grows older…” 

“Then treat our conversation just now as if it never happened.” 

“I didn’t say I have no way of solving this issue…” Ye Qingzi softly said to Yu Suo.

Ye Qingzi was only willing to help Yu Suo because she hoped that the hatred between Yu Suo and Chu Mu would decrease. This would prevent them from descending into a state where they fought each other until their last gasp. Ye Qingzi was thinking for Chu Mu’s interests here. 

Listening to her words, Yu Suo revealed an embarrassed expression. 

But when she thought of the important task she had to complete, she realized could not be continuously constrained to Chu Mu, this bastard. Finally, with great difficulty, she nodded her head. She would do as Ye Qingzi said. 


The unending chain of mountains still gave off a feeling of magnificence despite being destroyed by dominator rank power. 

Presently, Liu Binglan, dressed in a noble, snowy-white Chinese dress, rode on her soul pet - Star River - hovering above the snowy mountains. 

She had a graceful figure and absolute beauty. The appearance of this cold beauty instantly lit up the eyes of the spectators from Cloud Realm. They never expected that New Moon Land would have such an incredible female spirit dominator! 

As everyone was discussing, they couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration at Liu Binglan’s devastatingly beautiful appearance and cool and elegant - like a solitary star - temperament. They were exclaiming even more loudly about the soul pet she was riding. It surprisingly was one of the rarest other type soul pets: a star pet. 

“This is the woman from Three Great Palaces called Female Supreme?” Li Xu rubbed his beard and looked with a peculiar gaze at Liu Binglan. 

“That’s right. It’s said that she was the first person from New Moon Land to reach the spirit dominator rank. This woman is very low-key with her actions and is often cultivating behind closed doors. She even has her own independent cultivation space - an extremely special existence in New Moon Land.” responded a person next to Li Xu. 

“Independent cultivation space?” Li Xu was stunned. Independent cultivation spaces were not hidden rooms or an underground palace. Instead, they were abnormal dimensional spaces that didn’t belong to conventional space. These independent spaces were innately difficult to find. Yet, this woman had occupied this independent space by herself, making it a cultivation space. This was not something a normal person could accomplish. There were even some border lords without their own independent cultivation spaces! 

“Yes. This was something this subordinate heard when I infiltrated Three Great Palaces. This space could lead to some small world in the second layer of the sky.” said this person

Li Xu continued stroking his beard, but his eyes kept moving. He thought to himself: “It seems that New Moon Land’s most rich resource is the spatial door that connects to another layer of the sky! 

Liu Binglan followed Bai Yu, as New Moon Land’s vice lord, to fight.  

The person to follow on the other side was Li Ziran, who wore a warm smile. 

Li Ziran squinted his eyes and examined Liu Binglan. Among soul pet trainers, women with such beauty and strength were few. Being able to see one was not easy. 

Every person had a natural disposition to underestimate opponents, especially such an absolute, captivating beauty.  

Li Ziran didn’t summon his third main pet. Instead, he used his two middle class dominators that were worn down by Bai Yu to fight Liu Binglan. 

Soon, Li Ziran paid the price for underestimating his opponent! 

Other type soul pets’ techniques were innately strange and difficult to defend. Star River’s attacks were even more strange and ever changing. From the very start, Star River, that had painstakingly trained to the middle class dominator rank, used a fierce attack. Li Ziran’s two soul pets were so suppressed they didn’t even have room to counterattack. 

In a one versus two while also being a middle class dominator, Star River’s figure was gorgeous. It ran like a shooting star, leaving Li Ziran’s two soul pets exhausted trying to deal with it. Ultimately, before Li Ziran had even summoned his third main pet to save them, his two main soul pets, which over half of their initial energy had been exhausted by Bai Yu, had been defeated. 

Star River’s strength was evidently a level above a normal middle class dominator. Adding on its strange and ever changing techniques, even if Li Ziran summoned his third middle class dominator, it still would not be Star River’s opponent in a one against one situation. 

The sky was filled with the light of a sunrise. Elegant and grand. While everyone was still infuriatingly looking from star to star, Li Ziran had been defeated! 

Li Ziran was one of the top ten people in Cloud realm. When everyone saw he was defeated, they seemed to have awakened from a dream. They all looked at the woman who was like a star goddess that rode on stars themselves. 

If Liu Binglan used to be described as making others sigh because of her beauty, then now, when others looked at her, she commanded more respect of an expert! 

“Chu Mu, how did Female Supreme suddenly become so strong!’ said Mu Qingyi, slightly shocked. 

Chu Mu was also looking with an expression of astonishment at Liu Binglan. He never expected that her power would jump. Even Li Ziran, a realm lord of a sixth rank realm, wasn’t her opponent! 

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