Chapter 1203: Stopping the Kidnapping Before it Happens.

Li Xu’s expression wasn’t great. Not only did this devil man defeat two of his main generals, it even wanted to fight a third realm master. This was a belittlement of the cloud realm.

“Can Uncle Bai Yu really do this?” Prince Chao looked with deep worry.

Chu Mu also felt that Bai Yu was hard-pressed to continue. However, since he decided, Chu mu decided to believe Bai Yu’s decision.


Li Ziran kept his warm smile and stroked his beard.

He slowly casted an incantation. His uptight mannerisms seemed as if he weren’t starting a life and death battle and was instead entering into a prestigious soul pet match.

Li Ziran summoned a middle class dominator rank that was around the same strength as Yong Guang’s Thunder Shackled Devil Ox.

From Li Ziran’s perspective, one soul pet was enough to defeat Bai Yu. He didn’t summon any more.

Yet, at this moment, Bai Yu started an incantation.

Bai Yu’s only soul pet was the Ice Pupil Unicorn. When fighting Ling Chan in Wanxiang City, the Ice Pupil Unicorn was already low class dominator rank. The Ice Unicorn was only more powerful now.

The shivering cold covered the entire ice mountain, buffeting them all. They also told everyone that it was an ice type middle class dominator rank.

Li Ziran was taken aback. He didn’t realize that this devil man had a middle class dominator rank soul pet.

Considering that Bai Yu had very high fighting power too, Li Ziran had to cast an incantation to summon a second soul pet.

Li Ziran was more powerful than Yong Guang, a fact evident in the order they were sent into battle.

Mu Ruanen’s words also confirmed this point. Wang City was a fifth rank realm. City Master Li Ziran was originally a sixth rank realm master but this person liked Wang City and requested to move over to become a realm master of Wang City.

The third person to battle had to be a fifth rank realm master. Li Ziran was a fifth rank realm master yet was even more powerful than sixth rank realm master Yong Guang. Chu Mu expected at least two middle class dominator ranks.

Indeed, Li Ziran summoned a second middle class dominator rank!


Ice Pupil Unicron let out a roar of ice, and stepped through the blizzard towards Li Ziran’s soul pets.

Li Ziran knew that Bai Yu didn’t have much power anymore and summoned another soul pet to attack Bai Yu.

Bai Yu’s devil flames could almost merge with the ice of the Ice Pupil Unicorn. The Ice Pupil Unicorn also didn’t focus only on attacking. It would often back up near Bai Yu and combine ice with fire to block Li Ziran’s attacks.

Bai Yu and Ice Pupil Unicorn worked together very well. A few times Li Ziran had the chance to defeat Bai Yu but were always thwarted by their well-coordinated defenses.

In this battle, Bai Yu didn’t fight back much. He knew that he was heavily wounded and couldn’t actually defeat Li Ziran. He only needed to waste Li Ziran’s energy and his soul pets. This way, it could relieve a lot of pressure on Chu Mu and Liu Binglan.

This battle was far longer than the ones before. Li Ziran wasn’t the type to attack aggressively and Bai Yu only defended, not attacking unless the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Going back and forth, even Li Xu was impatient, commanding Li Ziran to end the battle quicker.

Having already been wounded, Bai Yu naturally couldn't continue this. Just as Li Ziran started launching a massive assault, Bai Yu told the Ice Pupil Unicorn to stop the last attack and decisively casted Displacement Specter to drag his tired body onto the main island.

Li Ziran saw the devil man leave so cleanly and decisively that even his gentle face showed anger. Clearly, Bai Yu reached his goal of wasting energy.

Bai Yu and Ice Pupil Unicorn fell in front of everyone. The silver flames on Bai Yu slowly disappeared. and he became human again.

He looked over at Chu Mu and Liu Binglan and said, “I’ll leave the rest up to you.”

Bai Yu said this very sincerely. Chu Mu understood the determination of him and nodded seriously.

Spectral Jin Rou floated over to Bai Yu. Seeing her father tired beyond recognition and full of wounds, Bai Jinrou’s eyes teared up. She subconsciously reached out to try to hold his hand.

However, her hands passed through Bai Yu’s arm, touching nothing…...

Spectral Jinrou became more sad. Her father fought for her and was full of wounds, yet she couldn’t even do something as simple as support his arm. This caused Jinrou to silently shed more tears.

“No worries, I’ll be fine with a bit of rest.” Bai Yu smiled and comforted her.

Ye Qingzi already had a bunch of medicine prepared. She was used to treating Chu Mu’s wounds so she was very adept at treating half devils already. With her there, there wouldn’t be any major problems.

Bai Yu went into the tent to rest with Ye Qingzi and Prince Chao helping him in. ye Qingzi first told bai Yu to relax his mind.

“Don’t worry, Chu Mu won’t let them take Jinrou away.” Qingzi saw through what Bai Yu was worried about and comforted.

Bai Yu was indeed tired. He knew the moment he closed his eyes, he would pass out. However, realizing how important this battle was to her daughter’s soul, he couldn’t fully relax.

Ye Qingzi out of options could only use some hypnotizing methods to slowly calm Bai Yu’s mind down. At least, Bai Yu’s mind can get some rest first, which will help his body recover better.

After Bai Yu fell asleep, Ye Qingzi glanced at Yu Suo who was wearing a golden mask and said, “Can you give him a recovery spell first?”

Bai Yu was completely exhausted. Though this recovery spell won’t do much for the wounds, it could let Bai Yu’s body state get better and stimulate his body’s own regeneration.

Yu Suo chanted an incantation to give Bai Yu a recovery spell and stood aside silently.

Ye Qingzi was very swift with the wound treatment. Very quickly, bai Yu’s wounds were all closed up. The only thing left was to wait for Bai Yu’s mind to recover.

After completing this, Ye Qingzi glanced at the silent Yu Suo and asked, “Why don’t you speak?”

Ye Qingzi needed Yu Suo’s Evil Good Queen to nurture a lot of Xuan materials. Sometimes when she was crafting, Ye Qingzi would always tell Chu Mu to summon Yu Suo to help her. Usually, Yu Suo would always say some arrogant words. Even when Ye Qingzi felt uncomfortable because of it, she kept saying it.

However, ever since Chu Mu stepped into spirit dominator, Yu Suo said nothing.

Yu Suo glanced at ye QIngzi and didn’t remain silent obstinately. She replied coldly, “If I speak, most of the time it is to curse him. You like hearing that?”

Ye Qingzi shook her head. Words that cursed her husband weren’t things she loved to hear. She just found it strange that Yu Suo used to try her best to not get thrown back into the soul pet space.

Yet now that Chu Mu let her stay outside, Ye Qingzi felt as if Yu Suo’s hatred had only deepened.

From Ye Qingzi’s perspective, they really didn't’ have any unresolvable grudge. There was no point to escalate it to a point of no return.

And, according to Ye Qingzi’s understanding, soul pacts caused people and soul pets to naturally get closer. Yet, they remained this hateful, as if there was no room for a solution.

“What are you trying to say?” Yu Suo saw Ye Qingzi want to say something and asked back.

“I just feel like this isn’t the best.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Hehe, if he threw you into a devil flame jail and tortured you for a few years, I promise you that your pitiful love would also disappear, let alone an emotionless banshee like me.” Yu Suo said with disdain. She was disdainful about what Ye Qingzi said, and also about the laughable love between Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Yu Suo saying this stopped any chance for Ye Qingzi to convince her.

While they spoke, Cu Mu walked back into the tent. He glanced at Bai Yu who was mostly fine and said, “He’s good?”

Ye Qingzi shook her head, “The wounds are under control but his mind….. It may cause him to go full devil again. We have to tell him to control his emotions.”

Chu Mu nodded. This was something that Chu Mu saw. Bai Yu was nearly becoming a devil during the battle already. If his violence took over, he could become the secondary soul to white nightmare. Then, he would be a devil again.

After Chu Mu walked in, Yu Suo said nothing. Her entire person became as cold as a piece of ice that would cause frostbite on anyone near her.

“Is your protector nearby too?” Chu Mu looked at Yu Suo and asked.

Yu Suo was somewhat shocked but, wearing her mask, she remained cold and arrogant.

“You seem to have some mental connection with him. You're my soul pet so I can of course sense him. Even if you don’t say anything, I know it. I’ll go tell his position to divine sect people now.” Chu Mu said.

“You…. you wouldn’t dare!” Yu Suo said angrily now.

Chu Mu humphed and said in an icy tone, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re telling Wan Chong to do. If you dare to do anything to Ye Qingzi or hurt even a strand of her hair, I will personally hunt you down to the ends of the earth and cut you into a million pieces!”

Chu Mu said this icily. Even Ye Qingzi aside could feel Chu Mu’s uncontrollable violence in these words.

Yu Suo didn't’ expect Chu Mu to find out about her plans so far ahead. She was pushed back by Chu Mu’s aura and turned pale.

“Get back in there and repent.” Chu Mu’s anger didn’t stop there.

“Chu Mu, it’s fine.” Ye Qingzi quickly realized what happened and shook her head to Chu Mu to calm him down.

Ye Qingzi indeed didn’t expect Yu Suo to tell someone to come lay ambush on her, making Darkness Sect use her as hostage while new Moon Ground and Cloud Realm fought…...

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