Chapter 1202: Half Devil Bai Yu Battles Wen City City Master (2)

Chu Mu pulled Spectral Jin Rou back. At this time, Ye Wansheng, Liu Binglan, Prince Chao, Mu Qingyi, Elders, and the others all saw Chu Mu and smiled.

Everyone wanted to speak with Chu Mu, but his gaze was on the battlefield with Bai Yu. Everyone knew that now wasn’t the right time.

In the rolling mountains, the purple thunder still blasted Bai Yu like crazy. Bai Yu’s devil flames were almost completely extinguished.

However, Chu Mu noticed that even when he was constantly getting attacked by the Lightning Shackled Devil Ox and Pool Beast, his right hand remained open, absorbing the energy released in these techniques.

Just as everyone thought Bai Yu would lose all fighting strength after this string of assaults, Bai Yu’s devil flames suddenly extinguished!

When they disappeared, everyone could see that frightening cracks have appeared all over his silver skin. Within these cracks, the darkness corroded lightning darted out from his body and went everywhere!


These rotten arcs easily disintegrated everything nearby into nothingness.

Bai Yu stood back up shakily. His head of white hair were all on their ends, as he was now a dark lightning crazed devil.

The constantly open right hand was tightly grasped now. Bits of even more powerful dark lightning energy leaked out from his fingers.


Bai Yu extended his hand and faced his palm towards Wen City City master Yong Guang.

A reversal storm suddenly came rushing out from his palm. The energy within it was the thunderous attacks he suffered. After being corroded by darkness, the destructive power was even greater!

The thunder rolled through similarly to Dead Dream’s dead lightning. When they reached a maximum, these thunders actually became silent, causing the world to become quiet.

The heavenly mountains were originally full of light and had wide vision. The thunder clouds that appeared could only cover some of these mountains.

However, when Bai Yu returned the thunder, the world changed. The dark thunder dragons flew through, sending the world into a deathly stillness.

In the darkness, one could only see massive snakes of thunder flash by. Occasionally, the energy touched their main peak, causing everyone to shiver.

Yong Guang never expected that in his constant assaults, this devil man could absorb all the energy and reverse it all at once. This was enough to create lethal danger for him.

Yong Guang’s face was pale, as he told his two soul pets to block in front of him, creating a shield.

However, thunder had powerful piercing effects. Though the two middle class dominator ranks were very powerful, they couldn’t completely stop this thunder!

If one compared Bai Yu’s previous treatment as getting constantly buffeted by river rapids, the energy he was now returned to Yong Guang was like a full dam finally breaking open, releasing a tidal wave of energy at once!

Yong Guang’s soul pets were powerful, but they couldn't possibly stop this built up technique’s destruction!

The thunder flashed past. Yong Guang’s Pool Beast with no elemental resistances was the first to fall. Not only was it bloodied by the thunder, the corrosive effects were melting its bones, leaving it bloodied and useless.

Yong Guang cared for his soul pets. While blocking, he summoned Pool Beast back to his soul pet space and left the Lightning Shackled Devil Ox to defend.

At this time, the power was nearing an end. Yong Guang had faith that his lightning Shackled Devil Ox could block it all.

However, the moment after Yong Guang retracted his soul pet, this dark thunder devil man flashed through the sky towards them.

Bai Yu’s hand was already completely rotten. His moving left arm became a vicious devil claw that ripped through the Lightning Shackled Devil Ox like five powerful scythes while it was still paralyzed.


Five incredibly deep claw marks passed. The Devil Ox’s thunder halberd became countless sections, as its skin was ripped apart deep within its bones.

The reversed dark lightning already degraded one’s defense. With this attack, many middle class dominator ranks couldn't even make up for this, losing blood to Bai Yu.

After Bai Yu’s claw entered, he grabbed onto Devil Ox’s chest bones, and started pulling hard.   


The chest bone was pulled out, covered in blood. The bloodied Bai Yu grabbed it in his claws and threw it away without regard.

This bloody scene caused countless people to suck a breath in. Such a vicious battle was hard to find, especially when the notorious half devil was one of the participants.

Yong Chong was also shocked by the frightening scene. He gazed at Bai Yu’s eyes, and noticed that the only thing in his eyes were uninhibited violence and blood thirst. If Yong Guang forcefully told his Lightning Shackled Devil Ox to attack or gang up on him, he had faith he could kill this devil man. However, he knew that his own soul pets wouldn’t be any better off either!

Bai Yu’s nearly life-less assault caused Yong Guang to falter.

Though he had endless hate, no amount of hate could convince him to lose his middle class dominator rank soul pet. That would cause him to become a fourth rank realm master.

Yong Guang’s faltering caused devil Bai Yu to gain even more power to sweep through all the soul pets. Yong Guang could only summon other low class dominator ranks to protect Lightning Shackled Devil Ox and back off repeatedly.

Finally, Yong Guang returned to Lu Yuqin.

Lu Yuqin naturally saw that Yong Guang was already in mortal danger. Just as Bai Yu was about to rip through space to shred Yong Guang to bits, Lu Yuqin rode her Cloud Immortal Dragon Tail Phoenix in between them to separate the two.

Seeing Lu Yuqin intervene, Yong Guang let out a sigh of relief and quickly said his thanks with a body full of cold sweat. He then quickly returned to his faction.

Crazed devil Bai Yu was trapped by Lu Yuqin’s fog diagram for a while. With Yong Guang already escaping, his violence slowly declined. However, his eyes remained full of fighting intent and arrogance.

From Yong Guang getting attacked by the reversal thunder to leaving, Bai Yu’s second moving technique caused the battle to last for a very short amount of time. In this short moment, however, Bai Yu again showed the world his cruelty and bloodthirsty nature as a devil. After this fight, no one in cloud realm or the surrounding regions would dare to trouble him again!

“Trash!” Li Xu looked at Wen City master and roared in anger.

Originally, using this strategy, Li Xu was ready to have the battle end with Yong Guang. However, two of his experts have already fallen to the same person. This was a shame to the seventh rank cloud realm.

Li Xu had already decided that the Yong Guang was for sure a fourth rank realm master. In fact, one unhappy incident and Yong Guang would be forced to manage the slaves in New Moon ground!

Bai Yu’s victory again caused all of New Moon Ground’s spectators to cry out in joy. To be able to turn the situation around under such intense assault and win without giving the enemy a breather was spectacular.

The battle’s beginnings caused everyone to feel danger. Only now, with a sigh of relief and hearts still beating like crazy, did they cheer for half devil Bai Yu, truly the strongest half devil in New Moon Ground history!!

“You indeed have some tricks up your sleeve.” Cloud gate elder sat in the side, his wrinkly eyes always half closed. He showed some appreciation for Bai Yu’s increased strength.

Able to defeat two cloud ream experts, this half devil truly was amazing. It would definitely step into higher ranks in the future.


Bai Yu’s consecutive victories caused the atmosphere to get heated. Even the glaciers lost their biting cold edge.

At this time, Cloud Realm sent the third realm master.    

What none of them expected was the third expert was the friendly, amicable, and seemingly benevolent Wang City city master Li Ziran!

Li Ziran maintained his gentle expression, as if he was going to discuss matters instead of fighting.

However, Chu Mu knew that this fellow was actually very treacherous. Otherwise, their identity wouldn’t have been exposed to Li Xu.

“Let me.” Liu Binglan glared at Bai Yu, signalling Bai Yu to switch out with her.

Bai Yu’s wounds were very heavy and had caused him to lose all fighting strength. Winning two matches was already pushing the limits of himself.

“That old man is a sixth rank realm master. Li Xu putting him behind Yong Guang means Li Ziran is stronger than even Yong Guang…..” Chu Mu said to Liu Binglan.

“En, I’ll be careful.” Liu BInglna nodded, not shifting her gaze.

Liu Binglan’s actions caused great surprise to Chu Mu. He had already told Liu Binglan in the past that Li Ziran had at least two middle range dominator rank experts, yet her face didn't change in the slightest. Did she get stronger?

Liu Binglna seemed to see the confusion in Chu Mu’s eyes and smiled, “I can’t let you kids always take the burden, your mother is here too.”

Liu Binglan had already made arrangements to substitute those on the field. However, Bai Yu didn’t seem to want to leave.

“Is he trying to continue the battle?” Liu Binglan said in surprise.

Chu Mu looked at Bai Yu, and found that the flames were once again burning brightly and its body was strangely colored.

The rising flames on Bai Yu’s body was already telling everyone that he was ready to fight the third challenger!!

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