Chapter 1201: Half Devil Bai Yu’s Great Fight Against Wen City’s City Lord (2)

Yong Guang chanted an incantation. His curly hair fluttered in the windless air and from his two eyes emerged two bolts of fierce lightning that interweaved in front of him. They rapidly formed purple bolts of lightning. 

As Yong Guang chanted, the lightning chaotically came together, quickly creating a purple pattern.

The lightning dazzlingly flashed. Amidst the purple light, a tall and robust creature emerged.

“Hong hong hong hong~~~~~~~”

The lightning streaked in all directions, even striking the snowy white mountains where the bolts of lightning would explode and fill the air with a thick burning smell.


Suddenly, a fork of lightning cleaved down from the sky. The tall and robust creature summoned from the pattern stretched out a mighty arm and grabbed this fork of lightning! 

The oppressive lightning should have been ungraspable, but when the creature’s hand wrapped around it, there were no signs of struggle. It remained immobile in its hand before transforming with the surrounding smaller pieces of lightning wrapping around it into a lightning halberd! 

Purple wriggling snakes of lightning accentuated its body. This was an innately malevolent and terrifying humanoid creature with the legs of an ox. It possessed powerful lightning power. The long halberd of lightning in its hand was both mighty and savage! 

A purple bolt of lightning emerged from a lightning halo and the long halberd of lightning was lifted up by the half-ox beast. Instantly, a large number of thick lightning clouds covered the ten thousand kilometers of sky around them. 

There were frightening bolts of lightning cleaving the snow on the mountains in the distance, instantly exploding and shattering the white snow and mountains! 

“Hong!!!! Hong!!!!!!”

The lightning bolts were like roaming and savage dragons that circled Half Devil Bai Yu. Each roaming dragon of lightning was filled with destructive lightning power. Even if its tail were to lightly brush the lofty peak of a mountain, the entire mountain peak would shatter. 

Bai Yu’s body was occasionally illusory and occasionally substantive. His long phantomic body weaved through the roaming dragons of lightning in the sky. If he was unable to dodge them, he would use spatial power to destroy them.

“Zi zi zi~~~~~~”

Not only did the lightning possess incredibly powerful destructive energy, but could also paralyze its foes. If struck by lightning, one’s bones would go limp from the lightning and it would be impossible to use techniques.

Although the powerful destructive lightning was unable to strike him as he weaved between them, the lightning arcs that extended from the dragons caused his body’s movements to grow slower and slower. 

As the lightning paralyzed his entire body, Bai Yu couldn’t keep evading and forcibly destroyed all the bolts of lightning. 

However, at the same time, Wen City’s City Lord Yong Guang had chanted an incantation, summoning his second soul pet! 

The Lightning Shackled Devil Ox’s strength had definitely reached the middle class dominator rank, meaning it was a difficult opponent. Now that Yong Guang had summoned another soul pet, he was evidently giving no room for Bai Yu to breathe.  

Yong Guang’s second soul pet was also a middle class dominator. This was probably the basic level of power a sixth rank realm lord had to possess. 

The second soul pet was an Abyss Beast. The tyrannical aura that emanated from its body could be felt. This was an emperor species Abyss Beast that was a level or two stronger than a normal middle class dominator! 

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!”

As the emperor species Abyss Beast charged through the air, even the sky seemed to tremble with every step.  

Bai Yu’s body was currently paralyzed by the lightning. The emperor species Abyss Beast turned into a meteor of pure collision force as it charged and slammed into Bai Yu. 

Bai Yu had nowhere to dodge. His silver-white body was shot like a loosened arrow straight into the mountain range. He caused entire mountains to collapse when he crashed into them. The loud crashing sounds kept ringing out until he was way in the distance. 

A pure beast type creature had extremely terrifying charging power. Many experts just witnessed this. That was over a hundred kilometers of mountains collapsing. 

People wanted to know if the half devil, after being struck by attacks from two middle class dominators, could still stand.

Yong Guang emotionlessly stood between his two soul pets. His two eyes still carried anger in them. 

He knew the half devil would not be defeated that easily. He didn’t even hesitate to have his soul pets launch a follow-up attack.

The enormous lightning halberd commanded the lightning that filled the sky. It was like a monarch’s banner commanding an army of thousands, ordering them to gather where it stood. 

“Zi zi zi zi zi~~~~~~”

The long streaks of lightning continued through the sky for countless kilometers. They squirmed like snakes and their ends congregated above the long halberd of lightning. As the Lightning Shackled Devil Ox let out a wild roar, all of the continuous chains of lightning left the commanding lightning weapons. They transformed into layers of lightning waves that surged along the clouds towards the mountain range!! 

“Hong hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!”

Densely packed together, the lightning bolts struck the land of ice and snow, leaving it scattered and smashed and full of holes. In the destroyed mountains, silver devil flames had just reignited before being suppressed once again by the terrifying purple lightning! 

The lightning emerged from the heavens and struck the ground, attacking from north, south, east and west. Each cleave of lightning nearly caused Bai Yu’s skin to erupt, and would shatter his bones!! 

The berserk, devastating, savage, and countless bolts of lightning were like innumerable malevolent devil ghosts. Under this force, Bai Yu’s silver body was insignificantly weak. At any moment, he could be turned into a wisp of black smoke and disappear from this world. 

Bai Yu gritted his teeth. He refused to let out a cry of pain. 

He slowly opened one of his hands, where a wind cave was ripped open. It began to suck the bolts of lightning into another space. 

The lightning was actually being absorbed by him, but there was too much lightning and some would still strike his body. The devil flames that covered his body were burning with great difficulty. 

Everyone knew that the feeling of being tortured by lightning was difficult to bear. Even just spectating, they could feel their body’s contort. It was difficult to imagine that this half devil would be able to survive this destructive power, let alone grit his teeth and persevere. 

Far away, when the spectral Jinrou watched this scene, her eye sockets turned red. 

She knew that to become a half devil, one’s body had to suffer much more than a normal soul pet trainer. But watching Bai Yu suffer the attacks of two powerful middle class dominators, it was so cruel she refused to look on. She wanted to make Lu Yuqin stop the fight right now… 

However, just as she was about to fly to Lu Yuqin, a familiar figure suddenly reached out to stop her. 

Princess Jinrou couldn’t be touched, but a hand had reached out to stop her.  

This hand lightly brushed past her arm, but it was filled with an unopposable power. 

Princess Jinrou turned around, and her sparkling gaze looked at this man. 

This man shook his head at her and said: “Believe in your father. You should know that if you lose your soul again, the pain he will feel will be over a thousand times more painful than what he is suffering now.” 

A ripple of emotion surfaced in Princess Jinrou’s heart. She stared at this man and muttered: “Chu Mu…” 

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