Chapter 1200: Half Devil Bai Yu’s Great Fight Against Wen City’s City Lord (1)

Having just awoken from ice, how could this amount of cold compare? 

The silver devil flames on Bai Yu’s body grew increasingly ostentatious as the frost that covered him subsequently melted under the burning devil flames! 

Chanting an incantation, the space around Bai Yu suddenly began to peculiarly morph, as if it was being hacked apart by countless blades. 

Under the phantom blades, the layers of ice and frosty wind mysteriously disappeared. The only thing that could be seen was some sort of force that left a deep spatial imprint in the one thousand meter area around Bai Yu! 

The silent force maintained this range and despite the roaring and violent snow, it was able to enter the thousand meter blade range controlled by Bai Yu.

Suddenly, Bai Yu extended his hand burning with silver devil flames and pointed forwards with force! 

In an instant, the formless blades capable of splitting even elemental energy pierced through the endless snowstorm, chopping at the Ice Porcelain Spirit! 

Li Changning didn’t expect that Bai Yu, who had withstood the ice snow attack, would also be able to launch such an imposing counterattack. He was unable to react in time and could only watch as the aerial blades chopped at his Ice Porcelain Spirit. 

Even when they struck the enemy, the blades were silent. Each one of the blades chopped open the Ice Porcelain Spirit’s icy skin and pierced into its inner ice crystals, causing countless shards of ice to fall. 

The seal of ice and snow looked magnificent and imposing, but had been broken with a single technique. Moreover, the Ice Porcelain Spirit was left in a state worse than being scattered and smashed! 

Li Changning looked at his Ice Porcelain Spirit that had been chopped into an unrecognizable state, and was stunned! 

This devil person’s attribute had clearly been countered. Why was he still able to exhibit such terrifying strength?! 

Could ice have no use on him? 

Li Changning’s Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was lower ranked than Bai Yu, but relying on Heavenly Mountain’s environmental advantage and attribute suppression, its chances of victory were extremely high as long as it was careful. How did it end up with this outcome? 

It was hard to tell whether the Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was dead or alive. Thus, in a panic, Li Changning recalled the obliterated Four Colored Porcelain Spirit back to his soul pet space.

However, the moment he finished this, he abruptly felt a terrifying chilliness bore onto him! 

This chilliness wasn’t the frost-biting or bone-piercing cold from Heavenly Mountain’s ice and snow. Instead, it directly entered his body and chilled his soul!! 

Li Changning turned around with difficulty and abruptly discovered the terrifying devil person behind him. The elemental bird’s lightning and fire tail was unexpectedly firmly in this man’s 

Bai Yu tightened his hand on the tail of the elemental bird carrying Li Changning and brandished it like a whip. He pulled back the elemental bird’s body like it was limp, and after he let out an angry roar, he threw it and Li Changning up the lofty Heavenly Mountain rampart! 

The elemental bird let out a mournful cry. It turned into a cold light that shot straight into the air above the hundreds of thousands of people before crashing into the enormous mountain rampart!


The enormous sound awoke the spectators from their dream. 

This fight wasn’t as intense as everyone had imagined. In fact, the struggle some people from outside the realm had wanted to see hadn’t happened. Instead, they witnessed Half Devil Bai Yu’s attack that hadn’t taken too long. 

Two moves! 

A mere two moves and the elemental expert Li Changning, whose name had spread through Cloud realm, had been defeated!!

If they weren’t able to see Li Changning, who had fainted, in the enormous caved in ice several hundred meters above their head, who would have believed the mighty Elemental Sect member would lose so miserably?! 

Such strength caused the spectators to gasp in amazement. 

Just a short while ago, there were countless people skeptical about this attribute countered fight. However, right now, their hearts were in turmoil. As they looked at this wild and angry devil standing alone above the icy mountain range, the doubts they had in their heart disappeared! 

“Next.” Bai Yu coldly uttered a single word before anyone had recovered from their shock.

Anyone could say this word, but not many could so boldly and emotionlessly utter the same word in a fight against Cloud realm’s strongest realm lords. 

Bai Yu’s overbearing nature couldn’t help but make the spectators from New Moon Land cheer in excitement. 

No matter how terrifying of a destruction Half Devil Bai Yu had caused or how many people he had left a shadow of fear in, right now, all of New Moon Land’s citizens were proud of him! When they looked at those so-called higher ranked humans and foreign experts, they seemed to have more gusto!    

Who would dare call their New Moon Land a desolate third rank realm again? Who would dare call them a group of low rank humans? Weren’t these people just defeated by our experts in two strikes?! 

As the people from New Moon Land cheered, the faces of Li Xu’s branch and the numerous realm lords next to him went pale. 

Losing one or two fights was insignificant. However, losing so miserably was different. Indeed, there were many great figures currently on Heavenly Mountain who were from outside the realm. If they had to spend that much effort to deal with a third rank realm that wanted to become independent, how would they be able to raise their heads in the future Realm Lord Convention? 

“I said it before. This half devil is extremely strong. Moreover, from the strength he just exhibited, he is even stronger than he was in Wen City. Li Changning’s brain must have been frozen over. If he hadn’t underestimated his opponent, perhaps he would have been able to make his opponent exhaust a bit of his strength.” coldly sneered Border Commander Wu Zhen. 

The realm lords around him were still worried about Li Changning’s safety, but Border Guard Wu Zhen didn’t even look at Li Changning. This brainless subordinate could probably only have been raised by Li Xu. 

“Fourth rank realm lord, go and fight.” At this moment, Lu Yuqin’s voice clearly rang out. There were no emotions within. 

Li Xu glanced at the middle aged man next to him, and used his eyes to indicate he should go fight. 

This middle aged man’s skin was somewhat black, and the corners of his eyes were wrinkled. He was probably one of those soul pet trainers that was extremely old, but was able to maintain a middle-aged appearance. This meant that he was a spirit dominator rank expert and had a life span longer than normal people. 

This dark middle aged man had white hair and he flew straight to the battlefield. He had watched the entire fight just now, but he had no fear. Instead, there was a trace of anger in his deathly still eyes. 

“How is it him?!” 

When this man came out to fight, the spectators from Cloud Realm immediately cried out in bewilderment and shock! 

“Isn’t this… Isn’t this the Eternal City Lord?” a spectator from Wen City immediately recognized this middle aged man. 

“This man is Yong Guang. How… how did he become a fourth rank realm lord? Even if Cloud Realm’s Li Xu wants to bully a small realm, he doesn’t need to go to this extent, right? This is too shameless!” an older female realm lord from Spring Realm spoke in indignance. 

Among the spectators, the conceited young lady that Liao Yu had come here with felt that Yong Guang’s name was familiar. However, she couldn’t think of who he was. Thus, she asked Liao Yu.

Liao Yu was normally polite to this young woman, but when he saw that Yong Guang had become the fourth rank realm lord to fight, his heart was struck with emotion and he angrily said: “How is Yong Guang a fourth rank realm lord?! He is clearly a sixth rank realm lord! He is Wen City’s city lord!” 

Once Liao Yu spoke, the young fellows around him suddenly came to a realization! 

Wen City’s City Lord. Or, in other words, the realm lord of a sixth rank realm. Yong Guang was one of the top ranked people in Cloud Realm, but was going to fight as a fourth rank realm lord!!

“How… how did this happen? Hey, Li Guangxing, what’s the matter with your Li Family? He clearly is a sixth rank realm lord, but he’s acting as a fourth rank realm lord to fight! This is too despicable!” indignantly said Liao Yu.  

“How is this despicable?!” immediately cried the young man named Li Guangxing, unhappily. He shouted: “A huge number of Wen City’s dominator rank experts perished in the Devil Soul contest in Guang Tong Bewildering World. Then, in the Wen City matter, numerous other experts perished. Wen City’s city lord, Yong Guang, was fired, and he was demoted to a fourth rank realm lord. This is something normal! How is this despicable?!!” 

When Li Guangxing explained this, Li Xu also wore a slight smile and explained the situation as to how Yong Guang had become a fourth rank realm lord. 

Lu Yuqin looked at the calm smile on Li Xu’s face and then looked at the middle aged man, Yong Guang, with the strength of a sixth rank realm lord. A slight ripple arose in her heart. 

Li Xu’s methods were looked down upon by Lu Yuqin to a certain extent. This was giving the opponent no leeway. In a fourth rank realm lord round, he had sent out Yong Guang. To the experts of a third rank realm, this was no different from a nightmare. 

“Realm Lord Li, could the mighty Cloud Realm be unable to obtain victory if it has to fight fairly against a third rank realm? Why must you use such methods? I’m sure that many Cloud Realm citizens feel ashamed by your actions. You are making the people from Cloud Realm and myself feel shame.” General Mu finally couldn’t continue looking on and coldly snorted. 

“General Mu, don’t forget, you are the great general protecting our realm. Please be reminded of your standpoint.” shamelessly said Li Xu. 

Li Xu’s shamelessness and despicableness indeed, made numerous Cloud realm spectators feel ashamed and embarrassed. As for the people from outside the realm, they just voiced it- especially the female realm lord from Spring realm. Her delicate and fine voice was full of disdain and mockery. 

Bai Yu who was standing above the mountain range had heard the words from the spectators. His pale-white and vacuous eyes were staring at Yong Guang. He basically understood why this middle aged man harbored a trace of anger towards him. 

Of course, Yong Guang was angry. It was because of this half devil that he had been demoted to a fourth rank realm lord. 

Li Xu had agreed that if he managed to also defeat the brat named Chu Mu, he would be reinstated as Wen Realm’s realm lord! 

Yong Guang didn’t have as much hate for Chu Mu. His true hatred was directed towards this devil of slaughter that had caused the strength of his Wen City to greatly fall. Today, he had to take revenge and wipe out his grudge! 

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