Book 2 Chapter 12 - Effective Killing Weapon, Cold Poison Invasion

Chapter 12: Effective Killing Weapon, Cold Poison Invasion

On Prison Island, if you weren’t lucky, the entire day might be spent in battle. In those situations, Chu Mu had to know how to conserve the most fighting power while fighting multiple foes, so Chu Mu was used to continuous fighting.

To be honest, it wasn’t that Chu Mu looked down upon these Nightmare Palace masters. After Chu Mu looked over their general information, he found that these “experts” were much worse than the opponents he met on Prison Island in both species rank and phase.

Their soul pet rank and stage were already worse than the foes he was pitted against normally. To make things worse, they were just a group of youths full of vigor, meaning that their combat experience couldn’t even compare to the thirty or forty year old prisoners. If Chu Mu didn’t need to leave the day after tomorrow for Gangluo City, Chu Mu would’ve accepted all their challenges without faking politeness.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that these unruly and impatient challengers were only just decent among the youth experts. The real experts wouldn’t challenge someone just because of the title of Prison Island King. Even though they all had seventh level titles, their fame was way larger than Chu Mu’s. Unless those real youth experts thought that Chu Mu’s fame was great enough to affect their own position, or that defeating Chu Mu would cause them to improve further, they wouldn’t challenge him.

“Boss Xia, it seems like this Chu Mu isn’t the reserved kind, making such a commotion when he just entered Nightmare Palace. With such a blatant attention seeking challenge, if he fails, even you will be affected.” Feng Xiang said.

“If there’s a hive nearby, and bees are constantly by your ear giving you superficial attacks, if you always swat the bees away, it's very time consuming and has little effect. You might as well crush the hive itself.” Xia Guanghan said, clearly appreciating Chu Mu’s way of dealing with the issue.

Feng Xiang, on the other hand, was slightly surprised, saying, “Then do you want to go?”

“The princess is coming back early, if she is interested…...” Xia Guanghan.

“Then this Feng Xiang will go the the battlefield first.” Feng Xiang nodded and left after paying her respects.

“What, fighting five at once? Isn’t this fellow too arrogant?” The Blue Nightmare palace master said with confusion!

“Yes, father. I told you he was a conceited caveman!” Su Yu immediately started adding onto the situation, hoping his father could teach Chu Mu a lesson as soon as possible!

“Xia Guanghan, ah Xia Guanghan, you sure don’t put anyone in your eyes!” the palace master insinuated.

Chu Mu was the subordinate of Xia Guanghan. The Blue Nightmare Palace master thought that the reason Chu Mu was so arrogant, not putting any of the youth experts in Nightmare Palace in his eyes, was naturally because Chu Mu was utilizing Xia Guanghan’s authority, and that Xia Guanghan himself was also trying to fortify his position within Nightmare Palace, intentionally creating such a commotion.

“Since you’re this arrogant, then I’ll make him die a horrible death!” The palace master’s eyes flickered with a hint of crookedness. He had never gotten along with Xia Guanghan. If Chu Mu succeeded in his challenge this time, then Chu Mu’s name would definitely spread to even higher positioned people, causing them to pay attention. This meant that Xia Guanghan’s name would once again linger in their ears, almost acting as a disguised nomination.

The past several years, Xia Guanghan’s fame had gotten greater and greater. No one could stop his momentum of climbing up to the higher ranks in Nightmare Palace, so many were naturally very jealous, with the Blue Nightmare Palace master being one of them.

“Tian Ji, come with me to the battlefield. Let me see just how capable this kid is!” The palace master stood from his seat and walked towards the door.

Yet, when this palace master stood up, a grey clothed teen that had an air of coldness around him somehow appeared from the shadows of a pillar, following silently behind the palace master.

It was still the desert-like chasm split battlefield, but it was different from before. This was because of the commotion that this event had brought, and many spectators had already appeared on the high seats.

Zhou Luling, who had a position slightly lower than Xia Guanghan, Feng Xiang, the Blue Nightmare Palace master, the Cyan Nightmare Palace master…...

The most surprising one was Lu Shanli, who was a super youth expert that had an eighth level title, yet no one dared to challenge him.

“That youth in white that looks like a judge, who is he?” asked Chu Mu, sitting in his seat, watching Lu Shanli who sat in the main seat.

The reason Chu Mu noticed the youth wasn’t because of some unique expert aura, but simply because in the presence of the Blue and Cyan Nightmare palace masters, the young man was still sitting on the main seat, taking up a special honor.

“Young Master Chu, he is the impressively famous Lu Shanli of Nightmare Palace, and he is the eighth level Nightmare Prince Adjudicator.” Qing He immediately explained in a small voice. When her eyes were watching Lu Shanli, she clearly showed signs of adoration.

“Oh, anything special in particular?” Chu Mu still wasn’t very knowledgeable about the system of Nightmare Palace, so he was secretly confused at what identity this youth held, causing even the palace masters to show such respect.

“Of course it's special! Think about it, the highest title given to a youth was the seventh level title of Nightmare Prince, yet he has the eighth level title of Nightmare Prince Adjudicator. This means that he looks over all Nightmare Princes. Boss Lu had always been hard to find, yet today he appeared at this event. It really is a surprise.” Qing He said.

Chu Mu could see that when this Lu Shanli appeared, everyone showed expressions of astonishment, and soon after, all the haughty looking Nightmare Palace youths retracted their emotions, not daring to show a hint of insolence.

“This is probably the best of the Nightmare Palace experts.” Chu Mu thought to himself.

In reality, Chu Mu liked to fight experts of that level more because it posed a greater challenge, but Chu Mu also knew that as a newcomer to Nightmare Palace, even though he had the fame of being the Prison Island King, he didn’t have the qualifications to challenge this Nightmare Prince Adjudicator.

“Tian Ji has come as well!” After Lu Shanli appeared, the young experts started discussing again.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Tian Ji defeat three of his opponents’ soul pets with one of his own.”

The observant Chu Mu quickly picked up on the atmosphere of respect for experts.

Very evidently, Lu Shanli, who had an eighth level title and was a young super expert, was already beyond the realm of young people. Any other young expert had to look up to him, as they would when faced with higher authorities.

Yet Tian Ji, who the Blue Nightmare Palace master brought, was an unreasonably strong young expert. Though still not at Lu Shanli’s level, he probably suffered very few losses within his realm.

“Young master Chu, Tian Ji should be the strongest youth within Blue Nightmare Palace. He is also an expert that rapidly emerged, often summoning one soul pet to beat the opponents’ three. Additionally, he is the trusted aide of the Blue Nightmare Palace master. A few days ago, you angered Su Yu. This time the Blue Nightmare Palace owner brought someone with him, so possibly…...” Ting Yu was more careful and immediately reminded Chu Mu.

“En.” Chu Mu just nodded, not caring too much.

“Let’s begin.” Lu Shanli, as the Nightmare Palace Adjudicator, would naturally be the authoritative judge.

Chu Mu didn’t waste any breath, walking straight onto the battlefield.

“You can go first, if I got first, you guys would’ve wasted your time coming here.” The Ruan Shan Nightmare Prince still sat in his place, but his eyes swept through the other four people.

The other four challengers immediately let out expressions of contempt. The strongest youth within Cyan Nightmare Palace, Guo Xian, even stood up indignantly, glancing at the Ruan Shan Nightmare Prince, saying mockingly, “You should be the one that’s wasted your time coming. How about let’s have a match after I get rid of this kid!”

“Can’t wait, that’s the thing about me, I love to fight.” The Ruan Shan Nightmare Prince said.

Guo Xian laughed coldly. After paying his respects towards Lu Shanli, he jumped onto the battlefield, walked to the other side of the chasm, and watched Chu Mu across the deep chasm.

“Originally I didn’t want to come to such a stupid challenge, because it already demoted me to being just an unremarkable side character, but that isn’t important, because I am the first to fight you. After I defeat you, I will be the main character!” Guo Xian said.

“Those who talk trash when fighting die the most miserably.” Chu Mu replied lightly.

“Ridiculous!” Guo Xian smiled coldly but immediately started casting an incantation!

When Guo Xian started to chant, his body immediately burned up in cyan devil fire. These devil flames were acting as if they were under Guo Xian’s control, slowly amalgamating at Guo Xian’s feet and forming a burning cyan summoning symbol!

“Hu” The devil fires suddenly leapt upwards and, within the dancing flames, the terrifying evil Cyan Nightmare soul pet appeared, standing in the middle of the symbol, with its torch-like eyes emitting an ominous glint!

After Guo Xian summoned his Cyan Nightmare, he immediately commanded his Cyan Nightmare to gain the initiative by striking first, casting Ignite directly towards Chu Mu as a flame attack.

“Fifth phase sixth stage cyan nightmare.” Chu Mu jumped backwards, easily dodging this tentative attack, and started to cast an incantation at the same time.

An ice type soul pet’s summoning symbol was like an icy halo. Within the halo, all kinds of mischievous faerie symbols twinkled with light.

It was still the Ice Air Fairy that everyone had seen already. As the radiance burst forth, Chu Mu had already commanded his Ice Air Fairy!

“Ice Sword.”

As the white summoning radiance was still twinkling, the Ice Air Fairy had already finished casting. Immediately, fifteen huge swords formed under the Ice Air Fairy’s tremendous control over ice!

Fifteen, six meter long ice swords appeared from nowhere, immediately catching everyone’s eyes!!

A fifth level technique Ice Sword could only form one ice sword at the beginning, with its size similar to that of a normal longsword.

Yet, the Ice Air Fairy was already able to control fifteen such swords, with each reaching a shocking length of six meters. Such a scary ice controlling capability was truly shocking!

The fifteen huge ice swords all hovered near the Ice Air Fairy’s head, creating a circular formation. Their incomparably sharp swords pointed downwards, giving people an uneasy feeling.

Suddenly, one of the ice swords moved. Under the control of the Ice Air Fairy’s incantation, it magically fell down diagonally, stabbing into where the Cyan Nightmare stood unusually precisely!


Seeing the single ice sword attack, the people on the high seats again showed signs of astonishment.

Like overlaying abilities, microcontrol was also a controlling technique that soul pets learned when they mastered their abilities.

Normally speaking, Ice Air Fairies with weaker control could only throw all fifteen swords at their enemies, yet those with stronger controls could be precise enough to control every ice sword!

Very quickly, an even more surprising scene appeared. The other fourteen ice sword tips all locked onto the Cyan Nightmare, actually dropping down again and falling one after another towards the Cyan Nightmare!

When the first few ice swords fell, the Cyan Nightmare could still melt them with its cyan flames. Yet, with fifteen ice swords attacking one after another, this concentration of power became incredibly scary!!

Watching the fifteen ice swords forming a line and charging over, Guo Xian’s face blanched!

Guo Xian immediately started casting an incantation to summon another soul pet to block for the Cyan Nightmare, but the frequency of the ice swords falling was shocking, actually forcibly bombing the Cyan Nightmare into the ground, creating an astonishing hole in the battlefield!!

“Hold...HOLD UP!” When Guo Xian realized that if the last ice sword landed, his fifth phase fourth stage Cyan Nightmare would completely die, he immediately screamed!

Chu Mu lifted his head and glanced at the pale Guo Xian, but he remained apathetic, still allowing his Ice Air fairy to command the last ice sword to stab into the Cyan Nightmare’s body.


The ice sword was as ruthless as Chu Mu, stabbing straight into the Cyan Nightmare. The Cyan Nightmare that was impaled into the ground couldn’t even let out a shriek as all of its flames instantly disappeared!!

The moment its flames were extinguished, a scary chilliness suddenly passed through Guo Xian’s mental connection with the Cyan Nightmare, and went straight into his mental world!!

Ice poison invasion. The terrifying ice poison that the ice swords had went straight into Guo Xian’s mental world, actually freezing over his very soul!!

Very soon, Guo Xian’s body became an ashen color, and leaked cold air out of his orifices!

Guo Xian’s body shivered, and he slowly fell backwards!!


When he fell on the hard sands, his body unexpectedly shattered into pieces!!

Countless ice shards were scattered over the ground, containing piece after piece of Guo Xian’s body. Guo Xian’s body was split into pieces, messily scattered all over the ground, looking scary and shocking at the same time!

An uproar started within the high seats as everyone’s faces were painted with alarm!

“This…...This…...” The Cyan Nightmare palace master even stood up from his seat, watching with popping veins at the shattered corpse, suddenly at a loss of words!!

Everything happened too quickly. Many youths hadn’t even realized what had happened, and Guo Xian had already become a ground of ice shards!!

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