Chapter 1199: No One Will Take Her Soul!

In Cloud Realm, their third rank realm owner had already flown over the snowy mountains.

There were many types of elemental birds, some of them multi typed. But, the same goes for them; if its born with two main types, they have a large advantage with similar ranks. 

Single types were the most common. Not everyone could find duo type soul items easily. In fact, many people had duo main type elemental birds and could no longer strengthen them beyond tenth phase. Then, they just become a burden.

Being able to raise a duo type dominator rank soul pet already showed this realm master’s capabilities.    

One could also tell that it probably wasn’t his strongest soul pet.

“Who is that?” Mu Qingyi glanced over at general Mu, to try to find out who Bai Yu’s opponent was.

General Mu furrowed his brows and said, “Li Xu, that bastard, he got this guy to come out.”

Everyone looked over at general Mu. From his tone, one could tell that bai Yu’s opponent wasn't’ easy to deal with.

“He’s part of elemental sect. More accurately, he wasn’t the realm master. Li Xu probably just wanted him on their side and gave him the position.” General Mu said.

“Elemental Clan?” Everyone was watched with confusion. They’ve only heard of Elemental Sect. 

“New Moon Ground’s elemental sect was started in the near hundred years. In reality, if you traced backwards in history, it also goes back to elemental clan. It was an elemental clan member that came to the new moon ground along with King Mu. They’re similar entities but Elemental Clan was much larger than elemental sect. By faction strength, they’re only below divine sect and had direct speaking power within the entire territory.”

“This man’s called Li Changning is a very famous elemental soul pet trainer in Cloud Realm and is similar in strength to a fourth or fifth rank realm owner. Li Xu telling him to go in place of the third rank realm master is truly dirty.”

General Mu’s words caused everyone’s hearts to sink.

They always thought that the opponent would send realm masters of corresponding degrees. This way, other than the sixth or seventh rank realm master, none of the rest would pose a threat to him.

Yet, Li Xu truly was dirty, making random people realm owners. This way, it was equivalent to directly challenging the seven most powerful people of cloud realm.

Everyone trusted Chu Mu, Bai Yu, and Liu Binglan’s strength, but when they realized they were directly up against cloud realm’s strongest seven, they started being fearful.

Mu Zuoli glanced at Li Xu. At this time, Li Xu was also glancing over with an evil laughter, as if mocking them for what would soon happen.

Mu Zuoli humphed, “Li Xu, you truly do whatever it takes. Facing a third rank realm, you had the nerve to make Li Changning the third rank realm master.

“Li Changning made some mistakes, and thus deserves this punishment.” Li Xu didn't feel the slightest bit ashamed.

Almost everyone watching knew Li Changning as a famous elemental clan expert.

Originally, basing it off of the standard ranked realm masters, Li Xu already had a high chance of victory. Yet, Li Xu still went ahead and made these changes to make powerful people the realm masters of each rank. This meant the seven participants were all hand picked by Li Xu. How would New Moon Ground not fail?

“What kind of expert does a third rank realm have? Maybe they won’t even pass Li Changning. If New Moon Ground loses without even a little bit of a struggle, it would truly have been a waste of time for me to come this far.” An emissary from Rock Realm said.

“This is something you don’t know. The devil man’s strength is also beyond the third rank realm. The struggle will happen for sure. Just watch.” A sumptuous woman from Quan Realm said.

These high status individuals were all on the broad cliff of the heavenly mountain followed by a group of subordinates, seeming very imposing.


In the thousand meter tall mountains, Bai Yu remained floating in the sky, his silver glowing eyes gazing at his opponent.

Li Changning smiled strangely, seemingly hiding an utmost deep resentment.

He casted an incantation to first summon a Four Colored Porcelain Spirit.

The Four Colored Porcelain Spirit had four types, but usual Four Colored Porcelain Spirits had a main type while the rest were sub types. When a soul pet trainer trained it, they naturally trained the type it had the most talent in.

Li Changning’s Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was completely single typed. By the marks shown on its body, one could tell that the other three types were completely receded and were nearly useless.

This Four Colored Porcelain Spirit was like a crystalline human. Its eyes glared coldly at Bai Yu.

“Fire type, right? Do you feel desperation when you see my ice porcelain spirit?” Li Changning laughed.

He was just laughing evilly because Elemental Clan members were the best at finding type counters. This devil flame half devil would definitely be suppressed by his ice type soul pet!

Bai Yu was still standing there silently but this time, his devil pupils slowly burned with silver flames.

The flames came from his battle intent. They slowly covered Bai Yu from the bottoms of his feet to his hair. The dancing silver flames expanded outwards, causing his silver forged body to seem even more devilish!

When the flames came alive, the spectating hundred thousand people watching shouted out in surprise!

Many of them were seeing a person become a half human species for the first time. It was hard to think of how a human’s soul would combine with a soul pet’s soul to create such a powerful soul pet.

Lu Yuqin’s cold eyes stared unmovingly at Bai Yu.

Half devil usually appeared as a result of evil soul pets. There were only a few evil soul pets in this world, so the chances that they merged with humans were even lower. Thankfully, this devil was human-controlled or else Lu Yuqin definitely wouldn't allow such an entity to exist.

“Ice type….. Bai Yu is in trouble.” Liu Binglan said.

In a battle, it was the worst to walk into a type counter. One could be stronger but would still be pressured and can’t fight full out.

The situation wasn’t great because there was a clear type disadvantage.

The entire heavenly mountain’s temperature suddenly fell due to the Ice Porcelain Spirit. The dry wind cut into him like daggers, causing pain over his body.

This entire heavenly mountain was already an icy place. In such an environment, the Ice Porcelain spirit could perform even better. With all these factors working against Bai Yu, everyone’ expectations for him fell like rocks.

The icy aura buffeted him. This was all the aura of the Ice Porcelain Spirit. The middle class dominator rank ice power pushed over like a blizzard, extinguishing some of bai Yu’s flames.

The Porcelain spirit slowly opened up and hugged itself. Its floating body was half bowed with a leg held knee first up to its chest.


An icy storm started gathering around from the few thousand icy mountains.

From the initial spiral, one could touch the blue skies’ massive ice storm. This massive being covered the broad ice mountains and sky. Looking over, one couldn’t find a single spot undisturbed.

All the snow started raging, creating an icy hell in this world. Compared to this magnificent icy hell, the half devil bai Yu was like a small candlelight in comparison, seeming infinitesimal. 

“How does the ice feel, devil flame freak?” Li Changning’s piercing laugh came through the snow.

“Did you know that when I heard my brther was burnt to ashes by devil flames in Guangtong Bewildering World, I swore that I would let the devil flame freak experience the cruelest ice torture and become shards?!” Li Changning’s voice came again, clearly drenched in the deepest anger and vengeance!!

Bai Yu’s devil flames were currently being restricted and nearly extinguished. HIs body was slowly being frozen as ice covered his body.

However, he didn't seem very worried.

The storms roared in his ear. This feeling of ice on his body caused his flaming eyes to glaze over with a slight disappointment.

The noisy ice was nothing compared to nearly twenty years of ruthless ice sealing.

No one knew that in the sleeping world on that ice peak, Bai Yu wasn’t alone. With him there was also a woman whose soul was devoured by Nightmare Ancestor…...

In the years of piercing coldness, he no longer felt anything no matter how cold ice was. Many times, when he was truly in despair, he even wanted to return to the sleeping world and sleep forever there.

At least, it was some perverse form of being together until the end of the world…..


The familiar ice circled around Bai Yu. When Bai Yu came back to his senses, he found the ice had already covered a great half of his body.

Bai Yu wasn't afraid of ice. His eyes gazed through the messy snow and gazed at the woman behind Mu Qingyi.

No one could take her soul away!

Even if the grim reaper himself came, he wouldn't allow it!!!

Devil flames burst back to life in Bai Yu’s eyes, slowly spreading from his heart to the rest of his frozen body!

Cloud realm and divine sect people didn't know that Bai Yu became a devil in the first place because he watched as a soul was taken in front of him. Today, they were about to take another soul away. Already a devil, Bai Yu could only use his anger and flames to tell them that:

No one would take her soul away, not even the grim reaper!!

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