Chapter 1197: Preparing for War, Heavenly Mountain Cloud Gate

The lord of the southern forbidden region had already sent a Nightmare army into Wild Dog Devil Empire. However, most of the army was just cleaning up, because they discovered that nearly all the entire sixth rank empire’s stronger armies had been defeated by the dragon of slaughter.

Little Hidden Dragon had a number of group attacks, especially after obtaining the spectral attribute. Each dead soul attack from Ten Thousand Spectral Strikes contained powerful energy that was capable of shattering the spirits of an army. In the eyes of the Wild Dog Devils, the Little Hidden Dragon was the most terrifying slaughterer they had encountered. 

Corpses once more covered the completely obliterated wide span of land. The ground was covered in astonishing gulches caused by dragon clauses, bottomless abysses and naked potholes. With corpses littering the ground, it was like a scene straight from hell. 

This was the cruelty of war. Perhaps a slaughter of this scale was occurring somewhere else in the world right now, but this battlefield had been caused solely by a single soul pet; this was extremely terrifying. 

The commander of the Nightmare army was Nightmare Commander, First White. This Nightmare had experienced the easiest battle of its life, and if things went as expected, the credit for this battle would belong to him. Thus, the lord of the southern forbidden region would give him a huge reward. 

Chu Mu’s time was limited. He left the clean up to First White, and its army while he returned to the southern forbidden region’s lord. 

When he returned, the lord was still very cordial. 

Why would the lord dislike an expert who helped it eliminate a sixth rank empire? 

It hoped that Chu Mu would be able to stay a while longer. Unfortunately, Chu Mu had to go back. 

Chu Mu had come this time to pick up his White Nightmare. The southern forbidden region’s lord didn’t disappoint Chu Mu. In the past few months, it specially trained the White Nightmare and even let the White Nightmare devour the souls of convicted White Nightmares. This allowed the White Nightmare to reach the low class dominator rank. 

Chu Mu himself was a spirit dominator, while the White Nightmare was now a low class dominator. If he transformed into a half devil, his strength would probably be much stronger than a middle class dominator. 

The southern forbidden region’s lord told Chu Mu that there were still a few souls in the White Nightmare’s body that had yet to be completely digested. When they were completely digested, its strength would probably rise by another one or two levels. This would make the White Nightmare’s strength near the middle class dominator rank in itself. If it transformed into a half devil, perhaps it would be able to fight Wu Zhen’s Rock Wing Dragon. 

Chu Mu was extremely satisfied by the leap in the White Nightmare’s power in a short six months. 

“After I return, Zhan Ye’s spirit items will probably have been concocted. Perhaps its power will also rise.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. 

When Chu Mu’s training the Little Hidden Dragon, Zhan Ye and his other soul pets didn’t stop fighting either. Zhan Ye’s training level was at the low class dominator rank so it only needed a xuan item to push it into this rank. 

Once its soul rank reached the low class dominator rank, the power Zhan Ye could burst out with would even be stronger than a normal middle class dominator! 

The accumulation of previous training as well as the bitter six months of slaughter greatly increased the power of his three main pets. Things were very different now for Ch uMu.

En route home, Chu Mu didn’t waste time. He recalled his soul pets to his soul pet space and rode on Mo Xie to Wanxiang City. 

Mo Xie’s running speed on the ground was extremely fast. The only thing she lacked was endurance. Nonetheless, the trip between the northern forbidden region and Wanxiang Realm wouldn’t take long.

While running back, Chu Mu’s mind was still concerned for the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

NIght had still yet to return, making Chu Mu feel a bit uncomfortable. He didn’t even know what domain it had entered. 

He believed in Night’s willpower and talent. Its strength right now was definitely not weak. 



Wanxiang City

There were only ten days left until the fight. Bai Yu had finally ended his harsh training and appeared in Wanxiang City.

“Chu Mu still hasn’t returned?” asked Bai Yu.

“Yes. But it’s fine. He’s normally right on time.” said Ye Qingzi. 

“It’s about time. Let’s go to Heavenly Mountain.” said Liu Binglan. 

The independence fight had been announced earlier and numerous people from New Moon Land had begun to travel to the location a few months ago. They crossed through the endless icy mountain world and reached Heavenly Mountain’s Cloud Gate. 

Many of New Moon Land’s people had not reached the dominator rank so they really did need a few months to reach the location with their speed. 

Heavenly Mountain Cloud Gate was a boundary between two sides. New Moon Land’s citizens established a site on the western side of Cloud Gate for New Moon Land’s people.* 

Cloud Gate’s eastern side belonged to Cloud Realm’s people. The number of people gathered there were several tens of times more than New Moon Land’s side. Moreover, many had come from realms outside of Cloud Realm. From this it could be seen that the territorial independence fight was a matter of enormous magnitude to those in the world beyond Cloud Gate. 

“Truthfully speaking, I truly admire the courage of your King Chu.” said Lan Yao whose eyes flashed with a charming light. 

Lan Yao had spent some time now in Wanxiang City. As a dominator rank herself, the citizens of Wanxiang Realm gradually came to know her. 

The matter of territorial independence had been told to Chu Mu by her. However, she never expected Chu Mu would actually dare apply for territorial independence from Cloud realm. Even though she was already on the way towards the territorial independence fight, she still felt it was hard to believe. 

Lan Yao came from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. Although she had never been to Cloud Realm before, she knew that a seventh rank realm was overseen by many experts. If she were to tell others of a king from a third rank realm challenging the experts from a seventh rank realm, she didn’t know how many people would think it were a joke. 

“Ms. Foreign Beauty, I feel that this is merely the beginning. Perhaps you’ll hear about more of Chu Mu’s inconceivable feats in the future.” laughed Ye Wansheng. He stared straight at Lan Yao’s eyes that carried charming intentions. 

Lan Yao directly threw Ye Wansheng a charming smile, causing Ye Wansheng to instantly be elated.

However, Shen Yue who was sitting next to Ye Wansheng rudely kicked him, and angrily glared at him. 

Ye Wansheng awkwardly laughed. He was silently complaining about his meddlesome younger sister who had exposed the fact that he had done certain things with a few noble young ladies in Cloud Realm. This prevented him from touching even a hair on Shen Yue for over a month. 

Ye Wansheng decided very quickly to change the topic: “Uhm, I still have a bet with the old man from Cloud Gate. I am going to go pay a visit to that old man first.” 

“Let’s go together.” said Prince Chao and Mu Qingyi. 

The bet was very important. If they lost, not only would they be unable to step half a foot out of New Moon Land in the future, but they would also have to do something for the old man. 

Nonetheless, if they won, the old man would look after the entrance to New Moon Land, or in other words, overseeing New Moon Land. Although they didn’t know how strong this old man was, someone who year in and year outstayed in this frigid land was definitely no ordinary person. Having another expert to protect New Moon Land was naturally a good thing. 

Bai Yu and Liu Binglan remained at the temporary establishment to rest, waiting for the date of the independence fight to arrive. As for Ye Wansheng, he brought a number of young experts who wanted to see the world outside of Cloud Gate to Cloud Gate. 

This was the first time for many people coming to Heavenly Mountain. They didn’t know about the existence of Cloud gate. Many of these people who had arrived here earlier had attempted to pass through Cloud Gate, but had ultimately been stopped by the old man. 

Shen Mo had come early, and had been training in Eastern Wild Jungle. When he learned about the independence fight, he had made his way to Heavenly Mountain. 

“That old man is very strong. Purely through his soul remembrance suppression, I wasn’t even able to chant an incantation. I was forced to crawl back in somber spirits.” softly said Shen Mo. 

“Really? He was more friendly to me. He summoned a soul pet and with a single breath, blew me back to the mountains from Cloud Gate…” Teng Lang laughed at himself. 

Teng Lang, Shen Mo, Pang Yue, Xiao Hai, and the others were all fearful of Cloud Gate’s old man. They were New Moon Land’s second group of experts and the most likely people to enter the dominator rank in the future. However, when they arrived at Cloud Gate and saw how terrifying the old man who guarded it was, they no longer had the courage to step out of New Moon Land. 

“The truth is that the outside is not that terrifying. Although our species rank is not very high, there are species with lower thanks than us. The southern side once we get past Cloud Gate is composed of servant rank humans. The realms there are even lower than ours.” said Prince Chao.

“Eh, eh, that… that old man…” 

Suddenly, an aged and icy voice rang out from the end of Cloud Gate. 

“Didn’t I tell you that nobody was permitted to enter here?!!” 

Hearing the cold shout, Teng Lang, Shen Mo, Pang Yu, Xiao Hai, and the others all trembled. The soul pets they were riding on couldn’t help but take a few steps back. 

Ye Wansheng, Prince Chao, and Mu Qingyi weren’t afraid. They walked straight up. 

“Old man, it’s us.” Ye Wansheng had no respect for the elder and just casually called out to him. 

“Oh, you guys… the time still hasn’t come. What are you here for?” Cloud Gate’s old man recognized this glib-tongued brat and his tone warmed a bit. 

“It’s about the thing we bet on. You aren’t thinking of reneging, are you?” said Ye Wansheng.

Cloud Gate’s old man fumingly emphasized: “Why would I renege? Don’t talk as if you guys can win! I gave you guys five years, yet you guys decided to incite this matter so quickly! What difference is this from just seeking death? Do you think that Cloud Realm is very accommodating?!!’ 

When the matter was brought up, Cloud Gate’s old man got angry. 

He had made an exception to allow those five people to pass through Cloud Gate and had even warned them with good intentions to talk about the matter of independence only after five years. 

Yet, not even after two years had passed, they had decided to declare war against Cloud Realm and self-determine their territory. 

These younger generations were too ignorant of his words! 

“Whatever. A group of ignorant and arrogant people. Having them experience what a true expert is, is good too! This will put a stop to foolish conceit!” thought Cloud Gate’s old man to himself. 

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