Chapter 1196: Corpses Everywhere, Dragon of Slaughter

All of the territories near Cloud Realm heard about the territorial independence matter. It didn’t matter if they were enemies or allies of the realm, they would all gather in Cloud Realm for the start of the territorial independence fight. 

When Xu Daofeng and Official Tang handed in their investigation report, Lu Yuqin announced the time for the independence fight. The location of the fight would be New Moon Land’s Heavenly Mountain, or in other words, where the boundary laid between Cloud realm and Wanxiang Realm.

There was still about a month until then. Mountain Realm, Spring Realm, and Rock Realm, the three seventh rank and above realms that bordered Cloud realm- they all sent envoys who gathered on the western side of Cloud realm. They were waiting for the independence fight that would greatly influence the surrounding area. 

Besides these three great realms, there were countless spectators from Cloud Realm. People packed the western side of Cloud Realm, and among these people were also huge armies. 


“Wasn’t it already ordained that this would be a realm lord fight? Why have so many soldiers appeared? It seems like Guang Tong Stronghold’s army has been dispatched here.” On the edge of a village, everyone was discussing New Moon Land’s independence. 

During this peaceful era, an independence fight garnered all the attention. Many people wanted to know what kind of capabilities New Moon Land, who they rarely heard about, had that they had the guts to fight against a realm. 

“Are you really asking this? Li Xu doesn’t want to waste time. After he wins the realm lord fight, he is going to send his army in to administer the territory. The army coming here beforehand reflects Li Xu’s confidence.” 

The arrival of the large army didn’t mean that they would start a war. With Divine Sect here, it was unlikely that a war would break out. Nonetheless, Li Xu had suddenly sent the army to the western side because he planned on immediately administering the territory. Everyone could see his confidence in victory.

“It’s three against five. Their strength was initially looked down on upon, and now they even have less people. How are they going to fight?” a few young men and women began discussing this matter while at the pub. 

One of these young men was Liao Yu. This brat had told his friends that he knew those independence people. Ultimately, after he kept speaking about this, he ended up taking a group of people, against the will of their families, to the western side of Cloud Realm in order to spectate the fight. 

“That’s right, that’s right. I bet quite a bit of money on this. Although the profits will be a bit low, it’s still better than earning nothing. Haha, I truly wonder what kind of idiot would put money on New Moon Land. You may as well just give the money to us in that case.” laughed a young man who was quite fat. 

Liao Yu was very unhappy when he heard this. He himself had wagered a large part of his belongings on Chu Mu’s side. Thus, wasn’t this fat young man referring to him when he said the word “idiot”?! 

“Liao Yu, you didn’t bet on your friends, right?” said a rather proud young woman. 

“I did!” Liao Yu nodded his head, and glanced at this young woman. 

If Chu Mu was here, he would certainly recognize this young woman, because when he went to the territory courtyard, it had been this very conceited young woman who had received him. 

“You’re truly naive.” said the young woman in a sophisticated and mature tone. 

“Haha, naive… Liao Yu. You really are very naive. Last time didn’t you tell us you saw a fairy? Where’s the fairy? You then said that she came to life. What kind of illness do you have? I heard people from the Xiao house say that she was a dead person. I’m about to die from laughter.” laughed a young man from Wen City. 

Liao Yu was so angry his face was flushed. He humiliatedly said: “You… you just wait and see!” 

The method of battle had already been posted by Divine Sect. 

One realm lord and two vice realm lords; the side declaring independence was only able to mobilize three members. On the other hand, Cloud Realm was able to pick one realm lord from their third rank realm and one realm lord each from their fourth rank, fifth rank, sixth rank and seventh rank realms. Thus, there would be one representative from each of their five ranked realms. In total, they would have five people.*

Li Xu had also sent a number of experts to Western Realm City. Once the moment came, they would all fly to Heavenly Mountain and immediately crush the enemy.

As for Wanxiang City’s side, there didn’t seem to be any visible preparation. Of the three people participating in the fight, only Liu Binglan was in the city.

Neither Chu Mu or Bai Yu had yet to appear. Moreover, nobody knew where the two of them had run off to. 

Initially, the third participant was Mu Qingyi. However, Liu Binglan, who had stepped into the spirit dominator rank even earlier, was stronger than Mu Qingyi. Moreover, Liu Binglan in name was the realm lord. It was more fitting for her to participate in this fight.

After Bai Yu helped bring the migrating Devil Souls into Nightmare Holy Region, he stayed there to cultivate. Most likely, Princess Jinrou would also use the Devil Soul to think of various methods to strengthen her father in the half a year. When the time came, Bai Yu would naturally represent New Moon Land as the second expert. 

As for Chu Mu, who started all of this, he was still immersed in the campaign through the southern forbidden region… 


In the thick black forest, a stream of unending blood flowed through a gulch in the forest and slowly permeated the black dirt. 

A lonely ghost let out a terrifying cry that reverberated through the pitch-black heaven and earth. A fiendish, chilly wind blew through the land that was full of an aura of death. 

Corpses messily littered the ground. Every few steps, it was possible to see one of these corpses. The ground had been smeared by fresh blood; it was striking and sinister. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu…” some resembling a dark and cold storm swept up through the world littered with corpses. In the dark, the angry, pained, sad and unresigned dead souls let out incomparably miserable and mournful cries. 

The spectral storm swept up the dead souls on this terrifying battlefield, and quickly swept them all to one place. 

There were countless numbers of dead souls. When they were absorbed, it felt like a transparent and spectral blue sea was pouring into a bottomless abyss. It would never be satiated. 

This soul gathering location prevented the black mass of Wild Dog Devils, a hundred kilometers away, from having the courage to attack. In fact, the Wild Dog Devil army gathered there could be described as covering the heaven and earth. While looking at the army, it was impossible to see where the end of this massive army lay. 

It was rows upon rows of long and sinister faces, sharp and slender claws from their front limbs, and spectral black bodies that were full of savagery… 

However, despite their enormous number, the Wild Dog Devil army refused to step forward, especially when they saw that their comrades’ dead souls were even being absorbed into the dragon of slaughter’s body. Their morale was to the point that it couldn’t get any lower. 

The leader of the Wild Dog Devil army was a middle class dominator rank Wild Dog Devil King. It had fought against the dragon of slaughter a few months ago. It remembered distinctly that this dragon of slaughter wasn’t its opponent then. 

However, after countless more fights, the Wild Dog Devil King abruptly discovered that the dragon of slaughter had greatly grown in power. In a one on one fight, the Wild Dog Devil King was no longer its opponent. Even more terrifying was that even if his army of millions was around him, it was still extremely afraid when facing this dragon of slaughter. 

The dragon of slaughter causing the entire Wild Dog Devil Empire to tremble in fear was Chu Mu’s Little Hidden Dragon. 

During this period of time, Little Hidden Dragon had undergone an extremely long and cruel period of fighting. The number of souls it absorbed during this time was several times more than the past. 

In these past months, each creature it personally killed became a dead soul, which would transform into energy for its body. 

Presently, Chu Mu stood on the Little Hidden Dragon’s head, and was staring coldly and demonically at the savage army that was so afraid it didn’t dare come step forth. 

The Wild Dog Devils were actually extremely savage creatures; however, they had now turned into a group of cowardly mice. 

This was fine though. Using this opportunity, Chu Mu could let Little Hidden Dragon have some time to heal its injuries. 

The Little Hidden Dragon had powerful self-healing abilities. However, even with self-healing, in a chaotic fight, it would heal nowhere near as fast as the rate it was injured. 

Therefore, Chu Mu ultimately assigned a full time nanny to the Little Hidden Dragon. 

From the start of the Little Hidden Dragon’s fight, Evil Good Queen Yu Suo didn’t stop using Flower Armor, Flower Poison, Flower Heal, Physical Heal, and various supportive techniques. 

A dominator rank’s energy and physical strength required a certain amount of time to recover. However, with Yu Suo’s recovery techniques, this would maximize the amount of dead souls the Little Hidden Dragon could absorb. Indeed, the dead souls had to come from those it had personally killed. 

While the Little Hidden Dragon was in its violent slaughter, this created evil energy. The anger, unwillingness, hatred, and pain of the dead souls were all evil energies. Thus, the more the Little Hidden Dragon slaughtered, the more evil energy she absorbed. Therefore, despite the last few months, although Yu Suo hadn’t said a word out of pride, she had obtained many benefits, and her strength should have also risen. 

“Ao ao ao…” after recovering, the flames of slaughter had arisen again in the Little Hidden Dragon.

Since they didn’t dare charge at it, it would just charge at them. The baptism of blood over the past few months had filled the Little Hidden Dragon’s body with a terrifying evil aura. 

Chu Mu didn’t follow it. Instead, he just watched Little Hidden Dragon from a distance. Even if it was an army of millions, what could they do to it? 

Ultimately, they would all become prey for the Little Hidden Dragon to become stronger! 

“I won’t help you fight in the independence fight.” suddenly, Yu Suo spoke in a frosty cold voice. 

It had been a long time since Chu Mu had heard this woman talk. Even if he used devil flames to torture her, she wouldn’t even let out a groan. 

Yu Suo’s voice was honestly very pleasant to listen to - that is, if one wasn’t factoring in her sky-high arrogant and emotionlessly cold tone. 

“You’re willing to talk?” Chu Mu raised his brow, and looked at her with interest. 

In the past few months, Chu Mu had let her stay most of the time on the outside to support the Little Hidden Dragon’s fight. However, the fact that this woman could not speak for over 100 days meant she wasn’t just a normal level of stubborn. 

“I won’t help you fight the independence fight.” Yu Suo repeated the words she just said.

“I didn’t say I was going to let you participate,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo was rather unique. If she were to transform into the Evil Good Queen to help him fight, countless people would learn that he possessed an other type soul pet. This wasn’t something good. 

Yu Suo immediately stopped talking. It was as if talking a single sentence made her feel pain. 

Chu Mu ignored this. This woman’s arrogance stemmed from her bones. Torturing her was of no use, so he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention. Instead, he placed his attention on the Little Hidden Dragon’s fight. 

Looking at it from the degree of spectral rank advancement, one it consumed the souls from this army, the Little Hidden Dragon would probably be able to advance!! 

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*TL: Ok, this is super confusing because the author isn’t the best writer and he uses phrases and words that are both difficult to translate and vague (meaning I don’t exactly know what he means until he clarifies it 20 chapters later… for example he might use “他” which can mean either him or her and I won’t know which pronoun to use until he clarifies the character’s gender 20 chapters later). In this case, I don’t actually know what the author is trying to achieve with his territorial delineations. He keeps using the word 境, which we’ve identified as being “realm”. But now he’s further delineating “realm” into 地境, which still literally means “realm”. In fact, he uses the two words so interchangeably to the extent I actually don’t think he intended for them to mean different things. But now, it appears he’s trying to clarify that 地境 is now a subset of 境. Which is fine, I can translate it . Except, he just interchanged between 地境 and 境 a few paragraphs ago when describing the various realms neighboring Cloud Realm. Thus, I’m now back to square 1 where there’s no intended difference between the two words and I’m left super confused as to how there can be realms within realms…. So I guess just read it for the plot? Ignore the semantics; we’re trying our best :)